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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sign-by-Sign Astrololgy Forecast for July 2011

Astrology Forecast for July 2012

FOR EVERYONE ~ Abstract vs. Concrete. July is one of those rare times when changing hearts and minds, your own or those of people close to you, is the only means of changing the facts on the ground. The obstacles are formidable. Every available option requires first changing patterns of thought and behavior, in yourself, in others, and in your relationships. The planets are not threatening imminent disaster if you don’t change these patterns.  They are threatening to leave you stuck where you are unless you do.


♋ CANCER ~ (June 20 - July 21)  Keep it real(istic). Many around you are at their charming and accommodating best. The interpersonal (and romantic) possibilities seem to be everywhere. Despite appearances, people are more concerned with mortgages and rent checks than romance. It will be easy to miss that amidst the pheromones and flirtation. Stay focused on bottom line issues. Reasonable advice is appropriate.  Pity and charity are not. Advise others about how to meet their financial and other needs with the resources at hand, starting from where they are.

♌ LEO ~ (July 22 - Aug. 21)  Motivation. Charming people want your help reaching important goals, goals that you share. The fine print is hiding in your personal blind spot, your big soft heart. They want too much help. Don’t kid yourself; don’t let others kid you, either. Reaching these goals will take work.  And, right now, there’s no alternative to actually doing the work. That would be a tough sell for anyone but Leo. Use your charm and your nurturing instincts to make others work harder on their own behalf.

♍ VIRGO ~ (Aug. 22 - Sept. 21) Healing. Important people in your life, including yourself, are worried and saddened by recent disappointments. You could even say you are a little heartbroken. Work has taken an unfair toll and the expectations of those above you are unreasonable. It’s not just about money. Trust has been lost.  Efforts need to be redirected in favor of home and family. It’s also time to look more deeply within.  Many others are striving for freedom and flexibility in their lives. Their efforts will benefit you, too.

♎ LIBRA ~ (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)  Reset. Many don’t understand the upheaval Librans have experienced in recent years. Your difficulties don’t fit gracefully into daily conversation. Your new goals, both spiritual and material, don’t fit easily into your old social life, either. Many others were changing, too. The most important people in your life have slipped out of sync with you and each other. In July, you can start rebuilding your social life and support network to better accommodate the new person everyone is evolving into and their new goals.

♏ SCORPIO ~ (Oct. 22 - Nov. 20)  A backseat. Your life is rearranging itself around you without your consent. People are finally coming to grips with issues that desperately need attention and they are making important decisions that affect you without consulting you. Trust the process. Other Sun signs are better than Scorpio at doing what needs doing right now. It’s time to let those Sun signs do their work. The changes being made will make things much easier for everyone, including Scorpio, even without a lot of input from Scorpio.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ (Nov. 21 - Dec. 20) Turning a corner.  Sagittarians have experienced an economic renaissance in recent years. Maybe your income was rising; maybe you were learning new skills or enhancing old ones.  Maybe all of the above.  It’s time now for financial consolidation rather than growth.  Live within your means.  Manage debt and long-term investments.  Update insurance coverage, etc.  Any economic improvement now depends on closer cooperation with others. You will need strong alliances to achieve evolving economic goals.  Work hard to keep relationships from slipping into old patterns.

(Dec. 21 - Jan. 18)  Balancing act. Survival depends heavily on using the right mix of savings and earnings to fulfill current financial needs.  All the while holding on to support from partners and key allies.  It’s important to keep relationships, and spending, from slipping into old patterns. The planets are rooting out unhelpful habits and self-limiting attitudes and behaviors. It’s liberating, but it can also be discomforting.  Everything will go better if you harness the power liberated by inner changes to help you make the necessary outer changes.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ (Jan. 19 - Feb. 17)  Redirect. Economic pressures are easing for Aquarians. You will also find social matters going much more smoothly for you. Life will be generally more enjoyable. The thing is, you will sense that many of the happy people around you are happy about the wrong thing. They are headed off in exactly the wrong direction. Don’t be afraid to argue, instead, for your own most cherished ambitions. Right now, it’s OK to guide confused people in the direction you would prefer to go in yourself.

♓ PISCES ~ (Feb. 18 - Mar. 19) Initiative.  Pisceans must bring a fresh perspective and new energy to a home and family situation that’s drifting down the path of least resistance and taking you with it.  Meanwhile, finances are due to tighten up; the job situation is a question mark. Don’t fret over this lull in the action. Use it to create a new starting point. Rethink the work/family/lifestyle equation. You need a plan that lets you bring the excitement of your ambitions and aspirations into your personal life.

♈ ARIES ~ (Mar. 20 - Apr. 18)  Game changer. The work situation is putting you through your paces. You need more freedom, but you also need the paycheck. Youngsters and others close to home can’t survive without your support. Too much so. Discussions aimed at establishing balance, and more freedom for you, go ‘round in circles.  Efforts to change behaviors lead to conflict. The planets urge initiatives that instill a greater sense of self-reliance in others. Changing hearts and minds is the only way to overcome the facts on the ground.

(Apr. 19 - May 19)  Inside job. Your deepest aspirations are creating dissatisfaction and instability. They’re driving you to make some big changes. Health issues and work stress are also pushing you to make changes. You know you might need to tap your savings, or go a little into debt, or alter basic financial and living arrangements and/or take on some risk. You will definitely need to change spending habits. But you still want to make that change. Honestly? You can delay making a move, but not indefinitely.

♊ GEMINI ~ (May 20 - June 19) Helping hands. Gemini is starting a new cycle of personal and professional growth and wealth-building. Your employer might be cutting back. They are making changes that are tough on fellow-workers. Economic issues are also causing hardship for many. All things considered, though, things are working out for Gemini. The planets are urging you to help others who are still struggling. Your new situation lets you help others in ways that are easy for you and important for them. It needn’t involve money or labor.

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Astrology of June 2012 - The Opposite of Synchronicity

[This is an unavoidably lengthy analysis.  June’s importance and its complexity cannot be underestimated or quickly summarized and it shouldn’t be minimized or glossed over.]

The Astrology of June 2012 for Everyone

The Opposite of Synchronicity


Between January 2008 and February 2012, each of the three major planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, made major ingresses.  The completion of these ingresses created a new, more stable, but highly transformative energetic status quo. 

This new energetic status quo is still potentially very disruptive.  But it is less likely to cause the kind of global catastrophe that threatened the world while the ingresses were taking place. Also, while it is unstable, it is possible to build upon it, however, tentatively.

During the last several months, under the new Neptune in Pisces influence, personality patterns slipped out of phase with reality.

This disconnect between our normal response to things and the facts of an emerging new reality, compelled most people to seek out new sources of guidance.

In May, especially, an intense, destabilizing tension emerged in all human relationships. The planets also urged people to look beyond simple emotional fulfillment and physical gratification in their relationships - to take their commitments to a higher level.

A heavy emphasis continued to be placed on nurturance issues, on the shared costs and obligations of providing the essentials of life.  Food, insurance, pensions, social welfare programs, and so on, became matters of intense public debate.

These issues also took on special importance in our personal lives, affecting our plans and our most important relationships, at home and at work.

Neptune has been strongly placed in all recent charts.  Under its influence everything we depended on for support and guidance has became fluid.  All processes, agreements and contracts become subject to renegotiation.  Life became increasingly uncertain.

It was also strongly placed in May, in its home sign, Pisces and in its natural house, the 12th.  In this position, it helped us make changes in our deepest, most personal beliefs about ourselves and the world.

May’s chart brought a time of decision, highlighted by a solar eclipse late on May 20th, GMT.  But May was also a month of high positive synchronicity.  Decisions had to be made, but we had options.  Pathways appeared where we feared there might be only insurmountable obstacles. Doors closed, windows opened.

May’s solar eclipse, which pushed us to make changes, occurred while a six-pointed star was in force, providing strong, positive synchronicity. Also, at the moment of the new moon, close to the time of the eclipse, the part of fortune was exactly conjunct the ascendant.  These are only two of the numerous sources of positive synchronicity scattered throughout May’s charts.  June 2012 is a very different story.


June 2012 - The Opposite of Synchronicity

June’s chart is about two things:  Many nations of the world are experiencing an impasse in efforts to solve fundamental economic and political issues.  This impasse will come to a head in June. Push will come to shove.

At the same time, a profound shift in power relationships will begin. People everywhere will begin resetting the balance of power in relationships at home, at work, in the community and in government.

People will begin re-empowering themselves at the expense of those who have wrongly assumed power over them.  This will manifest in every interaction, from the most humble, personal and private discussion to the most public political debate.

A radical, fundamental tension will emerge in these exchanges which can only be resolves by resetting any unfair imbalances of power.

June’s chart is an unusually complicated and difficult chart. Let’s take it one facet at a time. 

June’s Dispositor Chart - Deep Conversations, Evolving Personalities, Evolving Communities

According to the dispositor chart, Mercury and the Moon in mutual reception are co-rulers of June’s composite chart.

The bulk of planetary process is ruled directly by Mercury. Every aspect of our present life situation is open to discussion. We should expect to have wide-ranging, in depth discussions throughout June, and probably beyond.

Although the Moon does not itself directly govern any processes, it is in mutual reception with Mercury, making it co-ruler of the chart. What this means is that the personality will becomes directly involved in and deeply affected by these discussions.  Conversely, the personality will be deeply affected by these discussions.  This won’t be about small talk.

Deeper, More Lasting Than you Think

The changes won’t only be because the Moon is co-ruler of the chart and our personality is drawn deeply into important conversations.  There will be an eclipse of the Moon on June 4th, GMT.

The eclipse will synergize personality changes intensely, making them faster, deeper and more lasting.  These sudden and profound, irreversible personality changes will, in turn, make the conversations deeper and more transformative, psychologically and spiritually.

Neptune’s Contribution

Neptune is powerfully placed in the dispositor chart; it has free reign. But it does not directly govern any planetary processes.

In the composite chart, Neptune is in Pisces, its home sign, in the 5th house, near the cusp of the 6th house, affecting romance, friendship and work relationships. It is at the nexus of personal and economic relationships, the very point in the chart where social relationships turn into economic relationships, where the power of personal emotions give way to the power of economic need. The forces of friendship give way to economic imperatives.

In this position, Neptune will help us change personal and work relationships in keeping with psychological and spiritual changes we are experiencing. Neptune will help our personal and work relationships evolve in step with our evolving ideas about sharing power in our social and economic lives.

Because of the strongly harmonious ties between Pisces, Neptune’s home sign, and Cancer, the Moon’s home sign, Neptune’s transformative powers will be augmented by the eclipse. The eclipse will make changes in our personal and work relationships deeper, faster and more lasting.

Three Unusually Important Midpoint Pictures

Midpoint pictures tell us what kind of events are likely to occur during a given month. They also reveal the tenor of our experiences for the month.

I usually discuss the most exact midpoint conjunctions in the composite chart. Normally, there is only one such midpoint. In June there are three and all three tie in very strongly with other important events, in the chart. Hence, they are especially reliable indicators of the kinds of things that are likely to happen in June.

Exact Midpoint Conjunction #1

The Moon is exactly conjunct the midpoint of Mercury and the north node.

This midpoint spurs discussions about relationships in general and supports the growth of purposeful relationships , relationships built around a cause, in particular.

It is an especially powerful midpoint.

1. It is a very exact.

2. The points involved are very powerful in the chart in their own right.

3. Mercury and the Moon in mutual reception are co-rulers of June’s chart.

4. The lunar eclipse intensifies the effects of the Moon and its impact on all things governed by the Moon. Our personality patterns will be especially strongly affected.

5. The Moon’s nodes are, of course, intimately related to the Moon; they indicate the overall flow of the chart’s energies, the karmic and dharmic “grain” of the chart; the north node helps determine the location and, thus, the meaning and the effects, of this lunar eclipse.

The north node is in Sagittarius in the 3rd house of community. It reveals that the chart will trigger many events that build a sense of community.

This midpoint points to June as a milestone in the growth of community groups based on common interests and deeply, shared feelings. And it is an unusually important milestone because of the eclipse.

This midpoint will intensify the dynamic suggested in the dispositor chart. The deep, wide-ranging, and heartfelt conversations suggested in the dispositor chart will contribute directly to the growth of community feeling.

People will experience personal changes that help them form stronger community bonds.  Community bonds will, in turn, help nurture personality change and growth.


Exact Midpoint Conjunction #2

Uranus is exactly conjunct the midpoint of Mercury and Pluto.

According to Ebertin,
this midpoint indicates “an irresistible power of suggestion, a fanatical commitment to one’s plans; a nervous breakdown from overtaxing one’s strength.”

Combined with the emphasis on community involvement and the formation of purpose-driven community groups, this midpoint suggests an especially high, perhaps excessive, degree of enthusiasm on the part of those involved. It also suggests the emergence of charismatic, possibly overzealous leaders at the grassroots level.

It is an another especially powerful midpoint.

1. Mercury on the midheaven, Uranus on the descendant and Pluto on the imum coeli, form an especially powerful T-square.

2. The T-square formed by the elements of the midpoint include the power of the first exact square between Uranus and Pluto.

3. The three bodies making up the midpoint touch three angles in the chart.  Bodies placed on the angles powerfully affect the entire chart.

This midpoint, like the one before, colors and helps shape everything else in the chart. 

Exact Midpoint Conjunction #3

Uranus is also exactly conjunct the midpoint of Pluto and the midheaven.

According to Ebertin,
this midpoint indicates “restlessness, tirelessness, endurance, prudence, organizing ability, the sudden attainment of one’s aim or aspiration with irresistible power.”  It can indicates “sudden occupational change.”  It also points to “intense determination accompanied by sudden, perhaps unexpected success.”

This, too, is an especially powerful midpoint.

Essentially, Uranus on the descendant and Pluto on the imum coeli, the cusp of the 4th house, form a very powerful T-square with the midheaven.

This T-square overlaps and, thus, reinforces the T-square formed by the bodies in the previous midpoint picture, which is quite powerful in its own right.  And, of course, this midpoint, too, incorporates the immense energy of the exact Uranus/Pluto square.

And, of course, it, too affects three angles in the chart.

Summarizing, the June composite chart includes three midpoints that affect three of the most sensitive points in the chart and tie in directly with the most powerful events in the June chart.  All of these elements relate to community and, cumulatively, point to a radical and profound reorganization of loyalties and priorities at the grassroots level.

The effects of these three strong midpoint pictures reinforce and enlarge upon the effects of the dispositor chart. They will, that is, support the reciprocal, mutually re-enforcing transformations experienced by individuals and communities. 

A Word about the Eclipse Chart Itself

The chart for the moment of the eclipse repeats “accents” themes already familiar from the composite chart. The chart is marked by a grand square, for example, underlining the lack of synchronicity.

In the eclipse chart, the eclipse strikes the highly sensitive and psychologically important fourth house, underlining June’s impact of our psyche.

The Chief
Midpoint of the Eclipse Chart

There is one exact midpoint conjunction in the eclipse chart.

Neptune is exactly conjunct the midpoint of the midheaven and the north node.

The north node’s participation ties the midpoint energetically to the eclipse, giving it special significance and strength.  It emphasizes the scope, the depth, the suddenness and importance of the midpoint’s effects.

According to Ebertin, this midpoint indicates ”A lack of adaptability in individual relationships, the experiencing of difficulties in maintaining contacts and associations with other people.” It also foretells, “Separation caused through the process of sobering and ‘coming down to earth again,’ or through experiencing disappointment or deceitfulness.” And, finally, it indicates “Mourning and bereavement, a grievous loss.”

In other words, the eclipse chart also points to considerable turbulence in our relationships.


Interestingly, the eclipse chart offers hope of positive synchronicity at least at the moment of the eclipse. Jupiter is in Taurus on the midheaven and the part of fortune is powerfully placed, exactly conjunct the descendant.  This suggests that the turbulent, disruptive effects of June’s aspects will work out much for the best.  It suggests that, despite the turbulence and intensity, people will land on their feet. Confidence will tend to remain high throughout the time of the eclipse.

This positive synchronicity at the time of the eclipse is mirrored elsewhere. Specifically, at the time of the eclipse, what I call a Grand Mystic Rectangle, a square, or rectangular, formation made up of four trines will be in effect
(see below).  This is highly fortuitous.  It suggests that we will be protected from many of the worst potential effects of a dangerous aspect taking place in a very difficult month.

However, I think we need to view this burst of synchronicity at the time of the eclipse as more of a life line or a life vest, less as a rainbow marking the end of our troubles.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Returning now to the composite chart, the composite chart and its three midpoints occur alongside a complex and powerful set of mutually re-enforcing blocking aspects.

This elaborate, complex formation tells of multiple, large, overlapping, interlocking and stubborn obstacles. But blocking structure points to a nearly complete breakdown in the political and economic decision-making process.

Such a massive block cannot be overcome without deep and difficult changes, if they can be overcome at all. The effect of this complex and potent blocking aspect is to put people between a rock and a hard place.

They can continue to suffer difficult economic conditions worsened by chronic political gridlock.  Or they can assert themselves and reset the balance of power between themselves and those who hold power in their lives with all the risk that such power struggles bring.

The elements involved in this structure make it highly unlikely that people will be able to resist or avoid speaking out. Life is about to get a lot more interesting.

T-square #1 - Explosive pressures

This hard, 6-pointed star is made up of two interlocking T-squares.  The first T-square is made up of Mercury in Cancer on the midheaven, Uranus and Pallas on the descendant and Pluto on the imum coeli, the cusp of the 4th house.

This T-square is not to be taken lightly. All three points are angular.  All three are in cardinal signs. All the aspects involved are close. It also includes the energy of the Uranus/Pluto square, exact for the first time on June 24th at 9:12 AM, UT.

This T-square is potentially explosive, very explosive.  It seems to demand action, it creates the expectation and the need for action, but no immediate action is possible.

Note that this T-square dominates the relationship (horizontal) and power (vertical) axes of the chart. It also covers the entire relationship half of the chart.

Uranus is closely conjunct Pallas, which sets squarely on the descendant.  Pallas is all about patterns. Ultimately, I think Pallas holds the key to understanding June’s composite chart.

So we are probably talking about radical changes that will radically affect the distribution of power in all our personal relationships and in society at large. All over the world. (More about this below.)

T-square #2 - Abstractions and more abstractions

T-square #2 involves the Moon and Mars in Virgo in the 12th, the Sun, Venus and the south node in Gemini in the 9th house and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces in the 5th/6th.

The house placements show us that this T-square is more about ideas, ideals, and issues than about action per se.  The 12th house governs deep psychological and spiritual issues. The 9th house governs philosophy, ideology and abstractions in general. The 5th/6th house govern close social and work relationships.

Deep Money Matters, an Opposition

Juno in Scorpio in the 2nd house opposes Ceres, Lilith and Vesta in Taurus in the 8th. Lilith and Vesta are especially close to each other, about 1° apart.

Ceres is about nurturance issues. Lilith is about deep, distinctly feminine psychological and spiritual issues. Vesta is about deep, single-minded commitment.

The 8th house and Taurus make this conjunction about the intersection of collective and individual, short- and long-term financial needs, and major economic rights and responsibilities.

Basically, this 8th house conjunction defines a dense, complex matrix of issues surrounding the provision of things like health insurance, retirement, education and so on.

The close Lilith/Vesta conjunction gives it a distinctly feminine and decidedly militant flavor. Lilith especially suggests the sudden release of powerful suppressed emotions during discussions and encounters.

Women will be especially powerfully affected, by this energy, perhaps in ways no one expects or quite understands. Women’s issues will be foremost. Feminist leaders will set the tone.

Juno forms the other pole of this opposition. It is in Scorpio in the 2nd house.

Juno represents long-term, one-on-one, committed relationships. By extension, Juno also represents heads of households. Parents.

The 8th is the natural house of Scorpio. Juno in Scorpio indicates the collective, long-term financial needs of married couples and parents. The 2nd house governs  the day-to-day task of providing for these long-term needs.

Let me cut to the chase. The question posed by this 2nd house/8th house opposition is, in essence, how much can people keep to nurture themselves and their families; how much must they pay in taxes to nurture others in society?

Conversely, how much must families pay for their own nurturance?  How much help can they expect from society? This opposition will bring these issues home to all of us.

The Whole Nine Yards

Specifically, concretely, and with an eye on current headlines, what is at issue here are women’s rights in general, women’s reproductive rights in particular (8th house issues), marriage equality - i.e., gay rights - health care reform, Medicare and Medicaid funding, education funding and student loans, food stamp funding and eligibility, pensions and tax policy generally.  Just about every important facet of our individual and collective economic lives are at stake.

Deep Psychological and Spiritual Issues, a Trine

The Moon conjunct Mars in Virgo in the 12th house trines the Ceres/Lilith/Vesta conjunction in Taurus in the 8th house which we just discussed.

This trine means that we easily - perhaps too easily - grasp the personal psychological and spiritual implications of these financial and nurturance issues. Such considerations flood into the discussion, dramatically complicating the issues and, thus, the task of reaching agreement.

This trine ties the trine itself and the opposition into the hard 6-pointed star. It shares the Moon/Mars conjunction in Virgo in the 12th house with one of the T-squares that make up the hard 6-pointed star.

In essence, the combination of the opposition, the trine and the 6-pointed star means that we won’t for the life of us be able to agree on anything related to these vital issues, not without drastic changes to the decision-making process itself, among other things. Throw in a lunar eclipse and you have the makings of one of the biggest political train wrecks in living memory.

As mentioned above, the energy of the lunar eclipse on June 4th hits the composite chart in the 3rd house, the house of community. This suggests that the political gridlock, or train wreck, will result in a rapid and radical shift of political loyalties at the grassroots level.  Other components in the chart point to the formation of highly motivated, local activist groups.

But another factor in the chart points to much more fundamental and, in its way, more difficult change.

Pallas Supreme

As I mentioned above, I think the key to unlocking the meaning of this entire chart is the position of Pallas. In the interests of time, then, I will describe this complex blocking structure primarily in terms of the one placement I think is the key to understanding the whole: Pallas conjunct Uranus and exactly conjunct the descendant.

Pallas represents patterns: our ability to see them, to maintain them and to impose them.  It’s placement is surprisingly strong.  It is so strong that Pallas appears to be the real ruler – the de facto ruler, of this chart.

Reclaiming Our Power through Pallas

Uranus and Pallas are within a few degrees of each other, which is close.  This ties Pallas to the power of the all-important exact Uranus/Pluto square and, thus, to the entire blocking structure.

Note, however, that Pallas is within 31’, about half a degree, of exact conjunction with the descendant. That’s very, very close. This places Pallas solidly on one of the 4 most sensitive points in June’s composite chart, the descendant, the cusp of the 7th house.

Pallas’s exact conjunction with the descendant makes her influence very, very strong, indeed. The whole chart is permeated with Pallas energies.

Her closeness to Uranus makes her a powerful change agent, a powerful channel, or carrier, of change energies.

Her placement also ties her into the exact Uranus/Pluto square, making her a key figure in all power struggles.

Put another way, the transformative and revolutionary Uranus/Pluto energies are most directly targeting the patterns in our relationships. Since Uranus/Pluto is all about personal and political power, we are talking about revolutionary changes in the patterns that govern power in our relationships - all of them.

On the macro level, in popular terms, this means changes in the power relationship between the 1% and the 99%.

The exact Uranus/Pluto square is supercharging the huge blocking structure that dominates this chart, rendering it highly unstable – explosively unstable. And Pallas is dominating the expression of the exact Uranus/Pluto square.

This chart, then, is primarily about across the board, revolutionary change in the patterns that govern the distribution of power between us all.

The elaborate blocking structure that dominates the chart will be a catalyst.  It will provide immense resistance to change, resistance that can only be overcome by radical changes in all power relationships - radical adjustments leading to a more equitable sharing of power and, by extension, economic resources.

The blocking aspect indicates that the many complex, difficult, highly charge political and economic issues will come to a head in June.  Pallas tells us that this impasse will ultimately be broken by a radical shift in power relationships. As a practical matter, we are talking about hand to hand combat in the trenches.

Special Astrological Events in May 2012
Things Left Undone

Before closing, I would like to include some comments on the numerous special aspects occurring in June.  These primarily include unusual and powerful formations that give us special insight into underlying astrological themes and the overall astrological “grain” of a month.

June 4 - Grand Mystic Rectangle.  This is a squarish, or rectangularish formation made up of four trines.  I consider it a kind of super strong mystic rectangle. I regard it as a highly supportive structure that will guide us, help prevent bad decisions and mishaps and block the worst effects of any errors we might make.

June 4 - Lunar Eclipse.  Eclipses always mark major turning points, a major turning point for the world in general and individuals in particular. Eclipses tend to have mild or positive effects on individuals.  Those involved in ongoing crises of various kinds could, however, experience a major turning point.


June 4 - Lunar Eclipse plus Grand Mystic Rectangle. This suggests that the planets will protect us from the worst consequences of bad decisions made at the eclipse. Expect silver linings and things that are disappointing in the moment but turn out to be for the best.

June 7-12, June 24, June 24-25, June 30 - July 1+ - Hard 6-Pointed Stars.  These formations are made up of two interlocking T-squares. In my opinion, they indicate conditions that would require major life efforts to correct. Things that we left undone in the past - money we did not save, skills we did not acquire, and so on - will create all but insurmountable obstacles in the present. On the macro-level, difficult decisions that were avoided or evaded or challenges that were not meant will turn into crises.

Given the frequency of their occurrence in June, we have to see June as a moment in which our life limitations, however these limitations came about, force a major, and most likely unwelcome, change of direction.


June 24 - Uranus/Pluto Square plus a Hard 6-Pointed Stars.  A hard 6-pointed star is in effect at the time of the exact Uranus/Pluto square.  The combined effect?

Uranus square Pluto indicates that our desire for freedom, release from burdens or a need for self-expression will become an irresistible force within us. That desire will collide with a stubborn, unyielding authority that refuse our desire. The hard 6-pointed star indicates that a complex set of difficult circumstances will block our preferred path, our Plan A. We will be all but forced to abandon Plan A to work around this block. We are talking about frustration on a grand scale.

In my view, this combination of aspects will lead to critical, potentially explosive confrontations between authority figures and those under their authority leading, in many cases, to insubordination, insurrection, and outright rebellion. People will finally and, more or less openly, rebel against authority they consider unreasonable and power that they consider illegitimate. We will want to reset the balance of power in every area of our lives, in every relationship.

June 15-17, June 20-21, June 22-23, June 23-24, June 30-July 1+ - Hard Yod Stars. These are made up of quincunxes and sesquiquadrates, darned-if-you-do-darned-if-you-don’t aspects. They indicate an unavoidable, usually unwilling immersion in a time and energy consuming search for elusive answers or elusive resolutions, on numerous fronts, all at once.

June 30-July 1 - Hard Yod + Hard 6-pointed Star. This indicates an unavoidable, unwilling and arduous search for many answers on numerous fronts.  It would include efforts to meet significant challenges that we have ignored or actively evade in the past; they will will require major, long-term efforts to make up work not done in the past.

This combination of the two formations implies the need for ground-breaking work on fundamental issues that are currently not well understood, major remedial efforts, and the development of capabilities that simply do not yet exist.

All of these special aspects will have a retarding, direction-changing effect on all plans and aspirations.  It will most probably create high levels of frustration and profound impatience for genuine progress, which will remain elusive.

Simply put, with the exception of the grand mystic rectangle, these special aspects represent the very opposite of positive synchronicity. However, they indicate detours and delays, albeit lengthy and/or maddening delays, not global catastrophe.

In many,
this barrage of blocking aspects will engender soberness and seriousness of commitment and inspire efforts equal to the scale of the considerable tasks they impose on us, heroic efforts.
In others, these aspects will inspire resignation to the inevitable, and in still others, all but insane overreaction. And in still others, irrational outbursts of destructive and deadly violence.

The level of frustration will also certainly be great enough to cause explosive flare ups in troubled people everywhere and in troubled parts of the world. 

The Last Straw Changes of Planetary Motion in June and July 2012

Finally, briefly, many planets are changing direction in June and July.  Such changes of direction produce effects well in advance of their actual occurrence.

These changes of planetary motion are further indication, if further indication were needed, that June is a time of exceedingly complex, densely conflicting trends.

Not to put too fine a point on it, having so many planets changing direction in a relatively brief period of time will produce insanely confusing cross-currents and cross-trends.  Added to the parade of blocking aspects in June’s skies, these changes of direction could bring about all but intolerable levels of frustration and uncertainty.

I list them here for your information, in the order of their distance from the Sun. Check your aspectarian or astrology calendar for more specifics and your astrology textbooks (or Google) for interpretations.

Mercury Stationary/Retrograde July 14.

Venus Stationary/Direct June 27.

Saturn Stationary/Direct June 25.

Chiron Stationary/Retrograde June 12.

Uranus Stationary/Retrograde July 13.

Neptune Stationary/Retrograde June 4.

Pluto Retrograde thru September 17.