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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Astrological Analysis - March 2012

 The Astrology of March 2012

The Six-Pointed Stargate(s)

The New Status Quo

March brings a remarkable improvement and a remarkable change of direction as well as remarkable levels of confusion. March’s energies will support, motivate and uplift us.  It will also turn our attention sharply inward, in a spiritual direction.  It will also set us adrift in a promising but puzzling future.

Noticeable patterns, encouraging trends, and emerging opportunities will replace the seemingly endless stream of disruptions, challenges and turbulence of recent years.

However, a new and potent spiritual impulse will transform our motivation and our goals.  Our ties to the past will dissolve.  Our old plans for the future will become unclear.  The things that normally guide our decisions won’t be there. That will bring many unknowns into our lives. Things will become even less predictable than they already are.

New Rhythm Will Emerge

In the last four years or so, the three most powerful planets in the Zodiac have each complete their transition into new signs. Pluto settled into Capricorn in November 2008. Uranus settled into Aries in March 2011. Neptune settled into Pisces in February 2012.

Each of these planetary ingresses was especially important and unusually powerful. Each brought unique challenges. The combined effects
sharply punctuated global events and the flow of individual lives.

Pluto in Capricorn broke our financial and political systems.  Uranus in Aries spurred confrontation, rebellion, insurrection and outright revolution.

Neptune in Pisces rendered our already unstable situation fundamentally uncertain.  It transformed our political and economic crises into cultural and ideological crises. It triggered spiritual and psychological crises at the individual, personal level.  It also brought seemingly bottomless confusion to our thoughts and feelings.  I have discussed all of these planetary transitions at length in previous posts.

A successive waves of crises made conditions increasingly chaotic. Each wave made it less likely that we would ever go back to the way things were before the crises struck.

But these three big planets have now settled into their new signs. The three new energies will blend and stabilize.

With no major sign changes in sight world events can begin to settle into new, more stable rhythms and patterns.  The changes, the challenges, the risks and the relentless confusion will not end, but they will abate.  Day-to-day conditions will become more manageable. While change will continue apace, events will begin to take on a predictable, reliable rhythm.

Uranus and Pluto - an Anti-Climax

Uranus will square Pluto exactly for the first time this coming June. It will be exact 6 more times by March 2015. Uranus square Pluto energy will linger at some level until 2019.  The Uranus/Pluto square is often viewed as a possible source of increasing disruption and turbulence.

But I believe we needn’t be as concerned about these Uranus/Pluto energies, which seem so dangerous at first glance. But I believe
we have probably already seen the worst that Uranus/Pluto can throw at us.

An influence usually peaks the first time it is exact, each recurrence weaker than the last. This suggests that things could get rough in June when the Uranus/Pluto square is exact for the first time. However, I believe that long familiarity with these energies will soften their impact. So will the general lessening in astrological tensions by the, settled placement of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

By June, the Uranus/Pluto energy will be one ingredient in a more encompassing, more stable and more manageable mix of energies, not a continuing source of radical disruptions.
I will have more to say about this new mix of energies, the new energetic status quo, in future posts.

Having said that, there are crises still ahead, but they will not be on the scale that we have seen the last few years. We don’t want to minimize or in any way discount the power of the planetary energies that are at work.

Taking the Challenge to a New, Spiritual Level

So, March’s chart promises new opportunity and greater stability.  But March also adds a new, spiritual dimension to our efforts. March brings an influence that pushes our awareness decisively beyond the egotistic, material, mundane level and into decidedly spiritual realms. I say that because a rare, well-formed six-pointed star dominates the composite chart for March 2012.

I believe March’s energies will do this by weakening the barriers, thinning the veils, between the ego and the higher self.  This will open us to more immediate, direct and powerful spiritual experience and more direct and frequent interventions in our lives by our higher, spiritual natures.

On a practical, day-to-day level, this will bring about healing crises with distinctly spiritual, psychologically liberating effects. Our understanding of ourselves will be transformed and our goals in life will change dramatically. This, in turn, will change the course of events on the local, national and global levels.

March’s chart(s) suggest that, in some sense, at some level, we must now think of the globe as an ashram, a center of conscious spiritual striving.

Those already actively pursuing spiritual goals will enjoy unexpected progress.  Many others will consciously adopt spiritual goals for the first time. There will be a resurgence of spiritual movements and increased interest in films and books relevant to spirituality in the media.

Much of the above is already happening to some degree, but March will bring a marked increase in such things.

Spiritual and healing processes are often inefficient and awkward. Anyone familiar with life in an ashram can tell you that. Spiritual progress often foregrounds dysfunction; it frequently brings abrupt, inconvenient, life-changing decisions; it often thrusts people into unfamiliar, new situations at home, at work and in the community.  It often triggers new, unexpected, “colorful” behaviors.

It often brings an interest in things some consider questionable: the paranormal, ESP, UFO’s, communication with the dead, drugs, unusual diets, extreme physical activities, etc.

In brief, the weird public behavior and strange headlines we often see nowadays are only likely to increase. So is the number of friends and family we hear about, making unexpected, life-changing decisions.

Six-Pointed Stars and More

The thing is, a six-pointed star dominates the composite chart for March 2012.

A kite dominates both the new and full moon charts. The full moon chart also contains a partial mystic rectangle.  We need to take all of these things into account.

The effects of kites and the mystic rectangles are paradoxical.  They support and facilitate, but they also destabilize.  They nudge us continuously to seek better answers and more solid foundations.  We can expect to see a lot of that in March: events will bring opportunities, but they will also push us to use these opportunities will contain a challenge to reach well beyond our former limits.

But it is the six-pointed star(s) that demand our attention. And two kites and a partial mystic rectangle do not really add up to a six-pointed star.

Not One, But Two, Real Six-Pointed Stars

First, is it really there really a six-pointed star in the heavens in March 2012? Or is it just an artifact produced artificially when the data for the two charts are combined mathematically?

The six-pointed star is really there.  In fact, there are two six-pointed stars in March. March opens and closes with six-pointed stars.

One six-pointed star lasts for about 36 hours, from the evening of March 1st through the morning of March 3rd. You can view an animation of this formation at: <> or <>

A second six-pointed star exists for about 30 hours, beginning the morning of March 29th and breaking up on the evening of March 30th. An animation of this event is available here: <> or <>

I estimate that the first six-pointed star is at maximum strength at about 5:11 PM UT on Friday, March 2nd.  The second at 3:06 AM UT on Friday March 30th.

Better Times Ahead

The six-pointed star in the composite chart is very encouraging on a strictly material, physical level.

The upward pointing grand trine is made up of Mars in Virgo in the 3rd house, trine Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th, trine Jupiter and Venus in Taurus in the 10th house.

This trine lasts throughout March and into April.  It is a robust, wealth-building trine. The house placements suggest a grand cooperative effort on the part of communities, labor and management to rebuild our economy.

The downward pointing grand trine is made up of Saturn in Libra in the 4th house, trine Neptune in the 8th and Chiron in the 9th, both in Pisces, trine the Moon in Gemini in the 12th.

This is a grand, healing trine, conjoining the houses of home and family, collective wealth and long-term finances and spirituality.

Thus, a wealth-building grand trine is interlaced with a healing grand trine to form a six-pointed star, in the composite chart.

The strongest midpoint picture in the composite chart is especially revealing and encouraging, I think, and helpful in understanding the overall effects of this six-pointed star.  This midpoint picture is made up of the north node exactly conjunct the midpoint of Mars and Chiron. This points to open, active discussion and consensus-building on the question of how to heal our broken world.

On a strictly material, physical level, this chart is all but bursting with positive synchronicity. It also points to extreme fluidity, however. There is just way too much energy being set released and set in motion.

Although March’s chart is very promising, outcomes will be very hard to predict and even harder to control because of the rapid flow of events and the rapid transformation of individual and collective motivations.

The extreme pace of change and the blizzard of emerging possibilities will doubtless raise stress levels and foster conflict. Pisces, Neptune and spiritual movements are associated with bloody wars.

However, an “option rich” environment and extreme fluidity will probably forestall any serious crises. For the most part, people will just be too excited about the future and have too many options to think seriously of going to war, say.

The Spiritual Symbolism of Six-Pointed Stars  

Six-pointed star formations are rare and so is useful information about what they mean.

In esoteric astrology, the astrology of the soul, the six-pointed star represents the spiritually realized person.  It represents the perfected personality in complete harmony with the soul, or higher self. It represents the spiritually realized person.

Hence, the six-point stars in March’s chart(s) suggest a strong, spiritualizing influence. But the effects of such elaborate structures are lasting, not temporary, or transient.

They seem, rather, to mark a threshold, a portal, or gateway into a new era; a point beyond which we can never return.  In this case, it is, I believe an era of accelerated, intentional spiritual progress.

Hence, from this point onward, events will be enriched, or further complicated, by a spiritualizing process. Things connected to personal spiritual transformation, good and bad, convenient and inconvenient, will become a major, unpredictable factor in our lives and in global events.

This spiritualizing impulse will add yet another dimension, a specifically spiritual dimension, to our efforts to define who we are and what kind of world we want to live in.

A strong spiritualizing impulse arrives at the very moment when global economic and political recovery begins in earnest.  This impulse will ensure that the world not rebuild itself using the old, materialistic paradigms that just got us into so much trouble.

The old paradigm will be so obviously inappropriate and unattractive for these new times.  People will search frantically for a new paradigm.

This idea of a new, potent spiritualizing impulse is supported by the presence of Neptune in Pisces. The most spiritual planet is in the most spiritual sign, inaugurating a new cycle of the Zodiac.

The sudden appearance in the heavens of such powerful spiritual symbols just as Neptune enters Pisces for a whole new transit of the Zodiac seems to be telling us something.
This is only Neptune’s second complete cycle of the Zodiac since its discovery in September 1846, when it became an active, conscious element in human awareness.

What Does it All Mean, Briefly?

March is a turning point in our efforts to restore and reform our much troubled world.  It marks the beginning of a smoother path forward, astrologically and otherwise.  But it also marks a point of transition into a time of increased spiritual striving and growth.

This ‘new,’ spiritualizing force in human affairs will act as a wild card.  With human psychology and human motivation undergoing such a powerful transformation at such a fundamental level at such a crucial, momentous point in our history, we simply cannot expect things to go as they have before. Expect the unexpected, as you never have before.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sun Sign Forecasts for March 2012

 Astrology Forecast for March 2012

FOR EVERYONE ~ Think twice. First, things really are changing as fast as you think they are, maybe faster.  Second, there are some big opportunities out there. Really big.  But conditions are almost definitely a lot trickier than you think they are.  This is one of those times when you need to be careful what you wish for. Because you might get exactly what you wished for plus an avalanche of unintended and mostly unwanted consequences. There’s always a catch when the planets are being this cooperative.


♈ ARIES ~ Due diligence. Rarely do so many things begin moving in the right direction at once. You’re getting “go” signals from partners and authority figures.  Finances seem ready to take off.   You are facing a perfect storm of positive options.  And you are definitely getting restless.  But resist any temptation to cut corners. The planets are well-positioned to detect flaws in your motives or your methods and they are not in the mood to let it pass. They’ll exact a price for carelessness or callousness.

♉ TAURUS ~ Choose.  The economic gears are finally turning.  The path ahead looks promising, even exciting.  Important, long-sought goals are coming within reach.  But the immediate future is complicated in ways you might not expect.  Recall two things: fears based on past difficulties and important lessons you learned from those challenges. Especially the financial ones.  If you build on the fears and forget the lessons you learned, the planets will multiply obstacles.  If you build with the lessons in mind, especially the financial ones, the planets will clear a path.

♊ GEMINI ~ Support reality.  There are legitimate fears out there.  There is also justifiable optimism. But right now, most people are either too fearful or too optimistic. Some are imposing their fears or their unwarranted optimism on others.  These days especially, negative emotions, wild optimism and domineering attitudes can bring really unfortunate consequences.  The planets will give back what you put in, including things you don’t realize you are putting in.  Help people set aside fears and unrealistic hopes in favor of realistic and practical plans.

♋ CANCER ~ Be alert. Expectations are building.  But the available facts are heavily mixed with speculation and misinformation.  Impatience and enthusiasm are also muddling the message.  Be careful about what your usually flawless intuition is telling you, too.  Don’t believe anything or anybody, even your intuition, unless it says that progress requires careful planning and diligence. Your most reliable insights will come during playful, restful activities.  Opportunities are definitely emerging.  But this isn’t the time to abandon caution or the hard won lessons of recent experience.

♌ LEO ~ Update old plans.  The situation seems wide open and full of promise. The temptation is to dust off an old dream or ambition and forge ahead.  But the path forward is tricky.  There are wrong turns, false trails, blind alleys and slippery slopes aplenty.  And a lot of those old dreams and ambitions are badly outdated. Get fresh information. The playful, experimental, inclusive approach Leo is famous for will work best. Be sure to follow your best instincts, too; cutting corners will cost you.

♍ VIRGO ~ Keep digging.  You need more solid analysis and more hard facts before moving ahead.  Others could find this frustrating.  But little delay now will save everyone a lot of grief down the road.  Pay especially close attention to the preferences of people who, despite their objections, might have stayed out of the planning process before. This includes some major investors and higher ups. This time, they’ll make firm demands. And they’ll have a point. Listen carefully to them and convince others to do so.

♎ LIBRA ~ Fine lines.  Continued economic progress depends squarely on maintaining important partnerships. Librans have very refined judgment and a strong, native commitment to partnerships. You are entering a lengthy cycle in which both of these strong natural impulses will get you in trouble.  The problem will be to maintain important ties while not sacrificing vital principles.  Too much flexibility will exhaust you. Too much firmness will strain important bonds.  The planets suggest learning how to listen sympathetically . . . and when to say “no” gently and compassionately.

Filter.  Scorpio has a unique role in everything that’s going on now. There’s as much confusion and commotion as valid thinking. You’re under pressure from all sides, to lend your support. Your intuition will tell you what people really need to get moving and often it will not be what people expect. You’re also well-positioned to influence events.   And you will know just what to say and which person to say it to. Your input might seem small, but its effects will be big.

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ Coordinate, facilitate, and wait.  Sagittarians are ready to rock and roll. But not everybody is. Key partners aren’t out of the woods. Family members aren’t necessarily on board. Superiors are still in the plannings stages. Haste or insensitivity to the issues, needs or aspirations - or prerogatives - of others will cause big problems. You also need to fine tune your own long-term goals. You’ll need to release outdated ideas about yourself and others.  However, ultimately, your sense of what needs doing is accurate.

♑ CAPRICORN ~ Progress + obstacles. Conditions are right for a dramatic move forward.  But Capricorns don’t have the free hand they once enjoyed. You cannot safely ignore the objections or protests of others.  Respectful negotiations now will save a lot of trouble in the future.  A cloud is lifting from your day-to-day financial affairs. However, your status among neighbors and colleagues is shifting, partly because of your bid for greater personal freedom. Make sure long-term investments are secure and sufficient to support the changes you are planning.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ Outward bound. A powerful, long-term planetary influence has moved on, leaving Aquarians more directly and actively involved in the world and more responsive to worldly stimuli. The world itself is changing at an ever quicker pace. You could soon be drawn into exciting, new outlets for your talents and personal energies.  However, these changes will bring an element of uncertainty into your financial affairs.  Keep financial priorities clear in your mind. Adopt simple and realistic ways of achieving financial goals, especially long-term financial goals.

♓ PISCES ~ Inner vs. Outer. A powerful, long-term influence is now affecting Pisceans.  It will take you outward into exciting new realms. Many of the opportunities will have a strong technological component and will keep you out among people.  However, the same influence will lower your defenses. You will be exposed to more; you will be more sensitive to more things; and you’ll be less able to tune it all out.  So, as things begin to rev up, schedule more alone time and frequent power naps.