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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 2010 for Everyone - Push Comes to Shove

March 2010, for Everyone
Push Comes to Shove

March 2010 will go down in the plus column, I believe.

In March 2010 the powers that be will make it clear, one way or another, how they think the future must be. This will happen in the home, at work, and in every other area of our lives. If not a clear, fully drawn blue print for the future, those in authority will lay out for us the likely course of events, limit the range of options and generally set the limits of speculation and debate.

Initially, this will go over well. Few will protest, much. We will find it comparatively easy to reconcile these mandates with our own plans and fit the new arrangements into our lives, into our existing relationships and obligations.

The cost to most of us will be a bout of soul searching. We will have to delve deep within ourselves, in some cases, to find the emotional and spiritual reserves to make the needed adjustments. Most will find it liberating.

However, before March is out, we will find ourselves at the negotiating table, fighting to protect our interests, asking that certain new proposals be modified. What began as a simple, straightforward, smooth top-down interaction could easily turn into a rhetorical free-for-all as 'the rest of us' start second guessing 'the few' in authority.

The mandate from above cannot be blocked, but maybe it should be modified and/or its implementation slowed.
Despite the debate it creates, putting forward this plan for the future will be felt as progress, of a kind. It will counter simmering, protracted uncertainty with a sense of direction and a feeling of momentum.

The widespread sense that we are floundering amidst endless uncertainties will be replaced by the sense that we are moving, however discordantly, toward an understandable, achievable goal.

The new agenda will inevitably result in controversy and debate. Some of it will be heated. However, even with that, most will find the renewed feeling of momentum and sense of direction reassuring.

In the end, both those in charge and those who protest their decisions will be embraced within a creative, synergistic process.
The Astrological Details
The March New Moon - Red Lines (Hard Aspects)

The chart for the new moon on March 15th is neatly divided into three areas. One reaches from about the beginning of Libra to about the end of Capricorn. This area encompasses the administrative, authoritative areas of the chart. It is dominated by hard aspects: T-squares and oppositions.

This suggests that those in power find themselves between a rock and a hard place. It further suggests, however, that they have come to very firm conclusions about what must be done to salvage the situation. Certain options have been ruled out permanently. Others, if not well defined, have been embraced firmly. And the rest of us will be 'informed' of their decisions.
Blue Lines (Supportive Aspects)
The second area of the chart extends from about the beginning of Aries to about the beginning of Libra – the grassroots. It is the area affecting the everyday environment and activity of most people.

This section of the chart is dominated by supportive, protective, facilitating aspects: trines and sextiles.

This suggests that the majority of people will find plenty of room to maneuver in response to the new mandates. They will be able to adjust their personal and social lives more or less readily to fit into the newly emerging scheme of things. The needed family, social and community adjustments come easily. Many will experience immediate and material benefits from the new plans.
Where the Rubber Hits the Road - a Matter of Principle
The difficult and easy aspects intersect in a third area of the chart that encompasses Aquarius and Pisces. These signs govern our personal philosophies and spiritual commitments. We must dig deeply into our store of psychological and spiritual resources to make the needed changes.

The March Full Moon
The March 2010 full moon chart takes the potential for trouble - intense disagreement - in the new moon chart and builds upon it. The relative simplicity of the new moon chart disappears. In its place is a complex mix of difficult, easy aspects, and indecisive aspects, full of unresolved tensions.
Given the relative power of the houses in this chart, we will be able to see the practical implications of our philosophical, spiritual and moral choices with particular clarity.

Given that, ethical and moral principles as well as ideals of all kinds will seem especially important to us and we will be increasingly inclined to fight for them in our daily lives in the face of ongoing change.

This suggests that, having had time to consider the new proposals in the first two weeks of March, most of us will begin second guessing the authorities. We will also realize a need to protect ourselves from some aspects of the new plans. We will also want a strong say in how the plans are revised, extended and put into practice.

Again, the relationship between the planets, the aspects and the houses of the chart suggest that many of our objections will be on philosophical, spiritual and moral grounds. Even if we can manage the changes materially, we are not at all sure we like the philosophical implications of the choices being made. We will discover that important principles and ideals are at stake and want to make a stand.

So, while March moves us all forward, and takes much of the discomfort and uncertainty out of our situation, it rouses us to protect not only our personal interests, but our personal values during in the face of policies that are beginning to directly and concretely affect our shared realities.

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