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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Astrology Forecast for February 2009

Astrology Forecast for February 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Roll with it. We will all be living and working amidst a blizzard of changes, large and small, high and low, and of all kinds. There are benevolent and healing forces behind these changes and optimism is warranted. One thing there will not be is certainty or clear direction. Even if we wanted to hunker down and safely wait out the changes or wait for a clear direction to emerge, we couldn't. There is no place to hide from the change and none of the old rules apply any longer. And nobody really knows where all this is leading, yet. We are all going to have to participate. This is one of those times when everyone just needs to have faith in the processes of life and pitch in in good faith when and where they are needed. It will be some time before things settle into a new, stable form. But attractive, realistic alternatives will emerge for everyone as the months proceed.


ARIES ~ Let inspiration and your conscience be your guide. It's impossible to tell how events will turn out, let alone control them. The forces of change are in high gear and working overtime. The problem is you need to make many decisions from day-to-day to keep things going. Your best bet is to just do the right thing and to be open to real change. Right now, it is more important to be right on philosophical and ethical issues, to understand the deeper meaning of things, than to be in control.

TAURUS ~ Stargate. You are at a major life turning point. It might still seem only a twinkle in your eye, but it is about to become real. For years, you have been working hard and saving to lay the foundation for a lifestyle that suits the person you really are. For years it was a distant prospect. You might have thought it would never come. Now, in a cascade of changes, it will start to become a reality. February is a portal into the future you have long been working toward.

GEMINI ~ Know yourself. Events are overwhelming the people with most control over your job and finances. These events are hard to understand, too numerous to count, and completely beyond anyone's control. It isn't necessarily bad. And it's nobody's fault. The result, though, will be increasing pressure on you at work. To succeed, dig deeply and get in touch with who you really are. Know who you are. Be who you are. And do that with calm and dignity. It will bring you a surprising level of control over changeful work circumstances.

CANCER ~ Cut yourself some slack. An absolute blizzard of changes are going down, very fast, in every important area of your life. And there's scarcely a thing you can do about any of it. The epicenter(s) of change are work, partnership responsibilities and long-term finances. Interestingly, though, you are somewhat insulated from actual events and protected from any really bad outcomes. But the thing is, all this input will wear you out. Your nervous system is on overload. Take advantage of whatever breaks you can get to rest and rebuild.

LEO ~ Healing. The winds of change are blowing hard through the lives of everyone you know. You are especially sensitive to the pain that change and uncertainty are causing. It's a time of emotional and physical vulnerability for yourself and others, a bittersweet time, but also a time for healing. But events are also bringing you the power to shape the new reality. There is resistance. This resistance will grow, but so will your influence. To truly succeed, though, you must use your influence to benefit others. Self-centeredness will bring problems.

VIRGO ~ Stay calm and carry on. Change is causing stress among loved ones, at work, and in your romantic life. But don't overlook the gains: a more stable home life and a more resilient, confident you. Prepare for a lengthy new effort to express your real self even more effectively. A benevolent, healing influence is now influencing your work life and your health. Have faith in the benefit of long-term, patient approaches to issues. You will be rewarded generously for following your conscience. Someone who depends on you needs healing.

LIBRA ~ Step back. Librans have had more than their fair share of uncertainty and frustration. They've faced too many questions that nobody can answer yet. The issues won't suddenly go away. But Librans will now have more help dealing with them. Friendship, romance, creativity, play, etc., will now bring relaxing distractions and needed rest. Make that extra effort to heal yourself, to reduce stress and renew yourself. Seek out people who are into healing things. You need to help yourself before you can help others. The financial situation will ease.

SCORPIO ~ Home sweet home. In recent times, home has been a place of unusual stresses and strains. Invisible pressures, hard to define issues wore you down. It was tough to maintain inner calm, also. Home is now becoming a place of sanctuary and healing. Your mind will also be more at rest. The planets are clearing out issues like old cobwebs. You'll be able to think through deep personal issues with greater clarity. Be sure to maintain proper boundaries as you also branch out into the community and meet new people.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Pick and choose. Be especially alert to make the proper changes in your economic life. There is enormous potential for success. You will find members of the community both sympathetic and helpful in your efforts. This is a long-term project. You are not just adjusting your budget, but transforming your finances to allow a different, better kind of life than you have known. It will take will-power and patience to finish the job and get it right. You are uniquely situated to offer guidance and direction to those caught up in change.

CAPRICORN ~ Downshift. You are facing a more complex financial situation than you expected. There is big potential, despite the tough decisions that are necessary. Amidst the chaos, powerful supportive and healing forces are at work. Events will soon simplify your choices, too. Embrace the slow pace at which decisions are being made. You need the time to sort things through properly. The delays and postponements frustrate you. But they help ensure that plans won't firm up before they are truly ready. You don't want something essential to get lost in the shuffle.

AQUARIUS ~ Don’t be swept away. You are starting to see the benefits of a new 12-year cycle of growth and prosperity. At the moment, you are also subject to intoxicating and unrealistic vibes. You are the expert in boundless possibilities. And you wrote the book on optimism. Pay some attention to those who want to set limits or who see the possible downside. Don't get lost in an infinity of possibilities. To benefit yourself and others you need to accept limits. But you are the best judge of which limits to accept.

PISCES ~ Negotiate. Pisceans are betwixt and between. Inwardly, you sense all the potential. The optimism and confidence are there, inside. Outwardly, life seems too much about limitations and not enough about possibilities. You cannot quite achieve lift off. The resources you need to branch out are not quite within your grasp. Soon, you will have no choice but to submit to those who want you to be "practical" and "realistic." But they are more flexible than you think and you can negotiate. By this time next year, you'll see real benefits.