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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sign-by-Sign Forecast for November 2011

 Astrology Forecast for November 2011

At long last.  The world will shake off its stifling inertia in November.  Finally.  There will be an immediate surge of progress in vitally important areas, areas blighted by delay for too long. There will be a sense that more important progress will follow in the months just ahead.  But battle lines will also be drawn.  There will be conflict over the direction of change.  Those who want to block progress will confront those who embrace it.  People with irrational or hysterical views will cloud debate.  It could be some time before things settle into a stable pattern again.  We’ll all need to reinvent ourselves on a continuing basis to keep up in a world that is rapidly reinventing itself.


Tread softly. The abundance you receive this month will be of several kinds, all of which you've been hoping for.  Health, finances and personal ambitions will all get a boost.  However, the process of change could be nervous-making.  Shaping opportunities to suit your specific needs and preferences could be tricky, especially with all the unfamiliar details. You'll also be dealing with stressed people, all working hard amidst uncertainty and doubt. Anxiety, misinformation and plain old wrongheadedness could derail progress, at least temporarily.  Urge others to remain calm, focused and civil.

♉ TAURUS ~ Some assembly required.  A vision of the future will finally begin to emerge. A vision of how to realize that vision will also begin to dawn. The operative word here is "begin."  The stars are well-aligned for Taurus.  Things do look ready to will fall into place - just maybe not all at once. It could take months to figure out specifically what you need as well as what you want.  You must also position yourself to seize the opportunities as they move past you.  Impatience or irritability will make things harder.

♊ GEMINI ~ Positivity vs. hyperactive negativity.  Gemini is in tune with the opportunities now opening up, probably better than most of the people around you. There is more at stake now than many realize and you need to make that understood.  However, the air is full of misinformation, doubt, conspiracy theories and plain old hysteria.  You, too, are prone to overexcitement. Your special contribution will be to help generate the clarity, confidence and harmony needed. Don't underestimate the resistance to be overcome or the importance of your role in overcoming it.

♋ CANCER ~ The "eye" in team work.  You may have sought partnerships invested in project that you had to put on a back burner for lack of progress. But things are now gaining traction. Many ideals in which you invested emotionally are also starting to bear fruit.  There are many who would intentionally or unintentionally derail your efforts. Your famous intuition is in especially good working order. Share your insights willingly. You and key partners will need those insights to see through the confusion and misinformation and to steer around stubborn obstacles.

♌ LEO ~ Healer in chief. Some are talking about opportunities.  Some are broadcasting their own worst fears.  Some are going to ridiculous extremes. Some are spewing crazy talk.  But what Leo hears most clearly are demands for healing.  Everyone must be heard.  Fears must be calmed.  People need to be talked back from extremes.  Hysteria must be dampened. Obstructions must be politely but firmly overcome.  This isn't just the usual drama, either. Your intervention is vital.  Each of your healing achievements will yield substantial benefits, now and for many years to come.

♍ VIRGO ~ Small victories.  Virgos might feel like they woke up in the middle of a riot for all the furor surrounding them.  There are many big problems out there and some are approaching crisis levels.  Unfortunately, absolutely nothing is going to get fixed fast or easily.  New solutions certainly won't come online soon enough to restore needed calm. Things really could get out of control.  As so often in recent times, you have a special feel for the situation. Your input could help avert harm and produce greater benefit than anyone realizes.

♎ LIBRA ~ Place your bet carefully. Unusually delicate financial decisions await. The outcome depends on the decisions of many others who have their own priorities and who aren't necessarily thinking very clearly. It also depends on events you simply cannot foresee. Some heavy-hitters are involved, too.  Rather than the careful reasoning you prefer, you'll need to go with intuition, educated guesswork and improvisation. And then live for awhile with the consequences. The planets suggest an emphasis on fairness.  It would be the right thing, even if the good guys didn't have an edge.

♏ SCORPIO ~ Renewal. Others might be concerning themselves with difficult and complex choices this month and how to take advantage of emerging financial opportunities. There will be some of that for Scorpio. But Scorpios could find themselves more preoccupied with issues related to a lifelong partner.  You could be especially concerned with the darker, secret side of such a relationship and how it has burdened you in some especially difficult way.  What will make November important and memorable for you will be a deep healing and quiet reconciliation in this life partnership. 

♐ SAGITTARIUS ~ Good luck and introspection.  The planets line up well for Sagittarius in November.  Personal charisma peaks.  Luck blesses you financially and in relationship areas.  Travel and/or educational matters prosper.  November marks a fine prelude to the lengthy, challenging phase of your life that is now approaching. Ties to family, friends and familiar beliefs will weaken as a journey of self-questioning and self-discovery begins.  New horizons will appear in the realms of spirituality, art, music, and literature.  Be careful to do right by existing commitments.  Avoid unhealthy forms of escapism.

♑ CAPRICORN ~ Progress plus confusion.  Capricorn should make progress on priority issues in November with the promise of more progress to come.  But you could be shocked as well as frustrated by the outlandish objections some will have to your plans.  Others could come to you with wildly unrealistic expectations.  People could get very emotional, even troublesome.  The best way to allay fears, manage expectations and minimize resistance is with patience and reason.  Sound reasoning might look like a tough sell in this highly charged environment, but it remains your best bet.

♒ AQUARIUS ~ Give it a while.  A kind of mist has clouded the Aquarian lens for many years.  It softened events and created emotional distance.  It also deepened your understanding. This mist is now dissipating.  You will be more directly involved in everything. You will also feel stronger.  Stimulating new possibilities will present themselves.  You are a more complex person, now, and the world is more complex and fast moving than you remember it being. It will take some time and effort to integrate the new, better you into this fast-moving, intense world.

♓ PISCES ~ Into deeper waters.  An enchanted mist will soon settle over Piscean minds.  It will get denser and remain so for many years.  It will create emotional distance.  It will make you even more intuitive and absorb you more completely into your own thoughts and feelings.  You'll be even less willing to settle for a standard version of reality.  You won't feel as robust as you might like, sometimes.  But it will make you more powerfully Piscean than you already are.  But stay in touch with the rest of us.  We'll really need your Super-Piscean insights.


Lianne Donaldson said...

Dear Sir, Since my fortunate & magical discovery of your August 2011 Astrology videoclip, I feel as if an activation has taken place, magnetic in nature. I have a deep love and respect for the manifold nature of Astrology,as with Numerology and the many other aspects of 3 dimensional natural science, all reflecting the sacred functioning geometric principles of the almighty cosmos. It is so refreshing to hear you explain the astrological intricacies of our galactic unfolding in a way that is warm, wise & user-friendly. Personally I am pregnant with excitement about the potential for co-creation ("seek ye first the kingdom within..."), the earthly microcosom mirroring the heavenly macrocosom archetype, thereby initiating spriritual alchemy! Imagine if we can pull off manifesting heaven on earth. I agree whole heartedly with you regarding "our response will determine the outcome". Bless you & thank you for sharing your gifts, and I will be tuning in to your monthly updates with a childlike excitement from here on in. Warm regards, Li (Aotearoa/NZ)

Carl B. said...

Thank you Lianne for taking the time to express your thoughts. I appreciate it.