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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, August 31, 2009

September 2009 - The Month Relationships Changed

September 2009 - The Month Relationships Changed
September's charts look like an all out assault on human relationships. Planetary forces will change human relationships patterns forever.

September's charts make it clear that the transformation of human relationships is now a top planetary priority. Human relationships will now begin to change within themselves. They will do so for their own inherent and unique reasons. For reasons of the heart.

From just before the September full moon on 9/4 until Pluto turns direct on 9/11 (yup, 9/11), a complex planetary situation occurs. Six important astrological indicators are involved in one phase or another of retrograde motion. Four important planetary indicators will be direct.
All Bets Are Off
This will create potent, and exceedingly complex, energy patterns. Human relationships will bear the brunt of this planetary storm.

Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus will be retrograde. Mercury will be stationary/retrograde. Pluto will be stationary/direct. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be direct.

In other words, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron and the all important Mercury are all caught up in a vortex of retrograde planetary energies. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be in normal motion.

Simplifying somewhat, the planets in direct motion tend to govern appearances and day-to-day events and activities. They depend heavily on the more powerful, slower moving planets involved in retrograde activity. Their manifestations are much more enduring.

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will do their best to keep up appearances and carry out their day-to-day activities. Meanwhile, the more powerful retrograding planets will be shaking the ground beneath their feet. Retrograde Mercury will augment the confusion caused by deep, underlying changes.
Planetary Hurricane Strikes Venus
The September 18 new moon chart says clearly that human relationships are changing for reasons intrinsic to human relationships, apart from any external influences.

In this chart, there is a close conjunction between Uranus and Juno. Uranus brings sudden changes to human social and behavioral patterns. Juno governs lifelong or long-term human relationships of all kinds.

This conjunction is part of a t-square between: Uranus/Juno, Saturn/Moon/Sun/Mercury and, at the apex of the t-square, in the driver’s seat, Pluto.
Not as Bad as it Looks
The meaning could not be more clear. The nature of long-term human bonding will change. The power and difficulty of the t-square says that these changes will be turbulent and difficult at times.

Other aspects say that this process will directly and powerfully affect Venus. The wondrous, mysterious and beautiful energies of Venus are at the heart of all long-term human bonds.

A yod formation includes the energies of Juno, Uranus, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, the North Node, Lilith, and Venus. Venus, the goddess of human relationships, occupies the action point of this yod. Venus will be in the driver’s seat as we create something workable from this wild and woolly mix of astrological energies, over time.

But Venus also makes a trine to Pluto. There is a sextile between Juno/Uranus and North Node/Lilith. There is a set of trines between North Node/Lilith and Saturn/Moon/Sun/Mercury. All these easy-making aspects connect the indicators most closely related to human relationships.

Briefly, simply, despite the turbulence, despite the immensity of the changes now beginning, people will find a way. With effort, they will be able to keep their relationships intact, to adapt lifestyle and relationships as needed.

September's charts, though momentous, are specific and quite eloquent. I could go on at great length about them. But I think I have captured their essence.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Astrology Forecast for September 2009

Astrology Forecast for September 2009
FOR EVERYONE ~ Flux is the new status quo. We will all find ourselves devoting extra time and energy to discussion as plans for the future begin firming up. But this only seems to add to the uncertainty. Many issues still need to be resolved. There are still many unknowns. There are still many opportunities to influence the ultimate outcome. Most of us will be drawn into these discussions as emerging realities affect our vital interests. Nerves will fray and calm will come at a premium. Relationships are foregrounded as uncertainty strains our closest ties and we all consider what ongoing changes mean for our most important bonds. The planets help us facilitate important discussions.

ARIES ~ Power, with conditions. You have more freedom to think and speak than most people, now. You also have more room to maneuver. People welcome you and your ideas, at first. Initial enthusiasm could turn into resistance. Everyone wants to negotiate special terms. You might find this frustrating, but people need flexibility to fit your ideas into their lives. You might sense an ability to bully or badger people into accepting your ideas. This wouldn't be good for you or them. It might be best to trim your sails a bit.
TAURUS ~ Friendly conversation and more? You'll find it especially easy to engage others in conversation and there will be generous hints of other possibilities. This will be welcome after a period of relative isolation, socially. But it will be too easy to go too far too fast. This month, too much intimacy too fast could bring far more than the usual problems. Soft words could quickly turn harsh and complications could multiply really fast. Be sure that people are not just running away from their problems or looking for a savior.
GEMINI ~ Push, a little. September continues an ongoing battle over how the details of current changes will affect your income. Your long-term financial interests are at stake, too. Other people will be making the final decisions, eventually. The process is causing stress at home and at work. Everyone's on edge. Be careful not to overplay your hand or push too hard. Fortunately, as stark as the situation seems, it leaves lots of room to maneuver. Adaptability and negotiation work best. Your control over the situation will increase significantly in coming months.
CANCER ~ Eagerness for change. Publicly, the planets are casting you in the role of crusader and putting you in the thick of battle. Your mind is bursting with new ideas and your heart is bursting with eagerness to see them put into action. You know they will work. Privately, the planets are pushing you to assert your needs as a person, to seek emotional fulfillment. Your charisma is high this month, so you have a good chance of succeeding on both counts. For everyone's sake, though, try to remain calm.
LEO ~ Push comes to shove. Tough choices, made some time back, are going into effect. Confusion reigns. You are just now finding out (or figuring out) exactly what it will mean to live with these decisions. Emotional attachments are making these adjustments especially difficult. However, your personal flexibility and your ability to find solutions to new challenges is high right now. Pressure on income will ease as the holidays approach. The new year will bring improvements in long-term financial matters. Advancement and economic improvement will depend increasingly on alliances with others.
VIRGO ~ High stakes. Amidst the non-stop changes and challenges this month, one thing is clear: Things happening now have momentous implications for your future. You're in the spotlight -- and under the microscope. Final decisions will be made gradually, in coming months. You are concerned with the effects of all this on loved ones, who have important concerns of their own. However, your rapport with loved ones is high and the outlook there is good. Success will depend increasingly on your ability to manage restless associates. Next month, personal energy levels improve.
LIBRA ~ Crossfire. You could find yourself involved in a tense exchange between family members and important people at work. None of you see eye-to-eye on your "work/life balance." The conflict would only get worse if you risked income or incurred debt to pursue your ideal lifestyle. Financial realities are not measuring up to financial dreams now. Soothing romantic vibes drift frequently through your life. Enjoy these moments, but, right now, a new romance would bring unwanted complications. Attention to the fears and anxieties of people at home will prove helpful.
SCORPIO ~ Seek inspiration. You are out of synch with the outside world. You are feeling at odds with the forces of change. Rebellious youngsters are stirring things up. It will be hard to relax and hard to make others understand why you are upset. It will also be hard to advance your dreams and ambitions with reduced energy levels. It's a good month to get in touch with your otherworldly, psychic side. The spiritual world holds some reassuring answers. Also, despite appearances, the planets are working overtime to protect your interests.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Tough negotiations. You will find yourself debating the powers that be and struggling to contain your anger and impatience. You will go over the same issues repeatedly and come up with different answers, none of which satisfy you. All the pieces of this complicated puzzle might not be available yet, but you need to be sure that when they finally fall into place, they make a picture you'll like. It is worth the effort because the outcome will affect your lifestyle. Over time, you can successfully shape these important outcomes.
CAPRICORN ~ Make relationships a priority. Most people are scrambling to do what they must in the face of fast-moving changes. The resulting strain is affecting all relationships. Capricorn relationships are being hit especially hard. Recently you've had little room to maneuver. September brings a significant increase in your power over events, but you must still maneuver through a continuing series of obstacles and adapt to new changes as they come along. Use this increase in your options to shape ongoing events in a way that safeguards important relationships. Manage expectations carefully.
AQUARIUS ~ The power of communication. You might feel, correctly, that you are being thwarted by social inertia and actively blocked by the powers that be. Your words have surprising resonance, though. You can work around obstacles and help thwart power plays by communicating your ideas. You can use your influence successfully to shape upcoming events. There are still many things yet to be decided, but progress toward your most cherished goals is increasing significantly. You'll have to work overtime to help friends and neighbors overcome conflicts and other difficulties in key relationships.
PISCES ~ Build patiently. You are experiencing a sense of stability and high energy. The combination is stoking your eagerness to enjoy the fruit of recent efforts. But it will take time to solidify your position and bring all those benefits online. It will also take time to work out all the details of your new life style. You will have to be patient and steadfast to make everything you envision a reality. Be faithful to the lessons you have learned as you embark upon this long journey into a brighter future.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Afghanistan and 2012

Afghanistan and 2012

The 2012 chart for Afghanistan* tells us many unflattering things we already know about Afghanistan. True or not, they are all things that Afghans and those who support Afghanistan are probably very tired of hearing:

The Afghan state is very jealous of its power. It is hostile to political opponents. It is a little too quick on its feet politically. It is somewhat charismatic. It profits from war and the drug trade. It benefits from the political passivity of its people. It is corrupt and unscrupulous. The Afghan government condones the oppression and exploitation of women and generally suffers from the alienation of the feminine principle in all matters. It cannot control the violence in Afghanistan. It can do little to uplift its own people. It is ineffective in all the ways one would normally want a government to be effective. Afghanis are locked into an ancient, primitive and self-defeating world view.
And so on.
The 2012 chart for Afghanistan also suggests that the turmoil and violence in Afghanistan will continue for some time. No surprise there, either.
The Good News
However, the 2012 chart for Afghanistan reveals things not generally known about Afghanistan and which offer significant hope.

Most would not approve of what the Karzai government stands for. But in specialized, meaningful sense, it is a representative government. It is representative of its people.

There is a kind of unity, of social and cultural coherence, among Afghans - government and people - that could form the basis of a successful nation state. It is, in a meaningful sense, the raw material of a legitimate and effective Afghanistan government.

The chart also suggests that Afghanistan will respond in a surprisingly robust and constructive way to the 2012 energies.

Alongside the inevitable violence and unrest will spring up a robust political dialogue about the future of Afghanistan. The dialogue is likely to be contentions and to spur violence. But it is also likely to be be inclusive, substantive and meaningful. And it will have real, positive consequences for the future of Afghanistan.

Doubtless, news of the violence will overshadow this national political debate. However, the chart indicates that this national political dialogue is more important than the violence and, long-term, will have a more profound and lasting effect.

In my mind, the strengths of this aspect outweighs the negatives in the chart. They promise an eventual, political solution to all the familiar negatives.

The fact that the Afghan government is so representative of the Afghan people suggests that changes in and by the Afghan government will constitute real and lasting changes in the Afghan nation. The aspect suggests that conflicts that have divided the nation and destroyed previous Afghan governments will be finally resolved.
In sum, Afghanistan might experience a good deal of violence in the years just ahead, but it is also likely to benefit from vigorous, transformative political dialogue.
The Astrological Details
The Afghan government is represented by a stellium on the midheaven. The stellium includes Pluto, Sun, Mars, Quaoar, Mercury, Ixion, Pholus, and Venus. This, stellium, dominating the chart from the midheaven is a strong indications that the Karzai government is, in its way, a genuinely representative government.
The Pluto/Sun/Mars combination suggests that the Afghan government has dictatorial inclinations, that it is jealous of its power and hostile toward its opponents. However, Pluto is not that close to the Sun, weakening its effects significantly. Mars is too close to the Sun, weakening its effects, also. This suggests that the Afghan government, despite its love of power, is comparatively weak.
Ixion and Pholus form part of the midheaven stellium. They add a tendency to corruption, to betray the public trust and to compromise important principles for the benefit of cronies.
Political Skill and Charisma
The Mercury/Quaoar conjunction is exact and very close to the midheaven. This suggests that the Karzai government's greatest strength is its political skill and political 'creativity.' Venus is nearby, adding charm. But combined with the power of the other bodies on the midheaven, helping to generate charisma.
Oppression of Women
Lilith is opposing this strongly placed stellium from the fourth house - a strong position. This indicates that the power of the feminine is deeply alienated. This seriously undermines the power of the Afghan government.
Defective World View
There is another significant stellium in the 12th house. It includes Neptune, Chiron, the north node and Nessus. Briefly, this stellium suggests that Afghanis share a defective world view. It disempowers them. It distances them from political realities. Perhaps most significantly, it suppresses any sense of social and political responsibility.

The involvement of the north node suggests that Afghanis should be developing a more wholesome world view. However, the presence of the other planets in the stellium frustrates the emergence of a truly transformative world view.

This stellium is in positive, supportive relationship to the stellium on the midheaven, indicating that the Afghan government benefits from all this dysfunction.
The Drug Trade
The 12th house stellium just discussed is in opposition to Jupiter in the 6th, near the south node. This indicates a country mired in ancient and unproductive approaches to work, or production.

The Jupiter/Neptune opposition, especially with Neptune in the 12th house and Jupiter near the south node, is strongly suggestive of involvement in and economic reliance on the drug trade.

This aspect is also positively related to the midheaven stellium representing the Afghan government. This suggests that the Afghan government profits from the drug trade.
War Profiteering
Eris is on the cusp of the 2nd house, trining the midheaven stellium. Eris represents the brutality, rancor and irrationality at the heart of the spirit of war. The fact that Eris is trining the midheaven indicates that the Afghan government profits financially from warfare.

In brief, the present Afghan government benefits strongly from everything that is wrong with Afghanistan.
Hope for Political Solutions
However, the Afghanistan/2012 chart includes an exact and potent t-square between Uranus in the 1st house, Saturn in the 7nth and the midheaven. This t-square is angular in the chart, magnifying its likely effects.

The t-square suggests a vigorous, contentious and most likely violent interaction between the forces of reform and renewal, the Karzai government and reactionary, backward looking forces like the Taliban.

As I said, the t-square is likely to cause violence. However, the t-square offers strong hope for a political solution. Indeed, its primary and most lasting effect is likely to be political.

The t-square involves all the planets in the midheaven stellium that represents the Afghan government. But the most exact t-square relationship is between Uranus, Mercury, Quaoar and Saturn. This combination is highly suggestive of transformative, innovative, and contentious, political dialogue

Furthermore, the conjunction of Mercury, Quaoar and the midheaven is, itself, the most potent in the midheaven stellium. It is primarily political in nature.

So the most potent effect of the generally very potent t-square is likely to be political dialogue - contentious political dialogue, but dialogue nonetheless.

Hence, my conclusion that, though likely to cause violence, the most important, pervasive and lasting effects of the t-square will almost certainly be political.

*I used the date for the swearing in of Hamid Karzai in 2004. This seemed justified on the history of Afghanistan, which has seen frequent changes in their form of government and on my experience with previous analyses.