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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 The First Half - for Everyone - Welcome to 2011 and, btw, Fasten Your Seat Belts

2011 The First Half - for Everyone

Welcome to 2011 and, btw, Fasten Your Seat Belts

The first half of 2011 will be rewarding, but still tough.  The economic stress testing is almost over. Economic rebuilding lies ahead. 

The rebuilding promises to be long and difficult. Reinventing our livelihoods will be risky and tiring. We'll be playing catch-up much of the way.  We’re still paying for the crisis. We still bear the burdens of recovery.

A lengthy cycle of spiritual and psychological transformation will begin this spring, too, adding significant lifestyle stresses to the lingering livelihood stresses.

We have, of course, already seen some of this in recent years, most notably, perhaps, in the area of gay rights and women’s rights, for example. These trends will soon escalate and extend beyond existing liberation movements. Interest in personal rights and freedoms – economic, political, legal and otherwise – will become pervasive and intense, overflowing easily definable boundaries.

Transformative energies will also begin moving through everyone’s spiritual life and all their important relationships – from friendships, to family relations to marriage.  These changes will go beyond what is needed to adapt to current economic changes.  They will take human relationships in a more spiritual, idealistic and healing direction.

Social change on such a scale will be messy.

There will be a greater tendency toward
rebellious and provocative behavior, including acts of violence. Eccentric and dysfunctional behavior will become far more commonplace, too.

So, the economy will firm up, but the world as we know it will soon vanish beneath rising tides of spiritual, psychological and cultural change.

The disruptive effects of these dovetailing transformational cycles will overwhelm people and nations already in difficulty.

Furthermore, individuals are highly interdependent.
Trouble in the lives of one individual could easily spill over into the lives of close friends and family. In recent decades, nations have become heavily interdependent, too. Turmoil in weak nations could easily spill over into stronger nations.

Nature and Negative Synchronicity

The same astrological forces will affect the various non-human realms, triggering a higher than normal rate of natural and man-made disasters. Murphy’s law will be in force.


Corruption and incompetence in high places will continue to figure prominently.

Unpleasant events will show the price we pay in stagnation and squandered potential and in material loss and injustice for rigid ideas, outdated norms and engrained prejudice.

So . . . as we make our careful, determined, uphill way toward a new livelihood in the gradual but real economic recovery, we will have to combat growing ‘lifestyle turbulence.’

I always try to emphasize the positive. However, the growing number of stressors will definitely increase the overall level of stress in our lives.

If if has not already done so, stress could soon rise to levels that seriously disrupt the pattern and flow of life. People need to know that and act to protect themselves.

Still, the economic progress will be real, and lasting. The issues that people fight for will be big and important. That has to count for something.

The Astrological Technicalities

Beyond The Fading T-Square

This analysis is based on a multi-composite chart.  The chart combines data for the new and full moons of the first six months of 2011.

The chart's most obvious feature is a T-square involving Sun/Lilith/Mercury/Mars/Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus. There are surprisingly few supportive, facilitating aspects and they are weak. This is primarily a challenging, building chart.

The T-square shows decision-makers at odds with existing laws and the expectations and needs of the people. It shows intractable economic problems and political stalemate and growing impatience amidst the populace.

The T-square as such masks the real import of the chart, though. Its disruptive energies are rapidly fading. That will bring a marked lessening of recent economic hardship and an end to government inaction. At very least, things will stop getting worse.

To understand what this chart is really saying, we must look beyond the T-square.

Asteroids, etc., and the Delegation of Personal Power

We need to pay attention to the asteroids and other bodies in the chart.

The asteroids govern those belief systems, cultural patterns and artificial power structures we create, and sustain, as a group. Such structures are anchored in and sustained by our hearts and minds.

These structures are held together by trust and responsibility. We trust others to protect our interests and, by delegating responsibility to them, we concentrate power in their hands. In this sense, the asteroids govern the trans-personal, or inter-personal, inter-individual, realms.  They show how we give away our power and what, if anything, we get in return.

At present, few people think in systemic, holistic, group terms.  Consequently, the realms governed by the asteroids are turbulent and murky and full of dysfunctional things. Many things are there by default; they are the way they are simply because we have not, as a group, thought them through.

Also, those to whom power and responsibility are delegated often fail to understand their role and don’t see the ramifications of their personal failings and misdeeds – to the detriment of all.

Consequently, in practice, whenever one of the asteroids is involved, the manifestations tend to be dark.

The Use and Abuse of the Public Trust – Ixion and Pholus

The asteroids Ixion and Pholus are all but exactly conjunct each other and very close to the ascendant. They are powerfully places.  This indicates events that will reveal collusion and corruption by those to whom we have entrusted our interests – to whom we have given away our power, in many cases, thoughtlessly.

Oppressive Order vs. Creative Chaos - Quaoar

Quaoar is close by Ixion and Pholus.  Quaoar governs the balance between order and chaos. Without order, creativity cannot express. Too much order and creativity cannot express. Quaoar’s energies help maintain that balance.
In the presence of Ixion and Pholus, Quaoar will expose people who use the ‘common wisdom’ and the general murkiness of the mass mind and popular opinion to conceal their abuse of public trust.
The most obvious example of this in recent times are those in the financial industry who seem to think that the global economy is their own private sandbox to do with as they please.

The message seems clear.  If we want to successfully complete our economic rebuilding, our personal renewal and achieve a more ideal and just society, we must tackle the problem of irresponsibility and corruption in high places. We must henceforth be far more careful about delegating power to others and take more responsibility ourselves.

Love and Societal Transformation

A powerful stellium continues the deep transformation of the forms human love takes: erotic, Platonic, and spiritual, maternal, paternal, brotherly, sisterly, and so on.

There is a close conjunction of Neptune/Venus/Eros/Ceres/Chiron in the third house of the multi-composite chart for the first six months of 2011. Neptune is at 29° Aquarius; Venus, Ceres and Eros are all exactly conjunct at 0° Pisces; Chiron is at 2° Pisces.

This transformation of human love is driving changes in human identity and interpersonal relationships. These, in turn, will drive societal change. As personalities and relationships change, society changes. As human relationships go, so goes the world.

It is true that Chiron and Neptune continue to take these transformations in a healing and spiritualizing direction. But, no matter. In practice, healing and spiritual transformation can be a messy business.

Juggling this mix of complex and potent energies in our own heads will be no easy task. Many people will not do it well. Doubly so with respect to friends and family. On the larger, macro level, the effects will doubtless be quite problematic for all concerned.

The Transformation of the Marriage Bond

Juno governs loving relationships between two adults. It also governs the synthesis of such relationships into family and larger community groups and societal networks. Such bonds are the foundation of the family and of society. With Juno on the mid-heaven, we must understand the entire chart primarily in light of the transformations in human relationships.

So it’s not just a question of random changes, or adjustments, in our most intimate relationships. All of the issues mentioned above must be seen as facets of a single, larger, holistic phenomenon: the complete transformation of the global matrix of interpersonal relationships.

Juno on the mid-heaven of the multi-composite chart is roughly opposite the stellium that is transforming every other level and kind of human relationship.  This indicates a very strong tension between the needs and expectations of individuals at the local level and those who want to fashion a harmonious, unified whole.

Individuals will not sit idly by while some government authority tries to weave their lives into an ‘economically viable’ and easily governed whole. If you are getting fed up with the liberties that governments are taking, wait until this spring. The push back against government over reach will begin in earnest.

Hence, all relationships, and every facet of them, are being affected by a stunningly complex, conflictual mix of energies. Juno on the mid-heaven foregrounds this transformational phenomenon. The astrological forces would seem to push us in the direction of a new, grand synthesis of human relationships.

But the relationship between Juno and other forces in the chart suggests that such a grand synthesis will not come easy, quickly or cheaply.

The cumulative effective of all this can be disruptive. Need I say.

What a Difference Two Ingresses Make

To be perfectly frank, although intensity levels are about to ratchet upward, most of the themes mentioned above are already familiar to us. It’s all, already happening, to some degree.  It’s been in the news.

Or so it seems.

But two major ingresses will dramatically intensify all of the above and bring a whole new set of energies to the table.

First Uranus

On March 12, 2011, Uranus will enter Aries for the full 7 year transit.  It will inaugurate a new Uranian transit of the Zodiac.

Revolutionary, renewing, reforming Uranus energies will begin flooding the globe at the grassroots level where they have the most intense and spontaneous effects. (See Prepare to Cross a Historical Threshold.

Uranus also affects technology, so we can expect continuing, escalating waves of technology-driven change.

Then Neptune

On April 4, only 3 weeks later, Neptune will enter Pisces, its home sign. (Neptune will retrograde back into Aquarius on August 4th, re-entering Pisces for the full transit early in February, 2012.)

This Neptune/Pisces ingress begins a whole new Neptune cycle of roughly 165 years.  The outmoded forms of idealism and spirituality that came to dominate the world for the last century
and a half (and which are at best unhelpful to us in our present situation) will be supplanted.  Philosophy, spirituality, art and culture will bin to evolve dramatically and rapidly.

So . . .

The stuff of the outer world has been softened or shattered altogether. Pluto in Capricorn and the Pluto/Saturn/Uranus T-square saw to that. The world is ready to be remolded.

The new Uranus cycle will provide the energy needed to reshape the world, and then some. The new Neptune cycle will provide the idealism needed to give this effort meaning and direction.

The prologue is finished.
 The Aquarian Age will soon begin taking material form.  The 21st century will start revealing its unique character.  But probably not peacefully.

Strangeness and Healing

Finally, Lilith is very close by when Uranus enters Aries - in real time. It is also close to Uranus in the multi-composite chart for the first half of 2011.

Lilith is a release point for the repressed and unhealthy aspects of the personality. Essentially, Lilith gives access to the dark side of the personality – collective and individual.  That includes distortions created by centuries of injustice and cruelty or a life of pain and oppression.

Uranus brings individualism, self-assertiveness, self-expression, rebellion and reform.

When you combine the two, people can assert themselves in surprisingly dysfunctional ways.  In some cases, seemingly normal people will suddenly appear dysfunctional, revealing the cracks in their psychological makeup in graceless and uncomfortable ways.  In other cases, dysfunctionality will simply take over completely.

The Lilith/Uranus influence could lead to an upsurge in eccentricity (in a bad way), zealotry, fanaticism, and irrationality and absurdity generally.  This can be especially problematic when it involves highly placed people.

All of this is intensified by Uranus in Aries.  Mars rules Aries and Mars/Energy tends to be impulsive and, well, rude.

At best, all of this will lead to global healing. At worst, it will overwhelm people , leading to anti-social behavior, extreme rebellion, acting out, self-medication, among other unfortunate things. One thing we can probably count on, Lilith/Uranus will lead to a powerful resurgence of the self-help, or self-realization, movement.

When you add it all up, it looks like the times will become even more interesting, complicated and stressful than they already are, and that’s saying a lot.

Fortunately, as I said above, the worst of the economic stresses will be behind us and the issues behind the unrest will be important ones. And, as I said before, that has to count for something.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Astrology Forecast for January 2011

Astrology Forecast for January 2011

Starting line. January brings us to the end of the beginning. It is time to actually do some things. New possibilities are definitely coming into view. It won't be easy, though.  It will be something of a scramble as people work to get their ducks in a row. However, events, some of them quite unexpected, will take unrealistic options off the table, simplifying our choices. The planets will provide a hearty, extra dose of good luck and a generous serving of helpful coincidences, also. One thing everyone needs to realize, too: these new times require higher personal, professional and ethical standards and a strong service ethic to go along with the work ethic and the profit motive. Genuine cooperation is required. Our dog-eat-dog, anything goes, devil take the hindmost, winner-takes-all days are fast running out.


ARIES ~ Controlled optimism. You've been dealing willy-nilly with too much change for months. Now, you will begin to see the upside possibilities amidst the chaos. You will also begin to emerge as a key player and a trendsetter, if not a leader.  However, to make all this work, you must exercise considerable discipline. Strong motivation is important, but you also need to remain organized. Require discipline of your partners, even if it means that some will bow out.  Carefully establish good working relations with authority figures. Luck will lend a hand.

Steady the course. Your attention is on greener pastures. There definitely are promising things developing.  It's kind of disappointing, then, that work and health considerations are pinning you down.  Things aren't really satisfactory and they seem unlikely to change anytime soon. Realistically, though, all those attractive opportunities just aren't ready to bear fruit.  The stars suggest that you tough it out where you are, but stay informed about these developing opportunities. Right now, they'd cause more grief than they're actually worth. When it's time to make a move, you'll know.

GEMINI ~ Fancy footwork. You need to update your network.  It could be hard to strike the note needed to motivate others. You need to be steadfastly realistic *and* optimistic while others swing frequently between optimism and pessimism. You also have to keep the conversation fresh when others stubbornly seek the security of old, familiar patterns. You can take your cue from higher ups, who are in surprisingly good touch with the process of change. Unexpected events will help by removing unrealistic options. Count on lady luck for an occasional assist, too.

CANCER ~ Parting of the ways. Friction has been building in key relationships for some time. They friction has been compounded by financial and professional issues. You've done your best to avoid drama and hold things together. Now, a break seems almost inevitable. Financial pressures are pretty much forcing everyone's hand. People need solutions. Opportunities are beginning to emerge. But to pursue these opportunities, people will need to go their separate way. Things might seem a little too frantic as these changes begin to go down, but luck will lend a hand.

LEO ~ Purity of heart. Your own material success, and that of many others, depends on you.  People you work with need to cooperate. Things could simply fail without it. You need to provide new ideas, shift attitudes, calm emotions and overcome habits and ingrained attitudes - all at once - to bring about the needed cooperation.   As you make your moves, shun ulterior motives, secret agendas and ethical shortcuts.  They will come back to bite you.  But you can all count on help from ongoing events and the occasional lucky break.

Straight and narrow.  Expectations are clashing with reality. Opportunities are falling short of needs. Delays dampen hope. There's abundant creative potential in all this, however.  Virgo is well-placed to develop that potential.  You have an unusual degree of leverage over this complicated and fast-changing situation. However, things like personal responsibility, professional and ethical standards are of utmost importance, now. Ignoring them will almost certainly backfire. Daydreams and unconventional people can be inspiring but they can also mislead. Check your facts. Don't get carried away.

LIBRA ~ Teachable moments. Things aren't coming together. People need greater understanding of their situation and they'll listen to you. But what you have to tell them might be met with disbelief. Dog-eat-dog competitiveness and/or narrow self-interest won't work anymore. Soon, rising above narrow self-interest and working cooperatively for the greater good will be absolute pre-requisites for success. You need to explain why this is so. Once you've convinced people, they'll need help figuring out how to apply these ideals. Your own well-being depends heavily on making others understand all this.

SCORPIO ~ Provide the missing ingredients. Many people in your life seem to be grinding their gears.  There's a lot of energy and lots of ideas, but nobody seems able to get it together. Too many people have too many questions. They also have personal reservations about proceeding. Scorpio, however, seems especially well-suited to define these issues, search out solutions and make the back channel contacts necessary to make things mesh. It's all very complicated. Things are so complicated, you might never get credit, but the help you provide will benefit many.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Point man. You've learned some difficult and costly lessons about personal responsibility, cooperation, service to others and the importance of high ethical standards. You're also in touch with the leading edge, economically. You see the economic importance of what you've learned.  But being responsible and cooperative, serving others and staying ethical aren't things you can do alone.  Everybody has to go along. You need to teach others about the importance of these ideals and get people to practice them. Otherwise, nobody will be able to realize the new economic potential.

Inspire the troops.  Somehow, you've become involved in a complicated financial situation or gained influence in someone else's complicated financial situation. There are no quick fixes on the horizon. Everybody has to keep plugging. However, people are remarkably open to new ideas and show a willingness to change the way they do things. A little encouragement seems to go a long way. Options will soon be dramatically simplified as unrealistic options are taken off the table. Lady luck will lend a hand. Your public image is due for an upgrade.

AQUARIUS ~ Look inward. Aquarians could find themselves tapping the brakes. Personal momentum is increasing.  Your influence is rising.  Events are pushing everything in an Aquarius-friendly direction. Things aren't about to slow down, either. You're wondering how to meet everyone's expectations and keep your life on track. Time off for personal renewal, and/or a big attitude update, is in order. In fact, the planets are strongly supporting just such a move. Right now, a little quality downtime would work much better than staying on the job.  Coincidences work in your favor.

PISCES ~ Soft landing. Real world circumstances and changes in your thinking at deep levels are both altering the way you see your future. This will cause bittersweet adjustments in important relationships. The fact that many others are going through similar things will bring some comfort and assistance. Also, your deep, thoughtful insight into other people's situations will be warmly reciprocated. These challenges also come as new and workable solutions to today's problems are coming on-line. Finally, many of the costs and risks will be offset by fortunate coincidences or lucky breaks.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Astrological Analysis for December 2010

December 2010 for Everyone

All Bets are Off

Frustration with the status quo will be exceptionally high in December. Things will get more complicated and more frustrating instead of less. Even positive resolutions could be only temporary, setting the stage for bigger confrontations down the road.

Delays are currently blocking progress on most issues, causing both widespread confusion and impatience. In December, breakdowns in communication systems, as well as paperwork and bureaucratic delays, will further reduce the already slow pace of progress.
Some expectations will be fulfilled, but only partially, giving us too little, too late. 

These new delays will be especially upsetting because they will push issues into a future that will be, if anything, more hostile to a quick, positive resolution.

These delays will take place amidst a rising chorus of deceptive and incendiary rhetoric that clouds the issues and fuels discontent.

Over the Edge

This latest round of mostly disappointments and frustrations will produce far more than the usual surge of grumbling. 

A new moral outrage, a new grimly self-righteous determination is emerging. People will be inclined to say more, risk more, do more, and sacrifice more to get results.

This grim, gut-level determination will generate hard work, not always well-directed or productive. It will manifest in hot tempers and heated, potentially violent confrontations. The tone will be one of "Damn the consequences, full speed ahead."

This explosive vibe will be pervasive, penetrating into every corner of our public and private lives.

The determination will come from deep within us and be very contagious. In the heat of the moment, we will break out of old attitudes and habits of mind
, carrying others along with us. Verbal and physical confrontations are very likely. People are starting to feel like they have nothing left to lose. Desperation will be driving people, too.

However strong our determination, though, circumstances are not likely to yield. Ever mounting frustration is likely to be the common outcome.

Tough Decisions in Rough Conditions

But December's vibes are more challenging, still. Difficult situations could unexpectedly tip into crisis mode; delicate situations could simply explode. New crises could easily arise and demand urgent attention.

Despite the delays and uncertainty, new, rapidly unfolding events will force tough, decisions. They will short-circuit already troubled decision-making processes and remove options some have been counting on. In some cases, there might be no safe or attractive options left.

As you make plans for December, limit your exposure to adversity. Keep the number of important decisions you must make to a minimum.  Do what you can to keep your options open.

Do your best to avoid troublesome situations and remain calm and reasonable in any situation in which you do find yourself. Everybody is feeling a lot jumpier than they might appear. Do not expect to be able to exert much control over any of the events taking place in December.

The Astrological Details

Murphy’s Law in Effect

Uranus turns direct on December 3rd. This ends a months long bout of retrograde motion by the major planets.  However, Mercury retrogrades from December 10th thru December 30th. 

Often, having all the major planets direct except one will support progress.  Not so when Mercury is the hold out.

Communications break down, causing interminable, insurmountable delays. Debate and negotiation drag on inconclusively. Closure is impossible. Resolution could be pushed into the indefinite future, beyond Mercury’s resumption of forward motion.

New and increasingly difficult, hard to manage planetary combinations will arise early in the New Year. So even short delays will almost certainly prove fatal to many hopes. Many people will see that coming, causing rising frustration and an intensification of the emotional turbulence.

A Collision of Powerful and Contradictory Forces

The Nuclear Stellium

A variety of other astrological factors seriously aggravate the effects of Mercury retrograde.

In the composite chart for the new and full moons, Mercury is at 0˚Capricorn. Placement at the zero degree of a Cardinal sign dramatically increases the power of any influence. This indicates that the Mercury retrograde delays will be especially serious and especially upsetting. But it goes beyond that.

The Moon

The Moon is conjunct the north node at 2˚Capricorn.  The north node brings a strong sense of validation to the expression of any energy associated with it.  Despite strong resistance, the north node brings encouraging results and a feeling that we are on the side of the angels.

Translation: however intense, conflicted, contradictory and destabilizing these energies are, however abrasive behavior becomes, people will feel like they have the moral high ground.  Self-righteousness and moral indignation will encourage people who really ought to calm down and think things through. Willfulness will be the order of the day.

Mars/Pluto, and More

Mars and Pluto are exactly conjunct each other and the part of fortune at 4˚ Capricorn. Mars and Pluto are very similar energies. That will synergize this conjunction. 

This conjunction, is in a sign very favorable to the expression of both energies.  Mars is exalted in Capricorn. We know from recent experience that Pluto expresses very powerfully in Capricorn. That will further synergize the energy of this explosive conjunction.

The part of fortune, for its part, makes these energies attractive, or sexy, and rewards those who give it expression, much as the north node does. This will further facilitate expression of this difficult and dangerous energy.

A Mars/Pluto conjunction can express as a prolonged period of peak effort, possibly leading to exhaustion and injury.  It can express as an explosion of anger.  It can express as a ruthless, relentless, primal determination, blind to all obstacles, risks and consequences - and moral and ethical considerations.  Enhanced as it is by its placement, this conjunction will almost certainly find obvious, widespread and frequent expression.

Suffice It to Say

This particular Mars/Pluto conjunction creates a super-synergy of pure, raw, primal motivational force. In December, there is enough energy being released and in such a way as to significantly change the thinking and the behavior of everyone on the planet.

For all of its destructive, transformative power, some of its effects will be profoundly spiritual and psychological. It will confront us directly with our limitations and our failures, motivate us powerfully to change, even as it makes change very difficult. Our illusions will collide head on with harsh realities.

In the best of cases, the outcome will be a desire to gain much deeper understanding of our situation and a determination to make deep reforms.

It is definitely not the kind of aspect that will allow us to return quickly and comfortably to our old ways.


This entire stellium (Mercury, Moon, Mars, Pluto and the Part of Fortune) is conjunct the cusp of the all-important 4th house of the composite chart, the imum coeli. This placement guarantees that no one will escape its power.

The cusp of the 4th house is the spinal column, the jugular, the crazy bone of the chart.  Energy entering the chart at that point floods through the entire chart with undiminished force.

The fact that this stellium shows up in a composite chart indicates that the forces just described will be potent for a sustained period during December.  It will, however, be concentrated in the sixteen days between the new moon on December 5th and the full moon on December 21st.

Mars will physically conjoin Pluto on December 14th. I suspect that the effects of this stellium will peak on or about that day. But Mercury will remain retrograde until December 30th.

This influence is bound to create dangerous situations fraught with tension and aggravated by confusion and frustration throughout December. Its influence will probably be tapering off by Christmas Day.  Even so, we will almost certainly still be feeling the aftershocks, especially the aftershocks of the eclipse and the lingering effects of Mercury retrograde.

Technically, the Sun, at 21˚ Sagittarius, is not close enough to be part of this dynamic and problematic stellium.  However, it is certainly close enough to insure that it will have an impact on our conscious minds and on our personalities.

Total Eclipse of the Moon at the Winter Solstice

As if all this were not more than enough to deal with, a total eclipse of the Moon will occur close to the winter solstice on December 21. This gives the eclipse special significance as a predictor of events in the near future and indicates that its effects will be greater than those of the average eclipse. (It will be visible at various times in Northern Europe, in North and South America and across the Pacific.)

During the eclipse, the Sun, for its part, will be within half a degree of the galactic center - a powerful source of transformational spiritual energy. This is another indicator of the special importance and power of this eclipse.

We all know that eclipses bring sudden, unexpected, often catastrophic events, on the macro level and important turning points of all kinds on the micro level. And this eclipse will bring its share of bad headlines and life changing events.

But eclipses also have a profound psychological and spiritual dimension. Eclipses usually come in pairs.
Lunar eclipses, like this one, blocks ego and foregrounds the influence of our higher selves. Solar eclipses obstruct the influence of our higher selves and foregrounds our ego. 

The combination of the two tests our psychological and spiritual maturity.  Briefly put, it shows us which aspect of our nature, our higher or lower self, is really governing our lives. 

To the extent that the lower self dominates our actions during the eclipse cycle, events will work quickly and definitively against us. To the extent that our higher selves dominates our actions, events will support our goals.

The complex and potent stellium active during the eclipse will make this eclipse an especially important and difficult test for us all. The prevailing energies our exceedingly complex and potent and will make it all the harder to know what the right thing to do is.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Astrology Forecast for December 2010

Astrology Forecast for December 2010

FOR EVERYONE ~ Put your cards on the table. There are major, inevitable, irreversible changes in the works and December brings them closer to reality. However, December will also bring a major, all but irresolvable standoff over these impending changes. At the same time, progress will stall out amidst epic levels of miscommunication and misinformation.  We'll go from a traffic jam with everyone sitting quietly in their cars, to a traffic jam with everybody honking their horns and yelling. But we can't safely sit this one out. As nerve-wracking and frustrating as the whole thing is likely to be, the planets want us step up and say our piece. The benefit of participating in this strenuous process, even a little, will be far greater than we might have anticipated.


ARIES ~ Don't commit. You wanted progress, but not this way.  Too many things are trying to happen at once, each with maximum passion and minimum thought behind it. It will be hard to control your involvement because you share the enthusiasm, on the one hand, and everyone seems to want you on their team, on the other. But there are enough loose ends and unresolved issues to cause a train wreck. If in doubt, play for time. Issues will soon become clearer and luck will soon come over to your side.

TAURUS ~ Ride the brakes. If Taureans are not extremely careful they could find themselves on the fast track to nowhere good. Things could hardly seem rosier or more tempting on the *surface.* But just underneath, just about every situation you see is seething with serious complications and pitfalls. If you decide to pursue an opportunity, choose very, very carefully and proceed with due caution. Your best bet is to move slowly enough for the difficulties to show themselves, no matter how often, or how hard, others push for more speed.

GEMINI ~ Look deeper. The emphasis in December is on Gemini's work and professional life, including your many work relationships. December's signals are very mixed. There are  many exciting rumors and, on the surface at least, the tone is optimistic and friendly. Deeper down, though, there are harsher currents.  Some are quite willing to play hard ball. And some stubborn obstacles await further down the road. Keep lines of communication open with all concerned. Long-awaited decisions and unexpected events will clear the road ahead. Luck and coincidence will soon start aiding your cause.

CANCER ~ Turning point. Significant changes are coming to Cancer's life, finally. You've worked toward many of these changes and half-expected others. Many will contribute to long-term goals you and others are working hard toward. Most noticeably, some familiar and important faces will be replaced by new ones. You'll find yourself working for people who are more generous and supportive. Some personal changes you've been cultivating quietly will become part of your public image. Budgets will tighten noticeably as you and others cope with the costs of complicated transitions in tough times.

LEO ~ Balance.  Conditions on the job might seem too uncertain, complex and out of your control for you to be involved. But delving into certain issues could be what you need to do, to a point. Take care of yourself. Work demands are high and risks to health could be greater than you think, especially since you are inclined to overexert. A little empathy is required for those feeling the impact of events more strongly than you are. Soon, unexpected events will simplify your choices and your luck will improve, generally.

VIRGO ~ Stay involved. Many of the key players in your life are involved in a stubborn standoff.  Some seem willing to force an outcome. Tempers could flare. Great exertions could be required. The issues won't be easily or quickly resolved and ignoring the issues is not an option.  The path forward in your life leads right through the heart of this standoff.  However, even small agreements could bring gratifying progress. The simple act of participating in negotiations will have a positive, synergistic effect on your affairs.  Meanwhile, don't neglect routine chores.

LIBRA ~ Be Libran.  December's events are too intense, complicated, and sweeping to avoid.  And it's all just getting started.  Active involvement in resolving these issues, challenging as they are, will be surprisingly rewarding.  And simply remaining balanced, reasonable and diplomatic - being your Libran self - will be helpful to all.  Still, working through these potentially life-changing issues will take time, patience and determination. Long-expected changes at home will soon simplify your choices. Partners are beginning a new cycle of growth and expansion, and they are in the mood for change.

SCORPIO ~ Progress plus confusion. Important things that have been missing in your life will return, especially in the area of community activity.  Other dramatic changes are unfolding quickly in your immediate neighborhood.  More new policies and programs will soon affect health and work related areas in a good way.  Even more new changes are being proposed. They might or might not happen and plans are still evolving.  Reliable information is hard to find. Prepare for high emotions and confusion as people react, and overreact. You will soon begin a spiritual renaissance.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Promote optimism. You see a growing number and variety of opportunities. Others see forbidding complexities, obstacles and hard work. They might have a point, actually. But you need to keep the challenges from causing pessimism strong enough to dishearten everyone, on the one hand, and frustration severe enough to cause conflict, on the other. This is true for Sagittarians in general this month.  But it's also personal. Your livelihood could depend on defeating pessimism and keeping others focused on the opportunities despite all the complexities and hard work that's needed.

CAPRICORN ~ Discipline. They say if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.  But Capricorn can't leave the kitchen. You'll have to tolerate the heat. You're stuck in the middle of everything.  Interpersonal friction is intense as people cope with uncomfortable adjustments. Confusion is high. Lines of communication are under strain. Be on your best behavior.  Gently insist that others be on theirs. This is just getting started.  It might seem like you are demanding too much of others.  However, meeting these challenges will bring widespread and unforeseen benefits.

Bittersweet. Thoughts of unfinished healing, unresolved relationship issues, or responsibilities you might have neglected, could burden your mind.  Don't be discouraged. This fog of worry will soon lift. Also, the coming year brings a remarkable mix of challenges and opportunities. As you meet these challenges and explore the opportunities, you can make up for past mistakes, and avoid repeating them. Also, resolving these old issues will have a surprisingly beneficial effect, beyond what you might anticipate. It will help you release potential that you might have given up for lost.

PISCES ~ Step by step. You're starting a new cycle of growth and prosperity. Your charisma is due for a big boost, also. But given what's going on in your life and the world, forging a workable lifestyle will still be a challenge. Don't underestimate the complexity or the importance of this task. Extra time and effort spent sorting through a mix of challenges, opportunities and unknowns will pay surprising dividends, now and later. Unexpected events will soon simplify your choices and smooth your path. Don't depend too much on borrowed money.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 2010 for Everyone - Approaching the Big Bang

November 2010 for Everyone

Approaching the Big Bang

Taking Close Relationships into Account

On March 12, 2011 (GMT), Uranus will enter Aries to begin a complete, new transit of the Zodiac.  This ingress will set off a cycle of rapid, dramatic and widespread protest, change and reform (not necessarily in that order). I think of Uranus's entrance into Aries as a Big Bang. What we are seeing in the charts right now is the final run up to this Big Uranian Bang. (See my blog post of 3/31/10: April 2010, for Everyone, Prepare to Cross a Historical Threshold)

In preparation, the stuff of the world is being ever more thoroughly softened up so that it can be ever more easily reshaped when the forces of change are unleashed next March.

It is hard to get anything done in such a world, especially one already in the midst of transformations unleashed by Pluto's ongoing transit of Capricorn. We can see new possibilities emerging, but we remain unable to make decisive moves. Situations, personal and global, are becoming increasingly fluid, unstable, and unpredictable, with no end in sight.  One has to wonder. If the run up is so turbulent, what will the main event be like?

This month, like last month, emphasizes deep changes in our relationships. In November, the focus is on our closest, warmest and most intimate ties. We must examine these relationships in light of upcoming changes, and vice versa. What changes would we make for the sake of those we love? Knowing the likely affects of any changes on those closest to us, should we go ahead with them?  What can we do to soften the effects of any changes on family, friends and allies.

For the moment, we need to set aside thoughts of personal advancement, finances, abstract ideals, and the demands and expectations of authorities and focus on the effects of change in our most important relationships. And in those relationships, the emphasis should be on what we experience emotionally - what we feel. 

It is likely to be a time of heart-to-heart talks - often when, where and with whom we least expect it.  People will be in the mood to communicate their innermost concerns.

But the importance of November goes considerably beyond the personal. 

Our lives are shaped by laws, customs and institutions.  These "constants" often determine our expectations and influence our plans.  But these seemingly immutable constants originate in human experience.  They evolve as people evolve, or they should.

This month, the planets want us to focus on our experience with those who mean the most to us. Find out what those you love are thinking and feeling.  Use that knowledge as you make plans for the future.  Even where existing laws and customs conflict with the needs and expectations of your loved ones, you should prioritize the needs of loved ones. Maybe it’s time to change those laws, customs and institutions in keeping with the real and present needs of real people.

We will also need to remember these insights as we continue to prepare for Uranus's entry into Aries next March and change and reform begin in earnest.

Expanding Boundaries, Emerging Spirituality

Our personal boundaries are softening and expanding.  Existing bonds will become surprisingly fluid, creating unexpected space between ourselves and those close to us and allowing room for new concerns, new activities, new people.

Our inner, mental and emotional boundaries are expanding, too, to encompass deep spiritual and psychological concerns, many of which we might not be consciously aware of at the moment. The planets are telling us to start making room in our conscious lives and active relationships to work through these issues. 

Beyond that, the planets are urging us to change our laws, our habits, and work to change customs and our institutions to better accommodate these profound, and profoundly personal concerns.  We will be demanding a softer, gentler environment in which to live our own lives and the lives of those we love, one with room for more concerns that used to be considered intangible, imponderable, or even simply irrelevant to day-to-day life.

In sum, November's vibes are telling us to set aside concerns arising from external sources, at least for now.  Instead, we should pay attention to the needs and expectations of those we love the most and to concerns arising from deep within our own hearts and minds. Adapt your plans accordingly.  And then set about changing the world accordingly. This is likely to become a recurring theme in the emerging debate about what we all want the new world to look like.


When Uranus enters Aries, a big part of what will happen is what we might call re-patterning. Our inner, personal lives will be re-patterned. Our relationships will be re-patterned. The world we live in will be re-patterned.  That much is inevitable.

November’s charts are telling us to make sure that as these new patterns emerge, they are comfortable for those we love, and that they accommodate our spiritual and psychological growth.

The Astrological Details

This month’s analysis is based on a composite of the new and full moon charts. This composite chart, in my view, takes us closer to the essential meaning of the month.  It also tends to "smooth the curve," averaging out energetic highs and lows that can distract and mislead. 

The composite chart, like many other charts during this run up, has a dense patch of aspects in one section of the chart – the lower half, right hand part. Such charts suggest a high degree of fluidity. Lives are in flux. Clarity is in short supply. Certainty is rare. Demands on our time and energy are peaking.

Such charts indicate a time of transition, with numerous conflicting demands, none of which we can easily set aside.  They are times of high energy and high output.  Adjustments are continuous.  We might, for example, think of a single parent, raising a family and working a full- and a part-time job, all the while training for an entirely new, different career. We just have to stay that busy until we reach a turn in the road.

On the macro-level, such charts tell us that the old status quo has vanished and a new one has yet to be established. We might, for example, think of a time when an old industry is leaving town and a new one is just just getting established. Or when an established business changes owners.  Stress, confusion, risk and, above all, personal exertion reign.

More specifically, November's charts ask that we pause to examine our situation from a distinctly personal, or interpersonal, perspective. 

Empty Houses

There are fully six houses with no planets (1st, 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th). In this context, these houses represent self-assertion, personal finances, work commitments, intellectuality, higher authority and abstract idealism.  The fact that these houses are empty tells us that these aspects of our lives are de-emphasized.  Our attention will, and, in fact, should be elsewhere.

Tenanted Houses

Planetary activity is in the houses representing community, family, friendship, partnerships and collective finances (taxes, investments, insurance, pensions - shared risks and benefits) and the house governing spirituality (3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 12th). In other words, the planetary emphasis is on those things that bind us to other people, emotionally and concretely.

With the Moon close to the ascendant in the 12th house of spirituality, there is also a strong and important emphasis on spirituality and deep psychology. In other words, the planets are focusing on those things that determine at the most profound level who we are, why we do what we do, really, as well as on those closest personal relationships that give our lives meaning and value.

Sign Posts

The Moon's north and south nodes define the meaning of a chart fundamentally. The north node (green) tells us where we will find answers; the south node (red) where not to look for answers.

Red Light

The Moon's south node - the cosmic red light - is in Cancer in the 11th house, the house of Aquarius.  This placement points people away from reliance on pre-existing, abstract ideals or set ideas about relationships generally (11th house) and family in particular (Cancer). Set aside pre-existing notions of family and friendship. Don't make assumptions.

Green Light

The Moon's north node, the cosmic green light, is in Capricorn, in the 5th house, the natural house of Leo. In this context I would define it as the house of our closest and warmest relationships, generally. The north node is close to Pluto, adding significantly to its potency.

This placement tells us to focus on the immediate, direct, concrete experience in our ongoing relationships.  Pay attention to what people are thinking and feeling and saying - to what you are thinking and feeling. Open yourself to the reality of present experience.

With that experience before you, develop a plan for the changes you are facing. You should consider how people will feel, what they're experience will be like, if a given plan is fulfilled.  Embrace plans that will optimize personal and interpersonal experience.

Ignore the voice of authority and tradition, for now.  Forget about your ambition, societal expectations, the voice of authority, your personal standing in the world, for now.  Listen to what you heart is telling you about the realities you are all facing. Then decide what changes you want to make and how you want to make them.

Basing plans for the future on rigid, pre-existing ideas, or pre-existing blue prints, would be destructive.  Basing your plans on the content of personal and interpersonal experience will take you in the right direction.  Listen to your heart.

Ultimately, 11th and 5th house interests must be reconciled.  Ideals must be harmonized with experience.  But for now, we must favor the signals that are coming out of the 5th house.

Expanding Personal and Interpersonal Boundaries

Another noteworthy aspect in this chart.

The Moon is in Leo in the 12th house and very close to the ascendant. It is opposing Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius in the 7th house of partnership.  This is a complex and powerful aspect: there is a lot of subtle, mutually reinforcing interplay between the planets, the signs, and the houses involved.

Also, the aspect is angular, affecting two of the most sensitive points in the chart.  Its effects on relationships will be pervasive.

12th house issues - very deep psychological and spiritual issues - will demand a place in our relationships generally.  The new patterns in our closer, more intimate relationships must accommodate these issues.

12th house energies soften boundaries, blur definitions and weaken ties and commitments. They do this, really, by opening us to transpersonal planetary forces - forces that transcend the personal and the interpersonal. Intangible issues begin to matter a great deal to us.  Chiron’s involvement virtually guarantees that the feelings surrounding these issues will be intense and bittersweet.

These influences also open us up to thoughts and experiences that would ordinarily be considered "strange" or "unusual."  They can also strengthen our intuition and weaken our powers of reason, at least initially. You need to be prepared for thoughts, experiences and conversations that take you outside of the normal.

The Bottom Line

We will be changing the patterns of our lives so that we can harmonize any changes we are making with the needs and expectations of our closest friends and allies.  These needs and expectations will most likely include newly emerging concerns over spiritual and deep psychological issues.

Changes arising from discussions with close friends and relations will take precedence over pre-existing notions in any negotiations with the powers that be.

Stationary/Direct Planets and Finances

In November, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune will be stationary/direct.  In early November, while these planets are all stationary, confusion and uncertainty will intensify.  However, later in November, as these planets achieve full forward motion, clarity will increase.  Progress will be possible in many areas. 

However, the astrological situation remains extremely complex and fluid and I would advise against haste or overconfidence.  Uranus will remain retrograde until early December, further delaying reform efforts of all kinds.

These planets all have direct and potent effects on the economy today, each for a different reason.  So we can expect forward economic movement and a general improvement in the economic situation. 

However, again, the general astrological situation remains exceedingly complex and fluid and I would advise against simplistic conclusions or hasty actions.

Things will most likely remain fluid and changeable and directions uncertain until Uranus enters Aries, next March.  Things will not become stable at that time or return to anything like normalcy.  But the full on processes of change, which appear to be in abeyance, will be unleashed at that time.  How it will all end will not become clear, by any means.  But one certainty, of a very general kind, will emerge: things are going to change; things will never go back to the way they were.

Now, though, during the run up, is the time to decide on the ideas and principles that will guide our actions in the tumultuous era of change and reform that will soon be upon us.