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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sign-by-Sign Astrology Forecast for December 2012

Astrology Forecast for December 2012

FOR EVERYONE ~ December 2012 will find most of us in the midst of complicated, occasionally frantic and crucially important changes in our lives. Many will come up against at least one seemingly impenetrable obstacle - a total deal-breaker. But in each case, a discussion, an encounter, a realization, or just some experience, will unlock a new potential in ourselves or bring a breakthrough in negotiations that allows us to proceed, confidently and with renewed enthusiasm. (December’s forecast takes into account the end of the Mayan Calendar.)


♑ CAPRICORN ~ (Dec. 21 - Jan. 18) Some person or persons are absolutely determined to make changes at home. They want more freedom. Period. Major compromises are unavoidable. Notice I didn’t say closure. This is only the beginning. It will take a lengthy and sincere effort to understand the issues, let alone resolve them. You must penetrate one of your own blind spots and/or strengthen a weak spot to make this work. Fortunately for everyone, conditions are far more conducive to a successful outcome than they would have been a little while back.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ (Jan. 19 - Feb. 17) The basics of your life are slowly turning into limitations and, maybe, burdens.  The need to make fairly substantial changes is looming. The ideals, good feelings and high spirits you naturally bring to a situation must be turned into resources and action that, in turn, will lead to needed changes. This is about moving from the realm of ideas and ideals into the realm of real world empowerment. Your efforts to make the necessary changes will lead to the release of unexpected psychological and spiritual resources.

♓ PISCES ~ (Feb. 18 - Mar. 19) A kaleidoscopic vision of possibilities fills your mind, but tough times and stubborn obstacles seem to belie those visions. One of the biggest problems is a set of emotional and motivational blocks in your own mind. As you strive to bring clarity to your plans for the future, you must also work to dissolve these stubborn, partly concealed, inner obstacles to action. The two processes must go hand in hand. Your efforts will unleash a greater power than you realized you had within you.

♈ ARIES ~ (Mar. 20 - Apr. 18) The planets are handing you blueprints for the future that reveal a much more desirable life. It is where you need to end up and it would be best for everyone else in your life, too.  But making it happen will require almost grim determination and consistently firm, decisive action.  It will also require a real dialogue between authority figures, assorted other powers that be, and important family, friends and associates. Your discussions will tap into an unexpectedly rich source of motivational force.

♉ TAURUS ~ (Apr. 19 - May 19) Taurus must blend a mix of abstract ideals, inspiration and material resources into a new lifestyle. Very powerful and quite persistent forces are at work in your heart and mind, reshaping your understanding of yourself, transforming your expectations for the future and ... well ... driving you to create a new lifestyle that gives full expression to a new you. Fortunately, the material resources are either in place or on their way. Old mental habits and the occasional economic reality might delay you, but only temporarily.

♊ GEMINI ~ (May 20 - June 19) December is another month when Gemini’s talent and influence are unceremoniously pressed into service by and for others. Issues are thorny and stakes high. Everyone’s future seems to be on the line. And you do indeed hold an important key. Your guidance and support can have an almost magical effect, unlocking hidden potential, jump starting motivation, breaking stubborn impasses and inspiring cooperation. But this is very demanding work. You’ll need to draw some lines; others must make a contribution. Personal power is returning.

♋ CANCER ~ (June 20 - July 21) One key to success in December is a willingness to share power and resources and convince friends to do so. Then choices will become easier and obstacles will begin to disappear. The process at work here goes beyond logic, into subtle, intuitive realms where Cancerians are at home. Your intuition is very much up to the task. But garnering cooperation is only the beginning. You must also convince those in power to go along. It’s worth the effort. They can contribute a crucial spark.

♌ LEO ~ (July 22 - Aug. 21) There are challenges at home and responsibility rests with you. Broad changes are necessary if you are to sort these things out. But you’ve been wanting to make some lifestyle changes for your own reasons. There’s no textbook solution for this situation. You’ll need to innovate and improvise. Conditions are too fluid for definite timelines. Your situation is not unique or unconnected to the situations others find themselves in. Your solution will be a model for many others, including family, fellow workers and employers.

♍ VIRGO ~ (Aug. 22 - Sept. 21) You could find yourself playing the role of catalyst, instigator or mediator (or all of the above) in a seemingly tense face-off. Those determined to force change are facing those with the power and inclination to preserve the status quo. The desire for change is intense and growing. Alliances are fluid. In-depth discussions with those in power can break an impasse and even forge a seemingly unlikely consensus for change. Don’t prejudge the outcome or the attitudes of others. People are thinking new thoughts.

♎ LIBRA ~ (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21) Libra’s day-to-day life is spent among people struggling with the details of complicated life changes. Home life can be somewhat intense. Finances require constant attention. Your understanding of human motivation is surprisingly keen right now. People need to break personal boundaries and to form more productive and dynamic alliances, including their alliances with you. Your insights can help others achieve this goal. In the process, you can further everyone’s financial interests, your own included. Don’t accept guidance based on clich├ęs, or offer it, either.

♏ SCORPIO ~ (Oct. 22 - Nov. 20) Your daily life is now filled with people making complicated life adjustments. Many who approach you could be more concerned with their own needs than with yours. Don’t feel obliged to get involved. It’s OK to offer advice. Given the planetary lineup, your intuitive grasp of their situation could be better than their own understanding. However, having offered your opinion, it might be wiser to withdraw. Quality alone time is especially important to Scorpio, now, and others need to tend to their affairs.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ (Nov. 21 - Dec. 20) You could be experiencing a crisis of confidence. Self-doubt and regret could haunt your quiet moments. With the planets the way they are, this could get channeled into obsessive concern with key partnerships and finances. Your partners and your finances both contribute to peace of mind. However, they can’t get you the whole way there. It’s about personal healing. You need to unlock deep healing potentials within yourself, through prayer, meditation or contemplation. Tapping into your own power for self-healing should be your priority.


gateofangels said...

it is a very interesting period
do you have any comments about the alignment supposed to be over the the Giza Pyramids in Egypt on 3rd of december?

Carl Boudreau said...

@gateofangels I am familiar with the work that has been done on the Pyramids at Giza, but I fear I haven't looked into conditions there on December 3rd. An astrocartography map might help. Do you have any information on the matter yourself?

Anonymous said...

So far your November forecast seems to be right on. 12/21/2012 goes out with a wimper you say. The Long Count calander doesn't end until 2759. However,it is the time when we enter the next b'ak'tun=Priest/ess-Wizard-Jaguar,torchbearer. Interpretation of your analysis;Gaia, Lilith, Divine Feminine, Nemisis, avenger of the poor. The Mayan emphasize grain in November as in to begin storage. Mars,lowly masculine, Uranus, will offer one solution. I agree it will be each individual's choice as to the path they follow and altruistically billions may die. Before one can store their grain one must harvest it and separate the wheat from the chaff. From,"the cryptic one."

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very very much...I discovered it last June and have made sure to check read it often since then....I seem to need to read each post a few times, and each time I gain more understanding. I am not well versed in Astrology--the mechanics of it--but I have found your writings to be very clear, very informative and as applied to my life and the world I see happening around me, very accurate. I am glad I found my way here! One of my problems is that according to Vedic Astrology--which I am taking a very beginning class in--my Sun is in Cancer, but in Western Astrology my Sun is in Leo. So, in your opinion, is Leo the sign I should apply to me here (with you) or Cancer? Sorry to ask such a basic question !

Carl Boudreau said...

@Aja The two systems are completely separate. To make a long story short, you have a separate, different sign in each system. As long as you remember which sign applies to the system you are using at the moment you'll be fine. There is no realistic way to bridge them, although you might note similarities here and there. With an astrological system, it's all or nothing, for all practical purposes.

SethD said...

very interesting times... as an environmentalist, its largely negative as the growth in resource extraction and consumption, habitat loss to development, and resulting loss of species and wild places seems to continue at a dizzying pace

i think nature must by default have the opposite effect to the astrology that effects humans, whats good for us is bad for nature

thus the natural world needs astrology thats horrible for humans? like pandemics, massive catastrophes etc anything that will stop this growth machine

doesnt seem to be in the cards for the foreseeable future, 7 billion humans and counting!

pfred said...

Hi Carl,

My friend Rebecca introduced your beautiful blog that contains your amazingly insightful knowledge. I cannot express enough how thankful I am for your sharing such power: Knowledge is power. Your site is very empowering and healing.

Through reviewing your posts through 2010 to current, I finally understand the incredibly challenging events. This helps so much to release at an even deeper level.

God Bless You!



Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Shouldn't this be 2013? And when I read this yesterday, I thought I got a completely different forecast?

Carl Boudreau said...

You are right. Blogger has been screwing up lately and for some utterly inexplicable reason has been sending out notices for year old blog posts.

The 2013 posts is up and it's at