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Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2011 For Everyone - Radical Departures Prolonged Stress Tests for Relationships

March 2011 For Everyone
Radical Departures
Prolonged Stress Tests for Relationships

A mix of powerful forces, some of them conflicting powerfully with each other, are strongly affecting us now. Our lives are in a blender and our expectations are on hold as we wade laboriously through the confusion.

The relationship situation presents a very complex picture. Partners are taking a hard look at each other and making tough choices. Romance is taking a back seat; the costs and benefits of relationships are foregrounded.

People are taking a cold, hard look at partnerships, thinking hard thoughts, making tough choices and having serious conversations. People are applying their head to matters of the heart.

At the same time, relationships are opening up. Personal boundaries are expanding. People are seeking relationship alternatives.

There is a special focus on work relationships. Lines are being drawn in the workplace. Work needs to be shared more fairly. It needs to be more rewarding.  People need to be able to cooperate better and depend on each other more.  Firm lines are being drawn and demands are being made.

One set of forces is pushing people apart, potentially.  A second set of forces is lowering our resistance to new relationships.

Ultimately, we will have more varied and inclusive social circles and more varied, and robust support networks.  At work, relationships will become more efficient and agreeable.  Meanwhile, however, it's complicated.

Relationships are the foundations and central focus of life for most people.  Hence, this emphasis on relationships is a stressful, energy intensive business. While it is happening, it will cause considerable stress and turbulence on the micro-level.

Ideals, Abstractions and Ideology

Religion, spirituality and politics are injecting themselves into our thoughts and discussions. Suddenly, these issues are affecting our lives in big, direct and concrete ways.  That further complicates the already complicated relationship picture, at home and at work.

Such abstract issues will become lasting concerns and begin to have concrete effects on our choices. 

But it will not be a matter of imposing old belief patterns on new things. It will be a matter of changing rigid, outdated beliefs to accommodate new realities.

Like relationships, belief systems are basic for many people and changes to these systems will also contribute significantly to stress and turmoil on the micro-level.

Expect new and surprising political alliances as people break free of old, rigid thought patterns.

Revolutionary, Extreme and Intense Behavior All Around

People will accidentally, unfortunately, say what they mean.  Erratic, provocative behavior will spread.  Psychotic incidents will grow.

On the macro level, an era of top down governance is ending. The wealthy and powerful are being disempowered. The masses are being empowered. 

People will make their desires and dissatisfactions known, loudly.  Increasingly, people will confront authority. Protest will be the norm. Popular unrest will be common.  Violence is a strong possibility in certain cases.

More Technology, For Better or Worse

Technological innovation will accelerate and spread ever more rapidly.  New technologies will quickly pervade our lives. People will adopt it even faster and depend on it even more than they already do.

However, increasingly, new technological innovations will become the servant of art, culture, science and ideas.  It will no longer be a matter of worker productivity, maximizing profits, and online shopping convenience.


The financial news is mixed.  Financial dominoes will continue to fall.  Full financial recovery is in the future. The influences that brought about the recent financial crisis are receding; the world's economies will continue to send forth green shoots.  The steady stream of new, helpful technological innovations will swell. New, transformative initiatives will take hold.  Individuals will continue to find their economic footing.  

As the economy slowly mends, political unrest will grow and spread - regionally, nationally and internationally. The world's still fragile economies must absorb the many and varied shocks generated by this unrest.

Governments will be able to exert less and less direct control over economic developments. Events will force many nations to abandon the tricks they use to shore up their economies.  This, too, will cause economic problems. 

Domestic concerns will force many nations to make changes that upset the global economic balance - far more often than usual.

Still, despite continuing challenges, despite continuing aftershocks, many will feel the economic ground slowly firm beneath their feet.  The new economic order, slow as it is to emerge, will be more robust, more resilient, more stable, more just and fruitful than the old one.
Some Up Notes

There are many positive, albeit subtle trends to count on.  Outdated, oppressive, discriminatory social 'norms' will fall.  New, more inclusive and enabling social norms will develop.  Artistic, literary seedlings will sprout, grow and spread.

Sanity, reason and decency will slowly reassert itself against the recent tide of irrationality and hatred. Truth will slowly win out against the lies and often hateful, violent lunatic rantings of recent years.

All of that has to be good.

All of the Above

The growing volume and variety of disruptive, transformative events described above will all have a sudden, unexpected quality.  They will arise, gather momentum and culminate with surprising speed.  They will wear away at any sense of cohesiveness and stability we might possess. Timelines will often seem jagged and discontinuous.

These influences are all especially strong and will tend to strike at difficult moments and at key points.

Often, these events will evoke surprisingly intense, shockingly irrational, over the top responses.

These times require a special effort to remain calm, to no be worn down emotionally and mentally by the sometimes nonstop onslaught of surprising and upsetting events.  We will all have to take special care to make sure that our actions, efforts and experiences add up to something substantive and meaningful.

The Astrological Details

The dominant aspects in this chart are all touching the angles in the chart. That means they will tend to strike often, forcefully and in changeful ways.

The Bad News

Saturn in Libra in the First House – Tough Focus on Relationships

Saturn in Libra in the first house of the composite chart indicates a continuing and intensifying focus on relationships.  Saturn is requiring a hard look at the costs and benefits of all our relationships. This is especially strong in March.

Jupiter on the Cusp of the 7th House - Quest for Reciprocity and Substance in Relationships

Jupiter sets on the 7th house cusp, the house of relationships, opposite Saturn.  Future prosperity depends on forming new relationships.  However, with Saturn opposite Jupiter, we will be quick to end existing relationships and slow to form new ones.

We want a firm sense of our own worth and that of prospective partners. People are looking for partners that bring something to the table, something different. 

So new relationships, however vital, are likely to start out tentatively and be slow to form.  Both partners will be unsure of themselves and each other. Indeed, people won’t even be sure what their future relationship needs will be. Trust will build only slowly.

Lots of Planets in the Sixth House - Work Relationships in the Spotlight
(Mars, Sun, Lilith, Uranus and Mercury in the Sixth House, of Labor)

This concentration of energy in the sixth house puts the emphasis squarely on relationships with an economic component.  Work and business relationships will come in for close and prolonged scrutiny.  People will want a better deal on the job, from superiors, co-workers and subordinates and they will not be bashful about it.

Uranus enters Aries - Power to the People

Uranus begins a whole new transit of the signs.  Since 1975, Uranus has been in the institutional signs.  These signs - Scorpio thru Pisces - govern large organizations that wield collective, delegated power, like governments, government agencies, banks, corporations and other large organizations. A few comparatively powerful people wield power on behalf of many people.  A few make decisions that affect many.

In essence, the transformative, revolutionary power of Uranus has been bottled up in bureaucracy and red tape. Those at the top of the social and economic hierarchy have been empowered; those at the grassroots have been disempowered. The result, since ~1975 has been a dramatic shift to top down power structures.

From now thru 2059, Uranus will be in the grassroots signs - Aries thru Libra.  Its transformative powers will now be working through the people, the masses. The mass protests and outright revolutions now happening around the world are signs of things to come.  During this time, there will be a dramatic shift to bottom up power structures – to genuine, small “d” democracies.

The following things all seriously complicate the energies of Uranus in Aries. Individually, these complications would be troublesome.  Combined, they are worrisome indeed:

Uranus/Pluto Square - Government Power vs. People Power

In Aries, Uranian energy will express in direct conflict with the energy of Pluto in Capricorn.  The power of the people will conflict directly with the power of government.  A lot of planetary power, a lot of political power.

We are already feeling this massive, revolutionary influence and will feel it for the next seven years or so.  It will be exact 7 times between June 2012 and March 2015. This socially explosive influence will be at or near peak levels for three years. 

These conflicts will be volatile, even explosive, because of the complicating factors listed below:

Uranus and Pluto Both in Cardinal Signs – Intensity Boost

Aries and Capricorn are both cardinal signs and their energies are particularly favorable to radical confrontation and sharp conflict. This makes the Uranus/Pluto square an even more nervous making influence.

With these placements, we also need to factor in Mars/Pluto energy as a complicating factor.  Mars rules Aries and will intensify the Uranus/Pluto square.  In difficult aspect Mars and Pluto energies combine in fiery and explosive ways.

Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter Angular – Intensity Boost

Several of the major astrological players occupy very sensitive points in the chart, suggesting that these already potent aspects will have an especially powerful effect.
Mars/Uranus Energy - Rude Behavior and Worse

Mars (ruling Aries) and Uranus energies often combine in troublesome ways.  Under this influence, people tend to express their individuality in awkward, disturbing, or offensive and violent ways.  Expect a rise in off-putting behavior, at the very least.

Lilith Near Uranus - Neurotic, Irrational, Crazy Stuff

Lilith will be very close to Uranus. People will tend to express neurotic and irrational impulses that are normally suppressed. They will do so spontaneously and energetically. People will identify with their own craziest parts.

Behavior will range from the eccentric to the socially unacceptable to the downright crazy.

We will express injured, distorted, hidden parts of ourselves that exist buried and in pain. We will do so spontaneously, sometimes forcefully, sometimes out of control. Essentially, parts of ourselves that need healing, but which have been buried very deeply inside us, will erupt to the surface and, in effect, demand to be healed.

Eris in Aries - The Spirit of Warfare Aggressive, Warlike Aries

Eris governs the rancorous and wrathful emotions that give rise to the rampant brutality of war.  Presently it is augmenting the energies of Mars, the god of war in Aries, the domain of Mars.  Essentially, the emotional preconditions for war and violent uprising are present.

This all adds up to a very volatile, dangerous brew.  It is primarily Uranian in nature and, therefore, revolutionary and spontaneous.  However, it will be laced with dark and potentially violent currents.

The Good News

Mutual Reception of Uranus and Neptune Ends - Personal Boundaries Soften and Expand, Finally

Since about 2003, this influence has drawn individuals and social groups into tight, exclusive relationships and narrow social circles.  Society became fragmented and disjointed.

As this influence ends, people will open up to new relationships and more expansive, inclusive social circles. However, Saturn in Libra, the sign of relationships, indicates that new relationships will be slow to form. However, in time, society will knit itself back together, better than before.

Jupiter in Aries - Benevolent, Moderating Force

No matter how scary the aspects, put Jupiter in the mix and things don't seem so bad.  Extreme, intense energies seem to moderate and the worst never seems to happen. Somehow things seem to work out for the best, in the end.  Jupiter's involvement in these otherwise problematic aspects is something to be happy about, even when, as now, it is directly opposite Saturn.

Saturn’s Power Keeps a Lid on Things

Planets tend to dominate all those planets that are less than 180° ahead of it.  Fortunately, both Pluto and Uranus now fall within Saturn's sphere of dominance. We can count on Saturn to help moderate the more extreme, dangerous potentials in the current planetary set up.

Saturn Opposite Uranus and Lilith – Saturn Puts a Lid on the Crazy

Saturn will help suppress some of the more outrageous effects of these influences.

Final Saturn/Jupiter Opposition - an Economic Plus, Sort of

This opposition has weighed heavily on the economy since last spring.  It will be exact for the last time in late March. Even with the complex and potentially disruptive influences now in place, we will feel an improvement in economic conditions.

Of course, this influence has kept a lid on disruptive economic events of all kinds. Without it, governments, large corporations and other players are likely to start making moves that rile investors and roil the economic waters.  Economic reactions to disruptive political events are likely to be more extreme and less predictable, generally. 

So there's that.

All told, a little too much excitement for one month, and there’s more coming in April.

Schedule in a little extra rest and recreation. And some extra time to process thoughts and emotions.

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