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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Astrological Analysis - December 2011 & 2011 Recap

December 2011 & 2011 Recap
(see previous posts for details)

Whose Side Are You On?

Pluto in Capricorn continues its decade plus stress test of global institutions.  Uranus continues in Aries triggering reform campaigns and revolutions. Neptune is on its way into Pisces, firing up aspirations and undermining authority. And dissolving established thought patterns. And also causing psychological problems and raising spiritual issues. We are also starting to feel the force of the powerfully revolutionary 2012 chart. 

Wave upon wave of intense astrological energies. Things, and people, are coming apart under the strain. 

The current troublesome energetic wave comes from Neptune's move into Pisces. It is entering Pisces in February, its home sign, for a 13 year stay. It is also beginning a new ~165 year cycle of the Zodiac.

Neptune in Pisces will trigger a re-think of, well, virtually all the ideas we think we believe. Increasingly, it also looks like Neptune in Pisces will trigger a battle over systems as we seek to replace the ones we have.

A recap of 2011 is essentially a recap of Neptune's transition into Pisces.

Neptune has been paying a lot of attention to 8th house issues, too,
sowing confusion and uncertainty in 8th house matters. The 8th house governs collective wealth and large, long-term financial commitments and the immense power around all that money. 

The Big Re-Think

As Neptune re-enters Pisces, it begins a new cycle of the Zodiac. One-hundred-and-fifty years years of established ideas are suddenly up for revision.

Neptune governs the ideas on which our lives are based. These ideas support contracts, agreements, constitutions, religions and beliefs, and so on. So Neptune is unraveling the agreements that hold our lives together. It's dissolving our concept of the the world and making us re-imagine the world.

Neptune in Pisces will also bring profound psychological and spiritual changes. It will continue to undermine our understanding of ourselves.  It will continue to release old, potentially disturbing stuff into consciousness.

In weakening the hold that existing ideas have over our minds and rummaging through our subconscious, Neptune has weakened the authority of ideas, and, thus, weakened authority generally. Disorder and unrest are spreading at a good pace.

Neptune's Progress
April 2011 – Head Butting on Slippery Ground

Neptune first entered Pisces early in April 2011.  It was powerfully placed in April's chart, exactly conjunct the mid-heaven.

There was a T-square in April's chart, too. It pitted demands for economic fairness against a stubborn unwillingness  to sacrifice for the common good.  Both came up against leaders looking for economic solutions. There was, and is, head butting all around.  I think Neptune in Pisces will bring a widespread increase in head butting, in both frequency and intensity.

Meanwhile, Neptune was making the ground soft and slippery beneath the feet of head butting combatants.

May 2011 - Economic Foundations Flooded

In May, Neptune in Pisces sat in the 8th house. 

The 8th house governs many important economic things and processes.  Generally speaking, it governs that huge pot of collective wealth that sits at the heart of most modern societies.  And the power enjoyed by those who control that wealth.

Among the things the 8th house governs are social welfare funding, taxation, inheritance, insurance, home mortgage lending, and retirement savings.  And many more critically important things besides.

Neptune in Pisces in the 8th house renders all these important 8th house issues massively uncertain. And we have seen increasing uncertainty surrounding all major financial issues in our lives. More specifically, Neptune has been cutting big holes in the social safety-net and smudging lines in the social contract. You might recall Republican initiatives to privatize Medicare began peaking at about this time.

June/July - 3 Eclipses 
Financial Turbulence Continues, Psychological
Troubles Increase

There were three eclipses from June 01 to July 01 2011. These eclipses landed on the financial axis of the chart. They revealed dangerous new cracks in global economic systems. The debt crises (more than one) in Europe became increasingly acute from about this time.

Meanwhile, Neptune was attacking our psychological and spiritual foundations. Neptune retrograding in Pisces was close to the very sensitive 4th house cusp.

This placement undermines the sources of order in our personalities. Personalities would begin to unravel. Communities and societies will begin to unravel (those that hadn’t already unraveled). While this kind of thing doesn’t make the headlines, increasing numbers of people in our lives are showing signs of psychological and spiritual crisis. Just ask around.

Combined, the 3 eclipses and Neptune’s assault on the vertical axis of the chart, the axis of authority, shook up our reality fairly seriously. 

Neptune retrograding in Pisces sets the stage for the widening and deepening of psychological malaise and social unrest.

August & September 2011 - Neptune Undermines Authority

In August, Neptune is the top of the chart, again.  It opposes the Sun, Mercury and Venus at the bottom of the chart.  In other words, Neptune hits the vertical axis of the chart - again.

In September, Neptune hits the vertical axis yet again. This time as part of a so-called Yod. This Yod released deeply suppressed psychological issues.  It set complex psychological dramas in motion.  Squirrelly behavior is becoming increasingly common. Our dirty psychological laundry is on display.

The vertical axis of the chart is also the source of authority in a chart. Hence, Neptune undermined public authority figures and our personal control over our own personalities. Respect for authority is diminishing rapidly.  Also, people are experiencing more trouble holding it together spiritually and psychologically. Ask around.

October - The People Seek A Voice, Neptune Brings Even Greater Economic Uncertainty

Our confusion and discontent found a public voice in October. That was about when the now global Occupy Wall Street movement sprang into being, or at least moved into the public eye.

October's chart is dominated by a Yod-like structure.  It involved Mars, Pluto and Uranus.  I called this a hard Yod.  It motivates people to elbow their way into high-level discussions between those in authority. Which pretty much describes what The Occupy Wall Street movement did, er, does.

Meanwhile, Neptune was retrograding in Pisces over the cusp of the 8th house.  That continued to weaken our economic foundations.

You’ll recall the fight over raising government borrowing limits (the debt ceiling crisis) in the United States, which badly rattled already rattling world economies.

November - Financial and Moral Issues Forcefully Combine (& 11.11.11)

A strong but impaired wealth-building trine dominated November's chart. It has some of the characteristics of a solid wealth-building aspect, but it is impaired in a number of ways.

This trine, a patchwork of good and bad omens, gave off wildly conflicting, wildly contradictory economic signals.

And the global wealth-building engine did really show some signs of life but, for a variety of reasons nobody can seem to get their mind around, it just won't rev up.

Among other things, this wealth-building trine is intersected by a Mars/Neptune opposition.  Mars, holding down one point of the trine, opposes retrograde Neptune, by now all the way back in Aquarius.

Issues of economic fairness (Neptune issues) become important in the economic debate (8th house issues).  In fact, issues of economic fairness practically hijacked the economic debate.

Economic and moral issues intersect beautifully, and potentially explosively, in the 99% v. the 1% idea.

November - December 2011 - Riptides

As November opens, Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus and Neptune are all retrograde. Under current turbulent astrological conditions, retrogrades cause suspenseful and agonizing delays in painful and urgent situations.  And other unfortunate things.

Close to 11.11.11, Neptune and Chiron changed direction, beginning forward motion within a day or so of each other.  This vibe foretold an epidemic of health crises that have strong psychological and spiritual components.  Illness and injury (Chiron) will be accompanied by unusually high levels of psychological releases and spiritual realizations (Neptune, soon to be in Pisces).

By Christmas, all planets will have changed direction and be moving forward. Mercury will begin and end its retrograde in the same time period.  When planets change directions, they cause weirdly intense and unpredictable vibes. Having so many planets doing that in such a brief period of time under these conditions will cause a lot of, well, weirdly intense and unpredictable vibes.

But there's more. Between Thanksgiving Day and December 10th, two eclipses will occur. One takes place as Mercury turns retrograde.  Another occurs as Uranus turns direct. Close to that time, Mercury completes its retrograde and turns direct again.

This devil’s brew of strange vibes will produce potentially dangerous astrological cross-currents.  It will also throw out violently mixed signals about the path ahead.

These vibes can bring unusually complex disruptive events that are hard to understand and even harder to do anything about.  Personally, we're likely to find all this confusing and frustrating.

Jupiter will turn direct on December 25th.  We'll see a burst of rapid progress lasting until Mars retrogrades in late January.  Most likely, however, there will be more progress than we bargained for.  There usually is when all the planets are in direct motion.

It's useful to have a planet or two retrograde.  They act as a check on hasty (rash and arrogant) actions and their unintended consequences.

December - Neptune asks: Whose Side Are You on? Personality Strain

December's chart is all about picking sides.  Our personal and professional situations are changing very rapidly.  New possibilities are emerging.  However, it is clear we'll need to 're-position' ourselves socially to take advantage of these possibilities. Re-networking, “re-alliancing,” realignments will proceed at a dizzying pace.

This realignment will occur on the personal level, but, on a larger scale, it will also affect political loyalties and global alliances.

Virtually all relationship areas are affected (houses 4 thru 12).  Most of the pressure will come from our most important relationships (houses 6, 7 and 8)!

The self we present to the world (houses 1, 2, and 3), is affected as a result. Houses 1, 2, and 3 are empty. They lack planetary support.  Consequently, our self-image could easily 'distort' (implode?) from the impact of these changes in relationship areas. We could easily strain our personalities (even more) as we try to cope with it all.

Guidance Amidst the Chaos

Neptune conjunct Vesta saturates the chart with vibes from the midheaven.

Neptune represents ideals.  It also dissolves ties so we can pursue those ideals.  Vesta represents dedication and life focus.

Combined, Neptune and Vesta push us to reorganize our lives according to some higher life goal. This urge will pervade events in December.

Do’s and Don’ts

The Moon's nodes impose a kind of order on all this.  The north node tells us what the planets want us to do.  It is in the 6th house of work, well-being and interdependency.

It tells us to stay grounded.  Do the work of building new support networks.  Do stay connected to the process. Do stay with the facts at hand.  Stay in the moment. Check your parachute frequently.

Employed in the 6th house, Neptune/Vesta energy will help create alliances strong enough to weather the coming changes.

The south node in the 12th house says don’t retreat into spirituality.  We need to avoid religious dogma and set aside abstract metaphysical issues.

Neptune/Vesta energy deployed in the 12th house will bring divisiveness.  It will encourage suspicion, hostility and sectarian conflict.

The north and south nodes lie along the 12 house/6th house axis.  A lunar eclipse affects the exact same part of the chart.  That tells us that the choices we make in December - the goals we choose and the means we use to achieve them – will be fateful indeed.

Neptune/Vesta - The Bottom Line

On one level, the Neptune/Vista energy supports re-networking. On another level, though, it supports rapid political mobilization.  People are awakening politically. Neptune/Vesta is urging us to ally ourselves with like-minded people for essentially political reasons. That is definitely happening.

Midpoint Highlights.

Four midpoints stand out in the December composite chart.

The Sun at the midpoint of Pluto and the north node. Some will try to impose their will ruthlessly on others, and vice versa. Rampant power plays. Read the fine print.

Mercury at the midpoint of Mars and the midheaven.
  This points to careful planning. With all the urgency and chaos, careful planning can only be a good thing.

Uranus at the midpoint of Jupiter and the midheaven. This points to well-founded hope that we can make the right move. There are opportunities out there and many of us will find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

Neptune at the midpoint of Venus and Uranus.  This points to unconventional sexual relations and strange flirtations, generally.  It also leaves us too open to suggestion.  Optimistically?  It brings a willingness to break personal boundaries to become more inclusive. Realistically?  Probably a few more major sex scandals or sordid details from those already in the news.


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