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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 2010 for Everyone - Prepare to Cross a Historical Threshold

April 2010, for Everyone

Prepare to Cross a Historical Threshold

April 2010 will continue and intensify recent trends. Those in power will continue to try to impose new policies and programs. They will continue to believe that they act out of necessity and that their agenda is just and fair, and necessary. They will meet increasing levels of skepticism, protest and resistance. No one on either side of the many issues seems interested in compromise.

We have become used to endless stalemates, unsatisfying compromises, short attention spans and rapidly shifting priorities. Nothing much ever seems to come of anything. The current public unrest will not fall into one of these familiar scenarios.

Things will escalate thru April, and into May. At that point, tensions and unrest will intensify, building toward a climax. But, again, this climax will not be followed by a finale and resolution, or any of the other kinds of endings, or non-endings, we have become used to.

As Uranus enters Aries in late May, the issues fueling the current tensions will spill over into a new era of intensifying mass dissatisfaction and protest. They will become the seeds of contention in a new, lengthy historical era of pervasive protest and profound reform reform.

That is correct. We are headed into a lengthy, new era (c. 50 years). The most striking and important characteristic of this new ear will be the renewal of intense grassroots involvement in the process of historical change. People will once again take a passionate interest in issues. Pickets, protest marches, sit-ins, mass demonstrations, and a lot of other things besides, will once again become commonplace. The masses will bestir themselves.

Amidst the growing turbulence, illness and healing will be powerfully foregrounded, in a good way. On the macro level: health care reform will very likely become a reality in the US and, under April's influences, a benevolent and transformative reality. On the micro level: each of us will experience some benefit related to healing. For many, a period of difficulties will end, or long-sought relief will occur.

Long-term, however, the energies affecting healing are shifting. Many who have been feeling especially vulnerable, physically, emotionally or mentally, will experience a new strength. Others, who have been enjoying robust health might find themselves feeling a little more vulnerable on many levels and feel compelled to seek advice or assistance.

If illness and healing are an issue for you, or suddenly become one, I would advise you to do a little independent research on Chiron and its relation to your sign. Start with a Google search. Individual charts vary wildly, so, depending on your circumstances, you might want to have someone knowledgeable look at your chart.

The Astrological Details
April's Vibes Continue March's Vibes (and so do May's, and June's etc.)

Both of the charts for April look every much like the turbulent charts for the last two weeks of March, the April full moon charts (4/28). (So do the charts for May.)

The basic pattern in April's charts are similar to full moon chart for March 28. The hard aspects in that chart strongly suggest that those in power have come to very firm conclusions about what must be done. The supportive aspects suggest that the majority are willing and able to accommodate these new mandates, to a point. Even if people can manage the changes materially, they might disagree strongly on principle.

April's charts deepen and strengthen the tensions in March's charts. (May's charts go even further in the same direction.)
Looking Ahead (Way Ahead)
As noted, tensions will continue to build through May and beyond. As tensions reach a climax, Uranus will move into Aries (May 27). This planetary event will change everything. It will take the tensions that are building, and the underlying issues, and make them the seeds of a 50 years cycle of change and social turmoil.

To understand how and why, we need only to take a look at one or two points of basic astrology.

Uranus spends about seven years in a sign. When Uranus is in a sign, the planetary ruler of the sign becomes Uranus's ambassador. It carries Uranus's energies wherever it goes.
Uranus in The 'Fast Signs'
The first seven houses of the Zodiac govern the grassroots, the up close and personal areas of our lives, family, friends, neighborhood, community, work environment, and important life partnerships. The bodies that rule the first seven signs of the Zodiac, Aries through Libra, are relatively fast moving: the Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon.

When Uranus is in one of the first seven houses, their rulers distribute Uranian energies throughout the Zodiac, rapidly and repeatedly. Since they circle the Zodiac numerous times while Uranus is in their sign, they tend to saturate the entire Zodiac with changeful Uranian energies.

During the seven years while Uranus is in Aries, for example, Mars, the ruler of Aries, will circle the Zodiac roughly three-and-a-half times, once every two years. While Uranus is in Taurus, its ruler, Venus, will circle the Zodiac roughly seven times, once every year. And so on.

And the grassroots and the personal, intimate, close up areas of our lives will tend to be the locus of change. Everyday people, individually and en masse, will tend to become the agents and the vehicles of historical change.
A Historical Perspective
Uranus transited this part of the Zodiac between 1927 and 1974. During that period, the forces of change worked directly and powerfully through the grassroots, the great mass of the people. And in fact, people all over the world were in motion, literally and figuratively.

Those years saw the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, World War II, and the profound transformations following WWII. Late in that cycle, during the Viet Nam War era, mass protests and demonstrations were the norm.

During those years there were also numerous revolutions, wars of liberation, civil wars, colonial uprisings and so on.
Empires rose and fell. The energies of change penetrated deeply into the world's general population.
Cumulatively, countless millions were dislocated, or relocated. Countless millions were agents of change, or touched very significantly by change.
Uranus in the 'Slow Signs'
From about 1974 to the present, Uranus has been transiting signs whose rulers move comparatively slowly: Scorpio (Pluto), Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Also, these signs govern larger, impersonal organizations and institutions at the top of the socio-economic power structure, where power is concentrated in the hands of a relatively few.

For the last seven years, since about 2003, for example, Uranus has been transiting Pisces. Slow-moving Neptune rules Pisces. While Uranus moved through Pisces, Neptune inched through about 15 degrees of a single sign, Aquarius.

During these last seven years, the energies of change, of societal transformation, were concentrated into a point source. There were, indeed, periodic bursts of change, as the other planets aspected Uranus and or Neptune. However, efforts at real change, reform or transformation never really took hold.

And the change that did take place tended to emanate from the top. The same sort of thing has been true since roughly 1974, the whole time Uranus has been transiting the slow signs.

The great mass movements of the middle of the 20th century went quiet, pretty much. Change from the top became prevalent.

In the US, Richard Nixon, for example, a transitional figure, who left office under fire in 1974, loved to work behind the scenes and from the top down. Jimmy Carter was known for tinkering obsessively with the hidden machineries and mechanisms of government.

Ronald Reagan loved top down governance and worked hard to transform government through de-regulation, privatization and massive tax cuts. The so-called Reagan Revolution was a top down affair, centered in the oval office.

George H. W. Bush was clearly a Washington insider and a top down sort of fellow. Bill Clinton's administration is also known for change from the top, most notably a failed attempt to reform health care and, at the instigation of the Republican Congress, a sweeping reform of the welfare system.

Clinton's successor in office, George W. Bush, emulated Reagan, continuing Reagan's legacy of deregulation and tax cuts. George W. Bush clearly enjoyed the concentration of power at the top, also, and wielded power enthusiastically, from the oval office.

During the years after 1974, the people tended to be the passive recipients of mandates for change emanating from the top.
Uranus’s Schedule
Uranus will first enter Aries, beginning its transition into Aries, at the end of May, retrograding back out in late summer. The full transit will begin in March of 2011.

Uranus will remain in the 'slow' signs until about 2058. For the next fifty years or so, the spirit of change will once again sweep through the masses. A new era of mass movement will soon begin. Brush up on your relaxation techniques. We're gonna need 'em.

Chiron, Jupiter and Uranus
From April 20th thru the end of May, Chiron briefly joins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Uranus will sill be in mutual reception with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.

During these roughly six weeks, the world will experience a potent mix of healing (Jupiter and Chiron, Neptune and Pisces) and transformative (Uranus) energies. We should see landmark events related to healing around the world during that time period.

From the perspective of the individual, as noted above, the energies governing illness and healing are shifting. Many who have been afflicted, or felt especially vulnerable during the last four years, mentally, emotionally and/or physically, will feel a general improvement in their conditions.

Many others, who have enjoyed comparatively robust health during this time, might find themselves experiencing greater vulnerability. You might want to do a little research, or have your chart checked.

Your mileage may vary, as they say.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Astrology Forecast for April 2010

Astrology Forecast for April 2010

Still on hold. April is yet another in a long string of months when events just simmer. Those in charge, those with responsibility, continue to issue mandates, based on the realities they see at their level. The rest of us continue to comply (I'm tempted to say scramble), and to protect our interests as best we may. At the same time, we all sense that we are crossing a threshold together into a new era. And although we are still dealing with the hard parts of change, we get a real sense of new and exciting possibilities. Still, it will remain clear to all, that a lot of tough choices and hard work still lie ahead.SIGN-BY-SIGN
ARIES ~ Baby steps. You are involved in a complicated and rapidly changing situation. Events are affecting you more deeply than they used to and changing your perspective on life. Your mind is filling up with innovative and unusual possibilities. All this makes decision-making difficult. You should stick to tried and true principles even if it means you can only make a few small decisions at a time. Don't be distracted by non-essentials or give in to impatience, or frustration. Escape into an unconventional romantic involvement could bring a lot of complications.TAURUS ~ More options than most. Taurus might be in the same kind of situation that others find themselves in: tough, complicated, confusing and fast-changing. However, Taurus just seems to have more options. It's easier for you to make your voice heard. You have more room to maneuver. You are in greater harmony with the powers that be, too. Also, escape into tempting, romantic distractions is not recommended for others right now, but Taureans could find themselves involved in an unconventional relationship that leads to new and attractive possibilities. Wellness issues improve.GEMINI ~ Standoff. Orders from higher ups conflict with everybody's expectations and inclinations. The authorities are mandating change. But everybody else is thinking it's business as usual. They like things the way they are just fine. Be aware of the power you have to resolve the inevitable tensions, or to prevent unhelpful confrontations. Many are waiting for someone like you to put their thoughts into words. Choose your words carefully, though. Open conflict is a real possibility. Despite everything, rewarding new relationships and the renewal of old relationships, is a distinct possibility.CANCER ~ Realism. You are especially sensitive to the growing needs of those around you. You'll have to find a balance between what you want to give and what you can afford to give. Maybe the best thing is use your intuition and empathy to help others reconcile their expectations with the new reality. This is true on the home front as well. Those in charge can't afford to be flexible nowadays. But they can help clarify the options. Once past the initial shock, people will be surprised at the new possibilities.LEO ~ Reality check. Financial and personal limitations are an issue, again. Expectations might have outstripped reality. At the same time, people are pushing for new, innovative and expensive projects. The demands of higher ups must also be taken met. Be as realistic, reasonable and charming as possible as you work through the complexities. Distant friends, relationships or well-informed colleagues might hold the key. Resist a tendency toward impatience, with yourself, with circumstances and with others. Channel unconventional romantic urges into safer, creative channels. Summer will bring significant relief from current limitations.

VIRGO ~ Replay. For the next few months, Virgo will have to tolerate the return of certain burdens and limitations they thought were past. You will find it especially difficult to make desired changes or to follow through on plans for expansion. Personal energies could be low. You will also have to sidestep quarrels and confrontations especially often. All this while changeful events are affecting your interests. The good news is that you are in basic harmony with the powers that be. A lot of things will just naturally go your way.
LIBRA ~ Respite. Librans will get a leg up this month. You will certainly feel the pressures and understand the seriousness of events, but you'll find it comparatively easy to maneuver as needed. You'll also find it relatively easy to gain the understanding and cooperation of others and to attract the allies you need. You might also find yourself drawn into unconventional or experimental kinds of romantic situations or using your creative abilities in unusual ways. A tendency to fatigue that might have been slowing you down lately will ease up, for now.SCORPIO ~ Stirrings. You'll be very involved, and influential, on the fast-moving surface level of things. Others will respond to your charisma. However, you'll also have deeper, more important issues on your mind. You are partly responsible for making sure these issues are addressed properly. Your commitment to these issues will keep your mood serious and could easily lead to friction. Attractive but unconventional ideas might tempt you into unwise business decisions. Unconventional romantic involvements are possible, also. Don't let them lure you into unwise choices in other important areas of your life.SAGITTARIUS ~ Restlessness. Your current circumstances are getting a bit old. At the same time, unconventional and innovative ideas are pulling you in new directions. Events are loosening your ties to old, familiar surroundings. The unknown and mysterious beckon. However, a tight budget is putting a damper on your adventurous impulses and, truth to tell, something inside is holding you back. It's best to stand pat and figure some more stuff out, for now. Later this year, when clear, new trends emerge, you will be on better footing with more promising prospects.CAPRICORN ~ Keep a tight rein. Things will go more easily for awhile. Use this temporary easing to shore up your defenses. You must continue to lay down the law in many areas. Play your cards close to your chest, also, and deal firmly with the opposition. You will also have to curb the enthusiasm of others for appealing but unrealistic projects. Even so, if people will accept your guidance, and keep to the budget, you can achieve some pretty remarkable and innovative things. Opportunities abound, for the prudent, and the patient.AQUARIUS ~ Clearing. A difficult influence leaves your Sun sign in April. You should find that your moods are generally lighter, your spirit brighter and your health more resilient. It should now be easier to maintain emotional equilibrium. You should find this helpful as events slowly but surely maneuver you into a more active, public role in coming months. You'll still need to combat a tendency to brood unnecessarily and clear the occasional mental cobwebs so you can see the world more clearly. Higher ups are more demanding and less flexible.PISCES ~ Be self-protective. Many positive things are happening for Pisces, planetarily. But another new influence requires caution. For the next four years, you might be more vulnerable than usual, emotionally and physically. You'll need to exert greater effort to maintain your well-being. Maybe you've depended on a thick skin to shield your ego, or protect you from disappointment, or ignored wellness issues because of your robust health or good luck. This new influence will find the chinks in your armor and teach you lessons you need to learn about true strength.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 2010 for Everyone - Push Comes to Shove

March 2010, for Everyone
Push Comes to Shove

March 2010 will go down in the plus column, I believe.

In March 2010 the powers that be will make it clear, one way or another, how they think the future must be. This will happen in the home, at work, and in every other area of our lives. If not a clear, fully drawn blue print for the future, those in authority will lay out for us the likely course of events, limit the range of options and generally set the limits of speculation and debate.

Initially, this will go over well. Few will protest, much. We will find it comparatively easy to reconcile these mandates with our own plans and fit the new arrangements into our lives, into our existing relationships and obligations.

The cost to most of us will be a bout of soul searching. We will have to delve deep within ourselves, in some cases, to find the emotional and spiritual reserves to make the needed adjustments. Most will find it liberating.

However, before March is out, we will find ourselves at the negotiating table, fighting to protect our interests, asking that certain new proposals be modified. What began as a simple, straightforward, smooth top-down interaction could easily turn into a rhetorical free-for-all as 'the rest of us' start second guessing 'the few' in authority.

The mandate from above cannot be blocked, but maybe it should be modified and/or its implementation slowed.
Despite the debate it creates, putting forward this plan for the future will be felt as progress, of a kind. It will counter simmering, protracted uncertainty with a sense of direction and a feeling of momentum.

The widespread sense that we are floundering amidst endless uncertainties will be replaced by the sense that we are moving, however discordantly, toward an understandable, achievable goal.

The new agenda will inevitably result in controversy and debate. Some of it will be heated. However, even with that, most will find the renewed feeling of momentum and sense of direction reassuring.

In the end, both those in charge and those who protest their decisions will be embraced within a creative, synergistic process.
The Astrological Details
The March New Moon - Red Lines (Hard Aspects)

The chart for the new moon on March 15th is neatly divided into three areas. One reaches from about the beginning of Libra to about the end of Capricorn. This area encompasses the administrative, authoritative areas of the chart. It is dominated by hard aspects: T-squares and oppositions.

This suggests that those in power find themselves between a rock and a hard place. It further suggests, however, that they have come to very firm conclusions about what must be done to salvage the situation. Certain options have been ruled out permanently. Others, if not well defined, have been embraced firmly. And the rest of us will be 'informed' of their decisions.
Blue Lines (Supportive Aspects)
The second area of the chart extends from about the beginning of Aries to about the beginning of Libra – the grassroots. It is the area affecting the everyday environment and activity of most people.

This section of the chart is dominated by supportive, protective, facilitating aspects: trines and sextiles.

This suggests that the majority of people will find plenty of room to maneuver in response to the new mandates. They will be able to adjust their personal and social lives more or less readily to fit into the newly emerging scheme of things. The needed family, social and community adjustments come easily. Many will experience immediate and material benefits from the new plans.
Where the Rubber Hits the Road - a Matter of Principle
The difficult and easy aspects intersect in a third area of the chart that encompasses Aquarius and Pisces. These signs govern our personal philosophies and spiritual commitments. We must dig deeply into our store of psychological and spiritual resources to make the needed changes.

The March Full Moon
The March 2010 full moon chart takes the potential for trouble - intense disagreement - in the new moon chart and builds upon it. The relative simplicity of the new moon chart disappears. In its place is a complex mix of difficult, easy aspects, and indecisive aspects, full of unresolved tensions.
Given the relative power of the houses in this chart, we will be able to see the practical implications of our philosophical, spiritual and moral choices with particular clarity.

Given that, ethical and moral principles as well as ideals of all kinds will seem especially important to us and we will be increasingly inclined to fight for them in our daily lives in the face of ongoing change.

This suggests that, having had time to consider the new proposals in the first two weeks of March, most of us will begin second guessing the authorities. We will also realize a need to protect ourselves from some aspects of the new plans. We will also want a strong say in how the plans are revised, extended and put into practice.

Again, the relationship between the planets, the aspects and the houses of the chart suggest that many of our objections will be on philosophical, spiritual and moral grounds. Even if we can manage the changes materially, we are not at all sure we like the philosophical implications of the choices being made. We will discover that important principles and ideals are at stake and want to make a stand.

So, while March moves us all forward, and takes much of the discomfort and uncertainty out of our situation, it rouses us to protect not only our personal interests, but our personal values during in the face of policies that are beginning to directly and concretely affect our shared realities.