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Friday, April 30, 2010

May 2010 For Everyone - Aquarian Daybreak

May 2010 For Everyone

Aquarian Daybreak

May 2010 will intensify the present escalation of tensions and conflict in the world. The usual monthly lull in planetary activity will not take place. Energies will remain high and tense for the entire month of May. However, the emphasis will remain.

The scope and intensity of May’s events are due to a major and dramatic shift in the quality of Astrological energies. It is also due to a shift toward more radical energies, energies that support radical behavior – for better or for worse. This shift in energy is historic, and very long-term.

Uncertainties will continue to pile up. Existing disagreements will grow more acute. Resentments will increase. People on opposite sides of the many issues confronting us will only harden their resistance. No one is likely to reach agreement on any major issue in May. Indeed, the number of factions on the rhetorical field of combat will significantly increase.

There will be change, however. People will be increasingly inclined to take action.
In the face of continued challenges, many in power will see it as their duty to "take matters into their own hands."
Under pressure to quickly solve growing, seemingly insoluble problems - to stem disturbing and disruptive trends or cope with economic pressures - those in authority will continue to impose new policies. Many such policies will be seen as urgent, emergency measures to address existing crises or prevent new ones.

Opponents will see such unilateral mandates as illogical and unjust, and many of them will be. The highly controversial new anti-illegal immigration measure in Arizona (the "papers please law") is a case in point. But I suspect many of us can think of examples from our own lives, imposed by state and local governments and employers as they cope with ongoing difficulties.

These energies will also affect individuals. Do not be surprised if the once normal, conventional-seeming people around suddenly start ‘doing stuff,’ unexpected stuff, some of it ill-advised.

long-term effects of the
energy shift at the end of May will be very positive way.

In the long run, this shift will be profoundly liberating, empowering and enabling. We will achieve greater freedom and control over every aspect of our lives - at work, at home, in the community . . . in the long run.

In the short term, this energy shift will almost certainly bring greater tension and stress into our personal lives, at home and at work, and in the world generally. Tensions surrounding controversial political and economic issues will ratchet up. Tensions and resentments in the workplace will rise. And things could heat up on the home front, too, as we all respond to these energies.
The Media = Ground Zero
Mercury will play an absolutely central role in events. So you should expect media of all kinds, old and new, to light up with news of all that I have just described. For now, for most of us, the media will be the arena, or the battleground. No doubt, the challenges of presenting the news generated by this shift in astrological energies will drive innovation in the media and the way we use it, and an escalation of its importance in our lives.

But increasingly, instead of being an all around source of communication, the Media will develop into an interlocutor, a mediator between the governed and the government. It will, increasingly, help develop popular consensus, constructively, and communicate this consensus to the government. Expect some interesting viewing as the media comes to grips with its new role.
Power Paradigm Shift
Existing issues will generate ever greater conflict and resentment.
Urgent new issues will continue to arise. But there will also be a dramatic shift in our attitude to power. People will start expecting greater participation in important decisions and a greater share of power.

The prevailing top-down, hierarchical power paradigm will itself lose its hold on our minds. People will begin openly questioning authority – more often, more insistently, to a far greater extent and with far more real and lasting effects than most of us are used to.

The monolithic, hierarchical, top-down paradigm that governs the creation, maintenance and use of social power has dominated human affairs from time out of mind. Though democracy has become the norm, at least aspirationally, we all know quite well that the old, top-down power paradigm is very much alive in every area of our lives. And it haunts our nominally democratic governmental structures.

At the end of May this ancient archetype will begin to lose its hold in favor of a more consensus-based approach to decision-making.

As turbulent as world events are now, they will become more so as this paradigm shift gets under way. Tensions will soon break out over how issues are decided and how social power is exercised. The political, legal, constitutional ground rules themselves will come up for debate.

Forget intense political debate over controversial issues. People will now start arguing over who gets to make decisions and how they are made. Civil disobedience, insubordination, insurrection and even civil war will lurk as a possibility within every issue.

Where political order is already fragile, as in many third world countries, this could, and most likely will, bring riots, rebellion, insurgency, coups, civil war and in extreme cases, outright chaos.

At the grassroots level, at home and in the workplace, this will, let us say, significantly complicate every issue that arises. And things are already pretty complicated.

Solving issues and settling controversy will be exponentially more difficult as the planets themselves undermine the archetypal foundations for establishing, maintaining and exercising power – and for making decisions – at home, at work, in the halls of government.

In addition to all the other challenges we face as a world, we will now have to establish new customs and institutions that accommodate a rapidly emerging preference for consensus-based social power, a preference that will soon overtake us, regardless of political preferences. It would be very hard to overestimate the number and kinds of challenges this sort of thing can bring

The Astrological Technicalities

Finessing May's Lunar Charts

Normally, new moon charts are significantly less dynamic than the full moon chart. The new moon chart is often less 'staticky,' also. In May, both charts are comparably dynamic and both are rather 'staticky.' They continue a series of such charts. They continue, then, the conflicts, tensions and stresses that have been growing for many months. (See illustration above.)

Indeed, the May charts, look like a kind of crescendo, or finale, leading up to something entirely new. And that, it turns out, is exactly what they are doing.

For forecasting purposes, it seems best to just finesse the lunar charts for May and focus on the new thing that they point to. What they point to is Uranus's entrance into Aquarius on May 28th (GMT). And thereby hangs a tale.

So let's just say that May will be at least as stressful as recent months - for pretty much the same reasons.

Both the new and full moon charts are dominated by the Saturn/Uranus/Pluto T-square that has dominated the charts since last fall. It's influence will peak this summer and continue at some level thru the fall of 2012.

This is the "This is how it's gonna be" aspect, functioning from the signs that govern authority figures of all kinds. It is responsible for the many top-down, unilateral mandates coming out of governments, corporate boardrooms and administrative offices these days.

Except for the Uranus/Aries ingress, we would be looking forward to a couple of very long, tiresome years of dictatorial behavior by any person or body that has any degree of power over our lives.

The Significance of These Dispositor Charts

This ingress begins a new cycle of the Zodiac for Uranus. The beginning of this new cycle marks a resurgence of Uranian energy generally. Also, for the next 60 years, or so, Uranus will be transiting a part of the Zodiac that affects people locally, personally and as individuals, spreading its energies for my broadly and deeply into our lives than we are currently used to (See my April 2010 blog entry).

If, like myself, you are among the many who believe that the Aquarian Age began in the middle of the 20th century, consider the following: Uranus governs Aquarius. This Uranus/Aries ingress begins Uranus's first complete transit of the Zodiac since the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

This adds significantly to the already significant force, and relevance, of the charts for this Uranus ingress. The charts that we are discussing will affect Uranus’s entire 84 year transit of the Zodiac. So, welcome to the rest of the 21st century.

Furthermore, the vernal point, the zero degree point of all cardinal astrological signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is considered highly significant. Zero degrees Aries is especially important because Aries is the first of the cardinal signs.

Astrological events occurring at these points exercise especially strong and lasting influence over the entire cycle in question. Hence, the dispositor charts for the moment of the Uranus/Aries ingress is of special significance. They will strongly affect the entire 84 year cycle.

This Uranus cycle will begin while Pluto is in Capricorn, squaring Uranus in Aries. Pluto's transit of Capricorn is always especially powerful and important. This Uranus/Pluto square will set up a radical tension between the Uranian forces of personal freedom and self-expression and the Plutonium forces of political and economic power. This at a crucially important and challenging time for both planets - and the organizations, institutions, people and natural phenomena that they govern.

The May full moon takes place less than three hours before Uranus enters Aries. In astrological terms that is virtually simultaneous. So, again, the May full moon chart is also especially relevant to our understanding of the Uranus/Aries ingress.

In sum, the 84 year Uranian cycle that is about to begin looks like the actual threshold between the Aquarian and Piscean Ages. In the wee hours of May 28th, the world will, in effect, once and for all, begin crossing this threshold. The Aquarian rubber is about to hit the surface of the historical road. It is going to be quite a century.

Piscean vs. Aquarian Power Paradigms
In sum, these dispositor charts tell us a lot about what our experience will be during this 84 year cycle. (See illustration above.)
The Full Moon Dispositor Chart
The dispositor chart for the full moon of May 28th takes a very familiar form. It reveals a fairly rigid, hierarchical, monolithic, top-down power structure. Power flows one way downward, from the Uranus/Neptune mutual reception at the top of the chart.

The full moon dispositor chart shows a classic Piscean power flow. The Uranus/Neptune mutual reception at the top of this chart suggests that, under this chart, social legitimacy and power originates in a set of narrow, but fervently held beliefs. Not only does social legitimacy and power flow from these beliefs, the forces of change and reform, represented by Uranus, are captive to them, locked in Neptune's idealistic and zealous embrace. Power flows directly downward, in one direction. There is no allowance in the chart for input or change or dialogue.

Briefly put, under this dispositor chart, as it has been for many centuries, power in our world is a "faith-based" affair and distinctly authoritarian in nature.

Saturn and Pluto, representing legal and governmental power generally, are at the bottom of the chart.

This means that our authority figures derive their power from apparent adherence to a narrow, closed set of ideological ideas about the world. The ghost of this essentially authoritarian paradigm haunts all of our democratic and pluralistic systems. Outside of the strictly political realm, the Piscean power paradigm prevails undisguised and unvarnished in institutions and organizations of all kinds throughout the world.

Our leaders hold power, we obey them, because, at base, we all recognize and adhere to these Piscean principles. Their emotional and mental grip on all of us is archetypal. Their hold on us is profound and it is rooted beyond the ability of most of us to sense it, let alone oppose or change it.

As noted, the dispositor chart at the May full moon pretty much perfectly represents the essentially authoritarian Piscean power paradigm.

The Uranus/Aries Ingress Dispositor Chart
Less than three hours after the full moon dispositor chart, when Uranus enters Aries, a distinctly different kind of dispositor chart takes shape. This chart is the very antithesis of the previous chart.

This flow of power in this chart is essentially reciprocal in nature; it is built solidly on reciprocal relationships. It supports complex interaction and interchange between all but two of the planets, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn and Pluto derive their power from a consensus of the governed.

It tells us that social power must be based on consensus and that this consensus is arrived at by an inclusive, free, robust exchange of ideas. It is the very definition of Aquarian government and could hardly differ more from the essentially Piscean paradigm represented in the previous chart.

Because these two charts are, in astrological terms, virtually simultaneous, the tension between these two charts, and between the Piscean and Aquarian power paradigms, will dominate our history for the next 84 years, in effect, for the remainder of the 21st century.

Thus, the acute tensions expressed in these two two dispositor charts, occurring within hours of each other, during a historic shift in planetary energies, tells us a lot about what we need to know about the remainder of the 21st century.

The century will be marked by a radical opposition between essentially authoritarian (and distinctly Piscean) and essentially democratic (and distinctly Aquarian) kinds of power structures as the Aquarian paradigm replaces the Piscean paradigm.
In essence, people will suddenly find themselves wanting a far greater role in making the decisions that determine their fates. We are looking at decades of mass movements, mass protest demonstrations, intense social activism and rebellion. In some nations, where governments are weak or non-existent, this will doubtless mean violence.

But even in more settled, established nations, there will be turmoil. Even in the lives of people not touched directly by any of this turmoil, there will be a significant increase in stress levels.
Those in power want to stay in power. People want to keep doing things the way they always have. Many will resist this shift with every means at their disposal and with all their strength – i.e., by any means necessary.

The institutions and traditions on which we all depend will change and such changes always cause disruptions in the services that we rely upon. New institutions and traditions will need to be established. Such things never go easy.

Over the course of this new century, we will all have to rethink everything.

Things are about to get very interesting, folks.

Time Table
Uranus will enter Aries on May 28th (GMT). It will retrograde out of Aries on August 14th. Uranus will re-enter Aries on March 12, 2011.

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