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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, April 01, 2011

April 2011 - For Everyone Melting Point

April 2011 - For Everyone
Melting Point

Two contrasting energy currents dominate April. One speaks of the importance and difficulty of the challenges we face. The other current dissolves old boundaries and opens the way to new possibilities.

There is a growing gap between our needs, individual and collective, and our ability or our willingness to pay for them. We badly need to reset our financial priorities.

Discussions seem to go around in the same vicious circles. The gears of public debate grind. Seldom have the complexities of life weighed so heavily or an
impasse been so stubborn.

The other current at work in April is completely new to our time.

The human world is held together up by laws, rules, regulations, codes, boundaries, definitions, policies, guidelines and procedures. Together all these things constitute a foundation and a framework and directions for living. They keep life orderly and on track.

In the course of time, they can become rigid, brittle, outdated and very hard to change.  They can also lock us into self-limiting and destructive patterns that worsen the kind of gridlock we are now experiencing.

In April, the astrological currents will begin softening this framework, allowing deep change.
It will allow inspiration to penetrate where fixed, rigid ideas currently dominate.

It will weaken the outdated, rigid rules that limit us.  It will help us renew and revise the rules we live by.
It will also help us reason our way around the impasse we face, to envision alternatives.

This same influence will begin liberating our artistic imagination and expand our spiritual horizons.

It will bring important new medical and therapeutic breakthroughs, expanding our healing horizons. It will also bring new waves of transformative technologies.

On the personal level, it will open us to new relationships, more expansive and vibrant alliances. It will broaden our social horizons and nurture a broader social concern.  It will do this at the expense of our most intimate relationships.  That will not sit well with everyone.

But there is a possible downside. Some people will take ideas and behavior to extremes.  Escapism, irresponsibility and risky behavior will rise.  Substance abuse will increase. There will be foolish, ill-advised experimentation.  The likelihood of negative effects is increased significantly by the level of frustration and uncomfortable levels of excitement and stimulation.

So, the first current makes us uncomfortably aware of our present limitations. The second current begins freeing us to explore new horizons. But it could liberate some of us too much.

Conflict and confusion are rising in the world around us. If we are not careful, April could add inner turbulence to the outer turbulence, inner chaos to the outer chaos.

This second current will subside during the late summer and fall, putting us back on solid, familiar ground. It will return in force next February.

The Astrological Details

An Astrological Recipe for Mass Frustration and Confusion

This analysis is based on a composite chart for the new and full moons of April 2011. Charts are cast for GMT, or UT, using the Koch system of houses.

There are really only a couple of factors we need to focus on in April.

The first is a broad, inclusive T-square. It actually takes in most of the major bodies in the Zodiac. A T-square tells us we must return to the drawing board and start afresh, no matter how difficult that might be, and it will not be easy.

T-squares highlight every liability we have. They reveal every hole in our preparedness. They block all quick, easy solutions and workarounds.  They invariably demand a major initiative and often mark the beginning of years, perhaps decades of effort.

The second thing we need to notice is Neptune's first entrance into Pisces, its home sign. This new Neptune cycle will begin redrawing the frameworks and boundaries that govern our lives, public and private.  As if issues weren't complicated enough, Neptune is going to start rewriting the rule books and moving the goal posts.

Broad T-Square - Saturn vs. Pluto vs. Uranus, Lilith, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Eris

The T-square repeats now familiar themes.

Saturn square Pluto is challenging and frustrating decision-makers, causing resistance to their every move. It presents problems that require drastic solutions then blocks every possible avenue except the most difficult. 

With Saturn in Libra, decision-makers are denied the supportive friends and allies, the partnerships and consensus they need to govern effectively.

Uranus, Lilith, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Eris in Aries are all square Pluto.  Decision-makers are opposed by an aroused, newly empowered and energized public deeply concerned, or mightily provoked by their ideas.  

Saturn in Libra is opposing the same large group of planets, etc. People are highly motivated to defend their rights and protect their lifestyles. However, they lack effective means to do so. In shock, and frustrated, they are improvising wildly.

Expect a sustained rise in street protests and political activism.  Business as usual has been suspended until further notice.

The House Positions of the T-Square Planets

The house placements are particularly powerful and unambiguous. The planets are placed in signs that are particularly empowering for them and speak with especial clarity and force of their meaning. They will insure that the meaning of these energies penetrates into every corner of our lives.

Saturn in Libra in the 5th House, the House of Leo

Saturn continues its stress test of relationships. In April, the stress falls most heavily on close personal and social relationships, including and especially romantic relationships. 

Saturn is basically pushing us to set aside personal relationship priorities and fight for the common good. That's always a tough sell, but there it is.

Saturn is in its detriment in the Sign of Leo.  So Saturn’s uncomfortable effects on relationships will be all the more clearly and strongly felt in April.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 8th House, the House of Scorpio

Pluto is in Capricorn wreaking transformative havoc on governments. 

In April, this influence is in the 8th house. There isn’t a more powerful, intense house placement for Pluto in Capricorn.

The 8th house is the house of power. It is also the house of vital personal concerns - birth, death, sex, taxes, pensions, mortgages, insurance, and so on. It is, in fact, the natural home of Pluto.

This house is is exactly about the well-springs of power; about how we provide for our most fundamental, inescapable needs and the power these needs wield over our lives.

Very powerful people are now trying to make very important decisions about the most important, vital issues in our lives, 8th house issues, or they are trying to.

With sign, planets and houses lined up this way, people cannot help but understand the implications of what is going on in government.  They are increasingly and justifiably uneasy about it.  They want input and they want it now.

Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house are also about energy, so we should expect some kind of upheaval in the area of global energy supplies.

Stellium (Uranus, Lilith, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Eris) in Aries in the 11th House, the House of Aquarius

Irresistible economic forces and immovable political objects are clashing all around us.  In the midst of this, and perhaps because of it, we are strongly motivated to combat abuses of power and fight for individual rights and the common good. You should notice that this placement also puts Uranus in its native house, intensifying and foregrounding the Uranian message. 

The grassroots is experiencing a profound, inner empowerment.

Neptune enters Pisces, its Home Sign

Neptune enters Pisces briefly - April 4th to August 4th. Neptune will return to Pisces for the full ~14 year transit, next February.
Neptune begins a whole new transit of the Zodiac.

Good Neptune

Neptune builds the framework of ideas that supports our civilization.

These ideas and beliefs support the laws, agreements, contracts, customs, traditions and so on, that govern our lives. That would include constitutions, codes of ethics, and any set of guiding principles.

Neptune was last in Pisces in the mid-1840's, more than 160 years ago. The framework of ideas that underpins our beliefs and actions has been growing - and hardening - since then.

We have been experiencing the end of a Neptune cycle. At the end of a Neptune cycle that framework of ideas is rigid, brittle, out of date and very hard to change.  Solutions, however valid, are thwarted by rigid, outdated thought and behavior patterns.

Coming at a time when we are deadlocked on vital, difficult and complex issues, this new Neptune cycle can help.  It will make our thinking more flexible and innovative.   It will be easier to update ideas and change behavior patterns.

Neptune is exactly on the Midheaven, on the cusp of the 10th house of government and administration.  It’s placement on the Midheaven guarantees that it will be felt powerfully and pervasively.

On the cusp of the 10th house of government and administration, it also guarantees that governments and other administrative bodies will bear the brunt of Neptune’s energies.

With Uranus in Aries threatening chaos in many parts of the world, Neptune adds a deep, potentially treacherous fluidity.  As if we didn't have enough to deal with.

Neptune also governs our ideals, our spirituality and our art and culture. We should expect spiritual awakening and a cultural flowering.  This, too will help us process these momentous and complex transformations.

Bad Neptune

Neptune's energies, like all planetary energies, are two-edged.  Neptune, for example, can strengthen and expand the influence of radical and extremist ideas.

It can also bring irrational, escapist, and addictive behavior of all kinds – i.e., sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. It can create and support cults and extremist groups.

It can also weaken laws, agreements, codes, and so on. It can change or eliminate ground rules.  And it can cause chaos among those who share similar beliefs - or thought they did.  It can cause outright chaos in our personal and public lives.

We will most likely see a mixture of all of these things, good and bad in the immediate future.

Neptune doesn't guarantee that new ideas are valid or wise. That part is up to us.

Pay close attention to all contracts and agreements from this point forward.  Take nothing for granted. Things you thought were solid and reliable could quietly turn into something else completely while you aren’t watching.

Neptune in Pisces + Uranus in Aries, a Colossal Double Whammy

Neptune's transformative effects, good and bad, will be stronger because Neptune, strongly placed in Pisces, will remain in semi-sextile with Uranus, very strongly placed in Aries.

When the intangible, deeply subtle, inward-acting power of Neptune combines with the concrete, brash, lightning fast, outward-acting power of Uranus, we need to expect the unexpected, and then some.

Ending on an up note, spirituality, art, literature and culture generally will flower in the coming decades. We can expect something of a global renaissance.

There will also be breakthroughs in medicine and healing generally. The semi-sextile of Neptune and Uranus also foretells breakthroughs in communication technology and technology generally. They could arise suddenly and sweep through society in a relatively short period of time (for better or for worse).

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