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Friday, October 01, 2010

October 2010 For Everyone - Analysis

[House placements are based on GMT, or UT and the Koch System of Houses]

October 2010 For Everyone
October 2010 will mark a historical shift in our economic attitudes and assumptions. But it will also mark the start of more personal, and more memorable, life changing shifts in our relationships, including those with our most vital friends and allies.

The epic forces transforming our economy will now flow directly into our social lives, including our most intimate social and family circles. It won't be just us, either. The relationships between all the members of all the groups of which we are a part will change. Interpersonal dynamics will change significantly across the board, on all levels, in all areas, everywhere. 

Our livelihood and well-being will absolutely require it.  We will inevitably make some changes consciously, intentionally and rationally, in response to changing economic realities, but not all the changes will be conscious and reasoned, or voluntary. 

Some of the changes will be all but instinctual, too. Forces (and passions) very deep within us will be at work nudging us irresistibly in new relationship directions.

To remain productive and effective, and economically secure and healthy, we must change who we relate to and how we relate to them, in all areas, on all levels.  Many will come closer together and enjoy warmer relations.  Some will drift apart. Old friends and even lovers could be divided. Once cool or casual relationships could warm up . . . appreciably. Rivals and enemies will be thrown together in new and surprising ways. And so on.

Because the stakes will be high, the feelings behind these changes will often be intense, even when they appear casual on the surface. The potential for upset is there in each case, no matter how seemingly low key. In other words, many casual encounters could turn into something more.

People will be out looking for something new, whether they realize it or not, and they will be open to ideas, even ideas they might have rejected before.

So October will be bittersweet.  There will be a sense of loss, but there will also be excitement as new opportunities emerge and new potentials are tapped. There will be stimulation as the energies (and demands) from new relationships, new social and professional alignments, begin flowing into our lives.  We will also feel relief as relationships that might have been holding us back weaken and fade away.

As noted, important as they are, most of the tensions will be restrained, subdued, beneath the surface. Seemingly subtle shifts in attitude and behaviors might be all the indication we get that something has changed, or that something new and important is trying to happen.

However, tensions could break into the open in some cases, and memorably so.

Success in October's rapidly changing and confusing economic environment will depend on doing the hard relationship work, forging new family, community and job-based support bonds.

Stay grounded. The planets want us to do the difficult relationship work.  This situation calls for a down-to-earth, nitty-gritty, up close and personal, case by case, hands on kind of approach.

Exploring the big, philosophical, theoretical areas, dwelling on abstractions, will prove a waste of time. Complex manipulations, financial or social, will produce no useful results.

Take care of the little questions and the big ones will take care of themselves, for now.

More generally, questions about our economic future will continue to grow.  Final answers will be rare. Uncertainty will deepen and broaden in many areas. All but impenetrable mystery and irreducible uncertainty will continue to surround vitally important issues, financial and otherwise.

This much will become clear: some kind of new economic order is gradually establishing itself and we must change our personal priorities and relationships in response – even if we cannot be sure what that new economic order will look like, yet.

As people slowly discover and begin to seek acceptance in the new, gradually emerging economic order, they will find expectations have changed significantly. There will be a higher expectation of self-discipline, commitment and reliability than we are used to.  Standards of personal behavior will be significantly higher generally in coming months and years.

While our attention is focused on our personal social and financial lives, we will probably also hear ominous rumblings from battlefields around the world, as military involvements simmer and spread.

The Astrological Details
Emphasis on Partnerships Generally
Saturn is in Libra, the sign that governs partnerships. In Libra, Saturn will end relationships that are no longer healthy or constructive. And since the new Moon takes place in Libra, we were bound to see strong evidence of this in October. With Saturn in Libra for a couple of years, relationships will tend to remain in flux generally.

The relationship issues will most likely be foregrounded for us.  But the major players in October's charts, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, are also powerful financial planets.  Changes in our relationships will be occur alongside continuing shifts in financial areas.

At the New Moon(10/07/10)
Many things will continue to bog down, with Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune retrograde and Venus stationary/retrograde close to the new moon on the 7th.  Continuing delays and uncertainty will be the norm. What progress there is will be slow and halting.  The ground beneath us will continue to shift. The rules of the game will continue to change.

There is intense planetary emphasis on the 8th house, affecting long-term, large scale collective financial issues, like health insurance, personal savings, pensions and social security, as well as the financial industry generally. 

In the new moon chart, the waning but still potent Saturn/Uranus/Pluto T-square dominates. It is anchored in the 8th house by Pluto. Saturn and Uranus oppose each other and square Pluto from the 5th house and 11th house respectively.  So we have a 5th house/8th house/11th house conflict.

So this T-square will set up a radical conflict between our financial hopes and dreams, our long-term financial needs and our budget for entertainment and recreation. Since the 11th and 5th houses are also important relationship houses, this conflict will be felt intensely in our personal relationships.

More generally, this T-square will continue to block any progress along old, established economic and financial paths. It will continue to force a reorganization of the most basic aspects of our economic system (Are we a capitalist or a socialist nation? How much responsibility does the government have for the welfare of its people? What will happen to social security and health care?).

Stationary/retrograde Venus conjoined Mars in Scorpio in the 6th house brings this transformational, turbulent 8th house energy to bear on our work relationships.

With the north node in the nitty-gritty 8th house, these pressures will work out on the ground around us in real time. Individually and collectively, at all levels, in all areas, people will continue to improvise and innovate as they cope with changing economic realities.
At the Full Moon(10/22/10)
The full moon chart extends and elaborates the emphasis on relationships.

The new moon chart was dominated by a simple, clean T-square formation.  The full moon chart is dominated by a complex tangle of aspects jamming up the lower half of the chart, the part that governs personal matters and personal relationships of all kinds.

The retrograde planets in particular are bringing confusion and reorganization to the houses that govern community relationships (Rx Venus in the 3rd house), work relationships (Rx Neptune in the 6th house), and key partnerships of all kinds (Rx Jupiter and Uranus in the 7th).

Direct Pluto, still anchoring that waning T-square, is powerfully affecting family bonds from the 4th house.

Quick translation: powerful and transformative forces, heavily, but not exclusively, economic in nature are potently transforming virtually every kind of relationship we have.

At the full moon, the Moon's south node is in the upper half of the chart, steering us away from hollow abstractions and overly lofty ideals.  The Moon's north node, firmly planted in the 4th house with Pluto, is strongly urging us to do the difficult relationship work.  Forget the abstractions.  Do the necessary work on your relationships and on your relationship skills.

The Moon's nodes are also telling us to forget about fancy financial maneuvering: make a budget and stick to it; manage your finances the old fashioned way.

Insights from the Persona Charts
Persona charts offer a detailed picture of the energetic situation of a particular planet.

To my eye, the persona charts for Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are especially revealing this month.

The Venus persona charts are dominated by the kind of frantic cross hatching of aspects we saw in the full moon chart. This offers further evidence of the depth and breadth and seriousness of the turmoil in relationships.

The Jupiter persona charts, blessedly, are dominated by protective and supportive mystic rectangles.  The mystic rectangle in the new moon persona is well-formed and closed. 

The one in Jupiter's full moon persona chart opens toward the ascendant. The open ends are guarded by the Moon and Saturn.  The message is clear: to be included in the new economic order we must show commitment, self-discipline and a willingness to work hard. This mandate is not particularly glamorous or dramatic. However, it does have the virtue of being straightforward and easy to understand. Show up on time, get along with people, and do the work and everything should be fine.

The Neptune persona charts are dominated by grand squares involving all the major players in October's charts: the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

Do not expect clarity, certainty or closure in any important area of life anytime soon, most especially in economic areas.

The Pluto persona charts feature more turmoil-ridden tangles of aspects.

In the midst of each of these tangles is a T-square that pits Venus, the Moon and Neptune and Chiron against each other.  This T-square clearly suggests deep, powerful and inescapable turmoil in relationship matters. 

The chart also includes a square between Saturn and a conjoined Pluto and Mars.  A fiery, potentially explosive, little aspect if ever I saw one. 

The Sun and the north node are drawn into this dangerous aspect as part of a broader stellium in Capricorn. Amidst the general confusion, egos will clash sharply and loudly.  Tempers will flare.

War and Rumors of War
The focus is definitely close to home and personal in October.  However, the 8th house is governs war.  So, while most people are absorbed in the details of their rapidly changing personal lives, we can expect more disturbing news from the world's battlefields. As significant as this is, it will probably stay in the background, for now.

So, October 2010 shapes up as a month of strenuous adjustments and memorable and fateful choices in our personal lives, decisions largely caused by and paralleled in our collective economic lives.

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