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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

More on August 2009 - A Time of Questions

More on August 2009 - A Time of Questions

August 2009 might best be thought of as a pregnant pause, full of suspense and uncertainty, but also as a relatively safe time to do our thinking. Numerous factors are preventing immediate or decisive action. Others are multiplying the questions running through our minds.

The impasse, and the uncertainty, will only end stage by stage in following months. Progress will be halting, even then.

There will be a continuing need for decisions. Or, viewed another way, continuing opportunities for further decisions and revisions. At the same time, however, we will slowly but surely reach a point of no return.

Meanwhile, the August new moon chart, amidst all the questions and uncertainties and delays, offers support and protection. We will not be spared the work of digging for answers to questions. But we will be at least partially buffered against mishap.

So, while August challenges us to think, rethink and think again, it also provides us a relatively safe place to do that thinking.


The August new moon comes after a series of three eclipses. For most people, eclipses tend to simplify decisions. They narrow options. They leave only options that are realistic. Also, they often remove obstacles and resolve long-standing crises, for better or for worse.

However, eclipses do not present clear-cut answers or simple solutions. They often leave many questions, sometimes big questions, about how to realize the possibilities remaining open to us.

A Dozen+ Quincunxes

But there is more. There are more than a dozen quincunxes, or inconjuncts, in the August new moon chart.

A quincunx is a darned-if-you-do-darned-if-you-don't sort of aspect. It leaves a person endlessly juggling competing interests. In other words, it brings questions about how to resolve seemingly irresolvable conflicts and make uncomfortable trade offs.

A single quincunx can leave us going in circles. In this chart, there are more than a dozen of them!

Five Big Retrogrades

But there is more. Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are especially influential planets right now. They are all retrograde.

Retrograde planets send people back to the drawing board to answer unforeseen questions. Retrograde planets also push people to delve more deeply into issues than usual, generating even more questions.

Grand Square and a Bundle of Oppositions

There is still more. The August new moon chart also includes a grand cross, or grand square, and a fistful of oppositions. Such aspects always, one way and another, bring progress to a grinding halt. This, of course, sends people back to the drawing board, generating still more questions.

The Good News

The good news is that the August new moon chart also contains several overlapping mystic rectangles. Typically, mystic rectangles provide a safe place to work from.

They insulate against error and mishap. They provide an early warning system. They seem to provide a stable, base level of economic support. In many ways, they serve as a launching pad for new life initiatives.

It is important to note, however, that to benefit from the mystic rectangle, one must not abandon good sense. A return to bad habits will destroy its protective and supportive effects.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Astrology Forecast for August 2009

Astrology Forecast for August 2009

Focus on essentials. People are worrying about ongoing changes. They will find themselves going over the same questions over and over again, getting different answers each time. The planets are stirring things up psychologically, too. All of the above will make peace of mind hard to come by. But there is time for bargaining and accommodation before plans firm up. And all that questioning will deepen our understanding. It's best to focus on essentials for now. Do what you know needs doing. New ways to profit and grow will soon open up. Protective forces are also at work. Things will unfold more smoothly and work out better than many people fear.


ARIES ~ Success lies closer to home. Things seem more confusing and risky than they really are. They don't need as much discussion as some might think, either. Still, the big picture is clouded. There are a lot of unknowns and forces beyond anyone's control are preventing big decisions and delaying big projects. But you can still accomplish a lot with family, friends and community. An authority figure will pressure you to slow down and take better care of yourself. A close friend or partner will do the same, but for their own reasons.

TAURUS ~ Postpone. Your instincts tell you to hold off on major changes and big expenditures. No matter how often you go over it in your mind, you reach the same conclusion: Don't do it, yet. Study the possibilities more. If you move too quickly, you could miss an innovative and appealing solution that isn't apparent or even available yet. Supportive forces will protect you from any harm caused by delay. At home, you must speak the words that heal your family. Where needed, make sure others do what is necessary for healing.

GEMINI ~ Soft pedal it. People are anxious about the future, but you know things are simpler and safer than they appear. You understand the desire for decisive action, but you know it would be premature. The impatience and fretting of those around you could wear on you, but you'll need to do some hand-holding anyway. Explain that changes are needed and inevitable. Change will bring healing, and hope – slowly but surely. Delays only bring greater understanding and better solutions. Relations important to your financial well-being could be disturbed by gossip and manipulation.

CANCER ~ Emotional complexities. You will love and be loved this month, inspired by ideas for the future and motivated to seek reconciliation and healing. Basically, you will be feeling like the glue that holds everybody together. That's not an small thing when groups want to break up and individuals are threatening to come apart. Trust your intuition when it tells you that the safety net will hold, for everyone. Listen to the concerns of others, but don't get discouraged. The success of your counseling efforts is important to your financial well-being.

LEO ~ The decider. There's scarcely a conflict that you aren't right in the middle of or isn't somehow intruding on your life. But you know you can't take sides. You need to wait patiently, and with love, while everybody hashes out important and complicated choices. It's a bittersweet experience, watching some of the people you love the most struggle so hard with their decisions. Yet, you sort of have the last word. People will come to you for affirmation and approval of their decisions. You’ll provide the emotional guidance people need to make the final choice.

VIRGO ~ Set the pace. Higher ups are dealing with a complex transition. In their minds, it seems simpler than it is. They're also impatient with the slow pace of progress on the ground, where you live and work. You hear a lot of anxiety and impatience at ground level, too. Bear with it. You're in a good position to judge the risks and the true scale of the challenges - and to set the proper pace. You have more leverage over events than anyone realizes. Greater progress will soon be possible.

LIBRA ~ Tiptoe. It would be hard to overestimate the intensity or the urgency of thoughts and feelings. And somehow information about every last crisis is carried to your ears. Great delicacy is required. You might have very little leverage, but everyone will come to you looking for words of healing, hope and reconciliation. You have a special understanding of what is on people's minds and in their hearts - and a special ability to provide just that missing piece. Friendship and romance might be complicated but they are under very favorable influences.

SCORPIO ~ Healing begins at home. With all the changes in the world it's hard not to worry about preserving what's important in your life. But prospects are better than they might appear and you have more options than you think. You will be especially effective at easing the challenges faced by family, friends and neighbors. You'll also find yourself thinking through tangled old family stuff and coming up with deeper understanding. Next month, many stalled issues will begin to move forward. Early next year, a new, more favorable financial cycle begins.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Play for time. Make a point of not fretting about anything this month. The planets are sending mixed signals, big time. That could keep your head spinning with decisions it is impossible to make yet. Pressure is also building to do all kinds of things it isn't time to do. Teach others to be patient and to think things through carefully. Romantic thoughts can complicate work relations and financial dealings. Such relationships can turn out to be much more demanding than you think. Stalled financial issues will move forward early next month.

CAPRICORN ~ Prepare to act. Matters are far from settled, the future is far from clear and nobody is sure what the right move is. But you can't prolong the planning and decision-making process indefinitely. Things must go into gear early in September. But the planets are providing a safety net - and time for later revisions. The risk of mishap isn't as great as people fear. The planets suggest that personal finance and relationship issues require attention. Relationship issues are mixed up with work and financial issues as seldom before.

AQUARIUS ~ Patience. You sense the strong desire people have for positive change. You also share their stress as they work through often difficult transitions. Even so, it's best that people not rush important decisions. You are tackling complex and important financial issues yourself. Progress will be slow but solid as you gain important financial insights. Remember that there is a planetary safety net in place and you are beginning a new cycle of economic growth. Partners are restless and their needs are complex. Take a practical approach to complicated relationship demands.

PISCES ~ Tough choices. You are in transition. You're pondering the trade offs needed to get from point A to point B in your life. The toughest trade offs are those involving love and partnership. You may find yourself having many heart-to-heart talks, trying to work through the options. Loyalties will be tested. But things will work out better for everyone than you might think. Protective forces are at work. A new cycle of growth and prosperity begins next year. Beware of people trying to complicate friendship matters with gossip and innuendo.