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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, July 01, 2011

July 2011 For Everyone - Push Comes to Shove

July 2011 For Everyone

Push Comes to Shove

July's chart probes our personality and relationships, from lifetime partnerships to work relationships, flirtations and casual friendships.

The process of change, the transformational energies so apparent in the larger world, will now deeply affect our personalities and our relationships.  We need to brace ourselves for deeply personal challenges.

There will be electricity in the air. People will be wound up. Nerves will be taught. There will also be excitement over the importance of events and the possibilities emerging. There will be a lot of irritability and impatience, too.  Almost any situation could quickly become very intense.

Along with the general rise in intensity levels, irrational and dysfunctional behavior will continue at high levels.

In the past, we may have overlooked or tolerated irrational or dysfunctional behavior.  In July, this behavior will peak and affect critical areas of our lives, compelling us to confront it.

National and international turbulence will also touch our personal lives and relationships more directly than it already has.

Tender Loving Care Advised

No matter the issue, though, we must use the right approach in July. The planets offer very clear guidance on this point. 

Aggressively imposing our own ideas will backfire. The planets are clear on that.

We will need to be cooperative, inclusive and compassionate.  It's harder to go that way, but the planets will reward us generously for doing so and penalize us if we don't.

So, despite the volatility and the occasional uproar, there will be a clear pattern, a safe direction to go in.

Also, people will get just plain lucky breaks.  Reality checks will help keep people on course.

There are deep healing energies at work, too.  They will transform the personal and interpersonal turbulence into an opportunity for healing and a chance to adapt to changing realities.

Those who enter into substantive dialogue and who take an inclusive and compassionate approach will benefit most.

Still, we should not let the potential for planetary support blind us to the inherent difficulty of the chart, especially on the personal and interpersonal level. July will be a challenging month. Those who insist on imposing their own ideas or who emphasize their own narrow self-interest will face all the challenges with none of the benefits.

Murphy's Law, Etc.

We will all feel like agents of change in July. 
The need for change will seem crystal clear in our minds. So will the issues. At first, anyway. We will all sense the urgency. We will feel a mandate to act.  We will even feel inspired and confident.

These feelings will communicate themselves directly to all of our important relationships.

We will also feel energized. The clarity and energy will intensify our urge to assert our own ideas. Our first, and probably our strongest impulse, will probably be to impose our will.

However, July's chart works powerfully against blunt self-assertion. Simply imposing our own preferences will block all positive synchronicity. It will subject us, instead, to negative synchronicity.  Everything that can go wrong, will.  There will be no synergy, either. Blocks will arise at every step.  The relationships we try to defend will suffer.  The planets are saying: Don't go there.

Stubbornly, blindly imposing our ideas, will expose our private Achilles heel, also. It will also leave us open to misinterpretation, serious accusation and harmful personal attack. Generally, things will tend to work out for the worst. Those who persist in this path could actually experience mental, physical and emotional debility.

Blunt self-assertion, even, or especially, in regard to our most important relationships, however tempting, however natural an impulse, goes directly against the grain of July's chart.

The Side of the Angels

Instead, July's chart strongly rewards dialogue and cooperation. The planets will solidly support those who consider the needs of others. This support will occur on many levels.

Those who actively - or proactively - consider the needs and expectations of others will generate synergy and synchronicity. They will also see things start to happen for them.

Their ideas will be recognized. Others will be motivated and inspired by their efforts. Coincidence and good luck will step in frequently to lend a hand. Seemingly random events will work in their favor. Unexpected opportunities will spring up. They will sense a deep harmony with the momentum of events. There will be general improvements in their lives.

People who choose this approach will also grow psychologically and spiritually. They will experience deep psychological healing, too.

The outcome will be vital relationships that can withstand the current tests and adapt to our rapidly changing situation.

The rewards for this approach contrast sharply with the disincentives aimed at the self-centered, self-assertive approach. No synergy.  No synchronicity. No recognition and acceptance. Resistance at every turn.

Because the disincentives are clear and the incentives numerous and attractive, many will make the right choices. Their choices will create a momentum that attracts others. And all that will help. 

But it is important to realize that , despite the enthusiasm and the momentum, the situation on the ground is likely to remain turbulent, confusing and stressful.

But Not So Fast . . .

It would be nice if it were that simple, really: deal with the stress, identify issues, take an inclusive approach; be a team player and reap the rewards.  However, other elements of the chart seriously complicate the picture.

The forces of change are churning up the deepest layers of our psyche. The forces of change carry a freakish component. They will raise difficult and disruptive psychological and behavioral issues we have suppressed or ignored in ourselves and in others. 

Dysfunctional, irrational behavior that we have ignored, tolerated, or simply worked around, will now get directly in the way.  They will come between people. Irrational, even bizarre behavior will occur without warning. They will disrupt progress on important issues and demand to be meaningfully addressed.

In addition, the deepest assumptions underlying our committed life partnerships and family will come into question. Our closest, oldest ties will become fluid and doubt will creep in. The stress testing of relationships we are already will continue, also.

All of this seriously complicates the picture presented above - the movement toward dialogue and cooperative approaches to dealing with issues.

However, the same rules apply. The planets will penalize blunt self-assertion and self-centered behavior.  They will reward those who take an open, inclusive, cooperative approach, even when dealing with bizarre and disruptive behavior, however stressed we are feeling personally.  However strong the planetary support, the challenges remain serious.

Whatever else they do, these influences will profoundly transform our relationships and, indeed, transform the very definition of personal relationship.  There is a distinct gender bendy quality to these vibes.

More specifically, for example, the ongoing re-definition of marriage and family will cross a threshold.  Relationships with friends, neighbors and work associations will also have changed into something different, but also deeper and more meaningful when the smoke finally clears.

Local Effects of Global Events

There are innumerable crises currently unfolding on the global level.  One way or another, one of them will touch our personal lives in July.

The effect will most likely be financial. Economic decisions made by governments, for example, could affect our livelihood or lifestyle. These decisions could require personal sacrifice.  Or they could have difficult mental and emotional effects.

Astrological Footnotes

This analysis is based on a composite chart that combines data for the three moons in July: Solar eclipse, July 1; full moon, July 15; extra new moon, July 30. Have three moons in a calendar month will increase intensity and mental and emotional volatility.

It should be noted that most of the aspects discussed a broad.  That is what makes them survivable.  More exact aspects would be much more difficult to work with. Also, all of the influences are compounded; they include mixed, seemingly contradictory components.  Mutable energy is abundant in the chart, too, adding innumerable layers of subtlety as well as flexibility

Strong Uranus energy, transmitted by Mars near the ascendant in the 1st house. This inclines us strongly to aggressive levels of self-assertion

The Moon, Juno and Saturn in Libra at the bottom of the chart. This sets up penetrating, disruptive dynamic affecting us deeply psychologically and in all our most important relationships

The main opposition in the chart, Mars/South Node/Point of Substance vs. North Node, Part of Fortune and Vertex lies astride the main relationship axis. Note that it directly intersects the psychological axis with its Lilith/Uranus vs. Moon/Juno/Saturn opposition.

Point of Substance and south node near the ascendant and Mars frustrate Mars energies. The urge to unilaterally impose ideas will be very strong, but it will be the wrong thing to do. Bad consequences will manifest quickly.

Part of Fortune, North Node, Vertex in the 6th and 7th house generously reward cooperation. Synergy, synchronicity and recognition will result

Neptune and Chiron feed deeply healing energies into elaborate network of supporting aspects.

Lilith near Uranus near midheaven, both opposing Moon, Juno and Saturn at the bottom of the chart. This introduces an intense, decidedly irrational and dysfunctional element. It projects this turbulence and irrationality deep into our psyches and into our most important relationships

Venus in Cancer in the 2nd house turns lingering Saturn/Pluto/Uranus T-square into a grand square. This brings the world's difficulties home to our relationship doorstep.

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