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Monday, May 31, 2010

June 2010 for Everyone - Turning Point

June 2010 for Everyone

Turning Point

June is a pivotal and paradoxical month.

On the One Hand

On the one hand, it is yet another in a series of increasingly rough months. The vibes will be stormy and intense, again. Controversy, uncertainty and confusion will continue unabated. The stress of these difficult circumstances will also continue, or increase.

Challenging and changeful events will drive people to finally make those tough choices.

People in authority - parents, partners, bankers, mayors, supervisors, administrators - will continue to issue new and unpopular policies designed to address difficult conditions beyond their control, amidst growing resistance.

By late June, as yet unforeseen events will push many into crisis mode. 
Things will reach a tipping point - if not a breaking point.  Events will force difficult, urgent, irreversible decisions.  Controversy will surge.

There will surely be costs and casualties.  There will be decisions we would rather not have to make, steps we would rather not have to take. This will be true in our private lives, at home, at work, at the grassroots and the national and international levels.

On the Other Hand

On the other hand, we will, for the most part, be left with acceptable options.  As unfortunate as events are, as difficult as the decisions, we will all somehow be left with an acceptable path forward.  Optimism for the future will survive and flourish, actually.

That is perhaps because people sense an opening for genuine reform.

Limiting, confining attitudes will break down.  Old, well-established obstacles to change will give way. Those in power will be forced to yield to demands for a more democratic process. New and better ideas will proliferate.

June's events will disrupt business as usual.  Adverse events will penetrate the fog of habit, paving the way for true change. The will to reform will be in the air.  Rebellion will be back in style. 

New and exciting ideas will start making the rounds. Brand new ways of approaching old problems will arise. We will see openings to genuine, and, in some cases genuinely radical change.

We can also expect new technologies to penetrate more deeply into your lives than ever before.  People will embrace them with even greater enthusiasm and they will sweep away old ways of doing things ever more completely.  The digital age will ever more completely erase lingering traces of the analog age.

The Economic Perspective

The world's economies and financial markets will also be strongly affected by June's vibes, and in a similar way. 

We know that governments manipulate their economies - with taxes, tariffs, trade policies, currency manipulations, and so on.  They are forever contriving new and ingenious (and deceptive) ways of doing so. Their methods, usually dishonest and unfair, often go undetected.

It's often impossible to do anything about any of it. Prevailing economic conditions do not, of themselves, always exact a price for such dishonesty.  They might even reward it.  At least for awhile.  We all know this.

But June's vibes will expose even the most ingenious and deceptive economic manipulations, knocking away the crutches presently propping up many world economies – and, in the process, creating dangerous economic imbalances.

The long-term consequences will be extremely good.  In the short-term, there could be heightened turbulence in the world financial markets.

But the supportive and protective aspects mentioned above will also be at work on the economic level.  Events will be extreme enough to change attitudes and behavior, but, in most cases, they won't be catastrophic.

The will to change and reform will also be at work in economic spheres. The people and organizations behind the existing economic order with all its 'imperfections,' inefficiencies, inequities and injustices will find their power undermined.  Events will force them to the bargaining table.  The possibility of genuine, lasting economic reform will loom. 

The Astrological Details

The Bad News

Familiar Themes in the New Moon Chart

Usually, the new moon chart is less dynamic than the full moon chart. 

In June, as in May, both new and full moon charts are high energy and stormy, only more so.  Both are dominated by the Saturn/Uranus/Pluto T-square that pits those entrenched in power against the forces of change, an vice versa.

The new moon chart, governing the first two weeks of June, tells a now familiar story.  We needn’t rehash it.  Persons with power - parents, managers, bankers, government officials - will continue to impose unwelcome new policies in response to difficult conditions. Resistance to these policies will continue to grow, too.  All too familiar conflicts will drag on, apparently with no resolution in sight.  If only for the two weeks or so affected by the new moon chart.

Majorly Changeful Full Moon Chart

The full moon chart, affecting the last two weeks or so in June, is the chart you need to watch. The possibility for change you might only sense during the new moon period will manifest during this time. The crises you worry about are more likely to manifest during this period, too.

The roiling indecision and intensity of the new moon chart firms up into clearly defined and, unfortunately, crisis-oriented geometry.  A grand square dominates the chart.

Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon, Pluto and Saturn are all involved in the grand square.  Such formations compel tough decisions on important and complex issues under adverse circumstances and high pressure.

The margin for error, the wiggle-room, of which there was so much in the new moon chart, is almost gone.

Issues will crystallize; debates will sharply polarize. Powerfully disruptive events will upset the order of things and trigger completely unexpected scenarios.

Uranus, powerfully placed in Aries, now, and very much a part of this grand cross will dramatically increase the prospects for reform.

But there is more.

Lunar Eclipse Conjunct Pluto

The grand cross in the full moon chart is tougher than most grand crosses because it includes a partial eclipse of the moon. 

It is more potently disruptive still because the full moon will be all but exactly conjunct Pluto at the time of the eclipse. 

The Moon/Pluto conjunction with its lunar eclipse also includes the energy of the Saturn/Uranus/Pluto T-square that has been troubling the world since last fall.  This potent and problematic T-square is now more exact, more powerful and more problematic because Uranus is now in Aries. 

This is also the first eclipse after Uranus enters Aries, making it especially significant for the future.  Its deconstructive effects on existing structures will be especially potent.

The full moon eclipse will be a highly energetic moment and that energy will be exceedingly turbulent and disruptive. But it will also be pregnant with the promise of reform and change as the transformative energies of Uranus become ascendant.

The Transformative Power of the Eclipse . . . and Uranus in Aries

Adverse events that have been brewing unseen will come to the surface. Old options will be taken off the table. New options will arise.  Power struggles will flare and peak.

Many crises brewing unnoticed in the background will burst into the foreground.  Issues that have simmered in our personal and collective lives will reach a boil and, in many cases, come to a head. 

Most of us will expect a quick lapse into old patterns.

However, when Uranus entered Aries, The top-down power paradigm shattered, giving way to to a consensus-based power paradigm. (See my analysis for May 2010.)  So do not expect people to react to issues and events as they have in the past.  Do not expect a quick return to business as usual. 

From now on, crises will play out very differently than they have in the past.  With Uranus in Aries, beginning a new, 84 year cycle of the Zodiac, the underlying energetic patterns have shifted radically, in very important ways and for the long-term.

We will not allow the usual factions to 'decide' these issues through the usual dead end confrontations.  We won't let the same old order of things be re-imposed, once again, from the top-down. 

We will demand a new decision-making process. We will want to be consulted. We will want real change and real reform based on broad-based consultation, cooperation and popular consensus.  We will demand greater transparency.

Turbulence among Financial Planets

The June full moon eclipse will likely usher us into an era of economic instability.  Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn each have powerful effects on our economic lives.  Each of these economically influential planets figures prominently in the eclipse and grand cross. So, they are all in difficult aspect to each other and will, besides, bear the brunt of the energies released at the June new moon. We should prepare ourselves for a bout of global economic turbulence.

Despite the explosive release of all this transformative and, therefore, disruptive energy there is solid reason for optimism.

The Good News

Mystic Cross, the Cosmic Safety Net

All of the above would be scary indeed were it not for another structure prominent in this spectacular full moon chart. 

The mystic rectangle is one of the most benevolent, protective and supportive structures to be found in astrology and there is a mystic rectangle woven securely into the fabric of this chart. 

It intersects with the grand cross at several key points.  It will, therefore, channel much of the explosive power of this new moon chart into safe and constructive channels.  It will soften the effects of events that, in themselves, might have proven catastrophic.

The protective effects of the mystic rectangle are effective at all levels and in every area.  Crises in our personal lives will be mitigated.  Crises on the national and international level will be softened.  Economic crises will also be successfully contained.

The crises will certainly be serious enough to penetrate our awareness, to compel a change of habit, but stop well short of being catastrophic.  There will be significant challenges in many areas, on many levels, and there are bound to be some painful hard landings. 

But the mystic cross will prevent widespread misfortune and prevent local incidents from expanding into global ones.  However drastic the changes forced on us, we will be left with livable options.

Beyond that, with Neptune and Chiron involved, the mystic cross will help insure that adverse events lead to healing and understanding.

Three Midpoint Pictures

What astrologers call "midpoint pictures" (Google it) are often especially expressive and predictive.  There are three noteworthy midpoint pictures in the June full moon chart. I think they neatly summarize the important trends of June.

Uranus contacts the midpoint of Jupiter and Saturn (Uranus = Jupiter/Saturn).  This foretells extreme dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Saturn contacts the midpoint of Neptune and Chiron (Saturn = Neptune/Chiron).  People are acutely aware of the pain caused by ills that beset us, individually and collectively, and they are deeply, deeply worried about the future.

Jupiter contacts the midpoint of Mercury and Pluto (Jupiter = Mercury/Pluto).  People will be overflowing with and highly enthusiastic about ideas for new ways to do things.

And that about sums it up.

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