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Friday, November 01, 2013

The Astrology of November 2013 - for Everyone - At Long Last

  The Astrology of November 2013 - for Everyone

At Long Last

October Recap

October’s chart carried us deeper into the crisis of conscience pictured in September's chart. Our concerns advanced from the somewhat abstract realm of moral principles and conscience to the level of righteous indignation. A lunar eclipse accentuated this effect.

November's Composite Chart 

November's chart will translate righteous indignation into action intended to restore compassion, justice and fair play in our lives. We will start revising the written and unwritten rules that govern society.

Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 8th House

There is a total solar eclipse on November 3rd in Scorpio. The eclipse conjoins Saturn and the North Node. Scorpio is in its natural house for this eclipse making the 8th house influence definitive.

The course of future events will be  determined by November's eclipse in large part. The effect of the eclipse will be largely determined by the potent 8th house stellium in Scorpio.

The 8th house is the house where the wealth and power of the one become the wealth and power of the many, and vice versa. Social resources are pooled in 8th house institutions and redistributed to fund vital services that individuals cannot provide individually, like mortgages, insurance, pensions, social welfare programs, and so on.

Influences Affecting the Eclipse

The 8th house seriously affects everyone in society in numberless important ways. If you want to shake society up, fast, make changes in 8th house areas. And this is an 8th house eclipse, dominated by 8th house influences.

Arranged the way it is, this chart might seem to be about funneling even more money and power to the richest 1%, deepening existing social and economic injustice. A closer look at the chart tells another story.

The North Node & Co.

At first glance, it looks like events in the collective, governmental and institutional houses, 5 thru 12, will force changes on the individual houses, 1 thru 4, (clear).

Except for the 8th house stellium, however, the planets are scattered. This creates oppositional relationships that will bring acute differences of opinion and vigorous debate. The partially formed Kite and the visible remnants of July's Star Tetrahedron disperse planetary power further. This works strongly against the hardening of opinions and the concentration of power that allows for large scale social abuse.

November’s chart works strongly against  the uniformity of opinion and concentration of power needed to impose rules on large numbers of people. But it strongly motivates people to put their principles into action.

The Eclipse - A Closer Look

Scattered as the planetary energies are, they are virtually all affected by the total solar eclipse and the 8th house stellium.  They include:

  • the Sun, which governs the conscious, intentional part of our personality,
  • Saturn, which governs secular authority and power - law, family, tradition, custom - and order and discipline of all kinds,
  • the North Node, which governs dharmic and karmic processes, the workings of karma at high levels and cosmic principles generally,
  • Mercury, which governs communication and financial transactions. Retrograde Mercury indicates slowdowns, system upgrades, updates, etc. and random disruptions. Retrograde Mercury deals more than a few wild cards.

But there's more:

  • Scorpio and the 8th house resonate strongly with Pluto. Scorpio also governs Aries, the sign occupied by Uranus which is currently squaring Pluto which is exact again on Nov 1st, two days before the total eclipse. The stellium in Scorpio, surrounding the total solar eclipse will affect the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square.
  • Uranus, like Mercury, will be retrograde during the eclipse. Change processes will halt; existing plans will come up for discussion and revision. Retrograde planets are often wildcards.

And there’s still more:

  • The 8th house stellium and the eclipse set in the center of the cauldron formed by the visible traces of the Star Tetrahedron. It will supercharge and further disperse an already highly charged, highly dispersed energy field.

With both the Sun and Moon involved, people will feel a deep, unifying commitment. With Saturn involved, they will demand a common sense approach. With the North Node involved, they will expect immediate, simple, uncomplicated justice.

In general, the public mood will be marked by righteous indignation, reinforced by straightforward logic. People will be fed up and their minds made up.

November’s energy is dispersed, pervading every strata of society and every area of life. It is also intensely individual and personal, enough so to encourage the widespread defiance of authority and confrontation with peers we see as wrong or unfair.

The establishment will find it difficult to put up a united front against rebellion or suppress a trend toward civil disobedience, both of which will be very much in the air.

The Universe Gets the Last Word

November's underlying vibes - minus the eclipse - will affect people on every side of every issue - everybody will be feeling righteous indignation and determined to get justice. But, everybody can’t be right, no matter how self-righteous and indignant they might feel. Everyone will imagine that the winds of justice are at their back.

Eclipses are best known for bringing sudden, irreversible, overdue change. But they also bring justice. Under normal circumstances, the universe is maddeningly even-handed. Rain falls equally upon the just and the unjust, the wise and the unwise. Justice seems elusive.

Under the influence of an eclipse, rain falls primarily on the unjust and the unwise. Karmic bills come due. In the midst of all the debate and confrontation, through the mysterious mechanism of the solar eclipse, the Universe will render its opinion about what constitutes justice in a particular case.

In November the transformative process will quicken. However, it will also turn a corner. The eclipse will pick winners and losers. Those possessed of common sense and decency will come out ahead. November's energies are pervasive. This scenario will play out on both the macro- and micro- levels, in the halls of power and on main street.

November’s eclipse will exact a costly penalty for violating cosmic principles. The course of events will veer sharply against the unwise and the unjust. They might not acknowledge the rebuke, but events in subsequent weeks and months will work strongly against them, nonetheless. They will emerge from November at a distinct disadvantage.

I expect November’s astrological events will begin resetting the imbalance of wealth and power in the world. Such things do not happen overnight or without incident, and they are often accompanied by fierce resistance, furious denial and, in some cases, social unrest, which can obscure events. But over time the trend will become unmistakable.


Anonymous said...

This blows me away,it's time
Quotation :Great minds vision alike.

Michael Correll said...

With malifics Saturn and Rahu involved in this total Solar eclipse there's bound to be fireworks.
Shooting at LAX has already taken the life of one airport worker and disrupted hundreds of flights.
A momentous Mercury retrograde indeed and it's possibly just starting.

Carl Boudreau said...

I'm expecting some fairly dramatic turns, long-term.

Anonymous said...

As always Carl your insight is right on! Thank you for your ongoing validation on the cosmic trending...

Natasha said...

Brilliant synopsis as always Carl,thank you.

"There is a total solar eclipse on November 3rd in Scorpio. The eclipse conjoins Saturn and the North Node. Scorpio is in its natural house for this eclipse making the 8th house influence definitive."

Given the above and my chart(;&cid=mvtfileLXyhip-u1383559159) there anything else I should be mindful of right now? I ask because I have a nagging feeling that this is a massively important time for me but I'm not sure exactly why!

Thanks for any insight,


Carl Boudreau said...

I can't really do free readings. But the link got chopped up and didn't work anyway. Good luck. Everybody is going a little nuts with the vibes the way they are.

Natasha said...

Thank you Carl. I understand.
It'll all come out in the wash I'm sure.
Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

This played out for me in stunning fashion in the past 96 hours. It began on Friday when someone at work called me to task on a work issue. As Friday unfolded I was sure that I was being fair and just on the issue but over the course of the day the issue escalated until this person raised it to senior management. This rippled across the organization as other departments were pulled in and the issue was not resolved going into the weekend. This made me incredibly angry as I was stunned at how someone acting on the impulse of the ego had stressed so many in the organization and called my work into question. By Monday morning it started to become clear that this person had already burned a lot of capital with others and was thought of as a poor communicator and not a team player. It also became clear that my side of the story was clearly the more powerful and resonated with management. This was also a stunning development as previously the more egoistic and non sensical would have a greater voice within the organization.
This is a very very good development. As I read your post Carl I was struck with how closely what you have written played out for me with the eclipse. It is time for justice to have its day with the unwise!

Carl Boudreau said...

Nothing quite so expansive happened in my life. However, there were two important incidents where long overdue justice was done. I had to call a couple of business people on their stuff.

In the end, I was surprised at how they conceded my point and returned money that was due me. It was like someone sat them down and gave them a lecture on the right thing to do.

I notice that a number of giant US financial institutions very recently agreed to pay large penalties for their misbehavior.

Carl Boudreau said...

P.S. @Natasha The link to your chart did not work in the email, but the link in the comment section does. I'm not entirely sure you want your birth data out there.

Anonymous said...

Yes people are fed up, not the wealthy, they are just well-fed!

Here in California, the sound of construction, chainsaws, nail guns continues unabatted... along with loss of forests, open lots, affordable housing, peace and quiet

We will have to wait for the next financial crisis for the unsustainable growth of capitalism to slow down, but for now, global banks are running the presses full speed... maybe this starts in November but unlikely, probably 2-3 more years of fantasy like '05-'08...

Iris said...

Hi Carl,
Your forecast that included people finding ways to withhold money from the monetary giants struck a chord when I saw an article on the end of mass-market retail. Pretty interesting article about the rise of 3D printers making those such as Walmart obsolete.
Go to QZ dot com and plug in Joshua Klein (the author) in the search box to read the article.