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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Astrology of December 2013 - A Threshold

The Astrology of December 2013 - A Threshold

November Recap

November’s total solar eclipse marked a turning point in the transformation supported by the persistent Star Tetrahedron.

November's energy triggered impatience with senseless, needless injustice. This energy was widely dispersed, rather than concentrated, motivating and empowering the many, working against abuse of these energies by the few. As a result of the eclipses in October and November, events were weighted in favor of justice, common sense and common decency, especially in economic areas.

A desire for justice did indeed appear to be present in November. JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest banks in the world, was fined $13 billion dollars by the US Department of Justice for a range of misdeeds.

Coincidentally, JP Morgan Chase scheduled a Q&A with one of their top executives on Twitter. Below are two representative tweets:

  • "I have Mortgage Fraud, Market Manipulation, Credit Card Abuse, Libor Rigging and Predatory Lending, am I diversified?”

  • “What section of the poor & disenfranchised have you yet to exploit for profit, & how are you working to address that?”

Needless to say, the Q&A was canceled.

Close to the same time, the US Senate approved Janet Yellen’s appointment as the next Fed Chairperson. The highly qualified Ms. Yellen has already signaled her intention to aggressively investigate and regulate the major banks.

December’s Chart - Reconciliation

December’s chart works even more strongly and on a more practical level in favor of reform and uplift. And once again, the energies are dispersed, working against the abuse more concentrated, localized energies might allow.

The world has endured an era of intense polarization. Public life has become trench warfare. The 1% are dug in against the 99%; the right wing is dug in against the left wing. And so on. Irrationality, fanaticism and rigid, divisive ideology have dominated to dominate public debate.

But we appear to be moving out of this era of strong astrological headwinds - moving forward against strong winds - into an era of astrological tailwinds - moving forward with the astrological winds at our backs.

December also carries forward the karmic account settling of recent eclipses. Its energies are also carried forward into the new year by the power of the Winter Solstice.

Soul Searching, Reason and Reconciliation

December’s chart will jump start a dual process of soul searching and reconciliation. It will also strengthen the influence of reason and common sense in our discussions.

This process will be at work around the globe and at all levels. Events will stimulate our conscience and, at the same time, by one means and another, coax us all into dialogue, often in spite of ourselves.

It appears to be happening already. In November, the US Senate limited use of the filibuster - the rule that allowed opponents to summarily block virtually any legislative issue regardless of its merits or popular support.

Without the filibuster, US Senators can no longer rely on secretive, unilateral action to impose their will, in defiance of the evidence and the opinion of the electorate. Rivals and opponents will actually have to negotiate and compromise with each other to maintain their influence.

Look More Closely

The dense, worrisome looking matrix of aspects in December’s chart include a double T-Square - a hard six-pointed star that probably functions like a super Grand Cross. It also includes a Kite and a Mystic Rectangle that combines in an even more complex, but essentially positive structure.

December’s Kite, Etc.,

December’s matrix of worrisome looking aspects resolve into a highly transformative and unusually constructive, supportive structure.

December’s Kite includes Saturn and the North Node, the Moon, Chiron, and Jupiter retrograde conjunct Lilith.

This Kite will help liberate the ego from rigid, stubbornly rooted ideas and attitudes, and rigid ideologies.

There Will Be Dialogue

The Moon, Lilith conjunct Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto make up a Mystic Rectangle. It encompasses both the power axis (4th to 10th houses) and the financial axis of the chart (2nd to 8th houses).

This Mystic Rectangle supports dialogue between the grassroots and financial and governmental leaders. People at all levels of society, in all walks of life, on all sides of these many, sharply contested, difficult issues, will suddenly find themselves seeking common ground or suddenly standing on common ground they didn’t realize was there.

The Structure of Reconciliation

The Mystic Rectangle blends into the Kite, creating a larger structure. Saturn and the North Node are at the apex of an embedded Grand Trine.

Combined, the Mystic Rectangle and the Kite, with its built in Grand Trine, strongly support dialogue and reconciliation based on conscience, common sense and common decency. Hence, as noted, this large reconciliation structure sets up mutual soul-searching and intensive dialogue.

The lines of this reconciling structure converge on Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio in the 12th house.

This loose conjunction combines spiritual, religious (12th house) and moral considerations (the North Node) with very concrete and practical political and economic considerations (Scorpio). Finally, the North Node determines what the universe will support and what it will not; karmic and dharmic processes will enter the picture.

Ultimately, this structure will support reconciliation and consensus building, based on sound moral, political and economic principles. It will tend to undermine, even sabotage, flawed reconciliation efforts based only on ideology, flawed reasoning or morally questionable ideas.

In my experience, unusually complex supportive structures often bring transformative revelations and important learning experiences while they bring us closer to our goals. 

The Hard Parts
Two T-Squares form a hard 6-pointed star which functions like an especially stubborn Grand Cross.

T-Square #1: Moon opposes Chiron, both square the Sun. The ego finds it very difficult to release old attitudes and values or to resolve the conflict between its attitudes and the realities that confront it. We tend to see our options in very stark, unappealing confrontational terms.

This is the kind of aspect that foregrounds brittle, dogmatic thinking. It locks us into the box we have created for ourselves from flawed and rigid attitudes.

T-Square #2: Mars opposes Uranus; both square Pluto. Individuals and authority figures tend to clash, unable to resolve their differences.

This configuration foregrounds the extreme tensions that separate labor from management, the 1% from the 99%, the political right from the political left, and so on. It locks us into the cage we have created with our narrowly and rigidly defined self-interest.


Taken in isolation, these longstanding divisions will look as hopeless as they ever have. However, both of these T-Squares - the entire hard 6-pointed star - is solidly linked to the more constructive reconciling structure.

So however stubborn-seeming the conflicts, however irresolvable the confrontations appear, in reality, they will be moving toward resolution. The mental and emotional, political and economic foundations of our conflicts will be dissolving.

The reconciliation structure will tend to draw people away from the extremes toward the center. As a result of deep, complex interior processes, people will slowly and quietly adjust and adapt their views. Events and circumstances will make extreme positions untenable and more moderate positions more attractive, their wisdom more apparent.

Voters and officials will work toward a new consensus that can carry us beyond the long-standing deadlock.

Reason and Conscience Get the Last Word

The lines of the reconciliation structure converge on Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio in the 12th house.

The Saturn/North Node energy strongly encourages individuals to bring their views into line with reason and morality. The 12th house energy will compel them to align their thoughts and actions with their spirituality.

We will begin demanding with ever louder voices that we be governed the same way.

This isn’t only about December. The recent eclipses will carry the karmic accounting into 2014 and continue to favor the wise and the just. The power of the Winter Solstice will power the reconciliation process well into 2014.


The rooting out of irrationality and prejudice can be exceedingly disruptive, even when it is brought about from within. You should expect erratic, destructive behavior from those who rely heavily on dogma, ideology and  prejudice to get through life. They will feel threatened and alienated by December’s vibes.

There will be a roar of protest from such people and headlines will fill with freakish, destructive behavior. News of such might drown out but will not negate news of more constructive, progressive developments.

With this difference. In recent years, under different astrological circumstances, that are now passing out, such impaired personalities have dominated the public’s attention and enjoyed unusual power and influence. The astrological energies now coming in will work to shift attention to more reasonable voices and seriously curtail the power and influence of the irrational and extreme among us.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Blogger Has Been Messing up Post Notifications - CORRECTION

Hey folks.

For people who receive email notifications: Blogger has been messing up recently - in a number of areas.  I think the whole site needs a little maintenance.

People are receiving email notices for the December 2012 Sign-by-Sign forecast. That is a mistake.  They did the same kind of thing a few months ago.

The December 2013 forecast is available at

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sun Sign Astrology Forecast for December 2013

Hello Everybody,

Just a reminder.  December's Sun Sign Forecast will be the last.

But keep checking in. I will continue to post the monthly "big picture" astrological analysis as before.

I appreciate your loyalty.  It means a lot to me.


Astrology Forecast for December 2013

For All Sun Signs ~ December’s vibes are deceptive. Challenges and opportunities are intertwined in delicate balance. If we focus too much on the challenges, we’ll let the opportunities slip by. If we use the opportunities to evade the challenges, we’ll leave important things undone - only to have to deal with them at considerable cost later. The irony is that December’s aspects are forgiving. They look a lot scarier than they are. It would only take a modest effort to overcome them . . . if you act soon.

Sun Sign-by-Sun Sign

SAGITTARIUS ~ Sagittarians are undergoing a major lifestyle transformation. Everything and everyone is behind it. It's your future hastily making room for itself. Prospective changes threaten much that you value, though. Proposed changes to finances and family arrangements are especially concerning. The biggest danger is you’ll stay silent about these concerns for fear of the concessions that might be required to satisfy them. Don’t give up things you cherish by default. The cost of preserving them might not be as high as you think.

CAPRICORN ~ Capricorn’s first impulse is to manage people and events in the name of the greater good. But the levers of power are not within your grasp, now. You might just have to let people do what they prefer in hopes they'll come around on their own. Do the right thing and trust that others will follow suit. In December, that is not just a pious wish, it’s a surprisingly effective plan . . . and your only realistic option. The stars will insure the outcome.

AQUARIUS ~ At work, developing trends seem to conflict with your  expectations; working conditions, cash flow, long-term financial goals and such all seem problematic. But that’s only if you look at the hard aspects. The supportive aspects offer a generous array of agreeable options. The key to success is an old-fashioned work ethic. Yes, the politics are annoying; the logistics are awkward. But if you just show up regularly and do the job, all that other stuff really will take care of itself.

PISCES ~ You find yourself increasingly at odds with people across a broad array of issues, on practical grounds and on matters of principle. You don’t need to resolve all these issue with all these people. Instead, you need to overcome the influence the mental and emotional lives of others has on you. In this instance, detachment is good. Actually, events and circumstances are offering you an opportunity to shape a more independent life. Indeed, they are pushing you to do it. Go with it.

ARIES ~ How well you think things are going will depend a lot on whether you focus on the good news or the bad. Making the needed personal and financial adjustments could seem downright daunting. But if you focus on how much you can accomplish with a little extra effort, things look much brighter. It might not seem so now, but you’ll end up in a much better place. The risk is not as great as it appears. Just let your conscience be your guide.

TAURUS ~ December’s vibes strongly support efforts to expand your circle of friends and, this time, create deeper, more rewarding and lasting ties, especially if you are straightforward about who you are. The planets are aligned to heal existing relationships and insure that new ones aren't impaired by old habits and hangups. There’s static in the background, especially with respect to finances. Things aren't as bad as they appear. Take whatever financial precautions make you comfortable, then devote yourself to your expanding social network.

GEMINI ~ There's a lot of noise from emanating from the front office. Maybe it's conjuring up thoughts of budget cuts, performance reviews, contract renewals, etc. But, no. It's about your notable ability to instill purpose and integrity in those you work with. If, out of concern, you chat management up about budgets and bookkeeping minutiae, you'll bore them. You'd do best to brush up your people skills. Superiors and subordinates are anticipating morale issues and they're counting on you to calm and motivate troubled spirits.

CANCER ~ There is more turbulence on the way, clearly. Just as clearly, Cancerians will be directly involved. Considering recent trends, you are probably prepping for yet another in a long series of power struggles, no quarter, no holds barred, winner-take-all. If you flip into battle mode, though, you'll start an unnecessary chain reaction - for nothing. Strike a practical,  conciliatory tone instead and move forward. You will be stunned, and happily so, to discover just how many will be eager to follow your lead.

LEO ~ Cooperate with the complex and powerful forces working in your favor. Calm fears that your dreams will go unfulfilled and your talents unrecognized. I’d issues a stern warning against dwelling on the negative possibilities, lest you miss an important cue on from the positive side. However, success is so likely this month, you can dwell on the negatives all you want and still succeed. You’d end up feeling foolish, though, for worrying so much, especially if you do it aloud in public.

VIRGO ~ The difficult aspects in December are counteracted by numerous strongly supportive aspects. Virgos might feel tensions in important relationships. They might need to make some challenging financial choices. However, Virgo is so well-positioned in the astrological scheme of things, it’s hard to see how they can be hindered for very long by anything. December’s positive vibes seem designed to quickly resolve every issue standing between you and the better lifestyle you envision. There is a premium on honesty, though. No fibs.

LIBRA ~ December’s good aspects come at Libra from a difficult angle; it's hard aspects hit Libra head on. In confronting the inevitable challenges, Libra must find solutions that don't exploit the opportunities but dodge legitimate challenges. It's partly a matter of doing the right thing, partly a question of being realistic and partly a matter of understanding what’s really going on. You might also find yourself advising others to look much more closely at the sweet deal they think they just worked out.

SCORPIO ~ The difficult and supportive aspects both affect Scorpio favorably. The solution to any issue, whether yours or someone else's, will come easily. The key is to tap your powers of intuition on behalf of yourself and others. You can help a great deal by gently taking the lead or quietly offering advice. You could use the natural advantage the stars have given you to coast through December, but then you'd only have to help people correct the mistakes they made while you were daydreaming.

Friday, November 01, 2013

The Astrology of November 2013 - for Everyone - At Long Last

  The Astrology of November 2013 - for Everyone

At Long Last

October Recap

October’s chart carried us deeper into the crisis of conscience pictured in September's chart. Our concerns advanced from the somewhat abstract realm of moral principles and conscience to the level of righteous indignation. A lunar eclipse accentuated this effect.

November's Composite Chart 

November's chart will translate righteous indignation into action intended to restore compassion, justice and fair play in our lives. We will start revising the written and unwritten rules that govern society.

Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio in the 8th House

There is a total solar eclipse on November 3rd in Scorpio. The eclipse conjoins Saturn and the North Node. Scorpio is in its natural house for this eclipse making the 8th house influence definitive.

The course of future events will be  determined by November's eclipse in large part. The effect of the eclipse will be largely determined by the potent 8th house stellium in Scorpio.

The 8th house is the house where the wealth and power of the one become the wealth and power of the many, and vice versa. Social resources are pooled in 8th house institutions and redistributed to fund vital services that individuals cannot provide individually, like mortgages, insurance, pensions, social welfare programs, and so on.

Influences Affecting the Eclipse

The 8th house seriously affects everyone in society in numberless important ways. If you want to shake society up, fast, make changes in 8th house areas. And this is an 8th house eclipse, dominated by 8th house influences.

Arranged the way it is, this chart might seem to be about funneling even more money and power to the richest 1%, deepening existing social and economic injustice. A closer look at the chart tells another story.

The North Node & Co.

At first glance, it looks like events in the collective, governmental and institutional houses, 5 thru 12, will force changes on the individual houses, 1 thru 4, (clear).

Except for the 8th house stellium, however, the planets are scattered. This creates oppositional relationships that will bring acute differences of opinion and vigorous debate. The partially formed Kite and the visible remnants of July's Star Tetrahedron disperse planetary power further. This works strongly against the hardening of opinions and the concentration of power that allows for large scale social abuse.

November’s chart works strongly against  the uniformity of opinion and concentration of power needed to impose rules on large numbers of people. But it strongly motivates people to put their principles into action.

The Eclipse - A Closer Look

Scattered as the planetary energies are, they are virtually all affected by the total solar eclipse and the 8th house stellium.  They include:

  • the Sun, which governs the conscious, intentional part of our personality,
  • Saturn, which governs secular authority and power - law, family, tradition, custom - and order and discipline of all kinds,
  • the North Node, which governs dharmic and karmic processes, the workings of karma at high levels and cosmic principles generally,
  • Mercury, which governs communication and financial transactions. Retrograde Mercury indicates slowdowns, system upgrades, updates, etc. and random disruptions. Retrograde Mercury deals more than a few wild cards.

But there's more:

  • Scorpio and the 8th house resonate strongly with Pluto. Scorpio also governs Aries, the sign occupied by Uranus which is currently squaring Pluto which is exact again on Nov 1st, two days before the total eclipse. The stellium in Scorpio, surrounding the total solar eclipse will affect the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square.
  • Uranus, like Mercury, will be retrograde during the eclipse. Change processes will halt; existing plans will come up for discussion and revision. Retrograde planets are often wildcards.

And there’s still more:

  • The 8th house stellium and the eclipse set in the center of the cauldron formed by the visible traces of the Star Tetrahedron. It will supercharge and further disperse an already highly charged, highly dispersed energy field.

With both the Sun and Moon involved, people will feel a deep, unifying commitment. With Saturn involved, they will demand a common sense approach. With the North Node involved, they will expect immediate, simple, uncomplicated justice.

In general, the public mood will be marked by righteous indignation, reinforced by straightforward logic. People will be fed up and their minds made up.

November’s energy is dispersed, pervading every strata of society and every area of life. It is also intensely individual and personal, enough so to encourage the widespread defiance of authority and confrontation with peers we see as wrong or unfair.

The establishment will find it difficult to put up a united front against rebellion or suppress a trend toward civil disobedience, both of which will be very much in the air.

The Universe Gets the Last Word

November's underlying vibes - minus the eclipse - will affect people on every side of every issue - everybody will be feeling righteous indignation and determined to get justice. But, everybody can’t be right, no matter how self-righteous and indignant they might feel. Everyone will imagine that the winds of justice are at their back.

Eclipses are best known for bringing sudden, irreversible, overdue change. But they also bring justice. Under normal circumstances, the universe is maddeningly even-handed. Rain falls equally upon the just and the unjust, the wise and the unwise. Justice seems elusive.

Under the influence of an eclipse, rain falls primarily on the unjust and the unwise. Karmic bills come due. In the midst of all the debate and confrontation, through the mysterious mechanism of the solar eclipse, the Universe will render its opinion about what constitutes justice in a particular case.

In November the transformative process will quicken. However, it will also turn a corner. The eclipse will pick winners and losers. Those possessed of common sense and decency will come out ahead. November's energies are pervasive. This scenario will play out on both the macro- and micro- levels, in the halls of power and on main street.

November’s eclipse will exact a costly penalty for violating cosmic principles. The course of events will veer sharply against the unwise and the unjust. They might not acknowledge the rebuke, but events in subsequent weeks and months will work strongly against them, nonetheless. They will emerge from November at a distinct disadvantage.

I expect November’s astrological events will begin resetting the imbalance of wealth and power in the world. Such things do not happen overnight or without incident, and they are often accompanied by fierce resistance, furious denial and, in some cases, social unrest, which can obscure events. But over time the trend will become unmistakable.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sun Sign Forecast for November 2013

[Please be aware that, as announced in October, December's Sun Sign Forecast will be the last. Big picture forecasts will still be posted every month. Thank you.]

Astrology Forecast for November 2013

For All Sun Signs ~ If recent events have had a pattern, it’s a variation on the old dog-eat-dog formula. Progress has nothing to do with it. But an invisible cosmic tide is about to shift. Justice, fair play and common decency will come back into fashion. Impassioned demands for a more humane way of life will overwhelm the soulless, self-serving rhetoric of the markets that we’ve grown used to. More compassionate rhetoric will drive change in a kinder, gentler direction. It will start feeling like we’re getting somewhere.

Sun Sign by Sun Sign

SCORPIO ~ The idea you’ve been having is simple and powerful; and its spreading rapidly: it’s time for average people to start speaking their conscience. Indeed, they won’t be able to resist doing so. You might need to defend friends acting on this impulse against those who would try to silence them. You will resonate powerfully with their plight and your defense of these beleaguered friends will be spontaneous, sincere and effective. In time, you can relax, but your support is needed now.

SAGITTARIUS ~ It's time to fulfill the promise you made to yourself. You can also relieve the increasingly obvious concerns of family and friends. Lay out a plan for achieving your long-term financial goals. Others in your life might have their own agenda, though. And you have a few unrealistic ideas of your own. It’s time to be realistic about what you really owe to whom and which luxuries you can truly afford. Devise a realistic plan that puts your own future needs first.

CAPRICORN ~ You have your own agenda, principles to guide you, and a power base. But so do your rivals. You are fairly evenly matched actually. But all sides are being pressured to accept a compromise dictated by a higher set of standards. It embodies ideals of fair play, integrity and good-heartedness you all thought were passé. You’ll all come much closer to achieving your goals if you accept this high-minded compromise than if all you hold out to the bitter end to get your own way.

AQUARIUS ~ Aquarians are standing at the end of a long line of falling dominoes. It’s too late to do anything about the present situation, but you’re well-positioned to influence the next round of changes, which is already starting. You couldn’t control the whole next cycle of change, of course. But if you began now, you could very likely insure an agreeable outcome. Many besides yourself would benefit from your efforts to bring reason and clarity to the process. Meanwhile, the new status quo isn’t so bad.

PISCES ~ The call for fair play now being issued by the planets resonates strongly with Pisces. You won’t have much direct control over the changes brought about by this call to conscience, but you might be called upon to defend the principles involved. Some of the rhetoric could be fairly sharp and your understandable inclination will be to respond angrily. Turn any such encounters into teachable moments instead. Your resectful explanations will dispel your own anger, enlighten your critics and leaven the overall process of change.

ARIES ~ "Large-scale," "widespread," "long-term," "high level," "community-wide" . . . these terms all apply to the changes you’re seeing and the plans you’re hearing about. It would be best to prepare for some big changes, but not only in financial areas. These changes will require that you grow spiritually, too. It’s wise to be cautious, but don’t be anticipating the worst. The good guys will start winning some battles, soon. This time, they'll be looking out for the little guy, too.

TAURUS ~ Important people in your life are coping with several serious challenges at once. You might wish it were more drama you could safely ignore, but it isn't. Active discussion is critical now. Engaging with your challenged friends will teach you things about their lives and plans you need to know. They could use your help and they would welcome it. Be especially careful to remain open to the unexpected. Projecting old, preconceived notions onto your friends' present situation would blind you to crucially important considerations.

GEMINI ~ The expectations of higher ups sharply conflict with the intentions of your subordinates. This time, the odds weigh heavily in your subordinates' favor; they’ll most likely get their way. It’s so obvious that, given half a chance, even your superiors are bound to figure it out. Even so, neither your superiors nor your subordinates are ready to let any issues slide, at least not yet. Let the facts sink in. With luck, you won’t get caught between angry superiors and resentful subordinates.

CANCER ~ Today’s changes are so comprehensive and complex, no one person or group can dominate the discussion or control the outcome. In the end, though, the usual suspects will try to walk off with the lion's share. Cancerians have a special rapport with the disempowered and inarticulate. You also see all too clearly into the darker side of human nature. You can defend the disenfranchised and inoculate your audience against manipulation. And you can do so in a supportive and uplifting manner, if you choose.

LEO ~ You have felt deeper, more intense motivations stirring within. They are very different from those visible to casual observers. The forces you feel are really the basis of an entirely new you. Recently, they have begun driving your expectations and influencing your decisions, if in a tentative and somewhat confused way. In November, they will take over. Roll with it; there isn’t much you can do about it anyway. Other people in your life are just going to have to deal with it.

VIRGO ~ Virgos need to count their blessings. World and national events are problematic to the max and worrisome to the nth degree. They inspire apprehension in anyone who thinks about them. Things seem pretty much out of control. No one seems to have any leverage . . . except maybe for Virgo. In fact, no one is better placed to weather these events than Virgo. So I am personally requesting that Virgos stop fretting, avoid adding to the gloom and do what they can to spread some cheer.

LIBRA ~ At work you have to be one person, at home, another; socially, you have to be a different person for each set of friends. None of those versions of you are real. That’s the opposite of a life and it's turning you into the opposite of a person. In November, real feelings will start flowing between people. To keep from having your identity washed away in this new flood of real emotions, start thinking now about who the real you is and what they want.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Astrology of October 2013 - The Heart's Reasons

The Astrology of October 2013

Reasons of the Heart

September Recap

From June 2013 thru July 2014, at least, our primary astrological concerns are a Star Tetrahedron and a Kite. The Kite is the part of the Tetrahedron that manifests most clearly and persistently. The full Star Tetrahedron phases in and out in the background.

The effect is kaleidoscopic. Events come at us from wildly varying angles; we see the world from constantly shifting perspectives. We are compelled to change our ideas, our behavior and our institutions.

In September, the planets injected a moral and ethical element into the transformative process. A conjunction of Saturn and the North node galvanized our sense of right and wrong.

The planets build on this foundation in October. What began as an essentially economic and political transformation some years ago continues to broaden into a cultural, moral and spiritual transformation.

October's Composite Chart

A lunar eclipse occurs on the 18th of October at 26° Aries (the day before the US reaches its debt limit). It falls on the Midheaven of the composite chart.

The Moon's Nodes determine the time and place of eclipses. Hence, this eclipse is related to September’s Saturn/North Node conjunction and related influences in October’s chart. People who ignore the moral, ethical and spiritual mandate the planets issued in September, and expand on in October, will begin paying a karmic price.

Toward Less 'Convenient' Relationships

In October's composite we see a flow of transformative energies into social, psychological, moral and spiritual areas and into our closest relationships. The points of the Kite rest on the cusps of the 11th and 12th, 4th and 5th, and 7th and 8th houses.

Intangible concerns and deeply personal feelings will play forcefully into economic and political changes. They will force a delay or a revision in all our plans. They will also bolster initiatives of a compassionate nature.

Survival of the Greediest?

The tendency was to expand our economic activities indefinitely and at the expense of our personal lives. Job requirements shaped our relationships, intimate and professional.

Those trends will be reversed in October. A Grand Square - Uranus/Pluto tensions now affecting our psyches - will block relationship changes motivated purely by economic convenience - yours or your employers.

The Grand Square feeds directly into the dynamic structure of the Kite; it will compel us to revise plans that don’t accommodate moral, ethical and spiritual considerations. To a large extent, this particular set of objections will be absorbed quickly into debate surrounding ongoing and proposed changes.

And there’s more.

"The Heart Hath Its Reasons that Reason Knows Not"

Mars in Leo in the 1st, Venus in Sagittarius in the 4th, Chiron and Neptune on the cusp of the 7th and 8th all participate in a T-Square. Venus in Sagittarius in the 4th is at the apex.

This T-Square involves personal planets, signs and houses.  If the Grand Square raises quality of life issues, this T-square raises "quality of relationship" issues.

Powerful and very personal emotions will surge irresistibly into the discussion, supplanting the alienation that increasingly characterizes our personal lives.

These energies will be injected even more subtly and irresistibly into change and decision-making processes. The T-Square joins the Kite at only a single point, where Neptune and Chiron conjoin at one angle of the Kite.

Changes we make must now accommodate growing expectations for a spiritually, psychologically and emotionally richer life.

The Activated Conscience

October's chart elaborates on September's appeal to conscience. There is a stellium that encompasses the cusp of 4th house and extends into the 4th house proper.

This stellium strongly affects the entire chart. Directly opposite October's eclipse on the midheaven, it will also seriously affect the evolution of our world view.

Our sense of shame, guilt, responsibility, our sense of right and wrong and social justice will be powerfully stimulated, again. We will also be motivated to speak our conscience.

This stellium is as follows:

  • The Sun is in Libra, the sign of partnership, near the Imum Coeli in the 3rd house, the house of community relations, near the cusp of the 4th house, the house of deep psychology, and one of the most powerful points in the chart.  We will become increasingly sensitive to the injustices we see around us everyday as well as those that directly affect us.

  • The Lot of Accusation, a point of moral accountability, is in Libra directly on the cusp of the 4th house which governs our psychological depths. We will be unusually conscious of our own involvement in injustice. Our conscience will also be sensitized, perhaps hyper-sensitized, to the moral dimension of relationships, across the board.

  • The North Node, which governs the unfoldment of dharma and karma, is powerfully placed in Scorpio in the 4th house. Dharmic and karmic issues are stirring concerns deep within us about justice and fairplay in our own life and in the lives of those around us.

  • Saturn, the planet of secular authority and power, is in Scorpio in the 4th house. We become alert to legal and moral issues. We now expect that legal issues and legislative decisions will satisfy our sense of right and wrong.

The following two indicators are best considered together:

  • Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Scorpio in the 4th house exactly conjunct the Part of Fortune, the point of personal recognition and reward. The social forces that usually keep us from speaking our conscience will be reversed. We will now be recognized and rewarded for speaking our conscience.

  • Venus is in Sagittarius in the 4th house. We will feel a greater desire for fairness even on the level of our most intimate emotional attachments. Feelings of compassion will spread among friends and in the community.

A heartfelt call for justice, fair play and compassion resonates through the chart.
We Social Justice

A powerful upsurge of deeply felt personal emotion will reinforce the somewhat abstract call for justice and fair play that September's Saturn/North Node conjunction brought.

Our desire for compassion will turn the transformational process from a purely political and economic affair into a global social reform movement.

The money-based consciousness of recent decades, devoid of conscience and authentic human emotion, will now be supplanted by a consciousness pervaded by conscience and authentic human emotion.