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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Analysis - September 2011 for Everyone

September 2011 for Everyone

Depth Charge

This month's chart is another rough one.  September's vibes are profound and complex and difficult.  They affect us spiritually and psychologically.  They also affect us concretely. They strike at the foundations of our identity and our personal lives, specifically, at our most important and cherished relationships.  They strike hard enough to make us start thinking in terms of radical, concrete changes, in our own lives and in the world around us.  They also strike hard enough to our behavior and our decisions
immediately and in important ways.

September's vibes will strike directly at the flaws in our most important relationships.  The dark, shady, negative, hidden things in our relationships will come into the open. September will bring out the kind of things that usually only come out, for example, during a bitter divorce.

That level of disruption in such a key part of our collective lives is bound to translate into disruption in society at large, eventually, at some level.

It is true that, long-term, September's vibes push our relationships in a less repressive, more spiritual and inclusive direction. However, we will have to work through all this rough stuff first.

The effects of September's aspects will most likely take time, well beyond September, to play out fully.  Meanwhile, economic conditions are very likely to worsen.  Recovery will slow further. The combination of interpersonal conflicts and economic hardship will incline us to accept the notion of very big, revolutionary changes.

Unless, of course, governments are able to take effective action. Unfortunately, however, government and big business won’t find it easy to cooperate in the near term.

Supportive Aspects

A matrix of positive aspects offers conditional support. To benefit we must apply psychological and spiritual principles as we work through all the issues September raises.


Two more placements contribute positive synchronicity. 
However, individuals, groups and governments must take appropriate action to trigger this positive synchronicity. Failure to do so will increase negative synchronicity.

The Part of Fortune is in the third house in Aquarius, supporting community based efforts. 

Also, the north node is in Sagittarius in the second house.  This will strongly support far reaching initiatives to stimulate the economy at the grass-roots level, if such initiatives are made. 

Negative + Negative = Positive

Pluto will turn direct early in September.  This will generate demands for action - premature action in many cases.  It will also inspire outright power plays.  However, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Uranus will be retrograde, obstructing these power plays.  All of this will raise stress levels, but it will block the power plays, which is a good thing. 


September's vibes strongly support heart-to-heart discussions, too.  With all sorts of things coming to the surface in our lives, this has to be considered a major positive.

The Yod - Relentless Relationship Stresses

A combination of aspects called a Yod is dominant in the chart. 
This Yod straddles the very sensitive vertical axis of the chart.  Its apex conjoins the all-important base of the chart.

Yod's take us over the same set of issues over and over again.  We never reach a resolution.  Instead, we get more entangled. 

This Yod is all about relationships. It will bring deeper understanding of our relationship issues . . . eventually.

However, near term, this Yod will drive us deeper into relationship issues than we probably want to go.

Basically, the Yod suppresses the bonding impulse and stimulates emotional and, well, potentially amorous 'exploration'.

It also makes the limits of our relationship chafe, even as it tempts us beyond those limits and urges us to idealize and spiritualize our relationships. Finally it brings dark things to the surface.
It will, more specifically, bring up the things we think we need to keep hidden to preserve our important relationships.

Yod - Stellium in Virgo Libra

Sun in Virgo is at one point of the Yod, near Venus in Libra.  The planet of relationships will be in the sign of relationships. It will be close to the Sun in a sign that often causes standoffishness. Standoffishness isn't helpful in important relationships.

Another major relationship stress is nearby in Libra. Saturn is very closely conjunct Juno in Libra, putting tremendous pressure on lifelong relationships in particular. 

Yod - Mars in Leo

Mars is on the other corner of the Yod, in Leo.  Mars's carries the energy of Uranus, which is now in Aries, Mars's home sign. 

Difficult Mars and Uranus combinations generally cause 'inappropriate' and annoying behavior. 
They generate  confusing and off-putting behavior, at best.

In this case, Mars will add a restless, impulsive, often erotic vibe, loaded with unconventional Uranian 'tendencies'.  Leo will give this behavior a decidedly self-centered and unhelpful bias.  On top of everything else that is going on, this probably won’t be a good thing.

Yod - Taking Relationships to the Next Level

Neptune and Chiron are both retrograde at the apex of the Yod, near the base of the chart.  Neptune inspires idealism and transcendence of ego-concerns. Chiron brings illness, injury and/or healing processes that aid such transcendence.

The retrogrades, will drive these disruptive and transformative energies deeper into our minds. They will prolong and intensify our search for answers. They will drive us relentlessly toward more idealistic relationships. Neptune in particular, will heighten the Yod's natural inconclusiveness.

They will make it less likely that we will want to put things back the way they were, or could do so if we wanted to. In effect, Neptune and Chiron will only work to weaken or dissolve existing personal bonds so that they might expand and become more inclusive and spiritual in nature.

Yod - Our Achilles Heel(s)

The Point of Substance, a rare but reliable indicator, forms an opposition with Neptune and Chiron. The Point of Substance indicates our deepest and darkest fear, shame and guilt.  It exposes our greatest mental, emotional and moral vulnerabilities, our darkest secrets. This is sure to seriously complicate already difficult relationship issues.

And Still More

The Yod is tied into a difficult T-square. The stellium affecting relationships in particular is heavily involved in this T-square. 

Lilith, is a potent source of irrationality, manipulation and dysfunction.  Unfortunately, it opposes the Saturn/Juno conjunction as part of the T-square.  This opposition, too, will add significantly to the stress on long-term relationships.  Irrational, neurotic and controlling behaviors will tend to come between life partners in particular, and partners in general.

Also as part of this T-square, Uranus opposes the Sun and Venus.  This opposition will add still more potently disruptive energy to conflicted relationships.  Indeed, it will re-enforce the negative effects of the Point of Substance.

The combination of Neptune, Chiron, Lilith and the Point of Substance suggests the likelihood of hysteria.

Finally, Pluto, is in direct motion from early in September.  It forms the apex of the T-square.  Pluto will put serious pressure on the many fault lines in the chart.  This pressure will increase the likelihood that the negative potentials will manifest disruptively in our relationships.

A Word about the Economy

I consider the Jupiter/Pluto cycle the wealth-building cycle.  It takes 12 years.  The quality of the cycle is colored by general astrological conditions.  The difficult astrological conditions now in effect are making this Jupiter/Pluto, wealth-building cycle especially difficult – as everyone will have noticed.

The wealth-building cycle has three phases.  The first five years are usually comparatively smooth.  So are the last four years.

The three years in the middle of the cycle are often comparatively rough.  We are about to enter the difficult, middle three years of the Jupiter/Pluto cycle. That phase will last from June 2012 thru August 2015, 3½ years.

Pluto in Capricorn is making general astrological conditions very rough. Hence we can expect that this part of the wealth-building cycle will also be especially rough. The financial markets will be volatile and unpredictable.  Economic conditions at the grass roots will remain difficult. The public mood will not be good. Indeed, the public will be in the mood for changes . . . big changes . . . revolutionary changes.

With Jupiter retrograde on the threshold of this difficult Jupiter/Pluto phase, we are in for a preview of economic difficulties to come - unless we act.

The ongoing turmoil in so many important areas of our lives, including, now, our most valued personal relationships, might or might not be enough to inspire thoughts of revolution. If not, these frustrating economic conditions, sustained over a 3½ year period, almost certainly will.


Anonymous said...

Well I can certainly attest to the rising insanity as an old healthcare worker who thought she had seen it all-40 years of observation-what a mess..what possibilities..only a north node aquarius like me, would proclaim that..great post..kauai..mahalo nui

Carl B. said...

If this is anything like the 1960's -- and it looks like it will be worse, actually -- then the stress and craziness has barely begin. It sounds alarmist to say that, I guess, but I've never been too good at happy talk.