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Saturday, April 30, 2011

May 2011 for Everyone - The Beginning

May 2011 for Everyone

The Beginning

Inner change and outer turmoil increase our uncertainty. Our lives and the lives of people with whom we work and socialize, on whom we generally depend in life, are in flux.  Increasingly, events push us in the direction of coordinated group responses to issues.  It is worrisome and disorienting, but luck steps in often and lends a hand.

Inwardly, our identities are getting fluid.  Our expectations about life are more fluid. Long-held beliefs about the way the world works and what life means are becoming question marks.

We are willing to change ourselces; we can’t help but change ourselves.  We are resigned to big changes in the way the world works, even if we don’t know what those changes will be, yet. Resigned but still unsettled.

Our personal economic foundations begin to feel shakier, too.

Governments cannot make financial ends meet and are trying to reshape economic realities. They are trying to rewrite the social contract and messing with the social safety net, such as it is. They threaten to make polices and programs we depend on disappear, or change them beyond recognition.
The ideas under consideration conflict sharply.

All of the above is true.  Still. Things seem to be working out, for now.  We tend to find ways around the gaps and pitfalls or to delay the seemingly inevitable. Downright hopeful trends occasionally appear.  Periodically, attractive possibilities surface amidst the uncertainty.  Life does go on.

But the speed and pervasiveness of change remain essentially unsettling.  Looking ahead, the there will be even more rapid and dramatic changes in June.  More specifically, governments will continue make, or propose, sweeping economic changes that transform the global political and economic landscape - for all of us.

But events in June will force our hand in many ways, whittling our options down to a realistic, likely few, whether we like them or not.

Hardship, Snake Oil and Power Plays

Many people are having to make extraordinary efforts to hold it together. Even as hucksters and power brokers try to exploit their fear and need. They shamelessly peddle false solutions that enrich or empower themselves and harm everyone else.

People in many walks of life will throw their weight around, trying to force oppressive and exploitative ideas on the rest of us.

Amidst continuing turbulence, signs of promise and possibility will quietly multiply.  We will increasingly find ourselves on new and fertile ground. It is important not to panic. Don't be bullied. And don't let yourself be lied to.

A New Kind of Turbulence

The turbulence we are now experiencing is no longer caused primarily by the recent economic crisis. That crisis continues its retreat into the past.  We are moving into a new phase.  Now we see the turbulence of renewal and reform, the turbulence of new potentials being identified and realized. It is the turbulence of a new world being built. And people fighting, often intensely, over the shape of the future.

Our challenge is to recognize and take advantage of emerging possibilities despite the turmoil.  We need to reject solutions based on fear and despair.  We need to reject the greed and the hunger for power that fear and despair engender.

Instead we must work patiently and diligently to realize the emerging potentials.

Optimism is warranted. The troubled, and troubling, events around us are suffused with positive synchronicity and old fashioned good luck.  Our own anxiety can keep us from seeing these possibilities if we are not careful.  Despair can also keep us from acting or speaking out on our own behalf.

Reality is taking on a frothy, unsubstantial quality. There is plenty of movement and color. Just nothing seems quite solid anymore, or certain. We are inclined to trust our luck and persist.

Things are definitely confusing now and it is hard to see our way clear. 

June will bring greater clarity, at least, and that will help.  But the clarity might arrive in upsetting ways.  It will come because of personal crises and a surge in natural and man-made disasters.  These often have a way of simplifying, clarifying and focusing our priorities. They can also liberate us.  But we must not let them distract or deter us.

We might not like the new, simplified, clarified options being offered, either. But they will have the advantage of being realistic.

The following month, June, will also bring a greater sense of urgency.  But nothing in June will necessarily bring us closer to a resolution of our difficulties.

Baby Steps

This is a time to approach issues calmly and deliberately.  Break things down clearly into their simplest and most essential elements.  Then deal with them carefully, one at a time. Take the long view.  That is the best way to tap into the luck that is floating around in May’s chart.


May, and the months that follow, will severely test our ability to seize opportunities and maintain our purpose through deeply confusing and uncertain times.

Some Astrological Highlights

Lucky, stimulating cluster at the top of the chart.

Mars, the Part of Fortune, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Lilith and Uranus are all in Aries in the 10th House. This powerful and strongly placed cluster is highly stimulating, highly motivating, and also generates strong positive synchronicity - good luck - for all of us.  If we can remain calm, we will usually find some way to work around obstacles and avoid the worst outcomes.

Luck and support pervade chart.

Stimulating, supportive energies from this grouping are carried to the rest of the chart through a group of positive, supportive aspects - trines and sextiles. These coping, facilitating aspects actually outweigh the strength of the difficult ones.

Fading T-square

Saturn/Pluto and Uranus form a weak and fading T-square. Stresses and strains persist, but they linger from past difficulties. Upcoming challenges come from different sources.

Neptune in the 8th house.

Neptune is very strongly placed in Pisces in the 8th house. It combines Neptune's power to soften and dissolve with Scorpio’s power to penetrate and motivate. Neptune is also linked into rest of the chart through supportive aspects.

Neptune sends its spiritual solvent into our financial networks, dissolving old financial agreements, freeing people and resources for reallocation. While this is liberating, it can also be very disorienting and anxiety producing. It is also possible for dishonest or ill-advised people to disempower and impoverish the helpless and unwary.

Neptune in Pisces, in the house of Scorpio, also brings ancient, deeply buried stresses to the surface and dissolves them, liberating us.  But this essentially healing process can also be deeply unsettling.  This process will be at work on an individual, personal level as well as on a national and global scale.

Neptune also complicates decisions and clouds understanding, making clear decisions difficult.  Counteract this facet of Neptune's effects by keeping things simple, clear and direct.

Saturn and Pluto Retrograde

Saturn and Pluto are still retrograde.
  This further weakens any harsh effects from crises of the past few years.  It also prevents leaders from exercising power effectively in the present; new policies cannot be implemented, yet. Postponements and delays continue in court cases and legislation.

Neptune Stationary/Retrograde

Neptune will turn retrograde very early next in June, next month. Short version: expect even more confusion and deeper uncertainty. But expect relief from ideologically driven zealots trying to force extreme solutions on us.

Problematic Midpoint Pictures

Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are involved in problematic mid-point pictures with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the mid-heaven.

These midpoint pictures combine inner planets with powerful outer planets.  Such combinations very often bring out the worst in people and situations.  Generally speaking, we don't handle such midpoint combinations well or happily.

Neptune and Mercury/Pluto, for example, tend to produce very squirrelly thinking.

Under Neptune and Venus/Pluto, people are very easily tempted into foolish and self-defeating behavior. 

Neptune and Jupiter/Pluto often bring loss through deceit.

The Pluto and Saturn/Uranus and Saturn/Mid-heaven combinations bring hardship and extraordinary exertion.  When both Pluto and Saturn are involved, you almost always have overbearing behavior, bullying and the abuse of power generally.

However, Pluto and Saturn are both retrograde, for now.  This will weaken the negative potentials significantly, but not eliminate them entirely.

With Pluto and Saturn so prominent in the mix, we are very likely to see bullying and  power plays, generally.  Combined with the Neptune influences, these power plays are bound to involve deceit.

A Beginning, Not an Ending

Two partial solar eclipses and one total lunar eclipse - three eclipses - will occur between June 1st and July 2nd. The turmoil and uncertainty of May is a prelude to a turning point, a game changing month in June.

However, Neptune, the most mutable of planetary energies is in Pisces, the most mutable of Zodiacal energies.  Because of all this mutable energy and despite seemingly decisive, conclusive events, brought about by June's three eclipses, the flux and uncertainty is only likely to deepen in coming months.


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