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Monday, November 30, 2009

Visions Meet Reality, and Each Other - More Thoughts on December 2009

Visions Meet Reality, and Each Other
More Thoughts on December 2009

The message of December's charts is similar to the message of November's charts: The shape of the future is heavily dependent on our visions of the future. But there is something we all need to know about these visions that are about to start shaping the future.

In recent years, the planets have supported the development of ideas and belief systems in isolation. Individuals, families, groups, nations have all been allowed to retreat into their own mental universes, to shut out differing views completely. Rates of extreme self-absorption have been at historical highs.

On the macro level, the boundaries between nations with differing belief systems have been heavily militarized. Diplomacy has withered. Isolation and confrontation have become the norm. Nations are drifting toward war.

In December, people, and nations, will begin to emerge from extreme self-absorption. They will come forward with competing visions of the future and discuss those visions. They will apply them in making decisions that shape the future.

Far, far more than in recent months, our visions will have practical effects. They will be re-shaped in discussion with others who hold different ideas. They will also be tested against reality. A time of excessive self-absorption in the world will begin to end. A time of testing new, visionary ideas in the real world will begin.

But because self-absorption often, if not usually, produces distorted, misshapen ideas, we can expect an especially rough ride as these newly emerging visions are tested against each other, and reality. Our shared reality.
The Example of US Health Care Reform
Perhaps the most obvious example of the sort of thing I am talking about is the debate over health care reform in the US. Legislation has languished while people with wildly conflicting views have clashed.

Health care reform would, over time, completely reshape the social, economic, political and economic, and spiritual, landscape of the United States. It would take the entire country in a direction embodied in the vision, or visions, that ultimately shaped the reform bill. And the news has been full of stories about the many malformed visions of the world involved in the health care debate.

In December, health care reform will come up for discussion and, possibly, a vote. People driven by wildly differing visions of the future will try to pass it or kill it. Belief systems and conflicting visions of America's future will be tested against each other. The outcome will be real and concrete and it will affect us all.

I’m sure we can all agree that, no matter what the shape of the final bill, its implementation is bound to have myriad unexpected and unintended consequences.
More Generally
On the micro level people will emerge from their relative mental and emotional isolation. Communication between individuals and groups will increase. People will start looking beyond their small, exclusive social circles. Each of us will emerge from periods of more or less intense self-absorption and try out our newly hatched visions of the world and on each other.

On the macro level, the boundaries between belief systems and the nations who hold them, will, to some extent, be de-militarized. Diplomacy will send out new shoots. Isolation among countries will start to break down. Confrontations will become less acute. Efforts at engagement less futile.

The visions that will guide our steps may not be perfect, but we will have dialogue and reality-testing to help us, something we have sorely lacked in recent years.
The Astrological Details - Dispositor Charts

Uranus in Neptune in Mutual Reception

Astrologers use dispositor charts to reveal the planetary chain of command in a given chart. The dispositor charts for December 2009 are especially revealing.

In the dispositor charts for both the new and full moons in December 2009, Uranus and Neptune are together at the top of the chart, in control. The other planets are all fall beneath them, linked in power relationships that subordinate them to Uranus and Jupiter.
Uranus and Neptune are also in mutual reception, making their influence even greater. They have been in mutual reception since some time in 2003. This relationship will end in the course of the next year or so.

Planets are in mutual reception when they occupy each other's home sign. Uranus is in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune. Neptune is in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. Hence, they are said to be in mutual reception.

As a result, Uranus and Neptune form a mutually re-enforcing, synergistic energy field that combines the influence and the raw power of both planets.

To make matters worse, or more intense, for most of the time Uranus and Neptune have been in mutual reception, their contact with the rest of the Zodiac has been minimal and erratic. Now, for a month or so, they are in complete charge.
Incredible Shrinking Mental Universes
Both planets rule signs, Aquarius and Pisces, that are very influential in the realm of visionary ideas. Hence, this mutual reception would tend to form a black hole for visionary and related intellectual energies. It would tend to draw people into a particular mental universe and isolate them there.

People, groups, nations, anyone who shared similar ideas, would tend to fall into increasingly isolated, insulated, intolerant groups, largely unwilling and often unable to communicate productively with others.

People, groups and nations would tend to get stuck in a mental feedback loop, unable, really, to hear or understand anyone's thoughts but their own. Thought patterns would tend to remain the same, except to get stronger, more intense and rigid with the passage of time.

Individuals, especially Pisceans and Aquarians, would tend to get lost in their own little worlds, cut off from others. Each Sun sign would be affected in its own way, though, and none would completely escape the mentally insulating, isolating effects of this aspect.
Mutual Reception Coming to an End . . .

and Not a Minute too Soon

In December, Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception rule the whole of the new moon and full moon charts, connecting the innumerable and varied mental universes with reality and, in effect, with each other. People will leave the tight feed back loops that nourish their beliefs and actively work to impose their ideas on each other and on events. In the process, they will engage each other on the field of intellectual battle.

But this will happen as the mutual reception begins to break up. Uranus will leave Pisces in May 2010 and retrograde back into Pisces in August. Uranus will leave Pisces for a full transit of Aries in March 2011.

The level of self-absorption, isolation and intolerance in the world will decrease noticeably.

This slow but steady process of mental re-emergence and re-engagement will start off with a bang in December 2009. The world will slowly become a more social place.

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