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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little More About July 2009

A Little More About July 2009

July is such a complex and important month astrologically, I feel it would be good to provide a little extra detail.

Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are still closely conjunct in Aquarius, but they are all retrograde now.

This is a powerful, historically important conjunction. The fact all the bodies are retrograde does not weaken its effects. It means, rather, that the effects will be more subtle, more pervasive and more diffuse. It will be hard to pinpoint them or to foresee, forestall or control them. They will seep unbidden, unbeknownst and irresistibly into the fabric of our lives.

These heavenly bodies, in the further out parts of our solar system, will affect us in a general way. Our sense the vulnerability of the world in general will deepen and broaden. Our personal sense of our own mortality and the mortality of our loved ones will also deepen significantly.

Our sense of the depth of the troubles in the world will deepen - it will sink more deeply into our hearts. Most likely this will happen because of troubling news, from our friends and from elsewhere in the world. Troubled world conditions will begin to touch us personally as they have not before.

This shift in world sensibility will also have a distinctly idealistic, spiritual and redemptive component. This aspect will stimulate us idealistically and spiritually and it will insure that part of our response to troubling world events will be decidedly spiritual in nature.

The suffering of others will penetrate our awareness more deeply than before and motivate us to reach out. Indeed, it will make us understand the absolute need to reach out to others, for their sakes and our own.

On a more specific and concrete level, these three outer bodies will be squaring Venus and Mars, which are also conjunct. This square will intensely personalize these shifts in global awareness.

Mars and Venus, especially when they are together, potently affect our most intimate lives - our love life and our closest personal bonds. This square will all but force us to rethink our intimate lives to accommodate the suffering or the spiritual growth of ourselves and others.

It will compel us to reach beyond ourselves, our lovers and close friends to people in our neighborhood, our community and beyond.

It will, in effect, drive home the idea that we cannot restrict our concerns exclusively to our life partners or members of our immediate family and expect to enjoy secure and stable lives.

Besides being close to Venus, the planet Mars is exactly conjunct Algol. Algol is widely known as the most evil of the fixed stars. No kidding, no exaggeration.

Our need to reach out will not be an abstract sense based on a general awareness of the world's problems. The Mars and Algol conjunction indicates that genuinely disturbing, traumatic events of some kind will drive home the need to reach out and join with others. In some cases, the Mars/Algol conjunction will bring significant personal challenges.

The Sun is also opposing the Moon and Pluto. This means that the profound shakeup in interpersonal relationships will take place as part of a more general societal and political power struggle.

Generally speaking, there will be a continuing shift in power toward the grassroots. But under the the Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune/Mars/Venus/Algol aspects, this shift in power will bring demands that societal relations make greater allowance for human vulnerability and the need for personal and spiritual growth.

We might indeed see dramatic progress in the efforts to rebuild the US healthcare system.

All of the above will take place during a lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is part of an unusual series of three eclipses, culminating with an eclipse of the Full Moon in August.

These eclipses tell us that we are reaching a major turning point. The transformation of our personal relations and accompanying changes in societal structure will be part of permanent, irreversible social transformation.

Also, eclipses often bring long simmering issues to a head. Any ongoing health, work or relationship issues will soon reach a critical point. However, with so many planets retrograde, some issues are bound to remain on hold.

Of all the possibilities we are now contemplating, the eclipses will eliminate all but the most realistic. Some options will be eliminated as the result of dramatic events.

I would advise all concerned to take special precautions this summer. Even if, somehow, you are not personally affected by these aspects, you will still have to process this prolonged barrage of intense and complex astrological energies. You will also have to live and work among others who are doing the same thing.

The level of plain old squirrelliness could reach unprecedented heights as the days and weeks progress. Make an effort to remain came and rational in your decision-making and in your dealings with others.

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