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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Astrology Forecast for January 2010

Astrology Forecast for January 2010
FOR EVERYONE ~ Vision vs. Budget. January is a major turning point. We will all begin implementing the tough decisions we have had to make. Options that are no longer realistic, if they ever were, will vanish. We will all have to work with tight budgets, also. Progress will be a matter of doing something new and different with what we already have. However, January will also make it clear that careful budgeting isn't enough. To succeed, we must work to fulfill a vision of new possibilities. The planets will not support those who only use budgeting to get by until things go back to the way they were, until all this blows over. Your dreams for the future have an important role to play.
ARIES ~ Accept it gracefully. January brings unavoidable endings and beginnings. Major work and partnership issues are coming to a head. The actions of friends and youngsters are forcing your hand, too, making complex life decisions more complicated. It will be awhile before things settle into a steady, predictable rhythm, but you can make progress more or less comfortably. Feelings of frustration could run fairly high, though, and the wrong words could cause pain. Don't read too much into things. A healing influence will soon start affecting your innermost thoughts and feelings.
TAURUS ~ Ride it out. The times are demanding hard choices and sacrifices. Difficult decisions are being made. Some things are changing forever. But, while others have to take a direct hit, Taurus can take events in stride. You almost have no choice but to persist and pitch in where you can. You are well-placed to positively influence the way higher ups respond to events. Help smooth the transition by adding key bits of advice and information. You might feel powerless, but your contribution is benefiting many. Recent financial pressures will ease.
GEMINI ~ Rumor control. The action isn't in Gemini's backyard. It isn't under your control. The big decisions have already been made, for now. The challenge is to deal with a new and rapidly unfolding situation. Protect yourself and others from the corrosive effects of false rumors and bogus theories about what's happening. They are more damaging than they seem. You will soon be in greater harmony with the forces of change. This will increase your influence and enhance your control over events around you. Financially, you are entering a cycle of consolidation.
CANCER ~ Courage. Your life and your relations with others are being transformed, irrevocably. You can handle it. Others might need some help, though. Few can see beyond appearances or hear the truth behind the words as well as you can. Few can communicate difficult truths as gently as you. Things are even less stable than they seem, however, and you need to help people understand that. You might need to endure hurtful attacks. Say what needs saying. Don't overreact to those who disagree, however sharply. Remaining calm and civil is key.
LEO ~ Complicated times. New policies are being implemented at work. You will also be channeling the turbulent thoughts and feelings of people around you as they cope with complicated events in their own lives. Feelings are running high. Some people are reacting strangely. Strive to be inclusive, supportive and upbeat in all that you say. New, exciting opportunities for personal growth and expansion will soon emerge. You will need to plan carefully to take advantage of them, however. Excess enthusiasm could lead to missteps. The wrong word could cause an uproar.
VIRGO ~ Makeover. You have long had high ideals and a desire to play a larger role in events. But few are born knowing how to play such a role. Idealism and ambition aren't enough. One needs the emotional and social skills that allow people to function effectively in a leadership role. January 2009 will test the progress of your efforts to develop these skills. Your ability, and your willingness, to work effectively with others will be the key issue. Humility and flexibility are more important now than high ideals and ambition.
LIBRA ~ Make it close up and personal. January brings a big change in your home and work life. It's important to take a personal, hands on approach to finding solutions and sorting out details. Work carefully with individuals, establish and nurture relationships. This approach will succeed almost magically. Hands off, top down approaches, drawing flow charts and writing memos, for example, will backfire. A supportive influence is now affecting your long-term finances. Difficulties in this area should ease. The winds of change will soon start affecting your most important business and personal relationships.
SCORPIO ~ Act locally. Community relations are becoming increasingly important and January marks a turning point in your community involvements. Decisions and commitments will be called for. Be at your most diplomatic because feelings will be running high and tempers could easily flare. Rumors and gossip could also play a destructive role. Avoid them. Be attentive to details. Make your contributions specific, concrete and directly relevant. The abstract, general approach will fall flat and multiply problems. Financial and budgetary constraints will soon begin easing. The planets will support more rest and recreation.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Vision vs. Reality vs. Budget. Your hopes are pulling you in one direction, financial concerns in another. January will bring this conflict to the fore. It will not be a question of abandoning your dreams. It will be more a question of how to coax reality in the direction you want it to go in. Use what you have in new ways. Don't expand in directions you can't afford, whatever the temptation. Impatience isn't your friend right now, especially if it involves taking on more debt. It's time to consolidate.
CAPRICORN ~ Trail blazing. January will bring major personal revelations for Capricorn. Your own notions of who you are and what you stand for will change. People in your life will also begin to regard you differently. And you will find yourself at a threshold, needing to find a way forward. True progress will be impossible without an inspiring plan. Good bookkeeping and sound budgeting are crucial, but your vision for the future is equally important, now. Use available resources in the service of new and creative ideas. Reach out into the community.
AQUARIUS ~ Game changer. January will help Aquarius break free of old attitudes and patterns. This will liberate you psychologically and spiritually. It will also give you greater freedom in employment areas. Your circle of influence will begin to grow. You will become more involved and active in the world. People love to tell Aquarians that their ideas are unrealistic. But all those practical people will soon be helpless without your idealism and vision. Sidestep potentially troublesome arguments over irrelevant and obscure issues. Stick to your budget. You can still be innovative.
PISCES ~ New role models. Pisces is officially beginning a new cycle of personal growth and prosperity. The forces of change that transformed your personal identity will soon go to work transforming your place in the economic scheme of things. However, you are entering a new life situation and you'll need to find new paradigms, new mentors - new people to model yourself on. You need to clear psychological cobwebs that have accumulated to overcome professional challenges. Efforts to maintain social habits and relationships that you have outgrown could lead to problems.