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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 The First Half - for Everyone - Welcome to 2011 and, btw, Fasten Your Seat Belts

2011 The First Half - for Everyone

Welcome to 2011 and, btw, Fasten Your Seat Belts

The first half of 2011 will be rewarding, but still tough.  The economic stress testing is almost over. Economic rebuilding lies ahead. 

The rebuilding promises to be long and difficult. Reinventing our livelihoods will be risky and tiring. We'll be playing catch-up much of the way.  We’re still paying for the crisis. We still bear the burdens of recovery.

A lengthy cycle of spiritual and psychological transformation will begin this spring, too, adding significant lifestyle stresses to the lingering livelihood stresses.

We have, of course, already seen some of this in recent years, most notably, perhaps, in the area of gay rights and women’s rights, for example. These trends will soon escalate and extend beyond existing liberation movements. Interest in personal rights and freedoms – economic, political, legal and otherwise – will become pervasive and intense, overflowing easily definable boundaries.

Transformative energies will also begin moving through everyone’s spiritual life and all their important relationships – from friendships, to family relations to marriage.  These changes will go beyond what is needed to adapt to current economic changes.  They will take human relationships in a more spiritual, idealistic and healing direction.

Social change on such a scale will be messy.

There will be a greater tendency toward
rebellious and provocative behavior, including acts of violence. Eccentric and dysfunctional behavior will become far more commonplace, too.

So, the economy will firm up, but the world as we know it will soon vanish beneath rising tides of spiritual, psychological and cultural change.

The disruptive effects of these dovetailing transformational cycles will overwhelm people and nations already in difficulty.

Furthermore, individuals are highly interdependent.
Trouble in the lives of one individual could easily spill over into the lives of close friends and family. In recent decades, nations have become heavily interdependent, too. Turmoil in weak nations could easily spill over into stronger nations.

Nature and Negative Synchronicity

The same astrological forces will affect the various non-human realms, triggering a higher than normal rate of natural and man-made disasters. Murphy’s law will be in force.


Corruption and incompetence in high places will continue to figure prominently.

Unpleasant events will show the price we pay in stagnation and squandered potential and in material loss and injustice for rigid ideas, outdated norms and engrained prejudice.

So . . . as we make our careful, determined, uphill way toward a new livelihood in the gradual but real economic recovery, we will have to combat growing ‘lifestyle turbulence.’

I always try to emphasize the positive. However, the growing number of stressors will definitely increase the overall level of stress in our lives.

If if has not already done so, stress could soon rise to levels that seriously disrupt the pattern and flow of life. People need to know that and act to protect themselves.

Still, the economic progress will be real, and lasting. The issues that people fight for will be big and important. That has to count for something.

The Astrological Technicalities

Beyond The Fading T-Square

This analysis is based on a multi-composite chart.  The chart combines data for the new and full moons of the first six months of 2011.

The chart's most obvious feature is a T-square involving Sun/Lilith/Mercury/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus. There are surprisingly few supportive, facilitating aspects and they are weak. This is primarily a challenging, building chart.

The T-square shows decision-makers at odds with existing laws and the expectations and needs of the people. It shows intractable economic problems and political stalemate and growing impatience amidst the populace.

The T-square as such masks the real import of the chart, though. Its disruptive energies are rapidly fading. That will bring a marked lessening of recent economic hardship and an end to government inaction. At very least, things will stop getting worse.

To understand what this chart is really saying, we must look beyond the T-square.

Asteroids, etc., and the Delegation of Personal Power

We need to pay attention to the asteroids and other bodies in the chart.

The asteroids govern those belief systems, cultural patterns and artificial power structures we create, and sustain, as a group. Such structures are anchored in and sustained by our hearts and minds.

These structures are held together by trust and responsibility. We trust others to protect our interests and, by delegating responsibility to them, we concentrate power in their hands. In this sense, the asteroids govern the trans-personal, or inter-personal, inter-individual, realms.  They show how we give away our power and what, if anything, we get in return.

At present, few people think in systemic, holistic, group terms.  Consequently, the realms governed by the asteroids are turbulent and murky and full of dysfunctional things. Many things are there by default; they are the way they are simply because we have not, as a group, thought them through.

Also, those to whom power and responsibility are delegated often fail to understand their role and don’t see the ramifications of their personal failings and misdeeds – to the detriment of all.

Consequently, in practice, whenever one of the asteroids is involved, the manifestations tend to be dark.

The Use and Abuse of the Public Trust – Ixion and Pholus

The asteroids Ixion and Pholus are all but exactly conjunct each other and very close to the ascendant. They are powerfully places.  This indicates events that will reveal collusion and corruption by those to whom we have entrusted our interests – to whom we have given away our power, in many cases, thoughtlessly.

Oppressive Order vs. Creative Chaos - Quaoar

Quaoar is close by Ixion and Pholus.  Quaoar governs the balance between order and chaos. Without order, creativity cannot express. Too much order and creativity cannot express. Quaoar’s energies help maintain that balance.
In the presence of Ixion and Pholus, Quaoar will expose people who use the ‘common wisdom’ and the general murkiness of the mass mind and popular opinion to conceal their abuse of public trust.
The most obvious example of this in recent times are those in the financial industry who seem to think that the global economy is their own private sandbox to do with as they please.

The message seems clear.  If we want to successfully complete our economic rebuilding, our personal renewal and achieve a more ideal and just society, we must tackle the problem of irresponsibility and corruption in high places. We must henceforth be far more careful about delegating power to others and take more responsibility ourselves.

Love and Societal Transformation

A powerful stellium continues the deep transformation of the forms human love takes: erotic, Platonic, and spiritual, maternal, paternal, brotherly, sisterly, and so on.

There is a close conjunction of Neptune/Venus/Eros/Ceres/Chiron in the third house of the multi-composite chart for the first six months of 2011. Neptune is at 29° Aquarius; Venus, Ceres and Eros are all exactly conjunct at 0° Pisces; Chiron is at 2° Pisces.

This transformation of human love is driving changes in human identity and interpersonal relationships. These, in turn, will drive societal change. As personalities and relationships change, society changes. As human relationships go, so goes the world.

It is true that Chiron and Neptune continue to take these transformations in a healing and spiritualizing direction. But, no matter. In practice, healing and spiritual transformation can be a messy business.

Juggling this mix of complex and potent energies in our own heads will be no easy task. Many people will not do it well. Doubly so with respect to friends and family. On the larger, macro level, the effects will doubtless be quite problematic for all concerned.

The Transformation of the Marriage Bond

Juno governs loving relationships between two adults. It also governs the synthesis of such relationships into family and larger community groups and societal networks. Such bonds are the foundation of the family and of society. With Juno on the mid-heaven, we must understand the entire chart primarily in light of the transformations in human relationships.

So it’s not just a question of random changes, or adjustments, in our most intimate relationships. All of the issues mentioned above must be seen as facets of a single, larger, holistic phenomenon: the complete transformation of the global matrix of interpersonal relationships.

Juno on the mid-heaven of the multi-composite chart is roughly opposite the stellium that is transforming every other level and kind of human relationship.  This indicates a very strong tension between the needs and expectations of individuals at the local level and those who want to fashion a harmonious, unified whole.

Individuals will not sit idly by while some government authority tries to weave their lives into an ‘economically viable’ and easily governed whole. If you are getting fed up with the liberties that governments are taking, wait until this spring. The push back against government over reach will begin in earnest.

Hence, all relationships, and every facet of them, are being affected by a stunningly complex, conflictual mix of energies. Juno on the mid-heaven foregrounds this transformational phenomenon. The astrological forces would seem to push us in the direction of a new, grand synthesis of human relationships.

But the relationship between Juno and other forces in the chart suggests that such a grand synthesis will not come easy, quickly or cheaply.

The cumulative effective of all this can be disruptive. Need I say.

What a Difference Two Ingresses Make

To be perfectly frank, although intensity levels are about to ratchet upward, most of the themes mentioned above are already familiar to us. It’s all, already happening, to some degree.  It’s been in the news.

Or so it seems.

But two major ingresses will dramatically intensify all of the above and bring a whole new set of energies to the table.

First Uranus

On March 12, 2011, Uranus will enter Aries for the full 7 year transit.  It will inaugurate a new Uranian transit of the Zodiac.

Revolutionary, renewing, reforming Uranus energies will begin flooding the globe at the grassroots level where they have the most intense and spontaneous effects. (See Prepare to Cross a Historical Threshold.

Uranus also affects technology, so we can expect continuing, escalating waves of technology-driven change.

Then Neptune

On April 4, only 3 weeks later, Neptune will enter Pisces, its home sign. (Neptune will retrograde back into Aquarius on August 4th, re-entering Pisces for the full transit early in February, 2012.)

This Neptune/Pisces ingress begins a whole new Neptune cycle of roughly 165 years.  The outmoded forms of idealism and spirituality that came to dominate the world for the last century
and a half (and which are at best unhelpful to us in our present situation) will be supplanted.  Philosophy, spirituality, art and culture will bin to evolve dramatically and rapidly.

So . . .

The stuff of the outer world has been softened or shattered altogether. Pluto in Capricorn and the Pluto/Saturn/Uranus T-square saw to that. The world is ready to be remolded.

The new Uranus cycle will provide the energy needed to reshape the world, and then some. The new Neptune cycle will provide the idealism needed to give this effort meaning and direction.

The prologue is finished.
 The Aquarian Age will soon begin taking material form.  The 21st century will start revealing its unique character.  But probably not peacefully.

Strangeness and Healing

Finally, Lilith is very close by when Uranus enters Aries - in real time. It is also close to Uranus in the multi-composite chart for the first half of 2011.

Lilith is a release point for the repressed and unhealthy aspects of the personality. Essentially, Lilith gives access to the dark side of the personality – collective and individual.  That includes distortions created by centuries of injustice and cruelty or a life of pain and oppression.

Uranus brings individualism, self-assertiveness, self-expression, rebellion and reform.

When you combine the two, people can assert themselves in surprisingly dysfunctional ways.  In some cases, seemingly normal people will suddenly appear dysfunctional, revealing the cracks in their psychological makeup in graceless and uncomfortable ways.  In other cases, dysfunctionality will simply take over completely.

The Lilith/Uranus influence could lead to an upsurge in eccentricity (in a bad way), zealotry, fanaticism, and irrationality and absurdity generally.  This can be especially problematic when it involves highly placed people.

All of this is intensified by Uranus in Aries.  Mars rules Aries and Mars/Energy tends to be impulsive and, well, rude.

At best, all of this will lead to global healing. At worst, it will overwhelm people , leading to anti-social behavior, extreme rebellion, acting out, self-medication, among other unfortunate things. One thing we can probably count on, Lilith/Uranus will lead to a powerful resurgence of the self-help, or self-realization, movement.

When you add it all up, it looks like the times will become even more interesting, complicated and stressful than they already are, and that’s saying a lot.

Fortunately, as I said above, the worst of the economic stresses will be behind us and the issues behind the unrest will be important ones. And, as I said before, that has to count for something.


bill said...

I have talked with you privately about this particular comment of yours that the "worst is or soon will be over"...

This just can't materially be true regardless of how the planets are talking to you.

We have far more to learn and experience here in the USA. Their is total systemic corruption in government and the economy.

I am not being unfair or mean to you...I like and respect you. But I am feeling this economy every single day. It is far, very far from being over and on the path to being rebuilt.

I would give it a few more years.

Carl B. said...


I actually don't think we disagree that much. And I kind of wonder why you think we disagree.

Maybe I should use stronger language, like, There will be slow, marginal economic improvement; we will lose that sinking feeling, like we are on economic quicksand; but in general, the economy will continue to be a b*tch for a very long time.

Instead, I tried to nuance it. People just seem to see either black or white, no matter how I phrase it!

Anyway, back when people told me I should be predicting a complete economic catastrophe, I stuck to my guns, and I was right.