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Monday, August 31, 2009

September 2009 - The Month Relationships Changed

September 2009 - The Month Relationships Changed
September's charts look like an all out assault on human relationships. Planetary forces will change human relationships patterns forever.

September's charts make it clear that the transformation of human relationships is now a top planetary priority. Human relationships will now begin to change within themselves. They will do so for their own inherent and unique reasons. For reasons of the heart.

From just before the September full moon on 9/4 until Pluto turns direct on 9/11 (yup, 9/11), a complex planetary situation occurs. Six important astrological indicators are involved in one phase or another of retrograde motion. Four important planetary indicators will be direct.
All Bets Are Off
This will create potent, and exceedingly complex, energy patterns. Human relationships will bear the brunt of this planetary storm.

Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus will be retrograde. Mercury will be stationary/retrograde. Pluto will be stationary/direct. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be direct.

In other words, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron and the all important Mercury are all caught up in a vortex of retrograde planetary energies. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be in normal motion.

Simplifying somewhat, the planets in direct motion tend to govern appearances and day-to-day events and activities. They depend heavily on the more powerful, slower moving planets involved in retrograde activity. Their manifestations are much more enduring.

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will do their best to keep up appearances and carry out their day-to-day activities. Meanwhile, the more powerful retrograding planets will be shaking the ground beneath their feet. Retrograde Mercury will augment the confusion caused by deep, underlying changes.
Planetary Hurricane Strikes Venus
The September 18 new moon chart says clearly that human relationships are changing for reasons intrinsic to human relationships, apart from any external influences.

In this chart, there is a close conjunction between Uranus and Juno. Uranus brings sudden changes to human social and behavioral patterns. Juno governs lifelong or long-term human relationships of all kinds.

This conjunction is part of a t-square between: Uranus/Juno, Saturn/Moon/Sun/Mercury and, at the apex of the t-square, in the driver’s seat, Pluto.
Not as Bad as it Looks
The meaning could not be more clear. The nature of long-term human bonding will change. The power and difficulty of the t-square says that these changes will be turbulent and difficult at times.

Other aspects say that this process will directly and powerfully affect Venus. The wondrous, mysterious and beautiful energies of Venus are at the heart of all long-term human bonds.

A yod formation includes the energies of Juno, Uranus, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, the North Node, Lilith, and Venus. Venus, the goddess of human relationships, occupies the action point of this yod. Venus will be in the driver’s seat as we create something workable from this wild and woolly mix of astrological energies, over time.

But Venus also makes a trine to Pluto. There is a sextile between Juno/Uranus and North Node/Lilith. There is a set of trines between North Node/Lilith and Saturn/Moon/Sun/Mercury. All these easy-making aspects connect the indicators most closely related to human relationships.

Briefly, simply, despite the turbulence, despite the immensity of the changes now beginning, people will find a way. With effort, they will be able to keep their relationships intact, to adapt lifestyle and relationships as needed.

September's charts, though momentous, are specific and quite eloquent. I could go on at great length about them. But I think I have captured their essence.

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