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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Astrology Report for April 2012 - Sea Change

Astrology Report for April 2012 - Sea Change

Part 1 - The New Planetary Status Quo

All Clear!!! . . . Sort Of.

We are leaving behind a time of unusually dangerous astrological energies in which global catastrophe was a real possibility.  New, relatively more stable, less disruptive astrological energies are coming into force.

Those energies now coming into play are still troublesome. They can cause trouble and plenty of it.  They are just not as likely to throw the entire world into chaos, at least not immediately.

These relatively more stable energies will be in effect for most of the rest of this decade.

Three Big Troublesome Ingresses

Since 2008, the three most powerful planets in the Zodiac entered new signs.  Each ingress was unusually important, unusually powerful and unusually disruptive.  The energies released during these ingresses were the immediate cause of the global crises of recent years.

The most powerful, disruptive energies seem to have been released close to the time of the ingress. These ingresses are now complete.  Hence, with the exception of Neptune’s very recent entrance into Pisces, these destructive ingresses themselves are behind us. (The transits are still ahead of us and, though bound to be troublesome, they should be nowhere near as troublesome as the ingresses themselves.)

Pluto into Capricorn. Pluto transitioned into Capricorn between January and November, 2008.

Pluto always produces wold-shaking, world-shaping effects when it affects the Cancer/Capricorn axis.  This time, the world’s financial institutions neared collapse; world governments shook.  We faced the possibility of global catastrophe on a scale most of us know only from science fiction.

Pluto now appears to have settled into Capricorn where it will stay until about 2024.  The ingress complete in 2008, the Pluto in Capricorn energies are now rumbling ever more quietly in the background.  (However, these energies will remain intense on the individual level throughout its transit.)

Uranus into Aries. Uranus transitioned into Aries between May 2010 and March 2011.

Between 1974 and 2010, Uranus was transiting the signs from Scorpio to Pisces. These signs represent large governmental, financial, legal and religious institutions and organizations. Uranian power was concentrated at the top, therefore, and supported top-down change.

In May 2010, Uranus began its transition into Aries.  The Uranus/Aries ingress began a new, 84-year Uranian transit of the Zodiac.  It also began placing the power of Uranus in the world at large and in the hands of the people in particular, setting the stage for bottom-up change, changes originating among people at the grassroots. Uranus completed its ingress in March 2011.

As Uranus transitioned into Aries, we experienced the Arab Spring.  Insurrection, civil war and revolution swept through the Arab world. We also saw a resurgence of grassroots activism around the world.

Uranus has now settled into Aries until 2018.  These energies are still strongly affecting events, but compared to its intensity during the turbulent months immediately surrounding the ingress, Uranus in Aries energy has become a background influence.

Neptune into Pisces.  Neptune transitioned into Pisces, its home sign, between April 2011 and February 2012. When it entered Pisces this February, Neptune began a new ~165 year Neptune cycle. This is only the second full transit of the Zodiac since Neptune was discovered and became an active, direct force in human consciousness.

As Neptune’s transition into Pisces began, confusion and uncertainty pervaded economic and political events. Principles long accepted as essential to the conduct of public affairs became matters of debate. The social contract weakened and frayed.

Important social commitments threatened to dissolve. For example, the social safety-net - insurance, pensions, and social welfare programs of all kinds - was threatened.

Individuals experienced serious psychological and spiritual crises and began making life-changing decisions. Important personal relationships became increasingly tenuous. Erratic behavior increased dramatically.

Each ingress released immense amounts of power.  Soon after the ingress was complete, the energies settled into the background.

Neptune only recently entered Pisces and the Neptune/Pisces energies are still largely out of control. My analysis of April’s chart will make this very clear. However, I believe we can expect the disruptive effects of Neptune’s entrance into Pisces to subside soon, also.

There are no further major ingresses to be concerned about. As Pluto, Uranus and Neptune continue to settle into their new signs, a new energetic status quo will come into being.  This new status quo will persist for the next five years or so.

World conditions will remain full of challenge and risk.  But, for now, at least, we can look forward to a bit of a breather.

The New Planetary Status Quo

The three big planets, in their new signs, establish three basic relationships.

Uranus square Pluto. Uranus in Aries is now in square relationship to Pluto in Capricorn.  This supports vigorous conflict between government and the grassroots.  It also encourages rebelliousness and self-assertion generally.

Uranus semi-sextile Neptune. Uranus is also in semi-sextile relation to Neptune.  Our deepest, most secret hopes, desires, frustrations, inner conflicts, old psychological wounds and aspirations will inform our self-expression and self-assertion.

We will surprise ourselves and others with the intensity of our emotions and the things we reveal about ourselves.

But we can also expect dramatic innovations in communications technology and in the area of arts and entertainment as a result of this semi-sextile.  This will facilitate the task of self-expression.

Neptune Sextile Pluto.  Neptune is now in broad sextile relationship to Pluto.  Persons in power will be able to work with the ideas and ideals of those at the local, community level.

These energies will support a constructive, productive dialogue between government and the governed, often behind the scenes.  It can facilitate much needed reform in all areas and on many levels.

Caution Strongly Advised

This new energetic status quo is also subject to abuse. Neptune can, and often does, support self-deception and deception in general. I can and often does bring about substance abuse and addiction.  Pluto can and often does support the abuse of power.  Uranus can, and often does, support erratic, even freakish behavior.  In combination, these planets can support fraud, manipulation,  coercion, and bizarre, destructive behaviors.

These aspects are all about reconciling the need for personal freedom with the need for order and justice.  But their energies can be abused to produce exploitation and oppression instead.  
People can subvert and corrupt them to avoid the difficult challenge of genuine change, in themselves and in society. They can also exploit them for selfish advantage.

On an individual level, these energies seem intended to motivate people to seek personal fulfillment in a context of order and justice.  But, as I said, they can often bring an escape from responsibility, often involving substance abuse and reckless and self-destructive behavior.

Reality Check Ahead

Fortunately, Saturn will move into Scorpio in late October.  In Scorpio, Saturn will impose restraint.  It will hold people on all levels of society to account. Saturn will, in fact, be in global reality check mode.

However, the energies at work are powerful, very difficult to control, and, as I said, prone to abuse.  Many could suffer injustice despite Saturn’s best efforts.

Saturn will be in very strong position in relation to the three planets under discussion.  During this period, missteps could bring heavier penalties and more dire consequences than usual.  Certain natural and man-made disasters could also be unusually severe.

Saturn as Watch Dog

Saturn will be in a position to guard the public interest until about 2017 when it joins Pluto in Capricorn. It will conjoin Pluto in January 2020.

When Saturn and Pluto meet, people could pay a price for failing to use these new energies properly.
Bad Saturn/Pluto energy is among the most harsh and least forgiving of planetary influences. 

Part 2 - April’s Chart - Neptune Attacks

Long-Term Finances and Long-Term Relationships in Flux

April’s composite chart is inundated with difficult energy from the recent Neptune/Pisces ingress.

The chart has an exceptionally dense matrix of aspects presenting themes familiar from Neptune’s long, drawn out transition into Pisces. But in April, we see all the themes in a single, climactic chart.

The majority of the aspects are focused on the 7th and 8th houses. This indicates a strong focus on collective finances (investments, insurance, pensions, inheritance) and the power that flows from those interests (8th house), and important long-term personal relationships (7th house). Our collective financial affairs and our most important relationships are still very much in flux.

April’s Aspects - Going Deep

Partial Kite. There is a partially formed kite among the aspects.  This adds a protective, supportive component to the energies affecting finances and relationships.  But it also pushes us to conquer new ground, to do more with our finances and our relationships than we have done before.  It provides support, not complete and permanent stability.

Inconjuncts and Sesquiquadrates. The chart also includes a handful of inconjuncts and sesquiquadrates.  These are darned-if-you-do-darned-if-you-don’t aspects. They offer no point of balance and no escape from conflict.

Grand Cross. The most prominent of the many difficult, challenging aspects in April’s chart is a grand cross. A grand cross forces us to change course, to find alternative solutions, and forces us to make difficult decisions about relationships and finances under difficult circumstances.

The grand cross is in angular houses, strongly enhancing its power.  It also sets in mutable (Neptunian) signs, multiplying the difficulty of finding clear-cut solutions to unsolved problems.

The grand cross will generate conflicts in our work, professional and family lives. It will force us to make hard choices in our financial affairs and in our most important relationships.  We are unlikely to find immediate solutions to any of the issues that arise.

This grand square will initiate lengthy, detailed change processes that bring a solution only slowly. We will have to begin things without knowing their middle or their end.

Mars vs. Neptune/Chiron. Within the grand cross, Mars in the 1st house opposes Neptune and Chiron in the 7th.

This powerful opposition is angular.  It straddles the major relationship axis, bisecting the chart horizontally. It will interject ideals, ideologies, religious beliefs, even extremism or fanaticism, into important relationships causing conflict and divisiveness where we need it least.

Juno Exactly Conjunct the North Node vs. Venus Conjunct the South Node. This opposition demands that we make very complex choices about our relationships, our spirituality and our politics.  An unusual blend of priorities.

Everything about this opposition speaks of its power and importance.  It is is angular; its power and meaning resonate through the entire chart.  It involves the Moon’s nodes, crucial, fateful indicators in any chart. Also, the Juno/north node conjunction is exact to within less than 1/6th of a degree! That makes this conjunction especially powerful and makes the entire grand cross that much more powerful.

Everything about this opposition speaks of relationships, too. Juno governs enduring bonds and life partnerships.  Venus governs the affection and intimacy that holds relationships together.  The Moon’s nodes also govern important relationships. In general, then, this opposition is about making urgent and important decisions about our most important relationships.

However, this opposition involves the 10th and 4th houses, the axis of authority.  This says that our relationship decisions will involve a choice about who and what exercises authority in our lives.  This, in turn, is likely to put us in conflict with existing authority figures.

The 10th and 4th houses also affect our ego.  So this opposition is also about what principles we allow to guide our thoughts, words and actions.

Lovers vs. Gurus

Venus conjunct the south node in Gemini says that we need to de-emphasize flirtations, romance and casual socializing in favor of more substantive, meaningful involvements.

Venus and the south node in the 10th house tells us to avoid leaders, however persuasive or popular, who try to focus our energies on short-sighted, self-serving economic and political goals using seductive and deceptive methods.

Juno conjunct the north node in Sagittarius says that, instead, we should build relationships with wiser people who can help us organize our lives and our affairs around a higher purpose.
Many will feel moved to become more active in spiritual and religious affairs.

The 4th house influence says we should embrace such people as we would embrace family.  We should probably begin to think of our homes, at least to some extent, as ashrams, or centers of spiritual uplift.  Or, vice versa: think of your local ashram as a home away from home.

We need to take this higher purpose and deeper insight into account in our political and financial lives. But the opposition will also affect our personality.  It could cause considerable turbulence within us.

Against the Grain

The meaning, the thrust, of this opposition goes sharply against the grain. It will cause tensions everywhere in our lives.

Flirtation and romance are everywhere and the vast majority of people see no harm in them. They are the norm.  Conversely, people tend to keep wiser, more sober people at arm’s length.  In practice, shifting this balance, even  very little, will be very tricky.

My opinion is that a great many will ignore the planets’ urgings or actively oppose them.  They will want to go on about their lives as usual.  But one ignores the north node at one’s peril.

Also, authority figures in our personal and professional or work lives will be upset as they sense our loyalties and our priorities shifting.

Abstract + Concrete; Subjective + Objective

The issues we have just discussed are partly abstract and partly subjective and partly practical.  In trying to understand our situation, we must remain mindful that this chart also affects our lives in very concrete, practical, material ways.

So, in the effort to restructure our lives and relationships, we must remain mindful of our concrete, practical needs. Keep in mind the strong 8th house influence - a place where abstract commitments and concrete realities meet and frequently collide.

The Dispositor Chart

The dispositor chart shows the planetary chain of command in April’s composite chart.  It describes very clearly the challenge all of the above will pose for the individual ego.

Everything except the Moon is subservient to Neptune.  Mercury is directly subservient to Neptune: all thought and communication are under Neptune’s confusing influence.  Everything else going on is subject to this confused thinking and communication.

Setup for Psychological and Spiritual Crisis

The arrangement just described is a clear setup for psychological and spiritual crisis.

The Moon governs the unconscious and subconscious facets of the personality, of the ego. The part of the ego governed by the Moon passively reflects things around it or depends on patterns in the unconscious and subconscious for direction.

In April, the ego is confronted with an unfamiliar, rapidly changing, fluid situation. Also, nothing in the world around it is clear or definite or stable. The world is sending the ego confusing messages.
The Moon and our unconscious mind might stand clear of Neptune, but nothing else does.

Even though the Moon stands free of Neptune’s influence, the ego’s store of unconscious patterns and processes, governed by the Moon, cannot provide guidance.  That’s because the Moon, though free of Neptune, can find nothing clear or definite to reflect, or to react to.  Simply switching to auto-pilot won’t work. And, of course, conscious perception and thought will be clouded by Neptune, too.

To survive and succeed, the ego must actively seek guidance in new and unfamiliar places. But, given the aspects, it isn’t clear that such guidance will be readily available. And beyond the initial crisis, an ego’s path to a new source of life-guidance is often paved with crises.

Once again, we must be mindful that the ego will be confronted by practical, concrete challenges as well as psychological and spiritual challenges. The turmoil will not be strictly abstract, or subjective and internal; it will overflow into the concrete world and the practical side of life.

The ego must look for guidance from a source that transcends the confused and confusing world around it. And the guidance required is practical as well as spiritual and psychological.

The Sabian Symbol

The Sun in April’s composite chart is at 24° 29’ Aries.  This corresponds to Sabian Phase 25. The symbol for this phase speaks about functioning successfully on both material and spiritual levels of awareness.

This message resonates strongly with April’s chart, indicating that we should use our powers of spiritual insight to guide our material affairs.  Conversely, we should use our physical plane experiences to guide and direct our spiritual efforts.

April’s Principle Midpoint Picture

Jupiter is exactly conjunct the midpoint of the Moon and Chiron. This midpoint picture promises deep and helpful insight into the process of healing and restoration. It also points to successful planning for healing and restoration.

In essence, despite the overwhelming confusion, this midpoint picture promises  encounters in which helpful insights are exchanged and successful plans for the future are formulated.



Anonymous said...

You really think just the ingress of these planets into those signs is what makes things 'disruptive'? Take the chart of the USA, in the next 2 weeks Pluto will station opposite the near-exact midpoint of Sun-Jupiter in the USA chart (Lynes or Sibley). How about when planets leave houses, signs, etc. especially Neptune leaving Leo just prior to the stock market crash in '29, or leaving the USA's 2nd House coinciding with the rapid decline in real estate? (& now Neptune's in Pisces the massive expansion of natural gas reserves, with oil not far behind)

Plus, Uranus in Aries...that cries out "w_a_r", just about anytime.

It isn't always ingress, sometimes big things happen when they leave signs.

Carl B. said...

No, I don't think that ingresses are the only things that can cause problems.

These three ingresses were especially bad and put the world in serious peril. But now that they have passed, we can all breathe easier *for a while.* I think that is backed up by the overall astrological context.

I also said, and firmly believe, that there are serious dangers still ahead. I am especially concerned about the possibility of multiple major wars in the coming decades. Just not right now.

People just don't need to go around worrying about complete global catastrophe, like they did for the last few years.

Besides, as such things go, a war, even a serious one, isn't in the same league as a total collapse of the global economy.

Iris said...

Always enjoy seeing your interpretations written down.
Would you elaborate a little more on "bad Saturn/Pluto energies" from your viewpoint on a mundane level?

Carl B. said...

Well, when in favorable aspect, Saturn and Pluto produce powerful forces that relentlessly support truth and justice. When in bad aspect, they blow up anything that doesn't support truth and justice and probably a few other things besides. Saturn and Pluto are headed for a conjunction in 2020. Sat/Pluto Conjunctions are considered negative.

So, while Saturn is comfortably distant from Pluto and keeping an eye on everything and working in conjunction with Pluto, that's good. But as Saturn approaches Pluto, time will run out.

It gets kind of paradoxical and multidimensional, but basically, Pluto will blow Saturn's badly crystallized forms to smithereens.

Very little can withstand such an aspect.

That's my understanding of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Great reading Carl, really appreciate and enjoy these and the youtube videos!
I see what your saying about the ingresses marking the peak of these energies.. as with Pluto in Capricorn, there are similar economic problems now as in 2008, but it seems that people are used to these energies now and maybe a bit complacent... often it seems Americans and humans in general adapt quickly and need bigger and stronger events to impress them

I still am wary of the upcoming squares this summer and am looking at China in particular as and astrologer friend says their chart plays into this event and many other countries get similar "hits" in the next couple years

thanks again!

Carl B. said...

I share those concerns. My take on it is this: Planetary power accompanied by dissatisfaction and general unrest are building up at the grassroots level. They will be building up for much of the rest of this century. Over time, that buildup could easily boil over into insurrection, civil war and war between nations. But I think it will take awhile to get that far.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have your finger on the pulse - well done! :-)