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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, January 01, 2010

January 2010 for Everyone

Sea Change

With two especially eclipsey eclipses in effect, January 2010 marks a milestone for everyone. The course of our individual and collective lives is about to undergo a quantum shift.

Months of planning have generated countless proposals and counter proposals. Most in response to unprecedented economic pressures. Most proposals would affect us significantly in some way. Many would introduce still more unknowns into our lives.

The delay is over. Some of these proposals are now being acted upon. Before January is over, many more will come into force. Still more will come into being.

Though many do not realize it, the changes now taking place will be very hard, in many cases, impossible, to reverse.

The Downside

January’s events will go beyond administrative, legal, bureaucratic and procedural changes, of course.

Health issues, family issues, work issues that have been hanging in the balance will now find resolution, for better or for worse. Crises will come to a head, for better or for worse. Illnesses will reach a crisis point. Ongoing financial or legal adversities will reach a decision point.

Problems simmering in the background, some invisibly and completely unknown to us, will manifest suddenly and dramatically. For example, structures that have been deteriorating, quietly and unseen, can suddenly collapse. Geological pressures that have been building slowly can suddenly bring earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

The same kind of thing can happen in political and economic areas. Public figures often fall from power or die in clusters and governments collapse near the time of eclipses.

This is a big reality check, as well as a turning point, and reality checks can bring some big surprises, often unpleasant ones.

It is well to remember, however, that the vast majority of us will only hear about the really bad things in the news.

The Upside

For most, situations will clarify significantly, and helpfully. Unrealistic options will disappear. Realistic options, those with a high probability of manifesting, will take precedence. The ground beneath our feet will firm up, after it stops shaking.

On the micro level, the level of individual lives, many issues will fall out favorably. Despite their traditionally dire reputations as harbingers of disaster, on the individual level, eclipses tend to open a lot more doors than they close, create a lot more opportunities than they eliminate.

There will be truly disturbing events, no doubt. However, these will tend to affect people who are caught up directly in difficult world events or who are already in personal crisis, or headed for a fall. And even then, when, for example, a critically ill person dies, an eclipse often brings needed closure - truth to tell.

So, most of our lives will become simpler. Obstacles to our desires will be removed. Our plans will gain traction. The future will clarify. Most issues will become better defined and easier to navigate. New opportunities will bring new avenues for growth and earning for many. New career paths will open. Shifting pathways strewn with insurmountable obstacles will settle and clear.

Vision Required

January presents an absolute mandate for vision and innovation. Paradoxically, perhaps, despite the turmoil, the everyday work of life will continue, almost as usual. For awhile, at least. And everyday doings will remain relevant.

However, circumstances will require innovation and vision, too. Retreating into day-to-day routine will lead to failure. Hiding behind a business as usual approach will lead to failure, sooner rather than later. Inspiration, vision and innovation are absolute requirements for success under January’s influences. Playing it safe is not recommended.

The visionary element, in turn, will require a broader, cooperative, group approach to the solution of problems and the pursuit of opportunities. Those who would succeed must take the big picture into account. January will not simply involve reaching out to peers. It will require communicating needs and expectations up the chain of command, to insist that those in power fulfill their responsibilities.

The power to achieve prosperity in the coming year, too, is wholly bound up with the energies of innovation and vision. I cannot emphasize this enough. In the short term, business as usual will perpetuate the crisis, at best. Ultimately, the business as usual approach will lead to a bigger crisis than we now face.

There is a gap between our present circumstances and future success. That gap can only be bridged by an exercise of vision, by innovation, by risk-taking, and faith.

Top Down Solutions Called for

January will also bring home a lesson. The problems we now face are exceedingly complex, deeply entrenched, and long-standing. In work situations, they require the the kind of power that only people at managerial and administrative levels possess. In the nation at large, they require the attention of local, regional and national political and business leadership.

Solutions will, in many cases, require major legislative initiatives. It is time for governments to do their jobs. It is time for management to justify the big bucks we pay them. And it is up to the grassroots folks to give them that message.

One has in mind things like the recent health care reform effort, environmental reform, banking reform and numerous other reform efforts now under way.

But one must also have in mind the efforts of organizations and business to reinvent themselves, efforts that are under way all over the world and at all levels.

Here again, we are definitely not talking about legislation, or management, as usual. Those at the top must also employ vision, they must innovate, and take risks. But it actually goes further than that.

Efforts to address problems at the grassroots level, or through individual or small group advocacy, will no longer work. Indeed they might backfire or worsen the problem, at this point. The planets are not supporting them, for the moment.

Legislation with a Heart

Present influences strongly support genuinely enlightened legislation. There is a rare influence that supports legislation that truly embodies love and the kind of reason the heart can agree with. Legislating love is a tall order, indeed, but the planets are currently supporting, no, demanding, such paradoxical efforts.

Present influences provide a rare opportunity to imbue administrative and legislative actions with genuine love and the sweetest and most caring form of reason.


We are living in a time of transitions. But the boundary between 2009 and 2010 is particularly sharp and deep. New Year’s Day 2010 marks the beginning of a new year and a new decade. But it also marks the beginning of a new era, more so than other recent milestones. In many ways, it actually opens an unbridgeable chasm between the immediate past and a rapidly emerging future, jump-starting many innovative efforts. We will need a spark of inspiration to bridge that gap.

The Astrological Details

History’s Compass

The axis defined by the Moon's north and south nodes is the compass of historical events. It points in the direction the planets want events to flow, the north node being the preferred direction. The Moon’s nodes define the grain of historical events, the direction in which the planets want events to go, the manner in which the planets prefer that problems be solved. In a real sense, they are the hands on the clock of history.

The Moon's nodes also determine the placement and timing of eclipses. Eclipses, in turn, mark the pivotal moments, or turning points, or thresholds, in historical process.

Presently, the Moon's nodes stimulate the Capricorn/Cancer axis. They have done so since about July 2009 and will continue to do so until about March 2011. All the eclipses occurring during this period are especially significant.

History’s Engine

Pluto, for its part, is the driving engine of history, its mainspring, driving events ceaselessly toward some evolutionary, transformative, redemptive goal.

History’s Nerve Center

Arguments presented in previous posts, I think, justify the conclusion that the Cancer/Capricorn axis is the spinal column, the central nervous system, of the Zodiac. Pluto transits of this axis end major historical epochs and begin new ones.

At the moment, Pluto, the engine of history, and the Moon's nodes, history's guidance system, are both affecting the vital Cancer/Capricorn axis.

The Sun is presently in Capricorn, also affecting this axis. Hence, in keeping with the way such things work, there will be two eclipses while the Sun is in Capricorn.

We are now at a pivotal moment in a pivotal historical transition.

The Main Event(s)

There is a lunar eclipse on December 31, 2009. There is a solar eclipse on January 15, 2010. Both are in Capricorn, and this forecast is really more about the Sun in Capricorn than it is January, per se.

The north node is in Capricorn, the south node in Cancer. This means that the planets prefer top down, or what are often called, big government solutions – Capricornian solutions.

The issues confronting us, it would appear, have become so complex and widespread that they can only realistically be handled in Capricornian fashion, i.e., from the top-down.

Personal, one-on-one, nurturing solutions, as represented by the Moon in Cancer, are almost universally preferred. But right now, this approach is under the influence of the south node, and will not be supported. Indeed, such approaches will almost certainly aggravate any problems to which they are applied.

It appears that the people at the top of the chain of command will now have their innings.

That translates, among other things, into big government initiatives, like health care reform. This top down impulse will likely carry over into other major reform efforts. And it will manifest pervasively.

Legislating Lovingly

At the time of the solar eclipse on January 15th, Venus will be exactly conjunct the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, which is governed by Saturn. Saturn is presently in Libra, which is governed by Venus. Hence, Venus is said to be in mutual reception with Saturn in Libra.

So, during this intense and complex astrological time, there is a synergy between the legalistic, administrative Saturn and the loving, sweetly reasonable Venus.

This very paradoxical combination of influences means that the planets will support the unlikely effort to legislate lovingly, to remake the global ground rules in accordance with the dictates of love.

It also means that human relationships will very likely change irresistibly and in profound ways appropriate to the newly emerging order of things.


Underling their importance, and adding to the complexity and confusion surrounding events, both Saturn and Mercury will be pretty much stationary at the time of the January 15 eclipse. Saturn will be stationary/retrograde and Mercury stationary/direct.

The Vision Thing

The dispositor charts for both eclipses are nearly identical, and they make a very strong statement. The planets form two major clusters. All of the day-to-day, business-as-usual, humdrum planets are in one cluster.

Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter are in another. Jupiter, of course, is the engine of optimism, confidence, wealth, and prosperity generally. Neptune and Uranus, in mutual reception, are highly visionary, innovative forces.

This means that day-to-day events will likely be self-sustaining and, more or less, undisrupted. But it also means that we cannot simply go on as we have before. We must shift to a different paradigm, a more visionary and innovative paradigm.

To tap the wealth-creating powers of Jupiter, we will be forced to bring an innovative and visionary element to our plans.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis Carl. I currently have Neptune conjunct my Sun and Uranus conjunct my ascendant. I almost feel like I can "taste" the changes coming...I just wonder if everyone else is feeling the same way. This will indeed be a year of complete change for me and I'll have Jupiter in Aries conjunct my venus and mars and uranus getting close as well. Whichever way, I can't help but think all these changes are extremely exciting and I feel very empowered. I see a lot of people suffering though, as if their carperts have just been pulled...they could definetly make use of some of the vision you mentioned...

Carl B. said...

Thank you! That Uranus Neptune arrangement is pretty intense. Whew. You must have been deeply affected by the ongoing mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune. I can't help but wonder what that was/is like. Of course, starting a new Jupiter cycle always helps a lot.

Yes, I have seen quite a few people struggling, and more seem to be affected every week. My personal concern for the condition of others just recently ratcheted up a notch.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that the sense of awareness I'm expiriencing right now might not only be from Neptune/Uranus but from Pluto passing on my natal Neptune. I just saw this post on which describes exactly how I feel: "it was amazing. synchronicity was a huge theme during that time, and i felt it intensely. sometimes intensely enough to feel that i may be close to losing track of reality. but really, i was experiencing "reality" for the first time in my life..."

And I also didn't mention...Pluto is square my natal mars and venus...maybe that's why I feel so EMPOWERED.

During the past few months, I sort of finally "saw my future" and acted upon it. I decided what I wanted to study and applied for Graduate school in Switzerland, where I've wanted to live since I was a little girl. On the "negative" side my near 5 year relationship is about to end with much pain for my partner...But then again, I feel SO empowered I can't even feel sad for the end of it....

Funny thing is, if I do get in to Grad school, I'll be moving out of the country beggining of August 2010, right when Jupiter and Uranus conjunct my natal Mars and Venus, all square with transiting Pluto.

Yes, I realize that's a lot of intensity and impulsiveness put toghether, but once that awareness hits you it's too hard to stop it. Specially when it means putting your dreams into reality...that means so much to me since I have natal mars and venus square's been almost impossible to do so thus far.

Carl B. said...

First of all, I wish you the best of luck with your grad school aspirations.

The other thing is, it is hard to imagine anyone sitting still with all that power and energy zinging around in their charts.

And it sounds like you are giving it intelligent and worthy expression.

I can recall a somewhat similar experience myself, many years ago. It felt like someone had strapped me to a rocket and set it off. I could not have stood still if my life depended on it. My life was completely and utterly changed.

My sympathies to your former partner. Breakups can be rough, especially when they aren't your own idea.

Anonymous said...

I always find your comments really thought-provoking. The theme of "no going back," is interesting for me, as I was laid off from my job teaching high school English last June. I'm making it all right, thanks to unemployment, but it certainly begs the question of how will I make my living after this. Seems as though I won't be "going back" to teaching. At least in that particular circumstance.

I have a Cancer stellium in the 9th house, so learning has/is always a big part of me. And these eclipses have been potent. Like the previous poster, I've toyed with going overseas for years, but circumstances have never worked out right. Saturn is still in my 11th, and Pluto continues in my 2nd "house of NO money."- maybe that's why!

I'm hoping the solar eclipse will give me a boost, too.

Carl B. said...

Hey Anonymous. your involvement with Cancer/Capricorn and Pluto, and such, looks profound and intense. I don't know that it would be possible to pursue it in a helpful way in the comment section.