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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Astrology Forecast for April 2009

Astrology Forecast for April 2009

For Everyone ~ From theory to practice. We have been holding our own as change washed through the world at large. We have lived in anticipation as rumors of impending change swept through our immediate environments. In April, the sense of expectation will peak, and then pass. It will be time to roll up our sleeves. We will need to start the day-to-day work of making changes happen and living with changes that are now going into effect. A lot of things will be undecided, but we must now start moving forward anyway, improvising and adjusting as we go, matching ideas to reality one bit at a time. Optimism and confidence will remain the order of the day.


ARIES ~ The bit's between your teeth. You can feel the change. You can feel the stress and strain, and the need, of those around you. But you are insulated from the effects of disruptive events . . . for now. Many are eager for change. Many are fearful of it. Both groups are depending on you to do something. But they could leave you holding the bag. Be determined but be patient and be careful. You are on new and exciting ground, but it is unfamiliar and there are real risks.

TAURUS ~ Don't throw your weight around. You are surprisingly well positioned to deal with ongoing chaos. With little effort, you can buffer or block the maneuvers of others. But most of your energy and resources are really only available for private, personal sorts of things. Your roll is primarily that of the healer and the mediator this month. So as empowered as you might be feeling, it would be best not to take the initiative or to try to control the situation. Quietly tend to important and complex professional and financial concerns.

GEMINI ~ Serious people. The air is crackling with ideas. Controversies abound. You feel the need to move ahead. You know that to avoid worse problems firm decisions are needed now. But too much is up in the air. The uncertainty is affecting your work and home life. Gather sensible people from near and far. Get them closer to the center of events, despite resistance. Nobody wants to get serious yet, but they must, to avoid bigger problems. You sense the meaning and the motives behind what others are saying. Sidestep turmoil.

CANCER ~ Move forward quietly. Big questions are yet to be answered. Obstacles remain. The issues are complicated. Critics abound. Signs of your success are scarce. Build on the idealism and optimism all around you. But keep moving quietly and steadily toward the big goals. Chip away at the difficult details. Your quiet determination is helping everyone. You can make great progress by strengthening and expanding your support network. Heal existing bonds and build new relationships. Smaller, practical issues will tend to take care of themselves, for now. Fretting will undermine efforts.

LEO ~ True control through cooperation. Achieving your goals now will require a careful balance: exert your will, but maintain faith in the wisdom and decency of others. Trust is key. Benefits flow from supportive partners and alliances. You want to exert control, and your influence is running high. Also, you have a good sense of what people really want and need. But everyone needs to tend their own garden right now, to sort out their personal situation. Other people need to sort through the fine print of complicated new agreements. Maintain budget discipline.

VIRGO ~ Tiger by the tail. There are very big changes afoot. Powerful forces are at work. People are maneuvering like crazy to protect their interests. Your efforts at mediation is the glue that can keep things together and on the right course. You know what people want, but you also have a really good sense of what is possible and what is necessary. The realities won't always measure up to expectations. Your job is to prove the wisdom of accepting those realities and building carefully on them as necessity dictates.

LIBRA ~ Hands on. Friends, family, co-workers all need your help with issues. Many are what-if issues. Choices are complicated. Speculation abounds. Discussions are numerous. But without your special touch, communication could get frantic and intense or even rude. Worse, it could become ineffective. To really be effective, though, you will have to get right down in the trenches of everyday life and talk to people on their level, where they work and live. Concrete, specific, detailed discussions are needed. Play, creativity, friendship and romance are especially healing and generally beneficial now.

SCORPIO ~ Easy does it. Activity and excitement pervade your environment. It can seem light and cheery but it isn't. Uncertainty and anxiety lie just below the surface. Things you say or do could bring these deeper forces to the surface suddenly and forcefully. Play it safe. Don't probe. Don't express your curiosity about deeper stuff. You could too easily upset someone unintentionally that way. Instead, draw out the optimism and idealism in people. Take interactions in calming and uplifting directions. Being a source of optimism will bolster your financial prospects, too.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Bring it down to earth. You might feel like a stranger in a strange land. You have a treasure trove of ideas that can help, inspire and heal. You know in your heart that they are good ideas. But they often confuse others, or they are greeted as unrealistic. Or they send the conversation off on a weird tangent. The key is to ground the ideas in the reality of others. Show how they make good, concrete sense for specific people. Local involvements will continue to be personally beneficial for you.

CAPRICORN ~ Say it as often as necessary. You might find yourself mentally going over the same ground again and again and coming to the same conclusion: Dramatic change is inevitable, but you need to make sure things change in the most sensible and realistic way possible. You might wish you could avoid some of these repetitive discussions, but your point is one that everyone needs to hear until they get it. You need to keep repeating it until they do. Your livelihood and the livelihood of many others depend on it.

AQUARIUS ~ Ideas and money and people. With everything in flux, and so many exciting things happening, it's hard to keep everything straight. Shortly, the tide of activity will subside and you can return to a more agreeable pace. Then you need to concentrate on the practical side of your ideas. Communication can be very exciting and gratifying, but it takes time to work through the details, to fit ideas into real, work-a-day situations. Time and patience are necessary ingredients. Optimism is justified, especially where your personal projects and finances are concerned.

PISCES ~ Discipline and personal healing. You have had more happening to you and around you than you can easily process and it's affecting you deeply. A healing influence is also affecting your inner life. It's helping you let go of old psychological burdens. Outwardly, greater discipline is now being required of you. The inward strains of this new discipline are also under healing influence. In a few months, resources will be added to your growing desire for a more fulfilling life. You will soon make great strides toward achieving that new life.

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