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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worrisome Thoughts about October 2009 Chaos - Threatens as Saturn Enters Libra

Worrisome Thoughts about October 2009
Chaos Threatens as Saturn Enters Libra

Uncertainty Squared
These days, in all of our lives there is at least one important area where confusion and uncertainty reign virtually uncontested. It could be our work situation, our living situation, or our financial situation. In some unfortunate cases, it could be all of the above.

There is a complete absence of reliable information. No solutions seem forthcoming. Efforts to fix the situation go nowhere. Attempts to get clarification consistently fail. The helplessness of those in charge seems to verge on incompetence. The uncertainty stretches as far as the eye can see.

October's charts tell us that these difficulties are caused most immediately by the rules that govern our lives and activities, in all areas, on all levels: None of these rules are any longer in phase with underlying realities. Indeed, those realities are themselves in rapid flux. People no longer really know how to act, or what to do.

On the macro level, there is mass disorientation, often verging on panic. In the US, in certain quarters, e.g., the GOP base, the tea-baggers, we see hysteria, paranoia and rampant irrationality. In other quarters, e.g., the progressive wing of the Democratic party, we see wildly unrealistic demands for absolute ideological perfection in legislation and government policy.

On the micro level, there is chaos in one or more areas of our individual and shared lives. This spreading chaos brings hardship, cynicism and low moral verging on depression, in some cases.

This seemingly chronic disorder on the macro level almost certainly touches some issue of vital importance to each of us on the micro level. This would be in addition to the disorder we are experiencing personally. So there is the deeply unsettling perception that chaos is invading our own lives and the life at the national and, indeed, international levels.
The Astrological Perspective
From the astrological perspective, the core of the problem appears to be that the many rules and regulations that govern our lives, written and unwritten, have slipped badly out of phase with reality. What is commonly considered right, or legal, or justified, makes no sense in terms of underlying realities.

At best, the existing order of things seems to produce little more than harmful and unintended consequences. Evidence the overheated and
(so far) unprodudctive national debates in the US in the areas of health care and banking.

Many like to think of All the Many Rules We Live By, The Rules, as somehow God-given. In reality, they are created by people. They are the product of history and experience. These rules need to be 'updated' periodically. Occasionally, as in the present circumstances, they require major upgrades.

At moments like this, at points like this, just before the renewal of the the Saturn/Libra cycle, a destructive kind of chaos tends to develop. People begin to flout rules as such, or to take things into their own hands. Others vehemently espouse the adoption of new and even more unrealistic rules.
The Astrological Solution
Late in October, Saturn, the planet of rules will enter Libra, the sign of rules. Under Saturn’s influence and under Saturn’s stern eye, the world will begin to update, upgrade and otherwise recreate the rules people live by and by which they order their particular corner of the world.
Re-establishing or recreating order, especially under present astrological conditions, is not likely to be a peaceful process. People will disagree intensely, and often violently, about what the new rules should be.
This time around, it will be especially tumultuous.
Issues Compounded
Saturn visits Libra every 28 years, or so, triggering periodic upgrades of the rules we live by. Saturn/Libra transits are always challenging and 'eventful.' But this one is especially so.

This Saturn/Libra transit takes place in the context of a profoundly transformative Pluto/Capricorn transit.

So, Saturn is not simply transiting Libra, updating the rules that govern our lives, it is also in broad square to Pluto, which is in Capricorn busily and energetically transforming the global socio-economic-political power structure, presumably along Aquarian lines.
The US in Particular - Simultaneous Saturn and Pluto Returns
As dramatic as the effects of these Saturn and Pluto relationships are for the world, they are significantly more important in the US. That is because the US natal Saturn is in Libra and the US natal Pluto is in Capricorn. (I could go on.) So, astrologically, the US is at ground zero.

Effectively, the US is experiencing its Saturn and Pluto returns simultaneously, a seismic astrological event and one that is sure to have a deeply transformative effect in the US. (Transformative = deeply disruptive.)

Take as an example the current debate over health care reform in the US. The aspects, and contemporary events, suggest that, in the US, these intense, volatile and potentially dangerous energies are, in fact, expressing in the current health care reform debate. All of this, in turn, suggests that far more than meets the eye is at stake for the US in the health care debate.

That is to say, the effort to reform health care is, in effect, an effort to reform the whole of American society and redefine the relationships between employer and employee, government and citizen, neighbor and neighbor, and so on. In other words, it is an effort to redefine the rules by which the great game of life is played in the US, in total.

Hence, the entrance of Saturn into Libra, while important globally, will have an especially powerful and profound effect in the United States. However, to the extent that events in the US affect events in the world, events in the US will further intensify the global effects of the Saturn/Libra and Pluto/Capricorn transits.
The Astrological Details
The October full moon chart shows us the run up to the Saturn/Libra ingress. It is a surprisingly complex and energetic chart.

Allow me to simplify somewhat. The October full moon chart includes a set of very complex and very difficult relationship between Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, the Moon's nodes, Lilith, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus and Mars.

There is, for example, a t-square involving Venus, Mercury and Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. This t-square is intersected by an opposition between Mars and Lilith, setting more or less exactly along the axis of the Moon's nodes.

This points to dangerous levels of irrational thinking. It is the kind of thing we have seen a lot of recently, via right-wing rhetoric and political tactics, especially what has become known as Astroturfing.

Astroturfing is particularly aggressive and obnoxious form of political expression. It involves people paid by right-wing lobbyists and political action committees to disrupt public meetings with loud and angry rhetoric while posing as average, outraged citizens.

Many of the same indicators are also directly involved in a yod formation. The indicators involved directly in the yod are the Mars and the Moon's south node, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune occupy the action point of the yod.

The most exact relationships in the yod formation (exact to within about half a degree) are between Mars, Mercury and Neptune. Neptune occupies the action point of this particularly exact relationship within the yod.

This facet of the yod, I think, expresses the meaning of the Yod and, I believe, the meaning of the entire chart. It points to an obsessive and, ultimately, futile pursuit of absolute truth and perfect conformity to ideals.

All but a few of the same indicators also participate directly in a partial mystic rectangle. The mystic rectangle channels the energy of this densely interrelated structure toward the action point of the yod.

If you consider indirect, or secondary, relationships, all of the indicators mentioned above are involved in all three of the formations discussed.

In my view, the October full moon chart describes the high (or low) point of the disconnect disconnect between The Rules and a rapidly changing reality. On October 29th, Saturn enters Libra.
Then the fun really begins.
At that point we will begin the epic task of updating The Rules and, slowly but surely, bringing The Rules back into harmony with reality, returning order to the world.

This will begin what is sure to be a long, eventful and profound transformation of global culture in general and US culture in particular. Such transformations never run smoothly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Astrology Forecast for October 2009

Astrology Forecast for October 2009
FOR EVERYONE ~ A Cloud of Possibilities. Nowadays, we are mostly mindful of the difficulties we've experienced in the recent past and the challenges we still face. Fatigue and worry are peaking. We will soon begin to focus on the expanding number of possibilities opening up before us. Many of them are quite exciting. However, making these possibilities a reality will require deeper thought and discussion than we are used to. They will also require more careful planning, closer attention to budgetary concerns and harder work. It seems that the planets are at least as interested in changing our attitudes and the way we go about doing things as they are in opening up new opportunities for us.

ARIES ~ Major partnership issues. Aries is on the verge of a new, lengthy cycle of dramatic and fascinating change. Right now, the action is in partnership areas. You should begin to make important decisions about your relationships. Some must change. Some must end. You are carrying too many burdens for people who need to get on with their own lives. You can make changes gently and gracefully, now, but they will grow increasingly urgent as the months pass. Your luck will improve significantly before all the changes really get going.
TAURUS ~ Major lifestyle changes. Work and health are closely related. They dramatically affect your lifestyle and relationships. A challenging, long-term influence is now affecting all of the above. You will have to bring work, life and relationship commitments into harmony. This will mean adjustments at work, at home and in other relationship areas. These are important changes in themselves. But they will become more important as you try to free up resources to prioritize cherished, lifelong ambitions you've kept on a back burner. Also, freedom of movement and self-expression are becoming bigger issues.
GEMINI ~ Easing. Others have been calling the shots for too long. Major players at home and at work have limited your options. You have felt blocked. This will soon begin changing. You will soon be able to pursue new directions. You'll be in greater harmony with the flow of events. But the stars also want a major attitude change. They want you to change how you go about doing things both at home and at work. Opportunities will open up, but you will have to pursue them in new ways.
CANCER ~ Go with your gut. Many people need you to make the right choices in a very tricky situation. It would be nice if there was a clear plan and money wasn't an issue. But things are in flux. Money is definitely an issue. All of the above adds to the pressure and all you really have to go on is your intuition. But your intuition is tried and true. It as good as anything anyone has to go on right now. And besides, lady luck is moving into your corner.
Leo ~ Tough negotiations. You are increasingly dependent on the approval of others for your financial success. You are on good terms with partners, personally. However, to succeed in today's world, you will all need more than personal friendship alone can provide. It isn't only a matter of leveraging material resources, either. Succeeding financially will require changing things about yourself and the world you never thought could be changed. New, visionary ideas and a fearless commitment will be needed. A benevolent protective force will soon begin influencing your long-term financial situation.
VIRGO ~ A change of direction. Recent challenges have changed you. You've abandoned some ambitions that never really suited you, among other things. In the near future, exciting and as yet unforeseen opportunities will emerge. You've changed directions before, but this time it will be a bit more dramatic. You will need to think especially deeply about who you are and what you want to do with your life. You will also need to manage finances carefully to help sustain you through the transition. Advancement will depend increasingly on partners and colleagues.
LIBRA ~ Dig deeper. Librans are born experts on love and harmony. They love to spread both. However, you are entering a lengthy cycle during which you must hold back. Chances are you've been giving too much of yourself to fill in the gaps where others fell short. Or you've watched others squander your gifts. During this cycle, you'll understand the true and often heavy cost of giving love and maintaining harmony. In the process, you must find ways to make others hold up their end of the love and harmony equation.
SCORPIO ~ Don't take it personally. Powerful forces are causing dramatic shifts in human relationships generally, putting all relationships under stress. This is bound to cause you some upset, but you are in no way the cause of these strains. Hope is on the way. Benevolent, protective forces will soon begin supporting your friendships and personal relationships. Financial strains will ease significantly at the same time. Build a supportive network on the local level. You need to combat a tendency to worry unnecessarily. You are well-placed to avoid the worst effects of ongoing turmoil.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Better days ahead. It is surprising how many people want your input. Times are hard. The questions are tough. People are discouraged and they need genuinely new ideas. The pressure can weigh on a person. The thing people need to know is that things are bottoming out. Times are improving. In a few months a new economic era will begin. Things that seem impossible now will suddenly seem likely. It will not be quick or easy money. Those days are gone. But creativity and perseverance will be more generously rewarded.
CAPRICORN ~ The darkness before the dawn. If you could only get people to see reason, to end the non-stop, circular negotiations, to find a realistic outlook that isn't grim, or to find an outlook that is both optimistic *and* realistic. The change will be slow at first, but that is just what is going to start happening, soon. As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, you'll find yourself moving forward on all fronts. So negotiate with optimism and confidence. But as things start moving forward, be especially careful to keep things realistic.
AQUARIUS ~ Leverage. As your bright new Jupiter (prosperity) cycle revs up, you need to remember the basics. Find ways to leverage current financial improvements and professional opportunities to your long-term economic needs. Instead of finding ways to spend the extra money, find ways to save and invest it. Instead of pursuing opportunities that cost money, pursue opportunities that earn you money. This is not a good cycle for giving in to your (expensive) sensitive, escapist impulses. Coming months and years will bring experiences that deepen your appreciation of the practical side of things.
PISCES ~ Limit speculation and worry. In recent years, relationships have been demanding and burdensome, where you could maintain them at all. That will soon change. New relationship opportunities will start showing up. Choose wisely. Make relationship choices that will lead to long-term stability and security. Strive to make realistic decisions about how to handle all the opportunities and changes coming your way, soon. Disruptive, changeful influences will also lessen in the coming year. That will help. Pisceans are under influences that encourage worry. Focus on the positive and the practical.