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Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Look Ahead - August 2011 thru April 2011

A Look Ahead

August 2010 thru April 2011

Since about May of this year, 2010, an unrelenting barrage of hard planetary aspects has pushed people and situations to the point of crisis. I've become increasingly worried about how much more of this we will have to take and how much more we can take.

So for August I decided to look at the aspects for the next eight or nine months to see what lies ahead.  I am relieved to report that sustained relief is just around the corner.

All things are relative, though.  These are difficult astrological times. There will be more adverse events and new challenges, some of them very serious.  But conditions will improve, especially in the next 6-9 months. Even beyond that point, difficulties, however serious, will come amidst encouraging signs of stabilization, progress and growth.

Beginning in March 2011, challenges and opportunities will be in dynamic, productive tension.  Conditions will block a relapse into old patterns.  They will instead present new possibilities and compel us to pursue them. They will also highlight fundamental gaps in our resources and demand that we fill them in.

A New Era of Deeper Inclusiveness

The charts for 2011 strongly support the foregrounding of people and things normally suppressed or excluded, often forcibly. These range from harmlessly eccentric to extremist and violent people and ideas. Increasingly,
people and things normally, kept at the fringes will intrude on mainstream life and demand consideration. 

In extreme cases, such things are linked to desperate, injured, deprived and mislead people. When we simply block them out, we perpetuate ignorance, illness and suffering.  Demanding that they be heard is to demand that they be healed and that their distorted ideas and feelings be released.

Many things average people normally keep secret will be exposed. Among average people, such things are also related to psychological hurts that require healing.

Everyone, including mainstream people, those considered “normal”, will also speak their truth more often, more assertively, more insistently. Between family and friends, labor and management, businesses and customers – in whatever setting people interact, communication will be more ‘forthright’.

Initially, all of this will be uncomfortable . . . at best. Over time, however, it will make for a more inclusive and healthy society.  It will bring us closer to understanding and eliminating the sources of ignorance, violence and insanity.

Financial Perspective

March 2011 will see more activity on the economic front, more dynamic financial markets, for example. Until then, the economy will be sluggish, perhaps worrisomely so.

The old economic band-aids and quick fixes won't work, now. Short-sighted manipulation and/or unethical and exploitative practices will backfire faster than in the past.  Economic problems will be more stubborn generally and require new and better solutions. But we are not likely to begin to see effective solutions actually enacted until next March, at least. 

Astrological Recap

During May, June and July 2010, several serious planetary challenges overlapped (the first two illustrations).

Pluto's transit of Capricorn began in early 2008.  Its powerfully destabilizing effects are still being felt.  They will continue into the 2020's.

Since September 2009, a Saturn/Pluto/Uranus T-square has seriously aggravated the destabilizing effects of Pluto in Capricorn.

In late May 2010, Uranus entered Aries. That broke up the mutual reception of Neptune and Uranus.  This aspect was psychologically insulating in its effects.  That could be a disadvantage in many ways.  Be that as it may, for the majority, it provided psychological shelter from the growing storm for roughly 7 years. 
Uranus’s Aries ingress also intensified the Saturn/Pluto/Uranus T-square. 

Uranus began to release the energies of rebellion and change into the world at large.  Uranian energies had been bottled up for decades in the latter signs of the zodiac, which tend to be conservative and slow and gradual in their influences. It also unleashed an avalanche of hasty, poorly thought out changes.  It did so under very unfavorable conditions. We all would have experienced these early, ill-fated efforts at change at work and in the cities and towns where we live and watched them play out on the national scene. The new and highly controversial immigration law imposed by Arizona, and now under legal challenge, would be a case in point.

In June and July, two eclipses struck the Cancer/Capricorn axis, further aggravating this heavy burden of adverse aspects.  These eclipses will have brought long-simmering problems to the surface, often explosively, triggering natural and man-made disasters.  Health, employment and financial conditions generally, among others, will have suddenly entered a critical, crisis phase.

During the eclipses in June and July, there was a grand cross in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). This added a massive increase in stress to an already extreme level of stress involving the cardinal signs.

Finally, in addition to these major aspects, there were far higher than normal levels of minor, background aspects. This added still more stress.

There were mitigating factors at work. During the worst of it, the tangle of hard aspects was embedded in protective, supportive mystic rectangles.  Mystic rectangles absorb shocks. They also help channel adverse events into constructive channels.

There were also a number of quincunxes, or inconjuncts.  These aspects soften shocks by maximizing discussion and doubt.

However, the cumulative effect of the adverse aspects was extreme and a lot of damaging energy got through. They managed to push stresses and tensions on the individual and collective, local, national and international levels to the limits of tolerance and beyond. 

Again, these energies ratcheted up many political and economic crises, repeatedly, successively.  On the micro level, they intensified health, family, relationship, financial and work issues.

In the popular astrological press, this period was known as the “Cardinal Climax.”  It appears to have marked the most difficult, climactic phase of the lengthy and difficult transformation triggered by Pluto in Capricorn. The relative calm apparent in the months following July 2010 would seem to confirm this impression.

Relief is on the Way

Pluto will remain in Capricorn, supporting profound, turbulent and continuing transformation. Other disruptive astrological influences will abate, however.

In August, the Saturn/Pluto/Uranus T-Square will become a background influence. There will be no more eclipses until December 2010. The density of background aspects in the charts will drop to normal levels or below and remain so until spring of 2011. 

The mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune will go back into effect until March 2011.  Whatever else it does, this will allow us all some welcome insulationg from life's mounting stresses.

As of August 1, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be retrograde.  Retrograde planets dramatically lessen the effects of of planetary energies. Virtually all initiatives and policy implementations, good, bad and indifferent will halt, pending sweeping reconsideration.

In short, from a condition of prolonged, continuous high stress and non-stop crises we will move abruptly and directly into the doldrums, pretty much.

Uranus Re-enters Aries, March 12, 2011

Uranus will re-enter Aries on March 12, 2011.  A new, 84 year Uranus cycle will start. Hence, the chart for this Uranus/Aries ingress applies to most of the rest of this century. 

Several things about this chart are especially notable. 

Bad news first.  There is a Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter T-square in it. In this difficult combination, these potent planets will produce continuing challenges. All three planets deeply affect our economic life so the economic challenges, and the need for economic reforms, will continue for an extended period. 

The challenges will be new and unfamiliar in many respects.  Some will involve new versions of old problems.  In any case, they will present grave challenges, often under hardship conditions. They will also require a radical re-think of the issues they raise.

This aspect is somewhat broad and that is a blessing.  Retrograde Saturn will blunt the overall effects, too. The participation of Jupiter will soften the effects further.  But the planets are still powerful and the component aspects are still difficult, most especially the brutal Saturn/Pluto square.   

Now the good news.  This T-square is more or less firmly embedded in a so-called kite formation. We are always relieved to see a kite formation. Counting minor connecting aspects, just about all of the planets are involved in this kite.

A kite is a strongly supportive, uplifting, empowering structure, but it also presents challenges. The kite promises achievement, progress recognition and rewards, and protects against the worst outcomes.  But it also keeps us on our toes and working.  It makes us dig always deeper, reach ever higher, try ever harder to fill in the gaps in our knowledge and experience.  It prevents quick and easy victories and defeats pat answers. 

The embedded T-square magnifies the kite's tendency to present challenges and deny easy victories. The kite will facilitate the search for new and better answers to problems generated by the T-square.

This is a highly evolutionary formation.  It will relentlessly and dramatically expand all our limits as individuals and as a global civilization. 

Lilith Rampant

The chart for Uranus's second Aries ingress contains a wild card.

Uranus at 0 degrees is a force multiplier.  It is a very, very powerful placement for Uranus.

If the chart is cast for Greenwich Mean Time, Uranus is also close to the cusp of the 4th house, the IC, or imum coeli.  This placement is another force multiplier. This chart, and, so, the rest of this century, will be absolutely drenched in Uranian energies.

Here's the catch.  Lilith, a highly problematic little influence, is almost within a single degree of conjunction with Uranus, strongly coloring the expression of Uranus's great power - and sharing that power.  Lilith and Uranus are joined closely by a stellium of bodies: the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.  This would extend and strengthen the influence of Uranus . . . and Lilith yet again.

Translation: we are looking at an especially powerful, 84-year Uranus cycle. The world will be saturated with the transformative energies of Uranus . . . and Lilith. Uranus will shake things up and keep them shaken up. Lilith, in its way, gives a loud and carrying voice to the suppressed and oppressed and a very strong urge to speak our truth, however awkward embarrassing or inconvenient.

Everyone will be feeling the need to assert and express themselves, including and especially whoever and whatever has been suppressed.  We are entering a cycle of especially deep and potent liberation and not what you usually think of when you consider Uranus. 

Things that would generally be considered kinky, or hinky, sketchy or shady, loopy and loony, fringy and extremist – things from our deep unconscious and the fringes of culture and society – will be foregrounded generally.  It will soon begin to feel like the world has turned into a big encounter group.

What is Lilith Exactly?

Lilith is a calculated, or sensitive, point - not an astrological force, or energy - not a celestial body.  Lilith marks the release point of the dark, suppressed elements of individual and collective consciousness.  Perhaps it is as difficult an influence as it is because our lives are so terribly in need of healing.  Whatever the case, Lilith usually expresses in difficult and downright unpleasant ways.

Generally speaking, Lilith frees neurotic, perverse and distorted thoughts, feelings and impulses of all kinds into the open. Psychological ‘imbalances’ are pushed into the open

Uranus at 0 degrees Aries, conjunct Lilith, both close to the very root of the chart at the very moment of the Uranus/Aries ingress, promises a quirky century ahead, indeed.

Lilith-related expressions will range from the criminally insane and terroristic, through normal self-assertiveness, to the merely eccentric.  Our personal and collective demons will come out to be exorcised.
It will affect the individual and collective, the national and international levels.

There will be the normal social, political, economic and cultural turmoil that comes with sweeping, widespread change.  There will be the strangeness always brought by a strong Uranus.  And there will be a thick, rich overlay of pathology, ranging from the mild to the extreme. The words psychedelic and phantasmagoric, even nightmarish, come to mind. It sounds weird and grim, but there it is. 

It only makes one kind of sense to me. 
The planets are telling us that we must face, heal and embrace things that we have formerly rejected and suppressed - in ourselves, in others, in the world at large - if we want to enter a truly new age. The distortions of consciousness revealed and liberated by Lilith need healing.  To reform the world while ignoring them is to perpetuate ignorance, suffering, hatred and illness. 

We must heal long-buried evils, exorcise the myriad demons that haunt our consciousness and stunt our spiritual and material growth – if we are to have a truly peaceful and stable new world.  The causes of hatred and prejudice must be rooted out and quieted.  Lilith conjunct Uranus will do this.

I personally think this great healing will be a very difficult task, one that will take many centuries.  But clearly it is one that we must undertake.  Sooner rather than later, apparently.

If in coming months you notice conversations veering too often into unseemly and uncomfortable areas, if family members and co-workers start speaking inconvenient truths, if you see more and more eccentric or loony behavior in public places – that would be the growing effects of Lilith and Uranus.


Debora Ghoreyeb said...

Mahalo Carl. I really appreciate your insights and information.

Anonymous said...

I've read this post last month and just today, a week after my grandmother passed away, my cousin (who I haven't spoke to in years) and I just had this open, reveling conversation about both our parents' mental illnesses. I never in a million years though that we would ever have the ability to talk about it so openly. It was a healing experience and I couldn't help but to think about this post. I don't know if it's something in my natal chart specifically, but I can *reeeealy* sense the change/intensity in conversation topics lately.

Carl B. said...

You know, from what I have been observing, and what is going on in September's charts, I think meaningful communication with others will return to our lives after a long absence. So much so that I think we will forget what it was like without it. Basically, the planets are putting people through so much they are feeling their need for each other more and welcome the communication.

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