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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Astrological Analysis for December 2010

December 2010 for Everyone

All Bets are Off

Frustration with the status quo will be exceptionally high in December. Things will get more complicated and more frustrating instead of less. Even positive resolutions could be only temporary, setting the stage for bigger confrontations down the road.

Delays are currently blocking progress on most issues, causing both widespread confusion and impatience. In December, breakdowns in communication systems, as well as paperwork and bureaucratic delays, will further reduce the already slow pace of progress.
Some expectations will be fulfilled, but only partially, giving us too little, too late. 

These new delays will be especially upsetting because they will push issues into a future that will be, if anything, more hostile to a quick, positive resolution.

These delays will take place amidst a rising chorus of deceptive and incendiary rhetoric that clouds the issues and fuels discontent.

Over the Edge

This latest round of mostly disappointments and frustrations will produce far more than the usual surge of grumbling. 

A new moral outrage, a new grimly self-righteous determination is emerging. People will be inclined to say more, risk more, do more, and sacrifice more to get results.

This grim, gut-level determination will generate hard work, not always well-directed or productive. It will manifest in hot tempers and heated, potentially violent confrontations. The tone will be one of "Damn the consequences, full speed ahead."

This explosive vibe will be pervasive, penetrating into every corner of our public and private lives.

The determination will come from deep within us and be very contagious. In the heat of the moment, we will break out of old attitudes and habits of mind
, carrying others along with us. Verbal and physical confrontations are very likely. People are starting to feel like they have nothing left to lose. Desperation will be driving people, too.

However strong our determination, though, circumstances are not likely to yield. Ever mounting frustration is likely to be the common outcome.

Tough Decisions in Rough Conditions

But December's vibes are more challenging, still. Difficult situations could unexpectedly tip into crisis mode; delicate situations could simply explode. New crises could easily arise and demand urgent attention.

Despite the delays and uncertainty, new, rapidly unfolding events will force tough, decisions. They will short-circuit already troubled decision-making processes and remove options some have been counting on. In some cases, there might be no safe or attractive options left.

As you make plans for December, limit your exposure to adversity. Keep the number of important decisions you must make to a minimum.  Do what you can to keep your options open.

Do your best to avoid troublesome situations and remain calm and reasonable in any situation in which you do find yourself. Everybody is feeling a lot jumpier than they might appear. Do not expect to be able to exert much control over any of the events taking place in December.

The Astrological Details

Murphy’s Law in Effect

Uranus turns direct on December 3rd. This ends a months long bout of retrograde motion by the major planets.  However, Mercury retrogrades from December 10th thru December 30th. 

Often, having all the major planets direct except one will support progress.  Not so when Mercury is the hold out.

Communications break down, causing interminable, insurmountable delays. Debate and negotiation drag on inconclusively. Closure is impossible. Resolution could be pushed into the indefinite future, beyond Mercury’s resumption of forward motion.

New and increasingly difficult, hard to manage planetary combinations will arise early in the New Year. So even short delays will almost certainly prove fatal to many hopes. Many people will see that coming, causing rising frustration and an intensification of the emotional turbulence.

A Collision of Powerful and Contradictory Forces

The Nuclear Stellium

A variety of other astrological factors seriously aggravate the effects of Mercury retrograde.

In the composite chart for the new and full moons, Mercury is at 0˚Capricorn. Placement at the zero degree of a Cardinal sign dramatically increases the power of any influence. This indicates that the Mercury retrograde delays will be especially serious and especially upsetting. But it goes beyond that.

The Moon

The Moon is conjunct the north node at 2˚Capricorn.  The north node brings a strong sense of validation to the expression of any energy associated with it.  Despite strong resistance, the north node brings encouraging results and a feeling that we are on the side of the angels.

Translation: however intense, conflicted, contradictory and destabilizing these energies are, however abrasive behavior becomes, people will feel like they have the moral high ground.  Self-righteousness and moral indignation will encourage people who really ought to calm down and think things through. Willfulness will be the order of the day.

Mars/Pluto, and More

Mars and Pluto are exactly conjunct each other and the part of fortune at 4˚ Capricorn. Mars and Pluto are very similar energies. That will synergize this conjunction. 

This conjunction, is in a sign very favorable to the expression of both energies.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn. We know from recent experience that Pluto expresses very powerfully in Capricorn. That will further synergize the energy of this explosive conjunction.

The part of fortune, for its part, makes these energies attractive, or sexy, and rewards those who give it expression, much as the north node does. This will further facilitate expression of this difficult and dangerous energy.

A Mars/Pluto conjunction can express as a prolonged period of peak effort, possibly leading to exhaustion and injury.  It can express as an explosion of anger.  It can express as a ruthless, relentless, primal determination, blind to all obstacles, risks and consequences - and moral and ethical considerations.  Enhanced as it is by its placement, this conjunction will almost certainly find obvious, widespread and frequent expression.

Suffice It to Say

This particular Mars/Pluto conjunction creates a super-synergy of pure, raw, primal motivational force. In December, there is enough energy being released and in such a way as to significantly change the thinking and the behavior of everyone on the planet.

For all of its destructive, transformative power, some of its effects will be profoundly spiritual and psychological. It will confront us directly with our limitations and our failures, motivate us powerfully to change, even as it makes change very difficult. Our illusions will collide head on with harsh realities.

In the best of cases, the outcome will be a desire to gain much deeper understanding of our situation and a determination to make deep reforms.

It is definitely not the kind of aspect that will allow us to return quickly and comfortably to our old ways.


This entire stellium (Mercury, Moon, Mars, Pluto and the Part of Fortune) is conjunct the cusp of the all-important 4th house of the composite chart, the imum coeli. This placement guarantees that no one will escape its power.

The cusp of the 4th house is the spinal column, the jugular, the crazy bone of the chart.  Energy entering the chart at that point floods through the entire chart with undiminished force.

The fact that this stellium shows up in a composite chart indicates that the forces just described will be potent for a sustained period during December.  It will, however, be concentrated in the sixteen days between the new moon on December 5th and the full moon on December 21st.

Mars will physically conjoin Pluto on December 14th. I suspect that the effects of this stellium will peak on or about that day. But Mercury will remain retrograde until December 30th.

This influence is bound to create dangerous situations fraught with tension and aggravated by confusion and frustration throughout December. Its influence will probably be tapering off by Christmas Day.  Even so, we will almost certainly still be feeling the aftershocks, especially the aftershocks of the eclipse and the lingering effects of Mercury retrograde.

Technically, the Sun, at 21˚ Sagittarius, is not close enough to be part of this dynamic and problematic stellium.  However, it is certainly close enough to insure that it will have an impact on our conscious minds and on our personalities.

Total Eclipse of the Moon at the Winter Solstice

As if all this were not more than enough to deal with, a total eclipse of the Moon will occur close to the winter solstice on December 21. This gives the eclipse special significance as a predictor of events in the near future and indicates that its effects will be greater than those of the average eclipse. (It will be visible at various times in Northern Europe, in North and South America and across the Pacific.)

During the eclipse, the Sun, for its part, will be within half a degree of the galactic center - a powerful source of transformational spiritual energy. This is another indicator of the special importance and power of this eclipse.

We all know that eclipses bring sudden, unexpected, often catastrophic events, on the macro level and important turning points of all kinds on the micro level. And this eclipse will bring its share of bad headlines and life changing events.

But eclipses also have a profound psychological and spiritual dimension. Eclipses usually come in pairs.
Lunar eclipses, like this one, blocks ego and foregrounds the influence of our higher selves. Solar eclipses obstruct the influence of our higher selves and foregrounds our ego. 

The combination of the two tests our psychological and spiritual maturity.  Briefly put, it shows us which aspect of our nature, our higher or lower self, is really governing our lives. 

To the extent that the lower self dominates our actions during the eclipse cycle, events will work quickly and definitively against us. To the extent that our higher selves dominates our actions, events will support our goals.

The complex and potent stellium active during the eclipse will make this eclipse an especially important and difficult test for us all. The prevailing energies our exceedingly complex and potent and will make it all the harder to know what the right thing to do is.

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