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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, May 30, 2011

June 2011 For Everyone - Power Shift

June 2011 For Everyone

Power Shift

In June 2011, power will begin shifting decisively away from the wealthy and powerful elites and to the broad mass of the people.

There will be a clear sense that the scales of power are finally tipping. Global political and economic priorities will begin shifting accordingly. The concerns of the people will begin crowding out the priorities of the wealthy, the corporations and financial markets.

This will be apparent in every area of life, across the globe, wherever there is hierarchical power, a chain of command.

This will be part of an ongoing, evolutionary process in most places. However, in some less stable parts of the world, it will doubtless spark violence.

What happens in June must be seen as a particularly important, critical phase in an ongoing power shift.  June will bring us to the tipping point.  In time, this shift will bring a more stable and just world.  For now, we must expect a prolonged and sometimes turbulent adjustment, one that will intensify in June.

Quantum Shift

June's contribution to the power shift will be primarily a matter of feelings and thoughts. 
It will be a time of consciousness raising. Changing attitudes will finally tip the balance of opinion in favor of grassroots interests.

During June this crucial shift in global political thinking might only show up as a few seemingly unusual events. In the months and years ahead, June’s events will be seen as evidence of a major historical turning point.

Too Much Confusion

So, in June, the breadth and depth of global change will speed up and begin broadening. The issues that need to be considered will multiply. Public dialogue will become more
intense, wide ranging and complicated.

More change will, of course, generate more issues to sort out. Beyond that, each issue will now seem to have many more facets than we realized.

And rather than immediate, revolutionary action, we will see extended, seemingly endless discussions.  Rather than results, efforts will produce more and more initiatives.

There is already confusion over the many changes now occurring. In June, the confusion will begin increasing.

We should see this as a blessing.  Changes as profound and sweeping as those we are talking about need to be widely discussed.  They need to be made as slowly and thoughtfully as possible.

Grisly Undertones

Unfortunately, this phase of the power shift will likely be marked by incidents of gruesome violence.  This violence will enter public awareness with particular force and clarity. 

Economic Prospects

Despite all of the above, the global economy should be *essentially* stable into 2012. June, and the months just afterward will be particularly good, economically.  However, we cannot look forward to the level of economic performance everyone needs and wants.

Within a year or so, the economy will begin transitioning from an expansive phase into what I think of as a consolidation phase.  It will begin gradually, from mid-2013 thru mid-2014.

During a growth phase, the economy tends to add jobs and increase wealth. During a consolidation phase, the economy re-organizes itself after years of expansion.

This re-organizational work is healthy and is unlikely to bring major economic crises. It just might not produce jobs and wealth as quickly as many would like. And it will bring changes and adjustments that, for one reason or another, many hoped we would never have to make.

I see no reason for panic, financially. But the decade just ahead is bound to be busy – at times frantic – for those who must manage the world's finances . . . and get us through the financial
rough patches. But that is no more than we should expect of an economic consolidation phase during a major global power shift.

A new expansive phase will begin toward the end of the decade.

In So Many Words . . .

All told, then, June marks an acceleration of a transitional process we are already in.

However it goes, we can look forward to one big improvement.  The feeling that events are pushing the majority of us off an economic cliff will end.

Some Astrological Highlights

3 Eclipses – Turning a Big Corner

There are three eclipses in a row: First: June 01, partial solar eclipse; Second: June 15, total lunar eclipse; Third: July 01, partial solar eclipse.  Three eclipses in a row are unusual, but it happens every few years or so.

Please note: eclipses can trigger significant events for six months or so after they occur.

Eclipses trigger crises that have been brewing, often unseen. On the micro-level, these can be health and employment crises or any other kind of life changing personal event.  On the macro-level, they tend to be natural and man-made disasters, the death of world figures, dramatic changes in government, and so on.

On the micro-level, eclipses seem to bring good news far more often than they bring bad news. Eclipses often clear away deadwood and open new doors.

In the composite chart, these three eclipse will hit the global financial axis of the chart.  The south node sets in Gemini in the 8th house.  This indicates a loss of power for large financial institutions. The north node rests in Sagittarius in the 2nd house, indicating empowerment for the little guy.

Along the financial axis, wealth is synonymous with power.  Hence, these eclipses will facilitate the political power shift, too, away from small, entrenched governing elites toward the broad masses of the people.

In the present astrological context (Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus square Pluto, the dawn of the Aquarian Age) this would have to be seen as a part of a long-term trend.

Jupiter and the Point of Substance – Where Our Concerns Should Be

Jupiter, the planet of abundance is in the 6th house, of labor. The Point of Substance, an obscure but reliable indicator, marks a point of crucial importance in the chart.

These placements re-enforce the message of the eclipses.  Jupiter in the 6th tells us that working men and women are the source of wealth, now.  The Point of Substance tells us that we ignore the needs of working people at our considerable peril.

Flood of Mutable Energy – Second Guessing, and Then Some

Mutable energy dominates the composite chart. The 3 eclipses are in the mutable signs of Sagittarius and Gemini.  The mutable sign Pisces is on the cusp of the powerful 4th house.  Neptune, the most mutable of planetary energies, is in Pisces. Neptune is retrograde and that will increase the degree of mutability it produces. 

Mutable energies translate everything into insight, thought, feeling and discussion.  Mutable energies introduce virtually endless mental and emotional subtlety.

Hence, these eclipses will shift popular sentiment against large financial institutions, like investment banks, in favor of main street, the little guy, the grassroots.

The change will be very much a matter of changing attitudes. However, mutable energies tend to disappoint those who want quick decisions and fast action.

Money and Power to the People

This shift of attitude, this new flow of thought and feeling will have a distinct direction.  Thought and feeling will flow in a way favorable to the masses.  People will no longer feel that wealth should flow endlessly upward into the big financial institutions.  They will feel that wealth and power should flow to the little guy - to the grassroots. This shift in sentiment will be unstoppable and irresistible.

Mars Conjunct Algol – Very Nasty Stuff

(Mars will conjoin the fixed star Algol a few hours before the total lunar eclipse on June 15th. This conjunction is not in the composite chart. But it comes close to the total eclipse of the full moon and, thus, still has a powerful influence.)

Mars can be a fiendishly destructive influence.  Algol, "The Demon Star," is the most evil influence in the heavens.  It is commonly associated with gruesome, human-on-human violence, on whatever scale. Together, Mars and Algol make up a very dark influence which will likely bring gruesome headlines.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Astrology Forecast for June 2011

Astrology Forecast for June 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ Compass. This month, the process of change hits those things we base our major life decisions on. The rules of the game, rules we thought were eternal, will start changing, too.  The world around us will start working differently than it did. The level of flux will reach startlingly high levels. And it won't go back to the way it was. Much of this will strike many of us as a relief, even if it is unsettling.  If you chose your goals carefully enough in the first place, they're still good.  Just change the way you go about achieving them, even if the ground is moving beneath your feet. Change your tactics, not your goals.


ARIES ~ Clearing. Sometimes we try to work out new plans using old ideas and nothing works.  Worries overwhelm creativity. Circumstances can lock us into old patterns. In June, all of the above changes.  Insights will dawn.  Worries will subside. Circumstances will open up. But you could be surprised with the direction things take. Rather than immediate concrete results, you will experience a deepening understanding of your goal and the means necessary to achieve it. You're still in an expansive cycle and you should soon see an increase in disposable income.

TAURUS ~ Tremors. Economic changes now taking place are completely out of your control, of course.  You can only do so much to protect your assets.  Countless changes, large and small, are also taking place at work. They have you worried, a bit. Things are surprisingly fluid.  There's nothing imaginary about your concerns. However, you've just begun a new cycle of personal growth and financial expansion. One way or another, these changes will work strongly in your favor. The planets also offer support with current plans and ongoing issues.

GEMINI ~ Combat anxiety. The future is coming on fast and it isn't at all clear where things are headed. Your personal and professional lives are being directly affected, more so than those of other people.  Events will soon clarify issues and weed out unrealistic possibilities.  Your decisions and determination will play a critical role in shaping events and determining the direction of your life.  It's especially important to be realistic.  But "realistic" does not mean "pessimistic." Be mindful of the healing, uplifting processes now at work in your mind.

CANCER ~ Flow. Recently your characteristic reliance on emotion and intuition has been producing mixed messages and conflicting impulses. It was getting really hard to navigate, especially in these complicated times.  But you can start trusting emotion and intuition again.  That will help reduce your growing alienation from those in power, among other things.  Powerful new feelings will soon rise to the surface, removing blocks, expanding your horizons and setting clear, new directions. You can move past deadends you thought you'd reached.  Any financial constraints you have been experiencing will also ease.

LEO ~ Grounding. Leo's big ego, their love of drama, especially drama with them at the center, could be all that holds Leos together when they're hit by a big cosmic disintegrator ray. Otherwise, waves of unfamiliar feeling, unusual ideas, and major changes in the lives of people who are important to you might prove overwhelming. Your famous ability to thrive amidst drama will help you hold things together for everyone. Idealistic friends can provide vital support and guidance. You will need to adopt a more realistic, disciplined approach to finances, long-term.

VIRGO ~ Decoding. Things will soon get even more complicated. Discussions will have a subtlety that only a Virgo could love. But you will not only be in harmony with extraordinarily complex and rapid currents of change, you are uniquely qualified, and inclined, to grapple with the issues. And you will have access to higher ups.  This is Virgo's moment to shine. Keep in mind, though, it will take a lot of time and hard work to achieve the goal. The rewards could be spectacular . . . over time. Careful spending softens financial bumps.

LIBRA ~ Economic threshold.  Avenues that were blocked will soon open. Brand new paths will emerge, too. However, very little will be straightforward. You'll need clarity to sort through the possibilities, freedom to maneuver, and endurance. Take advantage of any opportunity to put old issues permanently behind you; free yourself to pursue new possibilities. The planets indicate long-term financial gains and the possibility of debt relief. They stress the importance of eliminating a debt burden if the opportunity arises.  Small local projects have far-ranging potential.  Eccentric or erratic associates need to show more restraint.

SCORPIO ~ Tough love. Scorpio usually prefers to work quietly behind the scenes.  However, you could find yourself speaking out in tight spots and delicate situations.  You could even surprise yourself by speaking in support of those you once opposed. Often, it could be a matter of warding off financial difficulties. You are increasingly dependent on cooperation and partnership in financial areas. For that to work, you'll need to clear some things up. Be sure to choose your words carefully. There's a possibility of open conflict.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Realignments. The planets are shifting power in favor of Sagittarius.  Increasingly, events and decisions will go your way. Also, people are taking a generally more thoughtful, Sagittarian approach to issues.  You might need to speak up in defense of friends in the work place, especially where finances are concerned. People will acknowledge the importance of what you have to say, but you will need to tread lightly.  Issues are more complex than they appear and you could step on someone's toes unintentionally. Nerves are frayed and an incident is possible.

CAPRICORN ~ Grace. Events related to work and health will push your priorities inward.  They will gradually shift in the direction of deep psychological healing and self-cultivation. The increasingly complex and fluid nature of the world around you will strengthen this tendency.  So will strains in key relationships, at home and in your professional life. These potentially daunting challenges will be made easier by a spirit of camaraderie and playfulness and the strength you derive from your own inner discoveries. Good luck and helpful coincidences will lend a hand, also.  Financial strains ease.

AQUARIUS ~ Home sweet home. Many people you see on a daily basis are in some kind of turmoil. Some in troubled relationships are going through just plain weird stuff.  People's living and working arrangements are in flux, too. There's no end in sight. Maintaining a calm, stable, secure home base is essential.  It's your prime refuge and source of strength.  It is the basis of your success in the world.  You need to be especially careful about whom you invite in during the current cycle.  You might need to tighten your budget.

PISCES ~ Calm words. Pisceans feel the full emotional force of the turmoil others are now experiencing. You see the long-term implications of these turbulent changes, too. Your response to events will be very influential. So it's important for everyone that you respond calmly and reassuringly. Suppress the urge to scold or blame, especially at work.  Recently, someone has been making irrational, downright loopy moves that seriously affect your cash flow.  A moderating influence will start bringing this situation under control.  Community involvement is particularly uplifting and could bring economic benefits.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Astrology Forecast for May 2011

Astrology Forecast for May 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ Cascade.  A lot of things will happen very fast in May. Many of these things will be important and many will be irreversible.  Luck will frequently step in and take a hand. But many will be tempted by the chance to make a power play or a shady move. May will be complicated, eventful and fateful, but it’s only the prelude to still more complicated and fateful months just ahead. So take advantage of whatever good May brings; deal with the changes, good, bad and indifferent. And hold something in reserve for as yet unforeseen challenges. Try to keep commitments flexible.


ARIES ~ Simple and straightforward.  This is a very Aries month. The vibe is energetic, forward looking and adventuresome.  Aries is in a commanding position, too. There's resistance to be overcome and many are in a bind and can't help much. Money is tight.  But there's magic in the air.  A little effort will often bring unexpectedly generous results. You do need to be careful. Keep dealings simple and open.  There's trouble to be gotten into otherwise. Some are willing to take the shady route or force issues that deserve careful negotiation.

TAURUS ~ Introspection. April brings an awareness of all you might have left undone or the important goals you might not have achieved.  The price of any omissions or oversights will be very clear. The clock is ticking, the pressure is on, and quick fixes are unlikely.  The next few months will provide lots of helpful insight about where you might have gone wrong and how you might do better in the future. Use this insight to your advantage when a whole new cycle of personal and financial growth begins in June.

GEMINI ~ Proxy fight. Events point to change as far as the mind's eye can see. Those in charge are depending heavily on you.  Your reach in the community will let you shape events in ways they cannot. Things are complicated and confusing and there's plenty of room for mischief and manipulation by self-serving people. So you'll need to exercise independent judgment and use your initiative often to keep important priorities on track. There are surprisingly positive, constructive forces at work. They will reward your efforts more generously than you might think.

CANCER ~ Pause.  There is an awful lot going on and it's important to you, but there isn't much you can do to directly affect the outcome. It's all too complicated; it's all too big; there are too many people involved. Too much depends on what you've done - and left undone - in the past.  But there's a lot of reason to believe that the outcome will favor you. Behind-the-scenes maneuvers will benefit you, too.  Next month, finances will improve noticeably. You will also experience some dramatic and positive inner changes.

LEO ~ Proceed with caution. Events have definitely reached a tipping point and momentum is still building. *Some* confidence is justified.  However, in all the excitement, there's a strong possibility of double dealing and other kinds of mischief.  There is a lot of uncertainty, too, especially about finances.  Fate could soon deal everyone a wild card or two. Your cooperation is needed and, realistically, you have to participate. You'd best hedge your bets, though. Protect against unexpected consequences where investments are concerned. Watch out for shady deals and power plays.

VIRGO ~ Check ID's. The speed and complexity of change will increase dramatically and so will your involvement. Your whole life will be affected. A seductive and mysterious influence is also drawing attractive and fascinating people to you. Many won't be what they seem. You could also be drawn to unconventional ideas. This is being caused by a powerful, long-term influence. Your life is becoming more interesting, but more risky. Keep your b.s. detector on high. Re-enforce personal boundaries. Listen, be helpful, but don't take on other people's burdens. Safeguard assets.

LIBRA ~ Threshold. Many Librans are experiencing both a profound personal transformation and a complicated career transition.  A rapid sequence of events will soon accelerate these transformations. The past will slip further behind you. Increasingly, you will find yourself among reformers and innovators.  Amidst this change, you need to maintain a stable base of operations and, in the face of complicated events, keep your life on track.  Remember that you need to achieve and maintain a steady income throughout. Exert as much control as possible over vital details. Financial pressures ease this summer.

SCORPIO ~ Diplomacy.  Irritations and disappointments have been piling up.  In May, some people will finally let their feelings be known.  You, too, might finally put your foot down. Things are going to start happening fast.  Some good will come of all this.  But May is only the beginning of a period of rapid, confusing and often unexpected change.  Firm up support networks and helpful alliances. Proceed cautiously and calmly. An impulsive response might put you at a disadvantage as events continue to unfold.  Financially, the upcoming cycle favors consolidation, not expansion.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Ripple effects. May brings a cascade of economic changes. They will move through the lives of your entire social circle, including professional and work friends. You are favorably positioned and the forces of change will flow smoothly through your affairs. Your ideas about change will be of interest to higher ups, too. But use whatever benefits May brings in a self-protective way.  More complicated, difficult changes are coming; you'll need options in the months ahead.  Explore relationships with change-minded people. Learn what change means to those who must live through it.

CAPRICORN ~ Deliberation. You've turned a corner, but it will take time to achieve a new, stable status quo. Temperamentally, you're out of harmony with the forces of change.  It could also be tricky to establish and maintain the alliances you'll need going forward. That leaves you with bridges to build. Whatever progress you make, you should avoid set commitments. Next month's events will bring clarity to many situations where confusion now reigns.  It will help you understand better what's ahead. You'll be glad you kept things flexible.  Financial conditions will soon ease noticeably.

AQUARIUS ~ Resolute. Lots of Aquarian stuff is starting to happen. The Aquarian spirit is spreading and growing, however gradually, and you are an unavoidable part of that.  You are also beginning the next big phase of your personal existence now.  Don't compromise your goals out of impatience or frustration. Don't be bullied into compromise, either. May is advising you to lay a good financial foundation.  A seductive, spendy influence is affecting your personal finances, long-term. Get a handle on this influence now: keep finances simple and straightforward. Stick to your budget.

PISCES ~ A strong tailwind. Events are pushing you to explore new horizons, intellectually, spiritually and/or geographically. Your own ambitions are reinforcing this trend.  Complex and powerful forces are affecting your personal finances, also. Financial trends are complicated, but basically positive. Necessity, personal motivation and irresistible changes are shaping decisions for you. Optimism is justified.  However, it could be hard to do anything but ride the waves and trust that they will take you where you need to go. Next month will show you more clearly what you must do.