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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 2010 For Everyone - Watershed

July 2010 For Everyone


It's impossible to describe the overall effect of July's turbulent and paradoxical astrological influences in brief, neat bullet points.  Maybe that's because July 2010 is leading us into a wholly new experience, one we don't yet have words for.  So it's probably best to just describe the influences separately and briefly and in some kind of order and hope that adds up to an informative picture. All in all, another rough month.

At the outset, I want to emphasize that, in July, a protective and supportive influence will be at work.  It will keep challenges from escalating into crises.  It will also help prevent worst-case outcomes. In some cases, at least, a cloud of negative possibilities will somehow add up to a positive outcome.

The vibes are high and difficult all month, yet again.  The stress will not let up.  Themes familiar from recent months continue unabated.  Those in power will feel obliged, and entitled, to issue sweeping mandates in response to very difficult conditions, economic and otherwise.  People on the frontlines, the grassroots, will continue to grumble and resist.

Economic uncertainty and insecurity will continue, unrelieved, unabated. Global unrest will continue and, in all likelihood, spike in July.

Focus on the Individual

But July adds a radically new element to the mix.  Amidst continuing crises, in a way that has not been true in recent times, world events will suddenly begin to affect us psychologically - directly, immediately, personally. We will begin to make changes in our lives in response. We will also start making changes in our most important relationships.  Such things sound simple and harmless enough but in reality they are almost always complex, difficult and uncomfortable.

A murky, neurotic, obsessive energy will also affect our relationships and our communications generally.  It will dredge up issues long buried in the deeper layers of our unconscious, all but forgotten.

In some cases, this will lead to resolution and healing.  In many cases it will simply muddy the waters and make everything more complex and difficult.

One potent, long lasting influence has kept people cocooned, isolated, lost, and mostly comfortable, in their own private universes.  It has been in effect for c. 7 years, since before "all this" started. 

It has tended to lock in attitudes that are wildly out of sync with present realities.  It has also tended to insulate people socially, holding people within the narrow confines of their own most intimate social and family circles.

This influence also minimized the psychological impact of events on individual personalities and minimized the impact of individual personalities on events.

This influence has ended, temporarily.  It will go back into effect, temporarily, in August and end completely next March.  Meanwhile, it will leave people open and sensitive to events in a way that they have not been in a long, long time.

We will find ourselves making personal changes in response to ongoing world events.  We will change long-established attitudes and behaviors.  We will also start making relatively dramatic changes in our personal relationships, including and especially those most important to us.

At the same time, the planets are foregrounding and empowering individuals politically.  People on the frontlines, at the grassroots, will suddenly find themselves willing to reach out and affect events. And their involvement will begin to matter in a way that it has not in a long time.

Individuals Feeling the Stress of the World

This will not necessarily be the groovy, self-empowering, New Agey development it might at first appear to be, not in all cases.  Personalities will be under considerable stress. Lives and relationships will be changing, rapidly.

Traumatic and deeply worrisome world events will suddenly begin to worry people who have long been psychologically, and comfortably, happily insulated from them.

Also, as stated above, old, long-buried, or carefully hidden, issues will come to the surface, injecting themselves into already very complicated and stressful situations.  This might lead to resolution and healing in some cases.  It is far more likely to make difficult personal and interpersonal transitions much more difficult.  People really tend not to handle these kinds of things very well.

So, lots of stressed people will suddenly feel exposed  and start making big changes in their own lives.  They will start reaching out to affect the world around them.  Surprisingly, the world around them will begin to respond.  This is not necessarily a recipe for success. It is largely a case of too much of a tough thing all at once.

This planetary emphasis on individual lives will subside early in August.  It will return in March of next year.  In the interim, having had a foretaste of what is to come, people can pull back and better prepare themselves for the influx of these new, exciting, but
stressful and potentially very problematic influences.

Cosmic Safety Net Firmly in Place All Month

Having said all that, there really is a powerfully supportive and protective influence at work and it will ensure that most of us will land on our feet. Indeed, despite the seemingly endless potential for negative outcomes, many of us will get a leg up.

Bold Leadership Moves Supported

The planets will also favor bold, courageous initiatives, especially on the part of those in power.  Amidst the confusion, turbulence and near chaos of ongoing events, leaders who take bold, insightful action will meet with surprising success.

The planets might seem to be causing enough turbulence to block effective action, undermining the very possibility of effective individual initiatives, but that is apparently not the case.

I think we have to put this in the plus column.

Magical and Mysterious Positives

Their might seem to be a very high degree of downside potential in July.  Surprisingly, however, the planets have deployed a rather powerful safety-net.  So, despite all of the above, we are not talking about worst-case scenarios. Given the vibes, many will be projective worst-case scenarios, but in the vast majority of cases they will not occur, not this time around.

The Astrological Details

It should be noted that both of these charts are very similar.  The new moon chart is the more intense and destabilizing, but the full moon chart is only slightly less so.  Virtually everything in the new moon, solar eclipse chart is echoed in the full moon chart.

Bad News First

Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer, July 11

There is a total solar eclipse at the new moon on July 11. Such eclipses always mark historical thresholds. sometimes they are major, sometimes minor. This looks like a major one.

Eclipses push the past further into the past and bring the future suddenly much closer. They bring long simmering crises to the surface.  They affect health, employment, war and peace, economics and politics.  Once familiar, taken for granted people and things disappear.  Lingering health and employment issues are settled finally . . . for better or for worse, one way or another.  Simmering crises flare, hidden, unnoticed dangerous realities, come to light suddenly, explosively, fatefully.

Eclipses essentially force us to release the past and embrace present realities. July's total solar eclipse in Cancer is unlikely to be different.

The Cancer/Capricorn Axis, Again

Like other recent eclipses, this total solar eclipse strikes the Capricorn/Cancer axis. 

Historically, the Capricorn/Cancer axis has proven very, very sensitive. It has also proven critical to world events.  It is already under severe stress from Pluto's ongoing transit of Capricorn.  A T-square between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus aggravates this stress.

Furthermore, the Capricorn/Cancer axis is very important in the US chart. Like it or not, the fate of the US is important to the fate of the world.  The US Sun is in Cancer.  Cancer and Capricorn are both in US financial houses. Also, the US natal Pluto is at 27 degrees Capricorn.

Hence, July's solar eclipse along this axis is likely to have potent transformative, and disruptive, effects on the US, especially the US economy. This, in turn, is likely to send political and economic shock waves around the globe. In other words, I am expecting the world to turn a big corner in July.

A Two-Edged Astrological Sword – Neptune/Chiron/Lilith

As noted, the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune has broken up temporarily.  It had bottled up a great deal of energy for a long time.  People have been absorbed in, and insulated by hyper-stable, unchanging, closed and often completely outdated, attitudes, stuck in old patterns.

Thoughts and behaviors - whole personalities - have simply failed to adapt constructively to the turbulence of recent years. They remained locked into old and rigid patterns.

The Uranus/Neptune mutual reception is not in effect during July.  This leaves people suddenly and rudely exposed to reality.

Furthermore, the Sun and Moon and other highly personal planets are at the top of the dispositor charts – atop the planetary chain of command.  This will empower the individual, in their own lives and in the broader political and economic spheres.

This might seem good, but the overall effect is likely to be unfortunate in many cases.  Many will be thrust suddenly from their comfortable, insulating system of outdated illusions into the harsh glare of the very difficult and rapidly changing present reality.  This will doubtless be traumatic and disorienting for many.  It is a case of too much energy too soon.

A very neurotic, obsessive and murky aspect will also be affecting us personally.  Neptune, Chiron and Lilith are clustered around the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces.

Theoretically, on some abstract level, this influence could be a healing one, leading to revelation, resolution and healing. In reality, truth-to-tell, it is a murky and treacherous little stellium. It brings vagueness, ambivalence, obsessiveness, manipulativeness and irrationality generally.  It generates poorly defined, unsatisfiable demands and longings.  And with Chiron, it can bring a lot of pain.

This dark little stellium will oppose Venus during the solar eclipse at the new moon.  It will oppose Mercury at the full moon.

People will be suddenly bereft of their comfortable, highly personalized and familiar illusions. They will be inundated with harsh stimuli from the real world.  They will be in the midst of complex and difficult personal adjustments and relationship transitions. They will be feeling a sudden and unfamiliar impulse to reach out and change the world. Meanwhile, the world will be growing more turbulent and distressing. 

In the midst of all that the Neptune/Chiron/Lilith influence will bring long-buried issues to the surface, soaked in neurotic, obsessive conspiratorial energies. It is hard to see this as anything but trouble.

Bottom line, a lot of already overstimulated, overly stressed, tired people will suddenly be even more powerfully stimulated and, worse, have to start making very important decisions about their lives, their relationships and their careers.  Not a happy thought, I fear.

Three Mid-Point Pictures – All about Relationships

There are three especially eloquent mid-point pictures in June's charts and they sum up the overall emotional atmosphere.  But more than that, mid-points indicate real world actions and events.

During the eclipse, Uranus is contacting the mid-point of Jupiter and Saturn.  This mid-point, familiar from last month, suggests extreme levels of dissatisfaction, and mounting impatience, with the status-quo.

Also in the new moon eclipse chart, Uranus contacts the midpoint of Venus and Chiron.  This points to difficult, perhaps painful changes in many relationships. 

Given the opposition between Venus and Neptune/Chiron/Lilith, also in the new moon eclipse chart, we can conclude that relationships will be under severe stress in July. The fact that this is an eclipse chart suggests that the stress and the effects will be long-term.

In the full moon chart, Uranus contacts the midpoint of Mars and Jupiter, suggesting a widespread spirit of rebellion, one that could easily reach explosive levels.  This will likely cause violence in the more unstable areas of the world.

The (Mostly) Good News

Talk, Talk and More Talk

A plethora of quincunxes in the chart will act as safety valves, supporting endless rounds of discussion and negotiation - preventing impulsive, responses and averting outright crisis. But they will almost certainly produce oppressive, suffocating levels of confusing talk, when clarity, simplicity and action are urgently needed.

Mystic Rectangles to the Rescue

There is one really hopeful, reassuring indicator in both of these otherwise worrisome charts.  Both charts are underpinned by mystic rectangles. 

Mystic rectangles create supportive, protective synergies.  They deflect serious trouble, generally. They help prevent the worst outcomes, and help protect people from the consequences of error.

The aspects in both of these charts, individually and cumulatively, are decidedly worrisome.  However, virtually every single planet and all the aspects between them, in both of these charts, are embraced within mystic rectangles.

The sum of difficult, worrisome influences at work in these charts is all but impossible to sort out. That remains true. They are all but impossible for anyone to avoid completely.  Still, these disruptive aspects are solidly, and surprisingly exactly, embedded in a powerful, positive synergistic framework.

Somehow, we will all muddle through.  Our worst fears will not be realized.  The worst outcomes will be avoided.

Successful Leadership: The Part of Fortune + the North Node

To the experienced astrological eye, these charts suggest extreme fluidity in thoughts, ideas and events - a kind of pregnant social, economic and political chaos out of which almost anything could emerge.  A real historical rough patch.

These mystic rectangles will set firm bounds to the downside potential.

Support for Bold, Visionary Leadership

If you cast the new moon chart using Greenwich Mean Time, the north node in Capricorn is exactly conjunct the part of fortune and both are conjunct the ascendant.  This formation is strongly echoed in the full moon chart.

This suggests that, despite the turbulent and chaotic energies, the planets will favor and strongly support bold, insightful leadership.  Well-thought out, well-motivated initiatives by anyone in a position of leadership - or by individuals in their own lives - are strongly, robustly supported.

Combined with the mystic rectangle, this influence gives us all good reason to believe that things will work out and the worst will be avoided.

A final word of optimism.  Much of the turbulence and strain in these charts is attributable to Uranus in Aries and the break up of the Neptune/Uranus mutual reception. 

It is a lot of transformative energy for the world, and individuals, to have to deal with all of a sudden, especially in the context of everything else that is going on out there. Fortunately, Uranus will retrograde out of Aries in early August. 

That will not solve all our problems.  However, it will relieve a lot of the pressure and return us all to more familiar ground, giving us a chance to better prepare for Uranus's full transit of Aries, beginning next March.

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