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Monday, May 25, 2009

Astrology Forecast for June 2009

Astrology Forecast for June 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Keep your balance. This month the planets are churning out a wild mix of conflicting vibes. They are stimulating our romantic and fun-loving side, creating temptations and welcome distractions. They are also stirring up anxieties and clouding our thinking with fear. At the same time, they are demanding that we meet crucial challenges important to our well-being in these changeful times. It would be really easy to give in to the temptations or cave in to anxiety rather than meet our important challenges. To keep things moving in the right direction we all need to rededicate ourselves to common sense and self-discipline.


ARIES ~ Remember the hard part. You need to make many important changes in a careful and disciplined way. You have the energy and the incentive. But you're in the mood to party. Romance beckons. You're tempted to bend the rules. You're also feeling too antsy to work. But if you don't play a little bit, you could derail. Try to strike a balance. If you do it right, you can play by the rules, establish some long-term friendships and lay the foundation for future prosperity. Be especially careful not to neglect family.

TAURUS ~ Lifestyle makeover. June is bursting with distractions, temptations, opportunities . . . and challenges. Amorous feelings, high energy, and ambition will make a heady mix. Charisma and drive will make you irresistible. Be sure to use all this personal fire power to meet the month's real challenges. The balance of power is shifting fast and you must work hard to establish your place in the new order of things. Attend to a much needed financial makeover. And maybe most important, bring your busy schedule into line with shifting health needs.

GEMINI ~ Fight worry. You are inclined to worry excessively now. The Zodiac is conspiring to fill Gemini heads with scary thoughts. Life's grimmest possibilities will try to fill your mind. But 99.9% of it will be purely imaginary. If you dwell on the darker possibilities and let anxiety take over you'll miss the point. What you and everyone close to you need to do, now, is make needed changes and innovations calmly, carefully and with as much skill and expertise as possible. Ironically, this June is an especially lucky month for Gemini.

CANCER ~ Cancerians hold the key. More than any other sign, Cancerians grasp what is happening now. And traditional Cancerian strengths and virtues are especially important to success during the current crisis. As complex and important as today's challenges are, many are tempted to be mean and inconsiderate in the name of urgency and efficiency. Whatever else you do this month, you must work to make sure that people keep their commitment to finding caring, nurturing, humane solutions to current problems. Make sure people remember that urgency is no excuse for being harsh.

LEO ~ Take the high road. June's influences could lead you to "drugs, sex and rock and roll" or make you a healer and a conciliator. Leo being Leo, they will probably do some of both. People are inclined to be overly 'sociable' now to reduce anxiety and dodge the responsibilities they face. There is a whiff of real recklessness and chaos in the air. Join in the fun, but take things in a wholesome and constructive direction. Keep your friends from losing their way in these confusing and stressful times.

VIRGO ~ Believe in your luck. You need to attend carefully to demanding tasks important to your future. You must also combat an exceptionally strong inclination to fret and worry and imagine the worst. Keep a tight leash on your imagination, or it will keep returning to the most nervous-making thoughts it can find. Then there are all those random flirtatious thoughts. Focus steadfastly on the lighter, friendlier, more playful side of things, except when you are focused on the challenges at hand. Believe it or not, underlying trends are lucky ones.

LIBRA ~ For everyone's sake. Libra faces a big and uniquely Libran kind of challenge. The vibes are complicated, shifting, intense and sometimes just wild. They will range from metaphysical to sexy, from sober to hysterical, often all at once. Meanwhile, you must focus seriously on decisions important to your future. Others are depending on you to carry it off. Your approach to these frantic, hectic, confusing times will communicate itself to others, for better or for worse. Your intuition will sometimes bring better and luckier choices than reason or imagination right now.

SCORPIO ~ Clarity and fairness. Strong and confusing currents are flowing through events and communications. Beneath all the confusion, power plays are being made. Don't be swept along by events or the misguided enthusiasm of others. Your needs could easily be misunderstood or ignored. Also, you might feel supportive of everyone, but their disagreements and confusion could cost you money. Let others sort out their differences before you sign on. Consent only to mutually agreed and realistic plans that take your interests into account. It might just be best to delay problematic commitments.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Patience is best. You can see every side of every argument. Where others see conflict, you know there is a necessary give and take. Where others see order breaking down, you see people maneuvering and experimenting. Where others see only turmoil, you see progress. Where others are impatient, you know that these things take time. But do not take sides. Keep explaining people to each other. Help build a consensus. If you take sides, things could get rocky pretty fast. You are under protective and supportive influences.

CAPRICORN ~ Finances and emotions don't mix. The changes under way are directly affecting your livelihood. Everyone's success, including yours, requires that difficult choices be made and carried out as calmly and reasonably as possible. But the deep emotional impact of changeful events is breaking the surface, now. Emotional reactions and unrealistic ideas could cloud thinking, causing decisions that make things harder than necessary. A healing confidence and optimism are close to the surface. Communicate the facts as gently and calmly as possible. Then be patient as the healing process proceeds.

AQUARIUS ~ Connect the dots for people. Aquarians are at ground zero in a turbulent month. People are overflowing with issues and anxieties. You can relate to all of it, and then some. But you know that the changes must continue for the good of all. The planets are granting you special strength and resilience. You'll need it, as time and again people challenge your optimism with their fears. When people come to you, insist that they leave with your healing optimism. If you start feeling overwhelmed, be sure to take a break.

PISCES ~ Practicality is key. You are moving quickly toward the launch date for a new livelihood and lifestyle. You must soon lay down new foundations and overcome obstacles to your ambitions. Psychologically, you are now experiencing a healing transformation that will make life easier for you. The psychological benefits will allow you to meet challenges and explore opportunities with confidence and enthusiasm. However, the charts suggest it isn't enough to be confident and enthusiastic. You must take care to establish a successful livelihood that will sustain you and your loved ones.

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