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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Astrology Forecast for November 2010

Astrology Forecast for November 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Stormy weather. We've all had times when had to go somewhere in big storm.  We bundled up, put one foot in front of the other and went in the right direction. November is like that.  A blizzard of important changes are going down and they will definitely affect us. But nobody can tell how they'll go. Everybody is going through changes.  Relationships are shifting around.  Our thoughts and emotions are stormy. But there are things we have to do, so we get them done. It's about as simple . . . or complicated . . . as that. Use your priorities to navigate the storm.


ARIES ~ Space. A non-stop series of changes requires non-stop adjustments in family, community and professional relationships. Work and financial relationships are especially changeful. Don't try to recreate the past or run from the future.  Improvise, adapt, keep moving forward. A new cycle of personal growth and experimentation will soon require more personal space.  Free yourself as much possible from ties that weigh you down and hold you back. It's OK if people pull away on their own, too.  People will surprise you with their emotional spontaneity. Luck will be with you.

TAURUS ~ Facilitate. You need to present a new face to the world, one that helps everyone work together in changing economic conditions. Coexisting harmoniously amidst all this change is crucial for everyone's survival but not everyone knows how. People need more outgoing, group-oriented ways to interact. Help others invent ways to form new personal bonds and share knowledge needed to overcome emerging challenges. Few can make a work situation sociable or a social situation workable as well as Taureans. Overcoming your own inhibitions will be easier and more rewarding than you think.

GEMINI ~ Leverage. Mounting financial challenges and continuing uncertainty are making those in charge increasingly vague about what they expect. However, you will find yourself in increasingly greater harmony with the currents of change. You will also find yourself with surprising access to new sources of wealth. This will enhance your influence. You'll have to convince others to think more imaginatively and idealistically. You'll also need to motivate people through a long period of uncertainty to reach the goal. Even so, there's more than a hint of helpful magic in the air.

CANCER ~ Heavy lifting. You will increasingly find yourself among the movers and shakers - those who make things happen. It is a strenuous, hands-on place to be, especially these days.  However, it can be a very profitable and personally rewarding situation. You will also find yourself in much greater harmony with visionary and intuitive influences.  In times like this, people need vision to guide them and you will be particularly well situated to infuse your complicated and practical efforts with the necessary vision. Far off places and mysterious ideas beckon.

LEO ~ Cajolery. The planets are challenging Leo to work very, very, very hard this month . . . at something Leos are very good at. You need to be the ringmaster. Yes, there are serious undercurrents.  Yes, the stakes are high. And some people are sulky. But most are ready for somebody to come along and make them do what they know they have to do. That would be you.  But be careful. Those little promises you make to get people to go along? People will expect you to keep them.

VIRGO ~ Push comes to shove. You might not have to actually do the deed.  You might not even have to put it into words exactly.  But you must make people understand that now is the time to act. People have a million ways of dodging commitments.  It's your job to make sure they don't pull any of those tricks now.  This time, evasions will be very costly for all concerned. Take advantage of agreeable vibes early in November or you might have to use more forceful methods later in the month.

LIBRA ~ Irresistibility. Is your energy low some days? Are there obstacles? Do you feel frustrated occasionally? Yes. But you've seldom been so enthusiastic, so resourceful or so determined.  You know everyone is with you on some deep level. People also know how vital the issues are. But they are also very excited by the possibilities. People have seldom been so determined to overcome obstacles and succeed. Your job is to sustain enthusiasm over the long-term and channel it into realistic pathways. But you know what? That won't be so hard.

SCORPIO ~ Sanctuary.  People are all quietly and intensely struggling with issues vital to their future. This shows up mostly as unusually intense social maneuvering.  It's very Scorpio stuff and there's a lot of it, even for a Scorpio. You'll need to hide out and do things that strengthen and restore you. You probably shouldn't get too deeply involved in the affairs of others, even if they are being very Scorpio-like.  But it's all second nature to you, you can easily give them some helpful pointers, which they are bound to appreciate.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Bide your time. People are making subtle maneuvers vital to their livelihood.  Many are taking risks.  Some are ready to use force or abuse power. They're edgy, too. As much as you'd like to help, you don't have much leverage and it would be easy to get crossways of someone.  With respect to your own interests, there's no clear opening for decisive action. This isn't the time for bold or decisive action.  Take one cautious step at a time. A lot depends the allies you choose. Sober, hard-working types are best.

CAPRICORN ~ Sensitive egos. There are endless unknowns. Obstacles spring up like mushrooms after rain. Still, you're sure of the broad outlines of the future. It won't happen over night, but it's mostly a matter of steering patiently through the obstacles. Still, even where no conceivable harm could be done, people will need to be repeatedly reassured. That's something you are uniquely qualified to do right now, though. The wind will start blowing strongly your way in mid-2011. Meanwhile, keep working away patiently at all the doubts and misgivings people insist on having.

AQUARIUS ~ Validation. Aquarians are in need of peace and calm.  Your personal healing process is proceeding rapidly through its final stages. However, your heart and mind tend to be overburdened by worries, the memory of past hurts and, well, the lack of sympathetic companionship. It would be easy to get lost in your fears for the future. The best thing is to look past present concerns and see how your ideas and ideals are taking root in the world around you. People out there need your guidance and encouragement right now.

PISCES ~ Grounding. It's hard to focus effectively in any area of your life now. You could be troubled by regrets about the past and worries about the future.  Simple issues can all of a sudden seem big and complicated.  It's easy to obsess endlessly, especially about someone you're inclined to become too dependent on. Make an extra effort to stay practical and grounded. Keep daily routines simple.  Attend to deadlines and required tasks. Keep your mind on the here and now.  With such confusing influences at work, that's more than enough.