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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Astrology of October 2013 - The Heart's Reasons

The Astrology of October 2013

Reasons of the Heart

September Recap

From June 2013 thru July 2014, at least, our primary astrological concerns are a Star Tetrahedron and a Kite. The Kite is the part of the Tetrahedron that manifests most clearly and persistently. The full Star Tetrahedron phases in and out in the background.

The effect is kaleidoscopic. Events come at us from wildly varying angles; we see the world from constantly shifting perspectives. We are compelled to change our ideas, our behavior and our institutions.

In September, the planets injected a moral and ethical element into the transformative process. A conjunction of Saturn and the North node galvanized our sense of right and wrong.

The planets build on this foundation in October. What began as an essentially economic and political transformation some years ago continues to broaden into a cultural, moral and spiritual transformation.

October's Composite Chart

A lunar eclipse occurs on the 18th of October at 26° Aries (the day before the US reaches its debt limit). It falls on the Midheaven of the composite chart.

The Moon's Nodes determine the time and place of eclipses. Hence, this eclipse is related to September’s Saturn/North Node conjunction and related influences in October’s chart. People who ignore the moral, ethical and spiritual mandate the planets issued in September, and expand on in October, will begin paying a karmic price.

Toward Less 'Convenient' Relationships

In October's composite we see a flow of transformative energies into social, psychological, moral and spiritual areas and into our closest relationships. The points of the Kite rest on the cusps of the 11th and 12th, 4th and 5th, and 7th and 8th houses.

Intangible concerns and deeply personal feelings will play forcefully into economic and political changes. They will force a delay or a revision in all our plans. They will also bolster initiatives of a compassionate nature.

Survival of the Greediest?

The tendency was to expand our economic activities indefinitely and at the expense of our personal lives. Job requirements shaped our relationships, intimate and professional.

Those trends will be reversed in October. A Grand Square - Uranus/Pluto tensions now affecting our psyches - will block relationship changes motivated purely by economic convenience - yours or your employers.

The Grand Square feeds directly into the dynamic structure of the Kite; it will compel us to revise plans that don’t accommodate moral, ethical and spiritual considerations. To a large extent, this particular set of objections will be absorbed quickly into debate surrounding ongoing and proposed changes.

And there’s more.

"The Heart Hath Its Reasons that Reason Knows Not"

Mars in Leo in the 1st, Venus in Sagittarius in the 4th, Chiron and Neptune on the cusp of the 7th and 8th all participate in a T-Square. Venus in Sagittarius in the 4th is at the apex.

This T-Square involves personal planets, signs and houses.  If the Grand Square raises quality of life issues, this T-square raises "quality of relationship" issues.

Powerful and very personal emotions will surge irresistibly into the discussion, supplanting the alienation that increasingly characterizes our personal lives.

These energies will be injected even more subtly and irresistibly into change and decision-making processes. The T-Square joins the Kite at only a single point, where Neptune and Chiron conjoin at one angle of the Kite.

Changes we make must now accommodate growing expectations for a spiritually, psychologically and emotionally richer life.

The Activated Conscience

October's chart elaborates on September's appeal to conscience. There is a stellium that encompasses the cusp of 4th house and extends into the 4th house proper.

This stellium strongly affects the entire chart. Directly opposite October's eclipse on the midheaven, it will also seriously affect the evolution of our world view.

Our sense of shame, guilt, responsibility, our sense of right and wrong and social justice will be powerfully stimulated, again. We will also be motivated to speak our conscience.

This stellium is as follows:

  • The Sun is in Libra, the sign of partnership, near the Imum Coeli in the 3rd house, the house of community relations, near the cusp of the 4th house, the house of deep psychology, and one of the most powerful points in the chart.  We will become increasingly sensitive to the injustices we see around us everyday as well as those that directly affect us.

  • The Lot of Accusation, a point of moral accountability, is in Libra directly on the cusp of the 4th house which governs our psychological depths. We will be unusually conscious of our own involvement in injustice. Our conscience will also be sensitized, perhaps hyper-sensitized, to the moral dimension of relationships, across the board.

  • The North Node, which governs the unfoldment of dharma and karma, is powerfully placed in Scorpio in the 4th house. Dharmic and karmic issues are stirring concerns deep within us about justice and fairplay in our own life and in the lives of those around us.

  • Saturn, the planet of secular authority and power, is in Scorpio in the 4th house. We become alert to legal and moral issues. We now expect that legal issues and legislative decisions will satisfy our sense of right and wrong.

The following two indicators are best considered together:

  • Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Scorpio in the 4th house exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune, the point of personal recognition and reward. The social forces that usually keep us from speaking our conscience will be reversed. We will now be recognized and rewarded for speaking our conscience.

  • Venus is in Sagittarius in the 4th house. We will feel a greater desire for fairness even on the level of our most intimate emotional attachments. Feelings of compassion will spread among friends and in the community.

A heartfelt call for justice, fair play and compassion resonates through the chart.
We Social Justice

A powerful upsurge of deeply felt personal emotion will reinforce the somewhat abstract call for justice and fair play that September's Saturn/North Node conjunction brought.

Our desire for compassion will turn the transformational process from a purely political and economic affair into a global social reform movement.

The money-based consciousness of recent decades, devoid of conscience and authentic human emotion, will now be supplanted by a consciousness pervaded by conscience and authentic human emotion.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sun Sign Astrology Forecast for October 2013

Loyal readers, 

I regret to announce that I will no longer publish individual Sun Sign forecasts after December 2013. December's will be my final Sun Sign Forecast. 

I have considered this move carefully and my decision is final.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to provide this service, but it is time to move on. I will continue to post my monthly YouTube video and publish my monthly "big picture" forecasts.


Astrology Forecast for October 2013

For All Sun Signs ~ October brings a different and more serious kind of turning point than the turning points we have become used to, difficult as they might have seemed. We’ve come through a time when ethics and morality took a back seat. Moral and ethical affronts were the problem of those affronted. As for etiquette, forget about it. All of that is changing, with a vengeance.  Prepare yourself to be challenged and to challenge others on all these fronts, especially in your closest and most important relationships.


LIBRA ~ Librans are making progress in their worldly endeavors, but in relationships, not so much. A new set of expectations is growing, especially in financial relationships. People are feeling uncomfortable with the present arrangement and want to renegotiate. Similar kinds of things are going on in everybody’s life. Relationships are Libra’s thing, though, and these pervasive cross-currents will drive them a little nuts. This issue isn’t going away and can’t be finessed with a little drama. So you need to begin renegotiating, substantively, and advise others to do the same.

SCORPIO ~ Lots of things are going very well. However, little ‘imbalances’ in relationships and transactions, things you used to ignore or tolerate, are becoming genuinely problematic. Things like fairness and honesty were always issues but now they are turning into stumbling blocks. They are preventing further progress and unless they are solved, progress to date will be lost. Begin with a quiet heart-to-heart talk. You’ll be surprised where it might lead. Many others are feeling the same way and a carefully chosen word could open the floodgates.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Financial and professional plans were proceeding well, but dissatisfaction is spreading rapidly among family, friends and coworkers.Friends and family need more time and attention; co-workers are unhappy with working conditions. Things that were once accepted parts of life are now points of contention. It’s causing hesitation and delay.
These seemingly intangible concerns about family, friends and fair play on the job can easily interfere with progress in more practical, concrete areas. New plans are needed and they must take these concerns into account.

CAPRICORN ~ Everything was moving ahead nicely. However, people you need, whose feelings and opinions matter a great deal, are starting to offer resistance. These people are the glue that holds your personal and professional life together. Trouble with them will ruin everything. If you ignore those signals, then, serious trouble is inevitable. You need to begin negotiating sincerely to address lingering grievances. Invest generously in resolving outstanding issues. Your inner and outer life will improve in ways you never realized they needed improving.

AQUARIUS ~ Progress in often strenuous efforts to fashion a more agreeable lifestyle is continuing. There has always been tension over some issues, but no one seemed interested in discussing it except you;  forget actually trying to resolve it. You are no longer the only one itching for a chance to get these things into the open. That’s over. Other people are drawing lines in the sand. Resolving these issues will mean more work for you, initially. Think of it as a needed investment in your future.

PISCES ~ The summer has brought successes in your efforts to weld the disparate pieces of your life - some of them far flung - into a single livable whole. The problem is that in all that maneuvering you might have lost that loving feeling . . . or maybe emotional expectations are just greater than they were, not least your own emotional expectations. Everyone needs this to be more than a convenient economic arrangement. To bring back the warmth, you'll need to expand efforts beyond your closest partners.

ARIES ~ Relationships in your life that must work well are demanding your immediate attention: home and family, close friendships and key professional relationships. These aren’t issues you can fudge or put off.  Friction here will drain energy from important projects and resulting distractions will leave you vulnerable to error. There are important principles involved; lines have been crossed; vital resources have been expended; feelings have been aroused. Stop and mend fences before it’s too late. Problems will yield to serious discussion - and substantive changes in behavior.

TAURUS ~ The present cycle is already socially isolating for Taureans and they’re about to learn more about the costs of the relationships that remain. New relationships could also get complicated, and costly, if you choose to pursue them. In any event, you probably can’t avoid getting somewhat more involved. That will enrich and expand your activities in the community and further afield. Just be clear at the outset how much you want to take on. Right now, less is more where relationships are concerned.

GEMINI ~ Gemini was due for a big financial and professional boost when negotiations bogged down over strong feelings of moral and ethical responsibility. It’s more about a newfound determination to go by the book than your qualifications. You might need to remind people, diplomatically, of your suitability and do what you can behind the scenes to make sure all t’s are crossed and all the i’s dotted. Attitudes have changed. This is probably the way things will have to be done from now on.

CANCER ~ Sentiment has shifted strongly; no one can override or roll back this change in attitudes and Cancerians probably wouldn’t want to. For years, it’s been a question of might makes right, with Cancerians on the losing end of the equation. A new concern among people for moral and ethical subtleties will provide much needed leverage. People who are used to bullying and blustering their way through your life will suddenly find themselves constrained by this newfound concern for the moral and ethical niceties.

LEO ~ Leo has been undergoing strenuous psychological and spiritual transformations. Until now, the turmoil has stayed within. In October, you’ll need to make appropriate changes in your outer life, too, or risk complicating personal and professional relationships. Greater honesty will be needed to keep boundaries clear and comfortable. However, Leos will find the adjustments easier than others are finding similar adjustments. You’ll also have convenient leverage over difficult situations. Things will go even easier if you don’t overreact to the new, overly idealistic expectations of friends and partners.

VIRGO ~ Virgos have little direct leverage over the extraordinarily complex events unfolding around them. However, things are slowly but surely evolving in accordance with their wishes. You also have unusually deep insight into the issues. You should think of yourself as a facilitator. Friction is very possible in financial and professional areas. Changes of attitude suddenly call for greater honesty in all interactions and many are having problems with that. You will need to help resolve troublesome issues created by the faulty reasoning of others.  

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Astrology of September 2013 and More

The Astrology of September 2013 and More

Rapidly Changing Lives in a Rapidly Changing World

This month, I will further discuss the partially formed Grand Sextile and the Kite that will linger thru the summer of 2014. I would like to add to our scant store of information about the Grand Sextile in particular. I will also discuss how September ushers in a time of greater responsiveness to moral issues.

Major Aspects as Filters

Let’s begin by considering some of the major aspects as filters that in some mysterious way determine which kind of events will manifestation.

The Grand Trine, for example, would be a filter that allows primarily supportive and protective events to manifest. It correlates with very high levels of positive synchronicity.

The Mystic Rectangle would be a filter, or buffer, that diverts negative influences into constructive channels; it gently dissuades us from ill-advised actions and protects us from the worst effects of our missteps.

The Kite would be a filter that takes sharp conflicts and channels them constructively, supporting occasionally strenuous progress toward a specific goal.

The Grand Cross would be a filter that channels disruptions and obstacles into our path. Negative synchronicity prevails. People and events work at cross purposes. Progress halts.

A Grand Sextile would be a complex filter that allows all kinds of events through at once, helpful, unhelpful and everything in between. The events manifested during a Grand Sextile have such complex effects on our lives that they cannot be easily categorized as good or bad, helpful or unhelpful, and so on.

Under the influence of a Grand Sextile, we become aware of complexity. Whole new areas of reality are suddenly illuminated. Old ideas are made to seem both outdated and simplistic. We cannot immediately form new ideas because the landscape is changing too fast.

Obamacare is being implemented. But less obvious changes are also going into effect. Same-sex couples can now file their tax returns as couples. The US Attorney General is pushing for dramatic sentencing reform. These seemingly simple, rule changes and others like them will have sweeping transformative effects on life in the US.

Then there is the issue of electronic surveillance and everything related to it. In the blink of an eye, we went from relative ignorance about electronic surveillance to knowing that a global electronic surveillance system was in place and growing rapidly.

The Lathe of Heaven

Under the yearlong influence of a Grand Sextile, through, subtle and not so subtle changes, our world views and our societies will be deeply transformed. Ideally the world will come out better suited to our needs and our world views in better accord with reality.

We must all expect political turbulence as dysfunctional societies break down and the world’s trouble spots become more troubled under the strain of continual change.

Just be aware that, for all the seeming chaos, the aspects are essentially constructive. The global economy is recovering in countless small but substantive ways - three steps forward and two back still adds up to one step forward.

But don't expect many seemingly old stories to have the same old endings. Things are changing fundamentally. New, different endings are becoming possible.

As the earth rotates on its axis, every point on the Earth will be exposed every day to every facet of the Grand Sextile’s transformative energies. Much as if our world were being reshaped on a cosmic lathe.

September’s Composite Chart

The Kite is the most visibly persistent part of the Grand Sextile. Much like a compass needle, it changes position in the composite charts from month to month as the focus of the wildly transformative energies of the Grand Sextile shift month to month.

In September as in August, the axis of the Kite lines up with the financial axis of the chart, but the polarities are reversed.

In August, the energetic focus was on grassroots economics; in September, the focus is on Big Finance. We can expect efforts to reform big banks and our other major financial institutions to come to the fore. But at his point, the themes and events of one month overlap those of the previous month. They simply add another layer of transformative events.

Capturing Conscience

Most notably, though, September is the month when standards of truth, standards of behavior, standards of performance, and so on, become important again.

Over the last several decades, lowered standards have become the expectation. Sex, drugs and rocknroll 24/7, smash and grab economics, hit and miss job performance standards, anything goes business practices, buyer be extremely wary . . . virtually anything goes, now. September will mark a reversal of this trend.

September will bring demands for greater integrity higher standards of behavior, but it will also bring demands for greater clarity in our reasoning. Better behavior goes hand in hand with better reasoning.

This is all because of a Saturn/North Node conjunction.

In real time, the conjunction is September 17th at 4:40 AM GMT.

 In the September composite chart, cast for  Greenwich Observatory, the Saturn/North Node conjunction will take place in Scorpio in the 12th house, the natural house of Pisces. The conjunction is exact to within half a degree . 

Saturn conjoins the North Node every 12 years or so, a periodic, essentially routine astrological event. I believe September’s conjunction is significantly more powerful than other such conjunctions, however; the world will be in a highly charged, unusually receptive state because of the Grand Sextile and the Kite.

Also, the conjunction itself, as placed in the composite chart, taps into every source of authority and power in the Zodiac.

  • Saturn represents secular authority and power.

  • The North Node represents high spiritual authority and the power of dharma and karma.

  • The 12th house is the house of religious and spiritual authority. Governed by Neptune, it also represents the considerable authority and power of human ideals generally.

  • Scorpio represents the many kinds of power created collectively, including military, economic, social, cultural and political power, among others.

  • Scorpio is the home of Pluto, the root source of all power and authority.

This cosmic call to conscience will resonate deeply and long in our consciousness.

September will ask us for tough and costly moral choices. It’s time to do the right thing even if that means a sacrifice or conflict with the powers that be.

It is also well to be mindful that misplaced moral fervor and religious zealotry will also be stimulated by this conjunction. They are an abundant source of violent conflict.