Technical Note

My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Astrology Forecast for March 2009

Astrology Forecast for March 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ New directions. In March, decisions will be made, directions will be chosen, steps will be taken, trends will finally emerge. The tension and uncertainty of the last few months will ease. The ground beneath our feet will begin to feel more solid. As uncertain as many things remain, we will find the beginning of a path forward, through the maze of loss and difficulty. The steps we are taking, though tentative, will be leading us somewhere. An image of our future will emerge. That image might shift and waver, but it won't be a mirage.


ARIES ~ Time out. The challenges are matched by the opportunities. Both bring pressure. You can't avoid the demands being made on you by family and dependents. Growing recognition in your field is bringing greater demands at work. A leadership role beckons. The pace of change in the world around you isn't letting up, either. The price of a misstep would be high. You might need to call a time out. Simplify and reformulate your goals and ideals. Clarify what others can rightly expect from you. You are especially persuasive this month.

TAURUS ~ Deep background. You would be well-advised to stay in the background, for now. Exert influence subtly. Offer advice quietly. You have a good grasp of the issues. However, the powers that be are out of harmony with you, at the moment. They are surrounded by manipulators, too. And, you aren't at the top of your game. You need privacy and time to reorient yourself and re-think plans for your own future. Travel, education, spiritual exploration . . . all these things are beckoning more strongly, now. This isn't a passing phase.

GEMINI ~ Trust your luck. The powers that be are engaged in exceedingly complex negotiations. The outcome will affect your future. But you should ignore that for now. The negotiations are too complex and the outcome is absolutely unpredictable. Also, your thinking is not as sharp as it could be. Emotions and dreamy speculation intrude. Supportive planetary influences are protecting your interests, anyway. This is one of those times when you can let things take their course. Concentrate on the personal successes headed your way this month. Explore that adventurous, romantic impulse.

CANCER ~ Reason vs. Emotion. Keep emotions in check. Look the challenge of change squarely in the eye. Shed preconceptions about what is possible for you. Imagine yourself in a new situation. Use objectivity, self-discipline and personal organization to get you there. Do your homework. There are many realistic possibilities and the element of luck is working for you. New and helpful alliances are evolving. Long-term financial strategies are starting to bear fruit. This month also offers entertaining and enjoyable diversions, but don't get carried away. Escapism is not the answer.

LEO ~ A very fine line. This month, none of the old formulas will work, for you or anyone else. There is no new, obvious or easy solution, either. You will need to be inventive, but not too inventive, organized, but not too organized. You will have to look for the sweet spot between risk and security, between selfishness and selflessness and split some other philosophical hairs. But in the end, you will probably just have to roll the dice. The process of finding the right path will require much shared soul searching.

VIRGO ~ Easy does it. Normally, I advise people to help shape their own future. And Virgos are especially inclined to do so. This month, I'm making an exception. Powerful people who basically agree with your goals are fighting everybody to achieve those goals. The resulting tension and confusion are considerable. Confusing and impulsive vibes also beset your ruling planet, Mercury. The situation demands impossible levels of patience and precision. The Virgo mind would not do well in this situation. Instead, put your emphasis on your job responsibilities. The vibes there are very supportive.

LIBRA ~ Rest and relaxation. There is a battle raging over issues that are of fundamental importance to you. It is being fought by powerful figures in your life. Your future depends on the outcome. There is not a lot you can do about it directly, though. The battle will have to run its course. Meanwhile, drive your imagination to new heights. Imagine new roles for yourself. Creative activities and personal experimentation will help you find the line between what is realistic and what isn't. Talk to others about what you envision.

SCORPIO ~ Positive trends. A current of deep personal healing runs through your experience in March. You'll find home life especially inviting and nurturing. Conflict and stress in the neighborhood and among family members will bring surprising and welcome results. People you thought would never settle down will show signs of maturity. Stodgy types you thought would never change will open up to new ideas. Expect supportive and uplifting discussions. Your interests are under protective planetary influences. Intense, bittersweet moments are possible as you have to make relationship decisions you wanted to avoid.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Advisory role. You can see the intense turmoil. You know it will affect your personal financial future. However, you feel detached and at peace despite the turmoil and persistent uncertainty. Something new is happening, something you know is well worth the risk. You have a deep personal understanding of the issues and a deep personal sympathy with the goals of those facing the challenges directly. You’ve paid your dues. You can perform a priceless service by offering your advice and emotional support to those on the front lines.

CAPRICORN ~ A higher power. You are in the middle of a major logjam. Partly, you feel responsible for the obstruction. But you also realize that you couldn't really do much to get things moving by yourself. The details are so tangled, no one can grasp the situation single-handedly. Many people just need to work through their own issues. This is one of those times when you will have to do your best and entrust the rest to a higher power. You know in your heart things will soon get a lot better.

AQUARIUS ~ Stress management. It will be tough to avoid the stress and turmoil surrounding you. Rarely have Aquarians experienced such high levels of excitement. The planets are also urging greater personal discipline. Your financial life is in for a shakeup. Seldom have you faced such important financial decisions. But you are also beginning a new cycle of growth and expansion. Supportive influences are taking over in your life. A stressful month, but a good month: a big, confusing, positive turning point. Try to schedule some extra rest and relaxation.

PISCES ~ Time to settle down. A whirlwind of change is sweeping through Pisces' world. When the dust settles, you will be leading a very different life. You are already experiencing some of the changes, challenges, responsibilities and benefits of recent commitments. The benefits will continue to flow and outweigh the costs. Your new life will not be quite as footloose and fancy free as you have become used to. Self-discipline and organization will be high priorities. The benefits of your new life will be harder to earn, but more lasting than what you left behind.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Next Wave of Economic Shocks

The Next Wave of Economic Shocks
The US will experience a Saturn return between October 2009 and October 2012
. A new wave of challenges will shake US & global economies.

The charts indicate
improvements in the ongoing housing crisis. New approaches will bring relief to homeowners, builders and lenders. More generally, protective influences will often prevent the worst outcomes. They will also bring successful solutions.
However, despite this benevolent and support influence, new events will shake up economies around the world yet again.

These events will point up an urgent need. The need will be for new regulatory and diplomatic initiatives to
further stabilize world economies. They will also be needed to extend the recovery to other sectors of the economy.

Explosive tensions will aggravate economic issues, also. This will make solutions more urgent. Anxiety, even hysteria,
will affect the public reaction.
Disruptive planetary influences of the recent past will return. Unpredictable events
will continually underline the need for urgent action.

The Saturn return will last for two plus years, until
late 2012. It will put great strains on already troubled world economies the whole time. The situation will remain highly charged for much of that time. The global situation will remain fluid and volatile.
There will be a long, continuous series of
disruptive events during the US Saturn return. These events will drive world leaders to greater and more profound economic reforms than we now think are possible or likely.
The Astrological Details
The above analysis is based on a composite chart. The chart combines information for the US and the Saturn/Libra ingress of October 2009. The Libra ingress is set for Philadelphia.

Zero degrees Capricorn is exactly conjunct the ascendant. This makes the chart highly energetic and unstable. Cardinal signs on all the angles add to the energy and instability.

The Moon's Nodes are aligned with the chart's vertical axis. This all by itself guarantees events triggered by eclipses will periodically disrupt global economies.

The chart includes a Sun-Moon opposition. This adds high levels of disharmonious full-moon-type energies.

There is a nearly exact Mars/Pluto opposition. Pluto is in Capricorn, Mars in Cancer. It straddles the chart's horizontal axis.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis is extremely sensitive and it is already burdened by the Pluto transit. This Mars/Pluto opposition adds explosive, potentially violent tensions to an already problematic situation.

The Mars/Pluto opposition is directly aligned with the US natal Sun. It is also lined up with the powerful, transformative fixed star Sirius. These factors ratchet up the energy levels and instability further.

Jupiter is broadly conjunct Uranus in the 4th House. This adds strong, healing, benevolent overtones to events. It also generates positive, realistic options. It is one of the few really bright spots in this chart, but it is a very bright spot. This placement, by itself, justifies optimism.

Saturn is close to the midheaven. This pressurizes the chart as a whole. It will also make it impossible to avoid the numerous important issues that arise during this period.