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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

October 2012 For Everyone - A Million Points of Departure

The Astrology of October 2012 - For Everyone

A Million Points of Departure

September’s composite chart, which encompassed the Fall Equinox, began a season of increasing clarity on the issues and decision.  Several years of crisis, uncertainty, hesitancy and confusion are ending.

October’s chart will accelerate all of September’s trends and then some. October’s chart is very high-energy. Countless additional decisions will flow from September’s initial decisions.

October’s chart also brings a growing commitment to a difficult task: reshaping the world in accordance with the ideas unfolding in our minds. It also begins the gradual return of reason, responsibility and common decency to public affairs. 

True Creative Chaos

October’s chart will bring extremely volatile energetic conditions.  A seemingly small impetus will have surprisingly dramatic effects. Surprise events will trigger startling changes of direction. New trends will spring suddenly into existence all on their own. Existing trends will veer unexpectedly in new directions.

October will not allow accurate predictions, firm control or reversing course. The chart looks like a one-way portal into a different time line.

Fortunately, again, people will tend to favor the humane, common sense approach to our many problems. People are far more inclined to read the fine print, now.

Three major planetary ingresses occurred between January 2008 and February 2011: Pluto entered Capricorn, Uranus entered Aries, Neptune entered Pisces. Our lives entered a state of deep, continual systemic transformation.

But for several years, uncertainty, indecision and suspense have prevailed.  No one could, or would, decide on a course of action. As often as not, poorly thought out, extremist ideas captured the public imagination, at least strongly enough to produce stalemate.

That period of troubling political and economic gridlock and flirtation with unwise solutions is ending, and, given current world events, not a second too soon. October will bring the kind of chaos that yields to true creativity and progress.

Zero Points on the Angles

In October’s chart, the angles - the Ascendant, the Imum Coeli, or base, the Descendant and the Midheaven - are all occupied by the zero degree of their native signs.

0° 25’ Aries is on the Ascendant.  0° 31’ Cancer is at the Base angle, the Imum Coeli.  0° 25’ Libra is on the Descendant. 0° 31’ Capricorn is on the Midheaven.

The zero degree point of any sign, but especially cardinal signs, is a high energy point. The create a surge of activity and provide a strong thrust to any undertaking.  Also, cardinal signs and the angles they call home, are all signs of decision in a chart.

The angles are the most sensitive points in any chart. Influences hitting the angles dramatically affect the whole chart. And in October, a decisive, high-energy, point is on each of the angles.

Hence, October’s chart is supercharged with energies conducive to strong, decisive commitments.

All of the signs also occupies its native house. Hence, the effects of the chart will be more intense. They will be more uniform, hitting everyone in a similar way. They will also be more easily recognized, more typical of the house and sign in which they occur. People will tend to see and understand what is going on, to understand causes and effects.


The Part of Fortune, at 0° 25’ Capricorn is very close to exact conjunction with the Midheaven and exactly square the other angles.

The Part of Fortune combines the energy of the Ascendant, the Moon and the Sun - everything that defines individual identity and the individual’s relation to the world he or she lives in.  Its placement immerses the individual directly and wholly in the transformative processes described in the chart.

Radical transformative energy strikes every facet of the relationship between individuals and the world around them. Deep, inner transformative processes will coalesce with profound, outer transformative processes. A growing number of lives will take off and/or accelerate in new directions.

Fortunately, the spirit of unreason that has dominated world affairs for so long will be supplanted by a renewed spirit of reason, responsibility, moderation and decency just as we begin this crucial phase in the transformative process now under way.

Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio
Economic and Political Relief
Saturn enters Scorpio for the full transit on Friday, October 5th, GMT; it will remain in Scorpio thru 2015.

Saturn’s exit from Libra marks the end of the US Saturn return.  While it was in Libra, Saturn was, among other things, depressing the US economy.  Because the US economy is so important globally, it was depressing the global economy. Hence, the US and global economies should show greater resilience beginning early in October. We should feel a little economic bounce immediately.

Saturn’s exit from Libra will also have a positive effect on politics. It will no longer suppress the partnership-forming, consensus-building processes. US politics should also be able to move on from the stalemate that has existed the last several years.

Leaders will achieve a hard-fought consensus on all of these typically 8th house/Scorpio issues over the next two+ years.  Saturn will keep us at square one while we work out the issues, but at the end of its stay in Scorpio, Saturn will present us with a new, promising path forward.

Conflict over nurturance issues - insurance, pensions, social welfare programs - will peak. Conflict over beginning of life and end of life issues will peak.

Issues confronting tax policy-makers and big financial institutions will reach a rolling boil.

Boundaries of all kinds, at all levels, will become more of an issue. Nations and individuals will expect greater respect for their personal boundaries and more respectful behavior from those who enter their space.

Saturn in Scorpio will also bring a variety of other macro- and micro-level issues to the fore. Military expenditures, for example, will come under scrutiny. 

Some Relief for Relationships

Saturn’s exit from Libra should also reduce the pressure on human relationships, which have been under fire from numerous astrological sources. However, pressure will continue at some level in all of these areas because of the challenging nature of current astrological conditions.

Perhaps most notably, Saturn in Scorpio will cause difficulties in some of the most important aspects of human relationships. Reproductive issues, for example will become even more problematic. This will almost certainly have a complex and chilling effect on human intimacy.

Saturn + North Node, Do the Right Thing, Or Else

The North Node entered Scorpio at the end of August. It will be in Scorpio with Saturn until early 2014.

The North Node placement will affect the same issues that Saturn is affecting.  It will dramatically increase the effect of Saturn in Scorpio, and vice versa.  

Saturn will require that we make significant sacrifices to meet true North Node standards. The North Node, ever ready to impose penalties, will insure that we not avoid Saturn’s demands for good answers to important questions.  It will make the challenge of finding acceptable 8th house/Scorpio solutions all the more pressing.

The North Node in Scorpio and the 8th house emphasizes large scale, long-term collective responsibilities of all kinds - pensions, insurance, social welfare, military and police power, security issues generally, and so on. These are all responsibilities that are traditionally, and necessarily, shouldered by the group as a whole.

Indeed, Scorpio and the 8th house are the place where individual power, resources and responsibilities turn into group power, group resources and group responsibilities. It is the place where individual rights turn into group rights. It is the place where non-existence becomes existence, where the resources and responsibilities of one generation turn into the resources and responsibilities of another.

Hence, people should look for solutions at the collective, governmental level, not on the individual or grassroots level. Simply dumping responsibilities for these matters into the laps of individuals will not be acceptable. We must solve these problems together, even if it means a sacrifice.

Sign-by-Sign Advice

These Saturn and North Node placements mean that everyone will soon find themselves focused on a complicated and demanding problem in a vital area of their life.

I have tried to address this on a sign-by-sign basis in my October sign-by-sign forecast. It is now available on this blog. 


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Unleashed

During planetary cycles, like the Saturn/Uranus cycle, when the faster planet, Saturn separates from the slower planet, Uranus, Uranus rules Saturn; Saturn is subordinated to Uranus.

This is not a particularly healthy arrangement. Uranus tends to express without the benefit of Saturn’s wise and sober guiding hand. Sound reasoning does not prevail. Loopier, more fringy, extremist ideas tend to prevail. Freakish behavior increases.

Sense and decency take a back seat. Irrationality and irresponsibility gain the upper hand in every area of our lives, including and especially the political.

When, as has been the case for a year or two, Saturn opposes Uranus, Uranus competes with Saturn.  Saturn is still unable to suppress the loopier, more fringy, extremist Uranian impulses. Irrationality and irresponsibility maintain the upper hand.

On October 5th, when Saturn enters Scorpio, Saturn will be approaching Uranus, moving slowly toward conjunction with Uranus. During this part of the Saturn/Uranus cycle, Uranus is subordinate to Saturn. Less rational, less responsible, freakish Uranian impulses will tend to be inhibited or suppressed. 

Since 2002-2003, a similar shift has occurred in the all three major Saturn cycles, including the Saturn/Pluto and Saturn/Neptune cycles. As of October 5th, Saturn is in a dominant position in all three major Saturn cycles. This is a watershed development.

Three major planetary ingresses occurred between January 2008 and February 2011. A new, highly energetic arrangement of the outer planets came into play.  Our lives entered a rebuilding phase, a phase of profound, continual, systemic transformation.  

These powerful energies are, of course, subject to dangerous abuses: political manipulation, demagoguery, deception or outright political folly can occur on a grand scale.

Power and the public trust can be grossly abused on every level. Individual behavior can be similarly irrational, irresponsible and abusive.  Such abuse becomes disturbingly commonplace while Saturn is separating from any or all of the outer planets.

Under present circumstances, with all three outer planets in close, synergistic relationship, the abuse would tend to continue as long as even one of the planets remained free of Saturn’s restraining influence.

Hence, while Saturn remained subordinate to Uranus, the great transformational energies now at work continued to support, or at least allow, an alarmingly high degree of irrational and irresponsible behavior.  With Pluto, Neptune and Uranus all so powerfully placed and still effectively unbridled, world conditions remained treacherous.

The Nick of Time

On October 5th, with the transformational process about to shift into high gear, Saturn, will seize the reins from Uranus. With the help of the North Node, Saturn will solidify its influence over the global transformational process.  And not a moment too soon.

With all three major planets under Saturn’s influence, irrationality, irresponsibility and the abuse of power will be sharply curtailed. Freakish behavior will tend to diminish.  Although such things can probably never be completely eliminated from world affairs.

Saturn and the North Node will exercise their chastening, sobering power from Scorpio, the sign that governs all of the crucial issues of our time. More specifically, sober, sensible Saturn, backed up by the North Node is ruling October’s volatile, high-energy chart.  

So, thanks to Saturn and the North Node, a month that might have marked the peak of treacherously irrational and irresponsible behavior will, instead, usher in a restoration of sanity, reason and decency.

We must expect impatience and frustration with the slow pace Saturn always sets.  However, with the North Node ready, willing and able to impose a penalty for any misstep, the majority will likely come to embrace Saturn’s sobering, steadying influence.



Anonymous said...

thank you Carl
very good forecasting lately, especially in your view that supportive influences would keep the uranus/pluto squares from creating out of control, explosive events...

this is likely the beginning of a larger systemic change, as things as they stand now cannot last, too much inflation and too few rewarding jobs, too much wealth in too few hands, too much pressure on the majority of humans vying for too few resources

this mass desire for change will only grow over the few years in my opinion, may the stars help facilitate a peaceful transition!

Anonymous said...

Carl, i've noticed that i myself have been awaiting your monthly video and blog with alot of anticipation. I have a question i wonder if you could answer. i was born during a V/C moon and noticed i react to life events the way a V/C moon person would. would my best time to start long term things be during a V/C moon or during my sun sign (gemini) as debbi kempton-smith puts it, high and low days?

Carl B. said...

That's a real puzzler. I don't think you need to wait for your Sun sign to start things.

I would not start things during a v/c Moon, though. The v/c birth most likely means that you need to think long and deep and hard about your real goals in this life. Like you are in limbo until you get a sense of your real destiny. IMO, beginning things during a v/c moon would only intensify the effects of your natal v/c Moon. You would slip deeper into limbo. V/c Moons don't cancel each other out, IMO.

Start things on days when they should be started normally, like everyone else. You should be able to tell when something feels right for you. In fact, VOC Moons don't affect all situations equally. So you could find something that will really move forward despite your birth v/c Moon. Indeed, I bet you do have real potentials that would override your natal v/c Moon, at least partly.

It would help give you some traction. That's my opinion. I haven't actually read anything about situations exactly like yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carl for your response, I still have training wheels on when it comes to astrology. I was looking for the best time to start something, but realized, I never needed it before, never thought about it. But still have thoughts trying it for even better success. that's my Sun opposition Moon and can be an annoying aspect at times ;)
I'll certainly follow the advice in your November video, I've been side stepping things well so far and keep a positive attitude for change. thanks!

Carl B. said...

I think the best way to start is to buy yourself an aspectarian - or an astrological calendar. Jim Menard's are pretty good. They will be available for sale around Thanksgiving.

WishUFree said...

Your the best Carl. You make all of this so easy to understand! I feel blessed to have you in my inbox every month. Blessings of Love to you from Mt.Shasta!