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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Monday, June 01, 2009

2012 And the USA - An Astrological Stress Test

2012 and the USA
An Astrological Stress Test

The composite chart for the US and 2012 indicates a time of extreme societal volatility. The social structure of the US will become fluid. Long overdue reforms will occur in a historical twinkling.

In addition to the speed of reform, it will be widespread, broad-based, profound and lasting. The full force of 2012 energies will hit the US head on and quickly, forcefully, irreversibly transform American society.

I do not see how regressive, backward looking forces in the US can possibly resist this tsunami of transformative energies.

The events depicted in the chart are not primarily economic in nature. The present economic crisis is only the run up to the main event.
The Chart
This analysis is based on composite chart for the US and 2012. It is a stress test of the US chart. How will the US stand against the challenges of 2012?

This composite chart eloquently restates themes from recent US charts, inspiring confidence in its significance. It also reveals the interrelations of themes scattered through other charts. It convincingly puts ongoing events in context.
Uranus at 4th House Cusp
The 2012 chart shows a major blast of astrological energies. They are folded into Uranian energy, which acts as a carrier wave. Uranus is the agent of concrete, manifest change in the Zodiac. Material manifestation of these energies is all but certain.

The Uranian carrier wave hits the all-important 4th house cusp in the composite chart for the US and 2012. 2012 energy taps straight into the main artery. These changeful energies are bound to jolt the US. It will inevitably flood the entire nation with transformational energy. But that is not all.
Pluto and Quaoar on the Ascendant
Pluto, is the source of all social power and order. It also brings a drive for power and control.

Quaoar is the planet of primal chaos, of creative anarchy. Quaoar can, dissolve, or work around or through any constraint society imposes.

Normally, Pluto's demands are unstoppable and irresistible. With Pluto on the ascendant, we might expect to see governmental power systematically imposed and maintained. But Quaoar is the equal of Pluto.

These two foundational but contrasting energies conjoin at the ascendant of the chart. Like the Uranian carrier wave, they tap directly into the main artery of the US chart, flooding the chart with this contradictory and highly stimulating energy.

Efforts to impose order or project power will be easily gotten round. Disorder will probably be countered by exercises of governmental power. But such efforts will turn into a standoff.

The forces of social order and creative social disorder will be locked, of necessity, in intense dialogue.

The potent, disruptive mix of Pluto/Quaoar energy will combine with Uranus energy to create an extraordinarily volatile mood in the country and an irresistible demand for reform.

These energies will make the country a crucible, or cauldron. The US worldview and all the laws, customs and traditions that flow from it will become molten. The US will then be compelled to forge a new national identity and a revitalized, updated system of laws.
Major, and Difficult, National Identity Crisis
Powerful aspects are embedded in the field of brilliant transformative energy described in the chart. They make a national identity crisis inevitable.

There is a grand square involving the "softer" planets and asteroids. They are in houses affecting the social safety net and the social and political ideas it is based on.

Who can be part of American society? What duties and responsibilities are required of American citizens? What rights are they entitled to? What support can citizens expect from other citizens? How much responsibility does government bear for the welfare of its citizens?

Civil wars have been fought over lesser questions.

These critically important questions and other, similar ones will be asked as if for the first time. Precedents will be swept aside.
Americans Must Think Globally or Else
Embedded within this grand square is a strong and important opposition. This opposition also involves "soft" planetary influences, suggesting a national psychological crisis.

The opposition straddles the 3rd house/9th house axis. Americans will have to balance local concerns against the needs of participation in the global community, something many Americans are not used to doing, yet.

The Moon's nodes are involved. They strengthen the opposition and raise the stakes. The north node favors greater foreign involvements. The south node will penalize communities that don't take a global perspective.
In Sum
The composite chart for the 2012 and the US defines an intense superheated political state. Things that seemed settled by law, a long time ago, will be on the table. The forces of reform will be empowered to go head to head with the established order.

The force pouring into the chart makes radical change inevitable. The planetary aspects point to a major national identity crisis. The prevalence of hard aspects say that this identity crisis will be a difficult one and require considerable effort by the US, from both its government and its people. A lot of innovations will have to be built painstakingly, from the ground up.


Iris said...

It's very interesting to read these 2012 forecasts from 2009.
I think what you're saying is - we haven't see anything yet. Even though OWS has perhaps had some influence on our national dialog, much more radical changes deep within the foundation of our
collective psyche are inevitable in 2012.
What path will we choose? Some options could be a dismantlement of our (apparently) sovereign government; new world fascism including radio frquency chipping the entire population; devastating weather, earthquakes, volcanoes; a collapse of our monetary system; a revolutionary change from intelligence only based problem solving to a blending of heart and intellect, etc.
As a student of astrology, I am always in awe of your interpretations.
One question - when you do a chart for the year - how do you calculate it? Equinox, solstice, composite? Thanks.

Carl B. said...

Hi, Iris. I personally have always found midpoint composites very reliable.

Yes, I am expecting the change energies to sink deeper into our world in 2012. I have not followed the earth changes debate too closely. I think we will see - we ARE seeing - earth changes that are very important. But I personally tend to stop short of predicting catastrophic stuff. Still, the number and the frequency of these smaller changes are adding up to something bigger.

As for the whole government thing, I do think that governments will have to give up a lot of power to the people. But when power starts sloshing around like that, trouble can't be too far behind. Right now, I have my fingers crossed, but real trouble is a real possibility, especially in some less stable parts of the world.

Iris said...

I don't mean to be a fear monger. Yet, on some level I will be most disppointed if nothing much changes in 2012 (Uranus most elevated planet in my chart in 10th).

What those changes will be, I don't know. As the old saw goes - hope for the best & be prepared for the worst.

Ah yes - midpoints. I have been casting the monthly midpoint charts - thanks to you.

Best New Year wishes to you & yours. Many thanks for the insightful astrology reports. Be well, my friend.

Carl B. said...

Iris, I just remembered to post your final comment, what with Christmas travel and all. I wanted to say that in the one or two 2012 charts I have looked at closely, Uranus plays a key roll, including the big one next December. Though it isn't always obvious unless you dig a bit. I have a feeling that will be true all year.

With Uranus being so prominent in your chart, you should be feeling things pretty directly and intensely.

My own Uranus is pretty strong - though not up there in the 10th. Anyway, I'm always tripping over the darn thing. Here in Iowa, Uranus is in my first house.