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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

2012 - The Astrology Chart

2012 -
The Astrology Chart

The Long Transformation

Just out of curiosity, I decided to study the chart for December 21, 2012, 11:11 am GMT. That moment marks the end of the Mayan Calendar. This date has attracted considerable interest in the New Age community in recent years and sparked much speculation. Many see it as a major turning point in world history, no more, no less.

I c
ame away believing that the chart for the end of the Mayan Calendar is, indeed, very significant. The chart contains very powerful and rare planetary relationships. And it does, indeed, describe an extremely important and probably very difficult historical transition.

The 2012 chart also summarizes, expands a
nd clarifies the message of the other charts I have studied in relation to the current world crisis. This is is true to such an extent that the 2012 chart does indeed appear to provide the key to understanding the world's current difficulties.

Spiritual Identity Crises

The 2012 chart is all about two things. The first is a spiritually
based, global identity crisis, a transformation of global psychology and human relationships at every level. It will, sometimes not so gently, move global culture in decidedly more idealistic and spiritual directions.

Those familiar with psychology, history or politics will know
that such transformations are almost always turbulent.

The aspects in this chart will galvanize reform, protest and
liberation movements across the world. It will bring a sharp rise in the number and intensity of rallies, marches, parades and demonstrations of all kinds. In many cases it will lead to disruptive levels of popular unrest, including strikes, revolts and violent insurrections, if not outright war.

Lengthy, in Depth
Transformation of Global Economic System

second major theme in the 2012 chart is the establishment of a more stable and just global economic system.

The 2012 chart does not
indicate a quick resolution of current political economic difficulties. The world will not fall quickly back into old, comfortable but seriously dysfunctional economic patterns after a brief period of market turmoil.

The influence
of this chart will peak in just over three and half years, at the end of 2012. It will be several years more before its effects subside and the changes that it causes can take root and a new global normalcy be established.

Under its influence, world
leaders will be pushed relentlessly and repeatedly by events to look long and hard and deeply into the causes of the world's economic problems. They will be compelled to develop a new and more just economic system that creates genuine and enduring wealth, and wealth that is more fairly distributed.

World leaders might soon succeed in getting the economic
gears to turn again, or in preventing a truly catastrophic economic collapse. But they will not restore true economic health until certain fundamental issues of economic fairness and justice have been addressed effectively.

I know these sound like New Age talking points.
However, these things are very plainly indicated in the 2012 chart.

Some Astrological Details:

Very Strong Neptune and Chiron

The first thing one notices in the 2012 chart is a very strongly placed Neptune. Neptune is within two degrees of the ascendant, in about the first degree of its own sign, Pisces, which is on the ascendant.

This will flood the chart with Neptunian energy. This energy will weaken and tend to dissolve existing boundaries relationships at all levels, individual and international. This will tend to make all kinds of boundaries flexible and porous.

On the micro level this will lead to the the reorganization of society at all levels. On the national and international level, it will lead to population shifts and shifting national borders. Such things almost never happen quietly.

At the same time, Neptune will flood the world with idealistic energy. Idealism is a powerful force and it is often irrational and undisciplined. At least a hint of chaos will enter world affairs, which will become fluid, unpredictable and very difficult to control.

Chiron is also strongly placed on the ascendant, very close to Neptune. This placement will flood the chart with Chiron energy. Sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully, Chiron always destroys barriers that prevent communication between our day-to-day personality and our higher selves.

Between them, Chiron and Neptune on the ascendant will allow human relations and global affairs to express the higher spiritual values that reside within all of us. But it will often do so by destroying existing forms, sometimes gently, sometimes violently.

The Ground Hog Day Effect

The 2012 chart also includes a very prominent and powerful planetary configuration called a Yod, or finger of God. The Yod produces a Ground Hog day effect.

You will recall the popular Bill Murray film in which he was forced to live a single day over and over and over again until he came to understand the real point of life. The Yod produces exactly that kind of effect.

It will bring up the same fundamental economic issues over and over again until world leaders are finally forced to acknowledge them and deal effectively with them.

This Yod is an especially powerful one. It involves Saturn, Pluto and retrograde Jupiter, retrograde Jupiter occupying the point position. Retrograde Jupiter will increase the Yod's tendency to bring about repetitive events.

The Yod straddles the crucially important vertical axis in the chart. And the component aspects are exact to within less than 1/3 of a degree of arc.

It also places Jupiter in the grass roots area of the chart. This indicates that world leaders must concentrate on the creation of wealth at the grassroots level, for the masses. The Yod will all but force the creation of a world economic system that creates genuine, enduring wealth for those at the grassroots level.

The Yod, with its tendency to rub our noses repeatedly in the details of a problem tends to bring about concrete results.

The Yod is also a midpoint relationship. Midpoint relationships, like Yods, tend to produce concrete events. In this case, retrograde Jupiter makes an exact contact with the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto.

Given the structure of the Yod, the planets involved, the exactness of the aspects making up the Yod and its placement on along the vertical 10th house/4th house axis, it will all but certainly bring about real and substantive change in the global economic system.

Uranus Unleashed

Uranus is stationary, just prior to turning direct in the 2012 chart. A particularly intense beam of Uranian energy will be flowing into global consciousness at that time.

Uranus's placement in the chart also guarantees a strong and persistent pressure to change. It is, to start, in Aries in the first house of the chart.

Uranus also makes aspects to the Yod. Jupiter and Uranus are in sextile relationship, indicating grassroots support for the process of change. Uranus is in square aspect to Pluto, exerting relentless, distinctly Plutonian pressure on those in power to pursue change.

These Uranus aspects are not exact. However, Uranus makes exact mid-point contacts with the Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.

These strong mid-point contacts with these important and powerful astrological bodies virtually guarantee a stream of events that will continue to advance the process of change and reform in the world.

Force Field

In essence, the five, outermost planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are bound together. They are locked in what amounts to a single large astrological configuration, with the Sun. This configuration is heavily dominated by stationary Uranus, the planet of change.

The overall effect of this potent and precise configuration of these most powerful planets will be to saturate world consciousness in revolutionary, transformational energies aimed at profound, thoroughgoing reform of the global economic and political system, with all the turmoil that that almost certainly implies.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Astrology Forecast for May 2009

Astrology Forecast for May 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Bittersweet change. Permanent, irreversible change will come to all of us this month. Events will partly force us and partly allow us to break out of an old, limiting situation and into a new one with much greater promise. Some will have to abandon old expectations for new ones. But the changes will also release healing and expansive energies into our lives. We might feel sadness as we let go of familiar habits, or people and places. But we will also experience joy as we awaken to the new possibilities. Also, we will have a comfortable cushion of time before we have to put the changes fully into effect.


ARIES ~ Simplicity and patience are best. Aries faces a complicated and fast-moving situation. Significant lifestyle adjustments will be needed. Patience and simplicity are the absolute best ways to cope. Avoid letting confusion and impatience take over. Don't paint yourself into a corner by changing too much too fast. Save some options for the future. More changes will be required down the road. The changes will release deep healing energies into your life. Those who gossip, scheme and manipulate are especially annoying right now. Tune them out as completely as you can.

TAURUS ~ Withhold judgment. Your relations with higher ups continue to be confusing and worrisome. Authority figures are experiencing significant turbulence. It might not show on the surface, but they are learning the error of their ways. They are sincerely looking for better, genuine solutions. Withhold judgment until they have had a chance to think things through on their level and come up with workable ideas. Meanwhile, your influence in your own sphere is running high. Use your heightened influence in constructive ways. Discourage grumbling. Financial decisions continue to demand great care.

GEMINI ~ Go-between. Friends and associates are in the midst of complex, high-stakes planning. You don't have the answers, nobody does right now. But you have an intuitive grasp of the issues and you know the people. You can communicate intelligently and effectively with everyone involved. You can also keep the discussion on track. Many of the players outrank you, but your expertise and communication skills give you considerable influence. They make you a welcome and valued participant. This is the beginning of a process, not the end, so conserve your resources.

CANCER ~ Stand firm. You are in a confusing and vulnerable position. Finances are in flux. Trends are unclear. Negotiations are tough. People can easily overlook your interests. Remain firm and polite. Hold your ground. Play for time. Don't let others manipulate you with guilt or fear or take advantage of your need. You can regain the advantage. Conditions will firm up over time and your bargaining position will firm up too. Intuition, experience and, occasionally, luck will make up for your opponents' seeming advantage. Adjustments made now will liberate your potential.

LEO ~ Boundaries. Partners and other key associates are at loose ends. Those in authority are stymied. This situation is deep, complicated and confusing, all around. Rushing in with good intentions will only make things more complicated and confusing. You can help yourself and others best by maintaining your personal boundaries and tending your own garden. Don't get swept into the drama. You must trust others and help them trust each other. Quietly tending to your assigned duties will have a healing effect. The benefits you bring will help your bottom line.

VIRGO ~ Choose carefully. People you encounter in your work life will be coping with change or demanding change. You aren't exempt from the pressures of change either. Choose carefully and leave some wiggle room. Choices made now will be hard to reverse. If you apply hard-learned lessons your decisions will stand the test of time. Agree only to the wisest ideas. Your rapport with those in charge is strong and helpful. Honor and recognition will flow from travel and educational efforts. Be wary of manipulation by youngsters, friends or romantic interests.

LIBRA ~ Pressures ease. The issues and challenges are still there. Conditions are complicated and subject to forces beyond anyone's control. You might also be experiencing a complex transformation in social, romantic or creative areas. However, the pressure and tensions have eased. You can now find sustainable solutions in a more relaxed and cooperative atmosphere. The underlying planetary energy is supportive and protective. Even changes you want to avoid will have a healing effect. The forces of change are mixed with healing energies. Women in your life might be experiencing heightened anxiety.

SCORPIO ~ Smaller, steadier steps. Others expect you to take the initiative in a delicate and complex situation. However, you know it isn't the right time to make a move. You should step back and take a more gradual and thoughtful approach. From deep within comes a sense of increasing personal empowerment. Changes you might have been hesitant to make will release healing, uplifting forces. These will clear away old obstacles to emotional growth in family-related areas. Budgetary concerns won't ease completely for a while. Don't let manipulative people interfere with community activities.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Healing and change. There is much to be gained this month by networking. Many people will be experiencing rapid, complicated, confusing and potentially depressing changes. You will be in the middle of the action, clarifying, encouraging, inspiring and helping everyone heal. It will be difficult to control the situation, and unwise. Go with the flow. You will now find it easier to make any needed financial adjustments. Don't take anything at face value in financial matters, though. There are those who would mislead or manipulate you on important financial issues.

CAPRICORN ~ Redo. Now's the right time to plan changes that will bring your lifestyle into line with new realities. But it could be some months before you can follow through. It's also a good time to focus on your own needs, to hone your sense of what you need to nurture yourself. There could be a spike in health-related expenses that will enhance your well-being significantly. Fight an inclination to worry too much. However, complex and changeful your financial situation might appear right now, protective planetary forces are in place.

AQUARIUS ~ Don't get overwhelmed. You are a key part of a healing and transformative process now taking place in almost everyone's life. Your heart and mind overflow. Your ideas are of real help to real people now making tough and important choices. You must take time to understand where others are coming from. Also, be sure that you understand your own boundaries and make others respect them. This will all take a toll unless you allot time for yourself. People bring economic opportunities that challenge and uplift you in unexpected ways.

PISCES ~ Personal transformation. Pisceans are at ground zero as a powerful and profound healing energy strikes the world. This energy hits deep in your mind as a lengthy cycle of change reaches its peak. The energy will help you finally work through many difficult issues that have piled up in your mind unresolved. You will be able to achieve a gratifying, long sought understanding with friends, neighbors and family about these changes and the challenges you've had to overcome. Don't let anyone manipulate you as you plan for the future.