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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pakistan and 2012 - The Next Major World Trouble Spot?

Pakistan and 2012The Next Major World Trouble Spot?
This post is about the likely effect of 2012 energies on the troubled nation of Pakistan, a nation which could easily become the next major world trouble spot. I try to answer two questions: What will the effect of 2012 be on Pakistan? Should the US become militarily involved in Pakistan?

The answer seems to me to be that US military involvement, in and of itself, could turn Pakistan into the next major trouble spot.
The 2012 Energy and Pakistan
The 2012/Pakistan composite chart points to the revolutionary overthrow of a corrupt, powerful autocratic elite that governs Pakistan quietly from behind the scenes.

It also suggests that there is, in reality, a major power vacuum in Pakistan, making Pakistan inherently unstable. The outward, visible government of Pakistan is chameleon-like. It conforms itself to the desires and expectations of whatever ally is wealthy and powerful enough to help fill the power vacuum.

The outcome is an essentially dictatorial and arbitrary form of government designed to profit the established elite and keep it in power. The chart suggests that it would not matter whether these wealthy and/or powerful allies were the US, al Qaeda, Taliban or tribal warlords.
Possible US Military Involvement
The Pakistan/2012 chart suggests that, should the US military become involved in a major way, Pakistan would become the mother of all military quagmires.

It also indicates people with an unbreakable commitment to bloody aggression in whatever form. These people are literally bloodthirsty and driven by a vast and ancient burden of guilt and grievance. They are inspired by a thoroughly irrational, deeply defective world view.

The chart also indicates the dominance of powerful people who would compromise or ignore their own principles to suit the needs of cronies, often with ruinous consequences for all concerned.

All of these loosely organized forces are either independent of or in opposition to the central government toward which they are ambivalent at best.

This diverse and diffuse array of forces would not welcome the US military. They would greet the US military with implacable and bloody resistance on their own very difficult home turf – with home court advantage.

The US military, once again, would find itself doing the work of a powerless Pakistani central government, a government that is itself the target of a possible civil war. The US could easily find itself the target of numerous conflicting factions within Pakistan.

The 2012/Pakistan chart strongly sand clearly suggest that the US should avoid military involvement in Pakistan and, instead, seek to aid Pakistan by all other available means.
The Technicalities - 2012 Energy and Pakistan
The chart for 2012 itself indicates a concentrated burst of complex and powerful energies from the give outer planets. They are disruptive and transformational.

These energies include a strong Uranus component. They also use Uranus energy as a medium, or carrier wave. The strong involvement of Uranus virtually guarantees that these energies will manifest as specific and concrete revolutionary events.

The placement of Uranus in 2012 composite charts indicates how the 2012 energies will affect the country or person involved.
2012 Energy in the Composite Chart
The 2012 energies strike the Pakistan/2012 composite chart at the cusp of the 2nd house. Uranus forms an exact opposition with Ixion and Quaoar, conjoined at the cusp of the 8th house.

The Ixion/Quaoar combination indicates an exceedingly corrupt elite (Ixion) but one which is also very resourceful and resilient (Quaoar).

The Uranus opposition to Ixion and Quaoar indicates a concerted, energetic resistance within Pakistan aimed at neutralizing or overthrowing this corrupt elite.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto in the 7th house. This suggests a government heavily dependent on the wealth and power of its allies.

Ixion conjunct Quaoar on the cusp of the 8th house colors Sun and Pluto in the 7th. Combined, they suggest a government that will readily sacrifice the interests of the Pakistani people and their own allies to keep themselves in power.
The Technicalities - Possible US Military Involvement
A wide range of astrological indicators in these charts clearly suggests the folly of US military involvement in Pakistan.

Eris represents the irrational hatred, aggression and bloodlust that inspires war. Mars is the God of war. They are closely conjunct the ascendant. This suggests boundless longing and eagerness for war and aggression, sheerest belligerence.

Nessus represents a toxic psychological legacy born of guilt and greed and amorality. Lilith represents a powerful and profoundly irrational lust for power and control.

Nessus and Lilith are closely conjunct in the 12th house of the chart, not far from Eris and Mars on the ascendant. Combined, they suggest forces even more profoundly and irrationally committed to aggression.

They suggest a tendency to see one's inner demons in others and to mercilessly and relentlessly attack them.

Finally, Pholus and Chiron are closely conjunct on the midheaven. Pholus represents someone who knows better, but who nonetheless ignores principle and violates law to please. Chiron represents liberation through injury, illness and healing.

Placed with Pholus on the midheaven, combined with the other strongly negative indications in the chart point to a darker, negative expression for Chiron energies in the Pakistan context.