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Monday, January 31, 2011

February 2011 For Everyone - Careers and Relationships in the Foreground

February 2011 For Everyone

Careers and Relationships in the Foreground

Multiplying Relationship Strains

A great many things are happening in February, all of them ultimately feeding into career and relationship issues. Most of events and issues, too, are things we will see much more of as two major new cycles phase in this spring.

Beyond Financial Aftershocks

The recent financial crisis will continue to produce aftershocks, mostly related to familiar economic problems.

As the economic shocks fade, the world will be troubled increasingly by political shocks, which will have economic repercussions.
Recent disturbances in the Arab world are signs of things to come.

Increasingly, people will do whatever it takes to force the political reforms they want. The political tensions will penetrate so deeply into the grassroots level that they cause tensions in interpersonal relations.

Opportunity and Rumors of Opportunity

Despite the economic and political turbulence, new initiatives are in the pipeline and exciting new economic opportunities are on the horizon. There will be no guarantees. Nothing will happen over night. But the opportunities will be realistic enough that people will start positioning themselves. They'll be inclined to take risks, too.

People will also be motivated and energized, ready to upgrade their skills, launch a new career or invest in a business venture. We will be ready and willing to bet heavily on our hunches.
In many cases, those hunches will work out quite well.

Lady luck will be out distributing lucky breaks, too.

People will be inclined to sacrifice relationships out of financial necessity. Work will take time away from relationships. So will the pursuit of new opportunities.  All this will come on top of any relationship strains caused by recent eonomic hardships.

Relationship Issues

People will also feel the weaknesses in their relationships. They’ll be overly sensitive to the shortcomings of partners and easily annoyed. They will tend to focus more on the limitations and burdens – the costs - imposed by relationships.

At the same time, people will find themselves open to stimulating new relationships that compete with existing bonds.

Life won't soon resettle into the familiar, predictable patterns that long-term relationships need, either.


Even as these forces strain relationship bonds, desires will be more intense. Romantic opportunities will increase. Flirtations will be more common. Insecurity, jealousy and emotional power plays will be more common. This will surely add to relationship drama.

Dissolving Boundaries

Planetary influences that supported personal self-absorption and strong, exclusive relationships and cliqueish social circles are phasing out rapidly.

Self-absorption will dissipate. Emotional boundaries will fast become porous. Relationships will be less exclusive. Generally, people will be more open to others and more willing to reach out.

This is a multiple relationship whammy.  Events and opportunities are pulling people apart, personal boundaries are softening, hormones are ramping up,
temptation is in the air and people are being pushed to exand their social circles.

Still, disruptive, separative events will keep these new relationships and social networks from becoming stable or exclusive in their turn. People will just not be in the mood to settle down. Even if they were, events won’t let them.

The upshot is that we are likely to break out of old, established relationships and enter into new ones that continue to change and grow and expand.

However, these forces do not spell doom to all existing relationships. Those relationships that are strong and healthy enough to meet these tests will come out richer, and more rewarding. They will become the core of wider, more varied and robust social circles.

Even for relationships that meet these challenges, though, it could be rough in spots.

Revolution in the Air

Political spirits will run higher than they already are.
People will be increasingly resentful of authority.  Increasingly, authority figures will lose control of people and events.

On the macro level, protests and civil disturbances will be more common. On the micro level, people will challenge authority more often and more strongly.

Active resentment and insubordination will replace submissiveness and compliance at all levels, in all areas of life.

This feisty new spirit will only add to the pressures building up on relationships, btw.

Motivation, Stamina and Luck

In the midst of all the fluidity, flux, strong feelings and high energy, motivation will be strong and commitments enduring, at least where new initiatives are concerned.  People will be in it for the long haul. Also, Lady Luck will be generous with us. Lots of people will make the right guess or find themselves in the right place at the right time. Risks will pay off, some of them handsomely.

Global Economic Shifts, Inflationary Pressures

Events will make it harder for governments to control their currencies and their economic relations. This will cause dramatic global economic realignments. It could be some time before we achieve a new economic status quo. 

Planetary conditions are becoming favorable to higher levels of inflation, also. However, and I want to stress this, there are no indications of hyperinflation.

The Aspects

Saturn Square Pluto - Slowly Fading

This aspect was responsible for much of the misfortune, hardship and sacrifice of the last few years.  It is fading, but not gone.  Its destructive force is pretty well spent, but not exhausted.

As noted, we will continue to feel aftershocks. For example, we will still see foreclosures, bankruptcies and government budget problems related to the recent economic meltdown. But I want to emphasize, this influence is fading.

Venus Square Saturn

This aspect is rough on relationships. It makes bonds brittle. Irritability, fault-finding and impatience tend to take over. Practical concerns tend to dominate. Personal warmth, good feelings and intimacy count for less.

Essentially, it strips away the warm and fuzzy stuff and foregrounds the hard nosed, cost/benefit aspects of relationships. The placement of this square indicates that work-related pressures will play a big part in any relationship difficulties.

This is a common aspect and most relationships weather it fairly well.  However, it is presently occurring in the context of other, more serious relationship challenges. Irritations that normally pass harmlessly could be blown out of proportion.

Venus Conjunct Pluto

This aspect will bring over-the-top passions, physical and otherwise on the interpersonal level. It will cause envy, possessiveness, jealousy and power plays. It will affect relationships and commitments to causes.

Personal charisma (animal magnetism) and flirtations will peak, tempting people out of existing relationships. 

So, Venus/Saturn will cause friction in relationships and Venus/Pluto will ramp up the passions and multiply romantic temptations. Do the math.

Venus aspects are transitory so normally one would not have to worry unduly about these aspects.  However, taken in context, this particular set of Venus aspects seems to be introducing us to long-term trends.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn - Fading Influence

This aspects spells tight money and lack of confidence.  However, this is the final in a series of Jupiter/Saturn oppositions and Saturn is retrograde.  We have already seen the worst that this aspect can throw at us.  I am not expecting any nasty economic surprises from this source. However, as stated elsewhere, we could see new kinds of economic challenges, those related to rapid growth (like inflation) and political unrest.

Jupiter Square Pluto

Jupiter and Pluto affect wealth.  In difficult aspect like this, they tend to generate inflationary pressures. In fact, Jupiter's relationship to Pluto over the next few years will tend to generate inflationary pressures. There are moderating influences at work, so I do not expect hyperinflation.

Still, this aspect is essentially a building aspect and will bring bold, sweeping new economic and financial initiatives, many of which will eventually flourish.

Uranus Square Pluto – Emerging Aspect

This aspect has been loitering in the wings since around 2003. Its effects have been felt for the last seven years, often strongly.  These effects are now intensifying.  This potent a decidedly disruptive aspect has yet to become exact.

It will be exact seven times (count them) between June 2012 and March 2015. It is not going away for awhile.

This aspect essentially pits individual freedom against authority.  It supports reforms, revolution, violent insurrection and popular protest, generally.  It is also extremely powerful and difficult to control and its effects tend to be irreversible.

The uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and the protests in Yemen and elsewhere in the Arab world are directly attributable to this aspect.  This is just the beginning. We will see increasingly numerous and intense, protest movements globally.

Jupiter Conjoined Uranus

This aspect is expansive, unpredictable, uncontrollable and full of surprises. It tends to be upbeat and rambunctious.  It's also fertile, casting ideas and spreading the seeds of change far and wide. Only time will tell which seeds will bear fruit. Still, it is basically good economic news and likely to create optimism and opportunity.

Combined with the Pluto square to both Jupiter and Uranus, it will multiply major re-building initiatives.

Jupiter/Uranus square Pluto is, if nothing else, an economic wild card.  That means that nations can't manipulate their economies to the detriment of other nations.  Nor can they count on long established economic relationships.

In particular, currencies will probably seek their true value in relation to other world currencies, removing many unhelpful and unfair distortions in the global economy.

While these adjustments and corrections are healthy, we tend to experience them as disruptive.

Mercury, Mars, and Sun, trine Saturn

This aspect promises the kind of energetic and lasting commitment needed to successfully pursue new opportunities.  It is exactly what we need to realize the many exciting possibilities now emerging.

Part of Fortune near 4th House Cusp

This placement tells us that there will be a lot of positive synchronicity.  A lot of people will find themselves in the right place at the right time. A lot of risks, large and small, will pay off well.


Anonymous said...

thanks Carl. It's been a long time since I've felt any luck. I like the way you describe things in realistic terms. Bless you, I rely on your work

Carl B. said...

@Anonymous Thank you for your kind words of support. I hope I can continue to fulfill your expectations.

A crazy time, really, but a lot of opportunities and lucky breaks swirling around, too. Keep your spirit up and keep trying!