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Friday, March 01, 2013

The Astrology of March 2013 - Shuffling the Political and Economic Deck

The Astrology of March 2013

Shuffling the Political and Economic Deck

In March, the world will become a more hopeful place as our understanding of the issues before us deepens. Divisive bumper sticker rhetoric will give way to more in depth analysis.

There will be progress and movement away from the brink of crisis. Drama and turbulence are likely, too, but things will improve.

March will also be about changing the economic facets of our relationships with family, friends, employers, businesses, institutions and government agencies.

People will be inclined to raise difficult issues, pointedly. We could feel defensive or exposed, as others home in on our Achilles heel, our guiltier secrets - probably unintentionally. Our feelings of culpability could make us more willing to see the other side of the issue, or it could make us overreact.

There will also be more disturbing revelations about how economically important institutions - legal, medical, financial, religious and military, e.g. - conduct business.

Some will use the confusion and drama to mask cynical, self-serving power plays.

But, more important, March’s chart strongly supports those who pursue their own truth, wisely and with discipline and foresight.

This chart encompasses the Spring Equinox. Hence the themes touched upon here will remain relevant for some months into the future.

The Astrological Details

Power is concentrated in the 7th and 8th houses. Nine important indicators are crowded into these two houses.

The 7th house governs our important relationships with individuals as individuals. The 8th house governs relationships with groups, organizations or institutions on whom we depend for security, support and other social resources.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Sun and Venus are conjunct in Pisces in the 8th; Mars and Uranus are conjunct in Aries in the 8th.

These are powerful combinations of energy whose effects will be hard to predict and harder to manage.

They are especially strong placements because of house and sign rulerships, planetary dignities, and so on.

They are also paradoxical, awkward placements.  For example, Venus is in a sign (Pisces) that evokes its highest expression, but in a house (the 8th) that encourages its lowest expression.  

Uranus is strengthened in the 8th house. So is Mars. But in conjunction, Mars and Uranus produce ill-conceived, disruptive acts of self-assertion. Here, it suggests rash financial decisions.

The 8th house stellium also points to intense and unconventional sexual activity, likely born of ulterior financial motives. A long talk would be much safer in the end than a roll in the sack. Maybe it always is.

Outing the Skeletons in Our Closets

Chiron, Mercury and Neptune are in Pisces in the 7th; the Lot of Accusation (Point of Substance) and Nessus are exactly conjunct in Aquarius close to the cusp of  the 7th house, near the Descendant.

Key relationships can come apart in distressing, even painful ways.

  • The Point of Substance or Lot of Accusation (an Arabic Part) brings painful moments of truth, embarrassing accusations and hurtful suspicions we have a hard time refuting. It puts us on the defensive.

  • Nessus (a so-called centaur) brings deep feelings of guilt or personal responsibility that haunt our subconscious. Bad Nessus can also cause serious, perhaps chronic medical conditions.

A sense of guilt or shame, or acute embarrassment, could inject deeply uncomfortable and highly disruptive emotions into our interactions.

The P. of Substance and Nessus are angular, too. They will affect every area of our lives. Everyone should tread lightly. Avoid judgmentalism. Individually, people might stray onto emotionally sensitive ground. Others, sensing an advantage, could take advantage of our discomfort.

On the macro-level, Nessus could bring revelations of wrongdoing in high places, perhaps on a grand scale.


This potent combination of forces in the 7th and 8th houses points to an extreme reordering of personal priorities, loyalties and affections and economic affairs. Some disruption in some important relationships is probably inevitable for all of us.

The 8th house Mars/Uranus influence in particular points to complex legal and economic maneuvers. It also suggests unconventional tactics and manipulative behavior.

This is an especially bad time to take romantic overtures at face value.

Trouble at Home

Juno is in Aquarius in the 6th house of dependence and interdependence.

Juno governs government sanctioned, long-term bonds like marriage.

Juno seeks long-term stability and is unhappy in the 6th house of employment and economic interdependence. It doesn’t want our most important personal bonds infected with workplace-style politics.

The Good, the Bad, and  . . .

March’s chart has a dense matrix of supportive and blocking aspects anchored in the 7th and 8th houses.

Typically, people use supportive aspects to detour around the blocking aspects, avoiding numerous important issues. 

. . . the Somewhere in Between

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are bound together in a double, or “Siamese Yod.”

A double Yod, or “Siamese Yod,” links the easy and difficult aspects in a complicated, destabilizing, disorienting way.  

Yods create irresolvable dilemmas. Efforts to solve them shift our perspective kaleidoscopically, repeatedly.

With a Yod at work, people can’t just use supportive aspects to detour around the blocking aspects - to charge down the path of least resistance.  Nor can they get away with using a bogus argument to support a bad idea. People will see through it very quickly. Events will quickly reveal it for what it is. Doubly so for a double Yod.

The Downward Pointing Yod

Jupiter is in Gemini in the 10th, sextile Mars and Uranus in Aries in the 8th. Saturn is in Scorpio in the 4th, quincunx Jupiter and Mars/Uranus. It forms the apex of the downward pointing Yod.

The downward pointing Yod is about the limitations of change.

The Jupiter-Mars/Uranus sextile would facilitate the development of expensive safety-net programs, for example. Saturn, operating in the 4th house, at the grassroots, would demand fairness, discipline, careful planning and attention to costs.

The Upward Pointing Yod

Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th sextiles Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th. Both are quincunx Jupiter in Gemini in the 10th.

The upward pointing Yod is about managing economic change.

Saturn and Pluto, operating through the grassroots, demand order, discipline and careful planning. They also suggest the possibility of hardship and extraordinary exertion.

These demands of Saturn and Pluto are frustrated by the realities of wealth creation (Jupiter in Gemini in the 10th), which bring virtually uncontrollable and unavoidable change.

From Tug of War to Dance

March’s aspects will destroy efforts to deal with issues in the same old confrontational manner. People will try to deploy the same old simplistic bumper sticker arguments in support of divisive, polarizing positions.  But the double Yod will head off any such efforts by making the complexities and subtleties of an issue perhaps painfully obvious.

The Promise of the Planets

Saturn, the North Node and the Part of Fortune are all in Scorpio in the 4th not far from the Imum Coeli.

The North Node is the point in a chart where the spiritual and material resources of the individual converge most harmoniously to bring about the best possible outcome.

The Part of Fortune is the point at which everything that defines individual identity combine most harmoniously to produce the best result.

In March, this powerful confluence of powerfully supportive influences will vigorously support our efforts to bring order to our hearts, our minds, our lives, and the world around us.


June said...

Carl you've done it again. Excellent. My mind is blown once more. I tried to confront a really embarassing situation but havn't followed thro and now you've explained it as all of us. So glad I'm not alone. Everything you've said is so on the mark and reassuring. It's not just me.I just love the way you speak. Nemeste Carl

Anonymous said...

My mind is not blown. I am having health issues, pain and extreme financial problems. I have a new raw pet food business and I have to grow it organically and locally (Colorado and surrounding states), so it takes time. However, I don't have time.

LOL.. I got paid yesterday. After all bills are paid, I have about $20 to spend during the month of March! OMG, how did this happen?

Well it happened because I was spending, spending and not holding on to money. I have to spend money to make it in this business, so I'm really stuck.

My meditation is not moving me from the point of fear and general inability to be creative (as I always am) and make things happen.

But reading this blog has left me with hope. Now what? Thanks Carl.

Carl Boudreau said...

Dear Anonymous in crisis.

First, it takes time to dig ourselves out of a karmic hole, as you must realize. It doesn't happen over night.

Two things.

Meditation works wonderfully even when it seems that nothing is happening. Our ability to perceive what is happening in meditation lags, usually by many years. It doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Don't stop meditating.

You need to study your North Node placement. Meditation is for evoking the powers of the soul to aid in our lives. The North Node actually tells you what your soul's agenda is in this lifetime.

I recommend Jan Spiller's book Astrology for the Soul. It's available on Amazon or maybe it's at your local library. There is also a lot of info about the NN online.

Trust me, learning about your NN marks a big turning point for a lot of people. It did for me. I would go so far as to say that you can't hope to get a real handle on your life until you know about your NN. Following NN recommendations has a magical, synergistic effect. It's the closest thing I know to magic.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I just discovered your work last night and I must say your analysis strikes major chords with what's going on in my life right now.

I'm going through an extreme grief process (lost my darlin', my dog and my dad in the span of a year, after three hard years of my sweetie's cancer). Needless to say, my feet have not yet found solid ground, even after seven and a half months.

Money and "trusting advice" are huge issues for me at the moment (Aquarius), as is finding some sort of place to finally stand with all this.

Your comment to anonymous about "North Node" is intriguing to me. How do I find what mine is? I had a chart done about twenty years ago, and I have no idea if it even mentions that. I would be interested in having a new chart done if you do that.

At any rate, thank you for your astute observations and analysis of what's what.

Carl Boudreau said...

I am sorry to hear about your losses. That must be very, very difficult for you.

About the North Node. Astrodienst, or Astro dot com, is one of the best astrology websites, especially for chart casting and other technical things.You'll need to Google it because we can't put links in the comment section. Navigate to their free chart casting utility and cast your chart.

The NN is a small horseshoe like symbol with the arch pointing upward.

Or, Cafe astrology also has extensive material on the NN and tables that will help you find yours.

I am not doing personal charts at this time. Time and energy simply do not allow it.

Once again, I was sorry to hear of your losses. Many of us are enduring very difficult life transitions during this time. You are not alone.

Mary Beth said...

Thank you for doing what you do and pointing us towards our "NN". Your sincerity resonates true.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Carl.

You have answered a multitude of questions I did not even know to ask: but now I understand.

In La'kech

Anonymous said...

Dear carl

I love your sight. I add your informtion to my studies of the Zohar and the combination of the two has helped heal and transform my life.

I like many am recovering from multiple loses. ie my daughter commited suicide on valentines day and my fiance of the time could not take my pain and left;the same month I lost my job...that was 5 years ago and your work has helped me make sense of all of the confusion..

THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!!! May God carry you along with energy and continued understanding of the mysteries of the Universe.

Carl Boudreau said...

One can't help but be moved by your losses. It must have been very difficult indeed. I trust you will always find the inspiration and strength that will enable you to continue.

Anonymous said...

Interesting month so far, very quiet overall lots of rumblings but business as usual for the most part

however a look at US economy etc shows massive transfer of wealth from middle/lower class to elite continuing at a rapid pace

In California, housing prices, fueled by govt bailouts, have quickly moved back beyond the reach of most lower income buyers... on top of that food, gas, rents all at record highs. The simple cost of living is out of control, probably following population growth, third world development etc...

looking for a shakeup later this year as these realities come home to roost...

Carl Boudreau said...

I think that's too much to assume right now. Things are changing very, very rapidly from one day to the next.

In fact, the policies and attitudes that abetted the upward transfer of wealth are under serious attack.

Nobody can realistically expect a trend that has been growing since the early 80's to reverse itself over night.