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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

June 2012 - Sign-By-Sign Forecast

Astrology Forecast for June 2012

Invisible decisions.  June will begin a long, slow tectonic shift. You might miss it in the rhetorical overkill.  It might be obscured by waves of second-guessing and the pervasive hedging of bets. It could be easy to miss because practically no detail is decided for sure. Big decisions will be lost to sight in the dozens of little decisions they get broken down into.  But make no mistake. People will move definitively and decisively in a new direction, toward a new and exciting goal.


Open a door. Just speaking the simple truth about the need for change can cause an upset at home, at work, or in public. What you think is just common sense could easily provoke a fight.  Even carefully chosen words can cause trouble. But some things need to be said, even if it means pushing people beyond their comfort zone.  Setting the proper tone for serious discussion in advance will help. It will also help if you don’t get too personal, or too specific.

♉ TAURUS ~ Think twice. In June, Taureans are even more impatient than usual. Circumstances are pushing you into serious financial commitments you might be able to tweak later, but which you can never undo.  Also, trends are mixed. It’s especially hard to manage risk and uncertainty. On the upside, people are in the mood for serious and very helpful, heart-to-heart discussions. That’s a positive because success will now depend more on sound relationships than dollar amounts. The right alliances will provide security that money can’t buy.

♊ GEMINI ~ Close to home. Important and wide-ranging financial discussions are foregrounded for everyone. However, people are sharing too much information.  Emotions are running high. Impatience is at peak levels. There’s too much enthusiasm for hastily conceived plans. Gemini is the facilitator. It’s your job to keep these unruly discussions discreet, realistic and moving forward. The key is to keep the focus down-to-earth; be concrete, specific and factual. Help others clearly understand the real world consequences of their ideas. And don’t hesitate to question your own assumptions.

♋ CANCER ~ Negotiate. Others are inclined to confront you this month or to use annoying power plays to keep you from saying what needs to be said.  Private concerns will complicate the situation further.  But you can’t simply remain quiet to avoid these unpleasant discussions. The issues are too important to everyone. Underneath, people need and want to share their thoughts. Use your famous Cancerian intuition to find a safe path through the difficult emotions. Your efforts will help others uncover options they didn’t know existed.

♌ LEO ~ Multiplier effect. The planets need Leo to understand and serve the needs of others, now. Your influence is greater than you think. You need to use that influence to get people moving in the right direction - the right direction for them.  If you put your interests first, the planets will exact a price from all concerned. If you put your personal interests on the back burner for now and attend to the needs of others the planets will clear a path forward for everyone.

♍ VIRGO ~ Safe passage. June’s chart is a set up for Virgo. The issues are complicated and tangled and spring-loaded besides. Seemingly insignificant issues can easily flare up into big ones. If something gets started, it could be hard to stop it or even slow it down. Worse, it will be easy to set off a dispute that adversely affects career and family. If you have to choose, pick home and family. If you do, the planets will make sure everyone gets through it all safely.

♎ LIBRA ~ Personal attention. Librans understand the seriousness of the issues their most important friends and allies are discussing. But people are too enthusiastic about unrealistic notions; feelings are running too high. It will be hard for Libra’s message of caution and balance to get through. Being excluded from such vital discussions is especially frustrating for Librans. It could also be unfortunate for those who don’t hear Libra’s advice.  You’re more likely to be heard if you focus your remarks on specific issues affecting individual lives.

♏ SCORPIO ~ Back to the future. Memories of old relationships occupy your mind. Sentimental recollections fill your time. Those memories will always be precious, but it’s time to look to the future. You need to end commitments based on outdated sentiments and focus on changing realities, especially financial realities. You have a lot of influence over financial decisions. Use that influence to bring about the changes you now realize are needed. Reduce current expenditures. Avoid increasing debt or depending too heavily on savings and other assets.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ Paradox. Sagittarius has a surprising degree of insight into and influence over unfolding events. Typically, Sagittarians bring confidence, breadth of vision, tolerance and luck to the table. This time they must bring their ability to see beyond the material, into the true sources of wealth - insights important to building a sound foundation for the future. A shakeup is due in your personal finances, but, when all is said and done, you should come out ahead. Professional and family relations remain delicate and volatile.

♑ CAPRICORN ~ Introspection. You are at odds with almost everyone in your life on every important issue. Financial gains are leveling off. Work satisfaction is at a low. Psychological and spiritual matters are demanding more of your time. Immersion in psychological and spiritual issues is already providing insights that reduce the level of conflict between yourself and your world. This is the month to accelerate that process and start making bigger changes. The planets will provide the time, space and the freedom you need to maneuver.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ Problem? What problem!?  The world will seem a bit absurd to Aquarians in June. Many find Aquarian ideas “unconventional” and, therefore, unacceptable. But right now, Aquarian ideas are proliferating. These ideas are causing problems for many - problems that Aquarians have trouble seeing as problems. In such circumstances, a playful, artful approach is probably the only thing that will work. Use humor to help people escape their mindset and see things the way Aquarians do. Their problems will begin to look more like opportunities.

♓ PISCES ~ Crossroad. The planets are calling on Pisceans to re-think their approach to work and life.  They are prioritizing your higher purpose in life. Your ability to make others think more deeply and set higher standards for themselves will factor positively into your career development. Unforeseen events or sudden decisions will move you in this new direction.  Home and family, relaxing with your friends - all that - will remain important, but life won’t be the same, now, without your life mission to motivate you.


Patricia Troyer said...

Love your approach, not to mention balanced and usale info. Thanks for all the effort.

wtsej said...

Hey Carl, No need to say thanks! Just count the hits. I really look forward to your monthly forecasts. The videos are awesome. Keep them coming!

Tom S.
Kitchener, ON, Canada

Marie said...

Mr. Boudreau,

Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. I found your forecast for May most helpful. June seems to be a rather 'loaded' month in many respects... I'm especially intrigued by this Venus transit we just had; I know this planet is significant to many ancient societies. I've been dealing with a woeful attachment to a certain someone and I feel this transit's really shined a new light onto this issue.

I believe my experiences of late mirror many others, as far as trying to figure out how to balance my own personal needs with that of the collective. I have to make sure I take care of myself but, I realize more and more that I need to give more of myself to this greater need that exists in the world. This is especially true now that we as a species are confronting so many things that seem resistant to any solutions by human effort, e.g., Fukushima.
Maybe I'm a little naive hoping for some divine intervention?

Anyway, thanks again.

Carl B. said...

@Marie Thank you for getting in touch. I did a brief video on the Venus transit and you pretty much paraphrased my interpretation. It's on my YouTube channel. Northwatuppa.