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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Astrology of August 2013 - Pretty Much

The Astrology of August 2013 - Pretty Much

The Lathe of Heaven


We are experiencing a period of unusual astrological activity, even by recent standards. A powerful and especially rich mix of constructive astrological energy is being released in an unusually, well-coordinated, sustained manner over a prolonged period.

A Kite has been in the charts since June 2013. There will be a Kite in place at least part of every month until at least the middle of next year. 

Also, a rare “diamond tetrahedron,” Star of David, Star Tetrahedron, or Grand Sextile, formed for several hours on the morning of July 29, GMT.

This activity is creating a field that supports large  transformative initiatives on all levels - i.e., e.g., individually, regionally, nationally and globally. There are hints of this in the news.

The G-20 is a forum consisting of 20 of the world's largest economies, including the European Union. It is affiliated with numerous smaller economies. Meeting in Moscow on July 19, the G20 raised the idea of setting up an international system to curb corporate tax evasion. 

We might be tempted to dismiss this as unrealistic. However, it is precisely the kind of sweeping transformative initiative the present planetary arrangement would support. 

Scrambled Signals

During this lengthy period of rapid and deep change we will be finding our way in a blizzard of mixed signals. Don’t jump to conclusions about the meaning of events on the basis of one or two facts learned on one or two days. 

There will also be many repetitions, many gentle nudges in the same direction; we will have many chances to get it right. 

August, A Month of Financial Crosscurrents

There is, again, a Kite in August’s composite chart. This time it is joined with a Yod. If, as I do, one uses the Greenwich Observatory as the “place of birth,” the Kite lines up along the financial axis of August’s composite chart. 

Interestingly, the Kite also lines up with the financial axis of the US natal chart. The fate of the global economy tends to be intimately bound up with the fate of the US economy. This astrological parallel only emphasizes how important August’s economic developments will be.

Retrograde Pluto in the 8th sextiles retrograde Neptune in the 10th; both are quincunx Mercury in Leo in the 3rd, near the cusp of the 4th house.

In August, then, the powerful aspects we are experiencing will prompt us to make large scale economic adjustments. Government and business leaders will feel empowered and willing to work together behind the scenes on major financial issues. 

Because of the Yod, their efforts will be influenced by a strong, shared concern for economic vitality at the grassroots level, particularly that of the community and family. 

A T-Square, In and Out of Context

A Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square is also built into August’s Kite. Jupiter’s involvement in the Grand Watery Trine, the T- Square and the overall Kite means there will be important economic consequences.

The Jupiter/Pluto opposition is exact just after the New Moon of August 6. The Jupiter/Uranus square is exact just after the Full Moon of August 21, GMT.

The aspects connecting Jupiter to Uranus and Pluto will be exact in the course of August.

From a financial perspective, this T-Square would be very concerning if taken out of context. But potential economic stresses are lessened by the Pluto and Uranus retrogrades and by the “damping,” buffering effects of the Kite, which conducts stress into constructive channels.

Also, the Jupiter/Pluto opposition and Jupiter/Uranus square are exact two weeks apart. If they had been exact at the same time, or within a couple of days, for example, there would be more to worry about.

But to understand why we might actually look forward to these seemingly disruptive events we must also consider the following.

A Grand Water Trine, In and Out of Context

The Grand Trine in Water Signs is exact between the 16th and 18th of July. It is within orb from early June until the end of August, 2013. Its effects will continue to to be felt to some degree until Jupiter leaves Cancer in July 2014.
A rare Grand Trine in Water Signs is also part of August’s Kite. It includes three major, powerfully placed planets, Jupiter exalted in Cancer, Neptune in its home sign, Pisces, and Saturn with the North Node in Scorpio.  

The benefits of a Grand Watery Trine overflow its house and sign placements.

Given its placement in these houses, though, it would create a new spirit of understanding between labor (Saturn in the 6th) and management (Neptune in the 10th) that leads to greater prosperity at the grassroots (Jupiter in the 2nd).

The effects of Grand trines are often brilliant, but not grounded in the difficult realities surrounding them, which would make us question the substance of any such accord.

But the Grand Trine in Water Signs is an integral part of the Kite, which grounds this powerful trine and promises deep, solid, real world solutions.

Through the Kite, the Grand Watery Trine is linked to - and its energies harnessed by - the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square. The Grand Trine is also linked to the Neptune/Pluto/Mercury Yod through the Kite.

Thus, the energy of the Grand Trine is harnessed to support substantive discussions between government, management and representatives of the grassroots.

Its energies are also harnessed to resolve the driving tensions of the economically problematic Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter T-Square.

The Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square, taken out of context is worrisome. The Grand Watery Trine, taken out of context, looks too good to be true. Considered separately, they would seem to contradict each other. Taken together as integral parts of the Kite, they promise real and substantive progress.

Examples: the Kite as a Two-Edged Sword

While the Grand Watery Trine was exact July 16-18, several things happened that illuminate its contribution to August’s Kite and illustrate the kinds of things we can expect, long term.

A filibuster deal in the US Senate sidestepped a potentially dangerous change of the rules governing filibusters and allowed the appointment of heads for: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board. These appointments will help folks at the grassroots level substantially.

During the same few days, the US Senate agreed to a temporary deal to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling.

But Kites work both ways.

Detroit, reportedly $18 in debt, declared bankruptcy. My understanding is that as much as $9 billion of that debt was caused by pensions and benefits for retired unionized municipal employees.

Opinions will vary on the wisdom of Detroit’s bankruptcy filing. But it stands as a clear example of how a Kite giveth and taketh away. Also, although one might have wished for a better outcome, the bankruptcy filing ended years of deadlock on what to do about Detroit’s crushing debt.

In August, as in other months, the Kite will produce winners and losers, but long-delayed decisions will go a long way to re-stabilize the global economic situation, long-term.

Helpful Hints

There are some things we can do on a personal, practical level to make our own lives easier during the upcoming rapid transition.

Keep your strategy flexible, your goals open. Don't fixate on particular outcome.

There is a margin for error. It’s OK to ride the currents for a while if necessary, too. You’ll get another chance . . . and another . . .

Listen to your conscience. Moral principles will matter a lot in August and the months beyond after seeming irrelevant for so long.

Be realistic. Remain grounded and on task. Keep issues simple. Reduce things to their basics so you can make decisions more easily.

Seek expert advice from knowledgeable people.

Negotiate. You don’t need to take the first answer.

Everything is done by loosely coordinated, constantly shifting networks, now. People do accommodate your expectations, but in ways you wouldn’t expect, through newly emerging channels. People might have time to explain, but they will follow through.  

For every pressure you feel, for every process you observe, there are numerous other pressures and processes at work. For every channel you know about, there are many that you don’t. Do your homework.

It could take awhile for things to finally sort themselves out. Don’t fixate on momentary successes or failures.


Anne Dwyer said...

Hello Carl,

Thank you for your work and the calm presentation of magnificent things.

I'm in Detroit and see the concurrent growing and dissolving. Detroit is a phoenix and has burned to the ground three times in its history, reinventing itself for the following century.

We are, again, in the process of inventing something new here. There are very positive things at the local, local level. At the national level, this is about union busting and other financial control because the ring of money around the city proper is astronomical!

Keep up your wonderful work.


Anonymous said...

Thanks (:


Anonymous said...

good advice on keeping options open and doing our research.

August is feeling quite intense to me here especially since the Jupiter/Pluto opposition but seems the supportive energies are keeping things stable to some degree