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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Astrology of August 2012 - for Everyone

The Astrology of August 2012 

Course Correction

As many already know, between January 2008 and February 2011 the three, powerful outer planets all made very important ingresses. They have now settled into their new signs. The disruptions connected with these ingresses have ended, but our lives will be in a state of continual transformation for the foreseeable future.

The new planetary arrangement supports complex, rapid, systematic change. For the foreseeable future, it will keep things unstable enough to motivate change and fluid enough to permit change. It will not keep things unstable or fluid enough to cause outright disaster. It will produce changes so pervasive and on such a scale that all of our lives will inevitably be significantly affected.

All change is stressful. Continuous change of this magnitude will be especially stressful. The cumulative effects of these stresses will test everyone’s stress-management and life-management skills. We must be mindful that those with low levels of such skills, or none at all, could crack under the continuing strain.

Some of us have the luxury of gaging the relative difficulty of each passing month, noting which area of our lives the planets are focusing on. For many, though, it is just one darned thing after another. An a continuing accumulation of stresses and challenges, one blending indistinguishably with the next.

Sweet and Sour

The charts for June and July were both dominated by bad news (June’s more than July’s), August’s chart contains good news and bad news. The supportive aspects are sufficient to counter the worst effects of the bad aspects and enough to give many of us a leg up and a way to avoid the worst outcomes.

Combined, the difficult aspects motivate us to make changes and the positive aspects help us re-position ourselves. It presents us with an unusual, paradoxical combination of frustration and opportunity.

First the Bad News

As I run through the challenges in the chart, please keep in mind that this is only the “bad news” portion of the analysis.

Pressure Cooker

There are two Full Moons in August, 29 days apart: August 2nd and August 31. That will increase psychological pressure significantly.

August’s chart is dominated by what I call a Double “Hard Yod,” forming a species of hard six-pointed star. (A single Hard Yod us made up of a square and two sesquiquadrates.)

It is a blocking structure comparable to those in the charts for June and July. It will produce interpersonal friction and seemingly irresolvable dilemmas.

Whistling Past the Graveyard

Technically speaking, this chart, at its most basic, contains a number of broad but potentially very difficult, disruptive oppositional relationships.

The destructive and disruptive energies of these oppositional relationships is harnessed by a single difficult but much less dangerous structure, the Double Hard Yod, which is itself embedded in a matrix of supportive aspects.

The Double Hard Yod and the supportive aspects in which it is embedded, bring the difficult energies of these oppositions into tense but productive relationship. Amidst the head-butting and grudging compromise, and the building of brittle consensus, we should remain mindful that disaster is being averted.

The Makings of a Perfect Storm

The Double Hard Yod, which embraces almost every point in the chart, continues many themes familiar from June and July and earlier. It has a strong subjective, psychological and spiritual emphasis. It also foretells the onset of significant economic changes on the day-to-day, grassroots level.

Taken by itself, the six-pointed, Double Hard Yod depicts a perfect storm of existential fears, psychological and spiritual turmoil, economic challenges, turf warfare, political conflict and generic power struggles.

The blocking structure prevents an outright blow up, but, taken by itself, it makes resolution of conflict or the achievement of clarity and certainty virtually impossible.

The following is a list of the influences caught up in the Double Hard Yod, the difficult and dangerous ingredients, the bad news in August’s good news/bad news chart.

Neptune is on the Ascendant, close by Chiron. Personal identity becomes even more fluid and indistinct. Our involvement in the world around us grows more tenuous and tentative. Events make us increasingly aware of our frailty and vulnerability. Many of us will withdraw, or continue to withdraw, psychologically.

Pluto and the Moon are in the 10th house. Authority figures become obsessed with maintaining control.

Mars is closely conjunct Saturn in the 8th house, with less than one degree of separation. This causes sharp disagreement over financial issues: taxes, social programs, pensions, insurance, etc. It also points to explosive levels of frustration over continuing lack of progress in important financial areas. Taken by itself, this is a potentially violent, distinctly revolutionary vibe.

The Sun is in Leo in the 6th house, near the Descendant. The ego is heavily dependent on the opinions of others. Leadership and independent action will be suppressed.

A South Node stellium (including Lilith, Jupiter, Vesta, Ceres and the South Node) clusters near the cusp of the 4th house. This will cause confusion on the level of core psychological and spiritual issues.

People will continue to experience high levels of inner turmoil. Psychological and spiritual transformations will deepen and intensify. In some cases, this could lead to desperate, irrational acts. Confusion about nurturance issues, about providing the essentials of life for ourselves, our families and our neighbors, will continue.

Revolution on Main Street

Uranus and Pallas are in Aries in the 2nd house. Radical, revolutionary new patterns of economic thought and behavior are emerging on Main Street and at the grass roots level. This dynamic adds concrete, material ingredients to what is an otherwise highly subjective mix.

For example, is planning same day deliveries in the US. New policies on US credit card transactions are going into effect. In California, local governments plan to seize troubled mortgages from investors using the power of eminent domain in order to lower payments for home owners.

But we should probably also expect to see revolutionary, reform-oriented actions of various kinds in the retail realm. I have in mind recent demonstrations against Chick-Fil-A for the anti-gay policies of its owner. Main Street could once again become the favored venue for political action.

Each of the influences just discussed is challenging in its own right. Each is embedded in a single, integrated blocking structure, moderating the influences and bringing them into tense, but productive relationship.

This integrated, blocking structure, is further embedded in a matrix of helpful, supportive aspects.

The Good News

The charts for June and July were dominated almost exclusively by hard, challenging aspects (June’s more than July’s). August’s chart, by contrast includes a fairly strong mix of protective, facilitating aspects and at least one major source of positive synchronicity.

The supportive aspects are not strong enough to overwhelm the difficult ones. But they do further moderate the destructive potential of the individual elements.

June and July required us to “bite the bullet.” In August, opportunity will tend to dovetail with need, smoothly enough, at least, to get us passed the rapids. Windows will open when doors close.

At 0 d. 44 m. Pisces, the Part of Fortune is exactly conjunct the Ascendant. This is a powerful source of positive synchronicity.

Neptune is powerfully placed in Pisces, its home sign, very close to the Ascendant and the Part of Fortune. When associated with such a positive influence, Neptune is a source of mysterious good fortune.

Since both Neptune and the Part of Fortune are so close to the Ascendant, August’s chart is suffused with a subtle and persistent kind of positive synchronicity. Things will tend to work out in mysterious ways, for mysterious reasons.

Better Than It Looks

The Double Hard Yod involved almost all of the points in August’s chart. Similarly, almost all the points in August’s chart are tied into this sturdy, resilient matrix of supportive aspects, of trines and sextiles. This would include all the points involved in the Double Hard Yod, discussed above.

This means that all of the difficult and uncomfortable situations likely to be created by the Double Hard Yod will come with ready-made workarounds. Not solutions, but workarounds, stopgaps, detours, temporary fixes.

August will not bring the grand resolution we all hope is somewhere in our future. Rather, it will bring a mosaic, or, perhaps, a crazy-quilt, of new, workable arrangements, or accommodations - temporary ones. Something will allow us to muddle through, keep going, at least for now, probably longer.

There is a certain headlong, willy-nilly, improvisational quality to August’s chart. Choices are difficult, yet people must act, if only tentatively and commit, if only temporarily. People will have to move fast and without much in the way of advance notice. As in previous months, it will be very difficult to know exactly what is going on at any given moment.

The North Node - In The Eye of a Perfect Storm

The North Node is still in Sagittarius. This month it is in the 9th house. It urges far-seeing, answers to current challenges, answers based on wisdom, experience and scientific study.

The North Node is not tied directly into the Double Hard Yod or the matrix of supportive aspects. It is, by contrast, involved in two angular, oppositional relationships with deeply, deeply confusing influences:

The North Node forms a broad Grand Cross with Neptune on the Ascendant opposing the Sun and Mercury on the Descendant and the South Node Stellium on the IC, at the bottom of the chart. This stellium includes, Lilith, Jupiter, Vesta and Ceres. The overall formation is not very exact, but it is exact enough to affect us.

These adverse relationships set along the power and relationship axes, indicating intense interpersonal and political cross-currents. The planets involved indicate the need to make high stakes moral and material decisions amidst considerable outer confusion and inner turmoil.

In essence, this chart poses a question for all of us. Given a highly fluid, challenging situation, one laced with adequate but temporary solutions, which way will we jump.

Will we move in the direction of the wise, far-seeing, Sagittarius North Node solution?  Or will we slip back into the familiar, comfortable errors of the past and repeat history?

The chart also seems to be promising to give us the results we deserve, based on our choices, so we know quickly whether we are making the right choices or not . . . if we have the eyes to see.

In sum, August’s chart shows us a world enjoying a tenuous respite from its considerable difficulties, staring at the possibility of chaos, searching for order and direction.

[To understand how this month’s North Node affects your natal North Node, think of it as a transiting influence. Gauge its likely effects by the way it aspects your natal Nodes.]


gyftm said...

Hi Carl, the north node is in Sagittarius at what degree? My natal is at 22 Taurus...

Carl B. said...

@gytfm It's about 2 degrees Sag, now. I won't always be able to provide details; it's a bit of work, actually.

It will be moving into Scorpio - the Nodes move backwards through the Zodiac. That means the South Node will be in Taurus shortly.

I encourage readers to use Google to find resources on the web.

Anonymous said...

great reading... it seems things are settling down, temporary though it may be...

America tends to want to snap back from uncertainty with big phases of growth.. much of this is organic but even more its spurred by creation of wealth by the powers that be

maybe its part of the Jupiter effect, if it has any bearing, an interesting take...

WishUFree said...

Thank You So much for these monthly reports. You make it so easy to understand and I really appreciate it! I have a question. When does the North Node go into Scorpio? I heard it was the end of August but no one is talking about it. My natal North Node is in Scorpio so this may mean something to me. Thanks for any response and huge hugs from Mt. Shasta! :)

Carl B. said...

@WishUFree Yes, the NN moves into Scorpio at the end of August. The Moon's Nodes determine the location of Eclipses. So you should check out what that means for your chart. I can't provide an interpretation off hand, but you should be able to find some info on that.

Seth said...

I'm a Taurus and my north node is Gemini, my south node is Sagittarius...
so to find out the directions I should go this month do I look at where Sagittarius or Gemini falls on my chart? kinda new to this sorry.

Carl B. said...

@seth You are experiencing what a reader recently informed me is called a "counternodal return." Transiting SN is on your natal NN and vice versa.

In essence, everything you shouldn't be doing in life is jumbled up with everything you should be doing at a given moment, and you have to sort it out, if you can. It's a kind of final exam, really. It's complicated.

But, back to the question. At any given time, you need to support the transiting NN. If transiting NN is in harmonious relationship with your natal NN, then it will be easy for you to do so. If the relationship is difficult, then it will be difficult for you to support the transiting NN. But you need to do it despite the difficulty, somehow.

Seth said...

thanks for getting back Carl! yaay!!
this counternodal return doesn't occur that often I take... btw Im also in my Saturn return, both my saturn and my accendant are in scorpio, so I'm getting a double wammy??
okay so just to make sure I understand, I should support my natal SN qualities while sagitarius is in the transiting NN?

Carl B. said...

@Seth No. You should support transiting NN qualities, despite interference from your natal SN.

It can take years to get a handle on the logic of the Moon's Nodes. But from the beginning you need to keep two simple formulae in mind.

SN is always Bad; NN is always Good. Always. No exceptions, ever. SN = don't do it. NN = do it.

The rest is just mind-bending variations and permutations of these simple equations.

Just try getting used to those ideas.

Seth said...

lol duly noted!!
and thanks again for your helpful reports

right now I'm reading about:
North Node Gemini 8th House/ South Node Sagittarius 2nd house and hoping to scale this months challenges with a bit of finesse .. if possible

Carl B. said...

@seth The best way to understand the Nodes is to live with them for awhile. Put the theory to the test.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is truly insightful and powerful transformative analysis that can give us practical help to guide us through our daily lives! Thank you carl.
I will be closely following your posts in the future!

Iris said...

'The chart also seems to be promising to give us the results we deserve, based on our choices, so we know quickly whether we are making the right choices or not . . . if we have the eyes to see."

That's a big if. Sounds like we're needing to step back for some perspective. Strange times are these. I think.

Great post, as always, Carl.

Carl B. said...

@Iris September's chart supports also encourages the exercise of discernment. And October's will go even further in that direction.

And it seems to me that people are beginning to exercise a bit more discernment. Not enough, yet, but it is encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I've recently been told that Saturn has transitioned in to sun sign libra as well as Mercury. Would this exacerbate a lot of issues for Libra, and possibly cause a lot of disharmony with others? Possibly clouding it so much where one wouldn't see where they are responsible forum their suffering?

Carl B. said...

@anonymous Saturn has been in Libra for a couple of years and will be leaving in early October - a fact for which many Librans will be very thankful.

Generally, Saturn will compel a person to learn responsibility. I would say that, if a Libra is neglecting or disrespecting a relationship at this point in a Saturn transit, it is because they have learned that the relationship wasn't helping them and might have been holding them back. That's the way Saturn works.

Saturn will have forced them to give that relationship low priority, if not to give it up altogether.

But Saturn is only one of the very challenging, long-term influences affecting Libra right now. It's too much to go into in a comment section. If you are looking for an astrological reason for problems in a Libran life, there are several big ones to choose from.

Anonymous said...

My saturn is 9´in aquarius conjunct my south node conjunct my moon 11´aquarius (2d house). So this North node makes a sextile..?
Opposite my north node leo of course. And I have chiron 10´conjunct jupiter in pisces 3d house- square..
A lot of things happening for sure.

Iris said...

Encouraging words, Carl, encouraging words.

Carl B. said...

@anonymous Transiting NN will shortly enter Scorpio. So the transiting nodes will form a square relationship with your natal nodes. With the natal aspects to your natal nodes, the nodal situation in your chart is looking complicated.