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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sign-by-Sign Forecast for August 2012

 Astrology Forecast for August 2012

FOR EVERYONE ~ Resistance is futile.  The creative among us are inventing new and better ways to put the pieces of our lives together, including the financial pieces. Their ideas are going to shake things up. And annoy the powers that be.  We can ignore what they are doing, for awhile.  Or, we can join them and share the benefits and the grief.  Those who don’t are only delaying the inevitable, though. These disruptive little innovations are only the first ripples of a wave of revolutionary change.


♌ LEO ~ (July 22 - Aug. 21)  People wrangling.  Leo prefers room to maneuver. This month, they’ll only have wiggle room, and not much of that. People are stubborn about what they think they want.  They will have to settle for something else, but they are in no mood to negotiate. Use your Leo super powers to create consensus around something nobody realizes they want, yet.  In some cases, this might only be a willingness to continue looking. Keep long-term financial affairs simple and straightforward. Luck will flow from mysterious sources.

♍ VIRGO ~ (Aug. 22 - Sept. 21) Double due diligence. People think they know what they want and won’t negotiate, much. Things are changing fast, though, and not one of their firmly held preferences seems relevant to anything.  The future depends on these milling masses forming into teams and moving in a realistic direction. Virgo’s ability to see details no one else can and to interpret invisible, rapidly shifting patterns is indispensable, now. Still, even Virgos must be careful about what they choose to believe.  Lady Luck will lend a hand.

♎ LIBRA ~ (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21) Push. Libra is the sign of judgment as well as tact and diplomacy. Sometimes, Libra must make a decision and, well, use force instead of tact to implement it.  You can do a great service by making judgment calls and ‘motivating’ others to go along. People are wasting precious time, rejecting good answers while they search pointlessly for perfect ones. You know intuitively what will work well enough.  Make decisions. Give certain people a little shove in the right direction. Good things will happen.

♏ SCORPIO ~ (Oct. 22 - Nov. 20) Vindication. Your long-term financial affairs will now settle into more stable, reassuring patterns.  You can expect continued success in your efforts to change work habits and personal habits, too. You will also succeed in changing the way other people treat you at work or in any setting where negotiation is required. Scorpio has been impatient with the pace and direction of events. Both people and events will now start vindicating your opinions. You could find yourself in the midst of mysterious and glamorous happenings.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ (Nov. 21 - Dec. 20) Outside the box. Challenges appear to be increasing rather than decreasing.  It's getting hard to make sense of tasks that should have been routine. People’s determination to find solutions is increasing too.  But so are frustration levels as real solutions remain elusive. New, innovative ideas are emerging spontaneously among your friends, especially in financial areas. These ideas aren’t fully formed, yet, and many seem merely playful, even whimsical.  Elaborating on these emerging ideas will bring progress where once there were only dead ends.

♑ CAPRICORN ~ (Dec. 21 - Jan. 18)  Forbear. A lot of things would go more smoothly for Capricorns and everyone else if Capricorns could find it in their hearts to take a step back.  It it’s neither possible nor advisable to exert too much control, now. People are trying hard to find a way through current difficulties and they are improvising enthusiastically. Many are coming up with very promising new ideas. You need to give them time to experiment - they’ll take the time anyway and let their promising ideas mature.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ (Jan. 19 - Feb. 17)  Aquarius, Inc.  I never thought Aquarians and finances mixed well. Until now. As you puzzle over your financial situation, others will take a serious interest in what you come up with.  As others puzzle over their finances, many will come up with ideas you could’ve dreamed up. They’ll be willing to fight for these Aquarian notions, too.  You may all end up butting heads with authority. If that happens, dial down the idealism. Needless confrontation could block acceptance of innovative and helpful new ideas.

♓ PISCES ~ (Feb. 18 - Mar. 19)  Leverage. The focus for Pisces is work and income, now. Budgets are tightening. New opportunities are taking shape painfully slowly.  Fortunately, both challenging and supportive influences are all working in your favor.  Pisceans, more than other signs, can help overcome the objections of authority figures to new ideas, on the one hand, and reconcile friends and colleagues to existing limitations, on the other. You can take satisfaction in the knowledge that others can follow the trail you are blazing. Your home environment is supportive.

♈ ARIES ~ (Mar. 20 - Apr. 18)  Fair share. New patterns are emerging in your day-to-day financial affairs. They’ll let you manage your time, energy and other resources more effectively.  You could run into resistance from those who benefited more under the old arrangements.  Obvious ‘imbalances’ have crept in over the years, allowing certain parties to take more than their due. Friendly negotiations are possible.  An appeal for fairness will bring good results.  However, you might have to emphasize the facts of the matter more strongly than is generally considered polite.

♉ TAURUS ~ (Apr. 19 - May 19)  Seek clarity.  Taureans can feel financial conditions in the world around them shifting irresistibly and irreversibly. Pressure is building: significant change is now inevitable in your living and working situations. Recent months brought increased clarity about your personal financial situation. Your financial affairs are in good order, for now.  To keep personal finances in sync with shifting economic trends, you need greater clarity. Decide who you really are and what you really want from life.  Update your ideas about yourself before making final commitments.

♊ GEMINI ~ (May 20 - June 19)  Clearing.  You will experience a surge of optimism and clarity. You will also be able to leave behind attitudes and other habits of mind that have been holding you back.  All of this will help you profit from the new cycle of growth and prosperity that is beginning for you.  But this isn’t just good luck for Gemini. You are remarkably well situated to help others find their way past the obstacles in their paths. A new purity of commitment among Geminis is contagious.

♋ CANCER ~ (June 20 - July 21)  Quiet victories. Cancerians have experienced a quiet personal renewal - a growth in personal empowerment and a renewed sense of purpose.  But old hangups were preventing you from showing the new you to the world.  August will allow Cancerians to draw unhindered upon these new strengths.  It’s happening just in time to help yourself and others break through some major barriers to the realization of important new opportunities.  New insights gained from old friends and youngsters will help you re-imagine your goals for the future.


Anonymous said...

So, things sound pretty rough here for Taurus. These last month's have proven to be most challenging. Is there any break coming here? I feel like everything is just spiraling out of control, work is slowing down and I'm being forced to take time off that I can't. I've been looking for solutions everywhere and there isn't much. There is one work possibility that would be a godsend, but still am awaiting word of progress from the company. Any ideas? Thanks

random Taurus.

Janet Sipe said...

Aquarius Rising, Aries Sun, Taurus Moon and Venus - Great post thank you!

Carl B. said...


Things are tough for Taurus. A lot of it is confusion about how to handle finances. Outdated expectations are hopelessly admixed with expectations based on current realities. By the end of August, clarity will return to your financial thinking, but then you will have to start re-thinking and re-defining yourself - majorly.

As for the rest, we're all really in the middle of tough times here and I think we're all in it for the long haul.

Having said that, I am expecting economic improvement in early October, when the US Saturn return ends. If the US economy improves, it will help the global economy.

Saturn's new placement will also help turn the political tide against the fascist crazies. That can only be good for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insight and wisdom.

I have to ask, when you say redefine myself majorly, would this mean by means of job, or family? There are a few matters regarding my family, particularly deciding to have another child due to a Window of time that is only open this year, and also issues with my extended family. Not sure.

In these last months, I have had to redefine myself. Through innovation of people like Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and others, I have really found peace and growing awareness of my "inner self" and through meditation I've had a few realizations. This would seem to bed then redifing you speak of. Any other insight is much appreciated sir. Thank you again.

Random Taurus

Carl B. said...

@randomTaurus I'd say that you should probably ask yourself about the baby, but 1. I figure you already are and, 2. babies are a force of nature and they seem to come when they want to.

But as a strictly practical matter, I think in terms of making important decisions. When making important decisions, you do so on the basis of certain assumptions about yourself, your life, and so on. You need to ask yourself if those assumptions are still valid now, or if they were ever valid in the first place.

For instance, you might want to change jobs. But you should ask yourself if you are changing jobs for valid, testable, practical reasons or are you just restless, or scared, or are you having some kind of transient, personality conflict with someone at work. Are you just dodging a challenge. Or you are you doing it because someone in the family is pressuring you for reasons that couldn't stand up to scrutiny.

South Node motivations, in my experience, are usually escapist, illusory or self-indulgent, or display gross impracticality or denial or fear - something you are kidding yourself about. Maybe a South Node thing will take you deeper into debt, and you won't come to terms with that. Or it takes you deeper into something that has simply not worked out well for you but you refuse to see that. Or it negatively affects your health or interferes with important responsibilities, but you won't admit that to yourself, or it neglects some serious responsibility to your own future: it fulfills an immediate emotion-based need, but it leaves you economically vulnerable in the future.

North Node motivations always seem to me to grow out of simple, practical, real things. This distinction works no matter where your nodes are. They are the kinds of things that make sense to experienced, honest, impartial observers who will talk sense to you whether you want to hear it or not and speak in terms that you probably object to as unrealistic or off the point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. I will stay open to what Is, and keep watching my thoughts and questioning their source.

Random Taurus

Liza's Crew said...

Enjoy your posts thoroughly and think they provide an interesting intellectual/philosophical perspective on the art of astrology. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do....

A cusp Pisces....


Polascerbic said...

Boudreau, I'm not ready for August haha yes I am, I'm allready impolite (aries/libra/pisces)and pushy/decisive, libra style. People are just about like ghosts or vegetables sometimes..and I end up rude but its all from T-square karmic pain.

Polascerbic said...

Boudreau! I wasn't ready for August! haha just kidding yes I am..the angry at-wits-end aries/libra/pisces is being impolite and decisive/pushy libra style. T-square karmic pain man. Peace.

Polascerbic said...

ok Carl I'll spell it out. Just from my perspective, people are being the worst kind of closed minded..they're all going with the nazi mentality..or at least some ppl I thought I knew better. I have to do some pretty brash decisive things in order to emphasize, as you said..the FACTS..people are twisting facts like nobody's beeswax these days..

wtsej said...

I'm trying to learn more about astrology - I have the book "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need" as well as World of Wisdom software that does birth charts and some textual outputs for birthdates and times.
I still want to dig deeper - any suggestions / courses?
Some things look like scams/shams on the internet.
Thanks for sharing your reading - much appreciated.

Too much Sagittarius Tom.

Carl B. said...

@Polascerbic I am expecting a significant improvement in the situation you refer to in early October. Saturn's truth-seeking powers will be significantly enhanced. Our tolerance for lies and distortions will diminish significantly, across the board.

While the fools and liars won't be all be reined in completely and immediately, we should find it gratifying as more and more people call them on their toxic nonsense and the world slowly regains its long lost respect for facts.

Carl B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carl B. said...

@Too much Sagittarius Tom

One thing I forgot to mention. You might want to check out the many valuable astrological resources at For example, the free chart drawing service offers a wide variety of charts. You can find ephemerises there, too. There's a lot more. I think this is one of the best astrology websites out there for people who are interested in doing astrology.

Carl B. said...

@Too Much Sagittarius Tom

The book you mention is actually very helpful. You can pick up the basics from there and pick up more stuff as you go. The possibilities are really way too vast and too individual to consider.

Once you master the basics, it's mostly a question of doing it. Google and Amazon are your best sources for filling in the blanks and finding new books after that. You shouldn't have any trouble finding your way to what you need.