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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 2010 For Everyone - Stay the Course, for Now


September 2010 For Everyone
Stay the Course, for Now

September 2010 will be an especially difficult month, psychologically.  Frankly, I just did not expect quite such ‘active’ charts in September.

Spring and summer's heavy planetary artillery has let up. But the planets are now taking aim at our minds with powerful aspects cleverly designed to break us all out of old patterns.

So September will be intense, complicated and confusing.  It will also be full of delay and obstruction and uncertainty. People won't be thinking clearly or realistically. In the midst of it all, and despite the confusion and uncertainty, many will be fiercely, grimly determined to do their thing.

It will also be an ominous month.  Lots of important, and complicated, changes are being planned at very high levels or soon to be implemented. We won't really know the who, what, where and when of these changes.  Things really will be just too darned complicated and communications will be poor.  We will, however, know that the new plans will force us to change the way we live. 

Because of the complexity, confusion, uncertainty and delays, our best option, maybe our only realistic option, will be to wait and get ready to make our move when the time comes.

Reconcile yourself to the coming change and start the process. Don't assume you have all the facts, though.  It's not likely that anybody does. Proceed with caution.  Difficult road conditions ahead.

Oh, one more thing. Escalate stress-relief efforts.

The Astrological Details

Generally speaking, the planets are aligned unproductively.  There is a T-square.  T-square's tend to be immovable.  They require radical, strenuous long-term efforts to overcome. 

There are facilitating aspects, but they are not strong enough to overcome the inertia of the T-square.


As September opens, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde.  A vast array of systems will be off-line and in transition. Murphy's law will be in full force. (If anything can go wrong, it will and at the worst possible moment.)

Communication systems are down or unreliable. Economic growth ebbs.  Building and reform efforts stall. Idealism fades. Power and authority are ineffective.

More generally, during retrogrades, new ideas and new resources are applied to old projects, programs and issues. Old things are repaired, updated or taken offline completely.  New plans and upcoming projects are completely revised.

Things tend to go on behind-the-scenes during retrogrades. There is often a sense of mystery about the who, what, and where of deliberations. They also cause mounting impatience and frustration.

The subject of widespread reform will be in the air. We will know that these changes will directly and significantly affect our lives in the not too distant future. We just won’t have any details and we won’t be able to get any, either. Lots of important things will be up in the air.


Optimism and confidence will be low.  Growth and progress in all areas will slow significantly.


The Mercury and Pluto stations are both very close to the new moon on September 8th.  Communications systems will come back online - sort of.  Power and authority will be asserted effectively - sort of.  But the reality is a lot more complicated than that.

The energy of stationary/direct planets are especially intense and narrowly focused. Stationary/direct Mercury and stationary/direct Pluto vibes are each quite problematic in their own separate ways. 

Stationary/direct Mercury will produce communication overloads.  Stationary/direct Pluto will produce insanely obsessive focus and drive.  The combination could be hard to take, to put it mildly.

The influence of both Mercury and Pluto is especially intense right now, too.  Pluto because of the manifestly immense power of Pluto in Capricorn.  Mercury because Mercury rules Virgo and both Sun and Mercury are in Virgo at the new moon.

And the Mercury and Pluto stations under discussion will occur so close to the new moon that these potent blasts of Mercury and Pluto energy will affect the whole new moon period - not in a good way – I don’t think.

But it's worse than it sounds, actually.

Neptunian Clouds Roll In

Neptunian energies inspire and uplift.  They also dissolve bonds of all kinds, setting people adrift, mentally, emotionally and materially. They dissolve and break up relationships of all kinds at all levels.  They also produce massively confused, muddled and unrealistic thinking. And personal irresponsibility, with all that that implies.

Even a little Neptune can cause dangerous mental and emotional slippage, on the one hand, and fatal miscommunication, or fatal miscalculation, on the other. Heavy Neptune verges on the delusional.

At the new moon, retrograde Neptune (Neptune to the nth degree) is involved in *nine* important midpoint contacts. 

At the full moon, retrograde Neptune is also involved in nine important midpoint pictures.  They include four important midpoint contacts in which Mercury is the central, synthesizing planet. That is an awful lot of Neptunian confusion and mystification.

Uranus/Neptune - Insert Head in Sand, or Clouds

Neptune-impaired communications will be further impaired - and seriously so - by the head-in-the-sand/head-in-the-clouds effects of the Uranus/Neptune mutual reception, which is back in effect until next March.

Big Time Mercury/Neptune Things to Come

The Mercury/Neptune interaction is especially significant, too, as a harbinger of things to come.

Neptune and Mercury and the signs they govern are opposite in nature. Neptune and Pisces are, in all important respects, the antitheses of Mercury and the signs it governs, Gemini and Virgo. The Mercury/Neptune antithesis finds elaborate expression in the Zodiac, but it is best discussed in another place.

Suffice it to say, September offers a preview of a major and lengthy face off between the powers of clear, concise, realistic and practical thinking and inspiration, idealism, intuition and mysticism (and superstition and conspiracy theories).

Neptune/Mercury will break down our familiar (and materialistic/secular) world view in favor of one that is more spiritual.  It will also pry the mass mind free of its moorings and set it adrift in new and uncharted waters.  That won’t be easy or pretty. Such things never are, whether it is happening to a friend or loved one, or in the world at large.

So, September’s strong, and adverse, Mercury/Neptune interplay is a taste of things to come.  The main event will begin, in earnest, next spring and summer.

Pluto Madness

Even in small doses, Pluto's energy can be very hard to handle except under very favorable circumstances. In September, Pluto's energies are not only very strong, they are seriously impaired. 

First, Pluto is up against the obstructing effects of the continuing retrogrades (Jupter, Uranus and Neptune, and Chiron, if you're keeping track of Chiron).  Second, it is up against the pervasive confusion caused by a strong Neptune, generally, and a strong Neptune influence on Mercury in particular.

Pluto is a relentlessly hard-driving planet. Its energies will combine poorly with the energies of the retrograde planets.  It will also combine very poorly with the confusing, obfuscating influence of Neptune.

Finally, Pluto's relationship with Saturn is difficult now. In difficult combination, Pluto and Saturn energy can cause extreme levels of determination, ruthlessness and the abuse of power generally.

If this sounds like a highly problematic combination of planetary energies, it is. And it's focus will be emotional, mental and behavioral. Expect startling and disturbing behavior on every level.

Politically and interpersonally, inertia, mystification, self-centeredness and grim, ruthless determination do not combine well.  Together, they are likely to produce extreme emotional volatility and, in some cases, potentially explosive levels of dissatisfaction and unrest. Such vibes also commonly breed tyranny and violence.  Enough said.

Shaken and Stirred

All of the above points to a degree of emotional and mental turbulence, on the individual and collective level, not seen in recent decades. And it is the beginning of something, not a one-time event, or the preview of something you can choose to avoid if you want to.

Economics Central

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all intimately involved in wealth-building.  Neptune, though not always thought of as a financial planet, powerfully affects the US housing market, which is central to the US economy and, therefore, central to the global economy. So for present purposes, Neptune has to be regarded as an economic planet, too.

Whether because they are retrograde, or because of their disproportionate impact on events, all these big financial planets are involved in September's astrological troubles.  Hence, turbulence and uncertainty will also be very evident in our collective economic life. Indeed, economic issues are likely to be central to much that occurs.

This means that numerous profound changes are, indeed, under way in the the global economy.

I do not think that all this necessarily indicates extreme negative reaction from Wall Street.  Most likely the financial markets will be doing a lot of strange things for a lot of unusual and unfamiliar reasons. But I doubt that we will see any extreme movements upward or downward in market indicators like the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

No Planet Left Out

Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the big players in the September charts.  However, because of the midpoint relationships, and other things, all of the planets are involved.  The turbulence will be all inclusive. Few if any aspects of our lives will go untouched.

The stuff of the world, however you conceive of it, is in a fluid and malleable state, ready to be re-shaped.

My present theory is that world conditions will remain turbulent, fluid, and without easily discernible direction until Uranus re-enters Aries next March, at which time the fun will really begin.


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