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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Astrology Forecast for January 2010

Astrology Forecast for January 2010
FOR EVERYONE ~ Vision vs. Budget. January is a major turning point. We will all begin implementing the tough decisions we have had to make. Options that are no longer realistic, if they ever were, will vanish. We will all have to work with tight budgets, also. Progress will be a matter of doing something new and different with what we already have. However, January will also make it clear that careful budgeting isn't enough. To succeed, we must work to fulfill a vision of new possibilities. The planets will not support those who only use budgeting to get by until things go back to the way they were, until all this blows over. Your dreams for the future have an important role to play.
ARIES ~ Accept it gracefully. January brings unavoidable endings and beginnings. Major work and partnership issues are coming to a head. The actions of friends and youngsters are forcing your hand, too, making complex life decisions more complicated. It will be awhile before things settle into a steady, predictable rhythm, but you can make progress more or less comfortably. Feelings of frustration could run fairly high, though, and the wrong words could cause pain. Don't read too much into things. A healing influence will soon start affecting your innermost thoughts and feelings.
TAURUS ~ Ride it out. The times are demanding hard choices and sacrifices. Difficult decisions are being made. Some things are changing forever. But, while others have to take a direct hit, Taurus can take events in stride. You almost have no choice but to persist and pitch in where you can. You are well-placed to positively influence the way higher ups respond to events. Help smooth the transition by adding key bits of advice and information. You might feel powerless, but your contribution is benefiting many. Recent financial pressures will ease.
GEMINI ~ Rumor control. The action isn't in Gemini's backyard. It isn't under your control. The big decisions have already been made, for now. The challenge is to deal with a new and rapidly unfolding situation. Protect yourself and others from the corrosive effects of false rumors and bogus theories about what's happening. They are more damaging than they seem. You will soon be in greater harmony with the forces of change. This will increase your influence and enhance your control over events around you. Financially, you are entering a cycle of consolidation.
CANCER ~ Courage. Your life and your relations with others are being transformed, irrevocably. You can handle it. Others might need some help, though. Few can see beyond appearances or hear the truth behind the words as well as you can. Few can communicate difficult truths as gently as you. Things are even less stable than they seem, however, and you need to help people understand that. You might need to endure hurtful attacks. Say what needs saying. Don't overreact to those who disagree, however sharply. Remaining calm and civil is key.
LEO ~ Complicated times. New policies are being implemented at work. You will also be channeling the turbulent thoughts and feelings of people around you as they cope with complicated events in their own lives. Feelings are running high. Some people are reacting strangely. Strive to be inclusive, supportive and upbeat in all that you say. New, exciting opportunities for personal growth and expansion will soon emerge. You will need to plan carefully to take advantage of them, however. Excess enthusiasm could lead to missteps. The wrong word could cause an uproar.
VIRGO ~ Makeover. You have long had high ideals and a desire to play a larger role in events. But few are born knowing how to play such a role. Idealism and ambition aren't enough. One needs the emotional and social skills that allow people to function effectively in a leadership role. January 2009 will test the progress of your efforts to develop these skills. Your ability, and your willingness, to work effectively with others will be the key issue. Humility and flexibility are more important now than high ideals and ambition.
LIBRA ~ Make it close up and personal. January brings a big change in your home and work life. It's important to take a personal, hands on approach to finding solutions and sorting out details. Work carefully with individuals, establish and nurture relationships. This approach will succeed almost magically. Hands off, top down approaches, drawing flow charts and writing memos, for example, will backfire. A supportive influence is now affecting your long-term finances. Difficulties in this area should ease. The winds of change will soon start affecting your most important business and personal relationships.
SCORPIO ~ Act locally. Community relations are becoming increasingly important and January marks a turning point in your community involvements. Decisions and commitments will be called for. Be at your most diplomatic because feelings will be running high and tempers could easily flare. Rumors and gossip could also play a destructive role. Avoid them. Be attentive to details. Make your contributions specific, concrete and directly relevant. The abstract, general approach will fall flat and multiply problems. Financial and budgetary constraints will soon begin easing. The planets will support more rest and recreation.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Vision vs. Reality vs. Budget. Your hopes are pulling you in one direction, financial concerns in another. January will bring this conflict to the fore. It will not be a question of abandoning your dreams. It will be more a question of how to coax reality in the direction you want it to go in. Use what you have in new ways. Don't expand in directions you can't afford, whatever the temptation. Impatience isn't your friend right now, especially if it involves taking on more debt. It's time to consolidate.
CAPRICORN ~ Trail blazing. January will bring major personal revelations for Capricorn. Your own notions of who you are and what you stand for will change. People in your life will also begin to regard you differently. And you will find yourself at a threshold, needing to find a way forward. True progress will be impossible without an inspiring plan. Good bookkeeping and sound budgeting are crucial, but your vision for the future is equally important, now. Use available resources in the service of new and creative ideas. Reach out into the community.
AQUARIUS ~ Game changer. January will help Aquarius break free of old attitudes and patterns. This will liberate you psychologically and spiritually. It will also give you greater freedom in employment areas. Your circle of influence will begin to grow. You will become more involved and active in the world. People love to tell Aquarians that their ideas are unrealistic. But all those practical people will soon be helpless without your idealism and vision. Sidestep potentially troublesome arguments over irrelevant and obscure issues. Stick to your budget. You can still be innovative.
PISCES ~ New role models. Pisces is officially beginning a new cycle of personal growth and prosperity. The forces of change that transformed your personal identity will soon go to work transforming your place in the economic scheme of things. However, you are entering a new life situation and you'll need to find new paradigms, new mentors - new people to model yourself on. You need to clear psychological cobwebs that have accumulated to overcome professional challenges. Efforts to maintain social habits and relationships that you have outgrown could lead to problems.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Visions Meet Reality, and Each Other - More Thoughts on December 2009

Visions Meet Reality, and Each Other
More Thoughts on December 2009

The message of December's charts is similar to the message of November's charts: The shape of the future is heavily dependent on our visions of the future. But there is something we all need to know about these visions that are about to start shaping the future.

In recent years, the planets have supported the development of ideas and belief systems in isolation. Individuals, families, groups, nations have all been allowed to retreat into their own mental universes, to shut out differing views completely. Rates of extreme self-absorption have been at historical highs.

On the macro level, the boundaries between nations with differing belief systems have been heavily militarized. Diplomacy has withered. Isolation and confrontation have become the norm. Nations are drifting toward war.

In December, people, and nations, will begin to emerge from extreme self-absorption. They will come forward with competing visions of the future and discuss those visions. They will apply them in making decisions that shape the future.

Far, far more than in recent months, our visions will have practical effects. They will be re-shaped in discussion with others who hold different ideas. They will also be tested against reality. A time of excessive self-absorption in the world will begin to end. A time of testing new, visionary ideas in the real world will begin.

But because self-absorption often, if not usually, produces distorted, misshapen ideas, we can expect an especially rough ride as these newly emerging visions are tested against each other, and reality. Our shared reality.
The Example of US Health Care Reform
Perhaps the most obvious example of the sort of thing I am talking about is the debate over health care reform in the US. Legislation has languished while people with wildly conflicting views have clashed.

Health care reform would, over time, completely reshape the social, economic, political and economic, and spiritual, landscape of the United States. It would take the entire country in a direction embodied in the vision, or visions, that ultimately shaped the reform bill. And the news has been full of stories about the many malformed visions of the world involved in the health care debate.

In December, health care reform will come up for discussion and, possibly, a vote. People driven by wildly differing visions of the future will try to pass it or kill it. Belief systems and conflicting visions of America's future will be tested against each other. The outcome will be real and concrete and it will affect us all.

I’m sure we can all agree that, no matter what the shape of the final bill, its implementation is bound to have myriad unexpected and unintended consequences.
More Generally
On the micro level people will emerge from their relative mental and emotional isolation. Communication between individuals and groups will increase. People will start looking beyond their small, exclusive social circles. Each of us will emerge from periods of more or less intense self-absorption and try out our newly hatched visions of the world and on each other.

On the macro level, the boundaries between belief systems and the nations who hold them, will, to some extent, be de-militarized. Diplomacy will send out new shoots. Isolation among countries will start to break down. Confrontations will become less acute. Efforts at engagement less futile.

The visions that will guide our steps may not be perfect, but we will have dialogue and reality-testing to help us, something we have sorely lacked in recent years.
The Astrological Details - Dispositor Charts

Uranus in Neptune in Mutual Reception

Astrologers use dispositor charts to reveal the planetary chain of command in a given chart. The dispositor charts for December 2009 are especially revealing.

In the dispositor charts for both the new and full moons in December 2009, Uranus and Neptune are together at the top of the chart, in control. The other planets are all fall beneath them, linked in power relationships that subordinate them to Uranus and Jupiter.
Uranus and Neptune are also in mutual reception, making their influence even greater. They have been in mutual reception since some time in 2003. This relationship will end in the course of the next year or so.

Planets are in mutual reception when they occupy each other's home sign. Uranus is in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune. Neptune is in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus. Hence, they are said to be in mutual reception.

As a result, Uranus and Neptune form a mutually re-enforcing, synergistic energy field that combines the influence and the raw power of both planets.

To make matters worse, or more intense, for most of the time Uranus and Neptune have been in mutual reception, their contact with the rest of the Zodiac has been minimal and erratic. Now, for a month or so, they are in complete charge.
Incredible Shrinking Mental Universes
Both planets rule signs, Aquarius and Pisces, that are very influential in the realm of visionary ideas. Hence, this mutual reception would tend to form a black hole for visionary and related intellectual energies. It would tend to draw people into a particular mental universe and isolate them there.

People, groups, nations, anyone who shared similar ideas, would tend to fall into increasingly isolated, insulated, intolerant groups, largely unwilling and often unable to communicate productively with others.

People, groups and nations would tend to get stuck in a mental feedback loop, unable, really, to hear or understand anyone's thoughts but their own. Thought patterns would tend to remain the same, except to get stronger, more intense and rigid with the passage of time.

Individuals, especially Pisceans and Aquarians, would tend to get lost in their own little worlds, cut off from others. Each Sun sign would be affected in its own way, though, and none would completely escape the mentally insulating, isolating effects of this aspect.
Mutual Reception Coming to an End . . .

and Not a Minute too Soon

In December, Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception rule the whole of the new moon and full moon charts, connecting the innumerable and varied mental universes with reality and, in effect, with each other. People will leave the tight feed back loops that nourish their beliefs and actively work to impose their ideas on each other and on events. In the process, they will engage each other on the field of intellectual battle.

But this will happen as the mutual reception begins to break up. Uranus will leave Pisces in May 2010 and retrograde back into Pisces in August. Uranus will leave Pisces for a full transit of Aries in March 2011.

The level of self-absorption, isolation and intolerance in the world will decrease noticeably.

This slow but steady process of mental re-emergence and re-engagement will start off with a bang in December 2009. The world will slowly become a more social place.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Astrology Forecast for December 2009

Astrology Forecast for December 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Clash of visions. This month, again, pits our visions of the future against sometimes harsh realities. The situation is one of extreme flux and it seems very hard to predict, let alone control. Yet there is also a lot of flexibility in the situation. The outcome really will depend a lot on how we envision the future for ourselves and there will be many people promoting their particular vision of the future. The problem is that some visions are realistic and some are not. Visions can also conflict. The challenge will be to decide which of the visions on offer is realistic and which of those that are realistic will work for you.
ARIES ~ Avoid flash points. You'll need to rethink parts of your lifestyle. The role of at least one key partner in your life will change significantly. Initiatives by friends, children and other loved ones will make adjustments necessary, too. People are being driven by potent new visions for their own lives, but it isn't clear that they have thought through the details of these visions. Keep impatience and temper in check as you work through the details together. Deeper involvement in spiritual and philosophical matters will help you process these changes.
TAURUS ~ Routine. A blizzard of changes are on the way. Uncertainties and unknowns stretch as far as the eye can see. It isn't so much that Taurus needs to sit all this out. It's more that you need to stay the course. Somebody needs to keep up with the routine stuff while people make all the big moves. Right now, that someone is Taurus. Deviating from the slow and steady approach could cause health issues or lead to stress and excessive worry. Achieving long-term financial goals should remain a top priority.
GEMINI ~ Peacemaker. The process of change is penetrating deeply into your life and environment. Important relationships are at stake - personal and professional. People are thinking and acting too quickly as they come to terms with events. Tempers could flare. Help everyone concerned get their ideas across without rancor. The outcome of all this could significantly affect your finances. With respect to finances, you are entering a cycle better suited to consolidation than expansion. However, in the months ahead, you will find yourself in increasingly greater harmony with the forces of change.
CANCER ~ Explain the benefits. There is no question of going back to the way things were. Your livelihood and the livelihood of others depend on making others understand the advantages of new plans and the impossibility of going back. Use your intuition to appreciate the beauty of the new plans and your emotional sensitivity to explain them as delicately as possible. Express yourself calmly and patiently. Harsh words or hasty action will do more harm than you think and they won't prevent the changes. You have more influence than you realize.
LEO ~ Tread as lightly as possible. Leo's the one who must break the eggs to make the proverbial omelets this time around. You need to take the initiative to help yourself, friends, loved ones and others cope with the demands of change. People will disagree with you about what needs to be done. Some heated exchanges are inevitable. High levels of confusion will complicate issues. Be very sure to sort through the concerns of those you upset for any good points and try to find the common threads in everyone's ideas.
VIRGO ~ Embrace your optimism. Much as everyone would love some certainty, right now, there isn't any. That's the reality. But as irrelevant as optimism seems, you can't help but feel optimistic. Maybe that's because you realize just how in tune you are with the forces and processes of change. You sense an underlying unity and direction despite the confusion and upset. When things do begin to solid up, Virgos will be among the first to know. Present alliances and existing assets will turn out to be more important than you think.
LIBRA ~ Vision and objectivity. Considering how complicated and tough the situation is, Librans are remarkably well positioned. The difficulties are manageable. Help yourself and others but be realistic and honest about what you need and what you can contribute. People also need your honest opinion about their own options. Stay focused on the future. People need help developing a realistic, workable vision of the future. You will have to put a lot of complicated and challenging ideas into simple and encouraging words. Schedule more quiet time to process your thoughts and feelings.
SCORPIO ~ Involvement. The realities surrounding you seem harsher than usual and the uncertainties greater. There are viable solutions in the works, though. You know that the solutions chosen will affect your lifestyle as well as those of your family and other important people in your life. Consequently, you will likely find yourself in the middle of the debate. But the devil is in the details and the details can take awhile to work out. You need to make a long-term commitment to implementing solutions. Your participation will be rewarded, and rewarding.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Finale. For Sagittarians the wave of change moving through your life is more of an end than a beginning. Changes will continue, but, starting fairly soon, difficult transitions you may have been experiencing will find happy endings, pretty much. The changes that follow will be less challenging, more harmonious and fulfilling. The focus for the foreseeable future will be on firming up your financial situation. You need to devote your attention to controlling expenses and accumulating assets, long-term. You will need to balance your budget in the coming year, particularly.
CAPRICORN ~ Stirrings. Part of the focus for Capricorns is inward. Personal issues you thought were long settled, or at least long buried, are beginning to require your attention again. As you engage in financial planning, for yourself and others, include resources for spiritual and psychological renewal. Take special care to remain calm and balanced in discussions with higher ups. Issues can be vague and solutions elusive. Higher ups could be more than a little touchy. Still, the overall mood remains one of optimism for the future. Community involvements will soon expand.
AQUARIUS ~ Shift. Aquarians can look forward to major shifts of activity in the coming year. Your income is due for a boost and financial issues should also settle into a more predictable and secure pattern. At the same time, your involvement in community activities will increase significantly. You might need to be a bit self-protective. There is a lot of excitement surrounding issues you are involved with. People you know, and some you don't, could get a little pushy. Tactful silence might be the best safeguard. Shield growing assets against future shocks.
PISCES ~ Stand firm. Be clear about who you are and what you want. Make sure you know where your own best interests rest. You will soon get an avalanche of offers and advice. Many will be very tempting. Don't take any at face value. Your present status might seem modest to you, but it is hard won and easily lost. Pick and choose carefully and negotiate hard. Be very sure that the offer you accept is in keeping with your goals. The wrong involvement could threaten all you have worked for.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

November 2009 for Everybody

November 2009 for Everybody

A Threshold

November 2009 will be an exciting month.

The November 2009 full moon chart interrupts a long series of challenging and sometimes discouraging charts. So many recent charts supported the tearing down of institutions or the break up of the existing order. Many others supported obstruction and delay and endless, confusing debate.

The November full moon chart points to progress and rebuilding, driven by vision, desire and ideals. Visions of possibility will outstrip disheartening realities. Intense, captivating visions of new possibilities will powerfully motivate people. Resistance to change will weaken. Old barriers to progress will fall.

In the recent past, visions of change and reform shattered against stubborn obstacles. This time, vision and desire will prove stronger than the obstacles. Those trying to resist will find themselves in disarray, unable to present a united and effective front.

And let us be clear. We are not talking about reviving, or simply revising old and outdated visions. We are talking about decidedly new visions, visions of a new and different future.

Ongoing change will push us to involve ourselves in the process of change. As we participate in the process of change, we will invariably call upon our fresh, new visions to set the direction of change. We will see the inevitability of change as an opportunity and a reason to pursue our visions.
Visions, Practicality and Determination
However, a new realism will
also set in. People will be more inclined to do the hard work and make the hard choices needed to realize their visions.

The negatives in our current situation will not be able to compete with the power of the visions that now grip people.

The scope and complexity of the challenges ahead will become increasingly clear. But this awareness will not discourage us. Rather, it will spur us to action. It will encourage people to express their visions all the more clearly and to pursue them all the more vigorously.

Long-stalled projects will gain new momentum. Forward momentum will increase generally.

In essence, November 2009 marks the threshold between a crumbling past and a future of dramatic reform and renewal. It begins a new route through life, one that leaves behind an old road strewn with stubborn obstacles to change and insurmountable barriers to the pursuit of new visions.
Macro and Micro
Perhaps the most obvious example is the current effort to reform health care. November should see important progress in this effort. A new vision of a reformed and enhanced health care system in the US will take hold and opposition will be effectively swept aside.

But in each of our lives something similar will occur. Some are struggling to straighten out their finances. Some are enduring difficult changes at work. Others are dealing with complex and demanding health or family matters.

Each of us will be caught up by some new vision of possibilities for ourselves and those around us and we will use this vision to power help us through the challenges confronting us.

In each case, also, we will find ourselves feeling a new commitment to a disciplined, long-term effort. We will not simply “fix” some problem, or “eliminate” a bad habit, leaving everything else as is. We will make our lives conform to a new, idealized conception.

Resistance will not vanish, nor will the challenges end. But they will no longer seem as important to us as fulfilling a vision of possibilities. Nor will we be as easily sidetracked by irritations, diversions and minor challenges.
The Astrological Details
The full moon chart for November 2009 is deceptive. One is struck, initially, by the large number of difficult, obstructive aspects and the small number of positive aspects. These difficult aspects are close enough to register on the chart, but not close enough to really dominate that chart.

Mars, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Moon, Pluto Jupiter and Uranus are all involved in grand squares and T-squares. Meanwhile, Venus is making seemingly modest little trines to Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. It is also making an ambiguous quincunx to Uranus.

At first glance, this chart *suggests* a month of overwhelming obstacles with only a couple of lightweight facilitating aspects to soften the blow. Closer examination of the chart completely reverses that impression.
The Difficult Aspects
Most of the difficult aspects are close enough to be felt, but felt, for the most part, as background, as influences whose full strength is either already behind us or still some distance ahead of us. They are certainly not strong enough to drown out the effects of the visionary and inspiring Venus/Uranus/Neptune configuration.

The difficult aspects are just not exact enough to be truly worrisome, at this point. The wasteful Mars/Jupiter opposition, for example, is only exact to within 10 degrees. The explosive, warlike Pluto/Uranus square is only exact to within 8 degrees. The rebellious, seditious Saturn/Uranus opposition is only exact to with 7 degrees and it is separating.

The highly destructive Saturn/Pluto square is pretty close. It will be exact near the November new moon. It's destructive effects cannot be discounted, but neither should they be exaggerated. But in this astrological context, I think any negative effects will, at worst, distract us briefly.

In my view, they are more likely to motivate us to positive action than turn us aside from our goal. Indeed, a Saturn/Pluto square, given its destructive effects on established institutions, is more likely to weaken lingering obstacles to change than otherwise and heighten our commitment to our visions for the future.

The Sun and Moon are exactly opposite. However, the Sun and Moon oppose each other every month and most of us survive that just fine.
Inspiration and Practicality
The positive aspects, however, are significantly closer. The Venus/Jupiter trine, though separating, is exact to within 6 degrees. The Venus/Chiron trine, though separating, is exact to within less than two degrees.

The Venus/Neptune trine is the most exact. It is exact to within about 10 seconds (hardly anything) of arc and closing. The Venus/Uranus quincunx is exact to within less than a minute of arc and closing.

The relationship between Uranus and Neptune is especially strong, subtle and rich. There is a nearly exact semi-sextile between Uranus and Neptune. Neptune is stationary direct at the time of the full moon. Uranus will be stationary/direct at the end of November.

This complex mix of retrograde, stationary and forward planetary motion will further enhance and enrich the power of this aspect. When Uranus and Neptune are both direct, the momentum for visionary change will become unstoppable.

Uranus and Neptune are also in mutual reception. They are intensifying, enhancing and complementing each others' power as well as that of the entire Venus/Neptune/Uranus formation.

All of these subtleties add an all but unfathomable complexity to the inspiring, visionary power of the Venus/Neptune/Uranus configuration. Its transformative, visionary power will sink deeply into the fabric of things.

Apart from its involvement in this potent configuration, Venus occupies a highly influential position in its own right. In this chart, Venus exercises decisive influence over Sun, Mercury, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto.

So, the most exact, intense influence in this chart is the link between Venus, Neptune and Uranus. The Venus/Neptune/Uranus relationship will generate all but irresistible visions of new possibilities.

Uranus, in mutual reception with Neptune, and forming an exact quincunx with Venus, will irresistibly and inexorably draw us and our personal visions of the future in the change process.

Finally, Saturn, the planet of order, practicality and realism, is very strongly placed in Libra. Hence, to a greater extent than we have seen in recent times, common sense and realism will prevail as people pursue their visions through a landscape of fading obstacles and challenges that are too far off, as yet, to be truly discouraging.

In sum, the November 2009 full moon chart presents a clear picture. It shows a world possessed by captivating visions of the future, amidst already falling barriers to that vision, and challenges that, though serious and real, are retreating into the past or at some distance in the future. And, at this point, any negatives that manifest will more likely spur us to greater action than block our progress.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Astrology Forecast for November 2009

Astrology Forecast for November 2009
FOR EVERYONE ~ Promise. November brings three contradictory things. One is a barrage of virtually insurmountable hurdles, obstacles that we must often work hard to overcome. It also brings tremendous inspiration and hope for the future. Finally, it brings the beginning of significant progress after months of delay and uncertainty. We must use the month's inspirational vibes for guidance and the growing momentum to start working through the obstacles toward new goals. The world is in a very fluid state. People are open to new ideas and ready for change. Things we might have thought unrealistic just a few weeks ago now show promise. Opportunities we might not have known existed now beckon us forward.

ARIES ~ Push comes to shove. November brings a mix of challenges and visions of a brighter future. The challenges are real, but so are the possibilities for a more attractive future. And it is clear that, despite the challenges, the future can be much better than the past. Knowing that will make it easier to convince family and close friends to make needed adjustments and allowances. To enable progress, everyone's expectations must be harmonized with new realities. All must take their share of responsibility to realize future potentials in good time.
TAURUS ~ Persistence and cooperation. Your work situation is growing more challenging as the powers that be cope with economic events beyond anyone's control. Adjustments are unavoidable. You understand the necessary trade offs. You can do more, but you have your limits. Some things will stay the same, but something will definitely have to give. In the end, you will need to change the way you work and/or adjust personal activities so you can continue to function successfully on the job. Visions of future possibilities inspire and motivate you to persist.
GEMINI ~ Maneuverability. You will find yourself less restricted and less upset by ongoing events than others. You will also be better able to use the situation to your advantage. You will find your mind brimming with insights and useful suggestions. People will be in need of your ideas and inclined to take your advice. You could find yourself treading a somewhat more solitary path in days to come, however, as you redefine the meaning of affection and friendship. It is time to start harmonizing your social involvements with your higher aspirations.
CANCER ~ New foundations. The disruptive events of November set off a lengthy and thoroughgoing lifestyle transformation for Cancerians. The material and the philosophical foundations of your life begin to shift simultaneously. You will find yourself envisioning a new way to live and a new place to live in. It will take time and effort to realize what you envision, though. These are the kinds of changes you must make one slow, well-planned step at a time. Most important, you must successfully achieve certain financial goals before you start making firm commitments.
LEO ~ Hard work and politics. Inspiration, enthusiasm and nervous energy are running high. However, realizing the changes you envision will take lots of hard work. The forces of change are affecting key areas of your life, so you have to keep moving forward. Frustration and nervous exhaustion could set in. The trick is to transform the nervous energy into the kind of patience and dedication that is needed. Although it is subtle and indirect, you have real influence over the decision-making process. Improvement in long-term financial areas is around the corner.
VIRGO ~ Shape the future. November brings a mix of tantalizing future prospects and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. You know absolutely that the prospects are realistic. But you also know that if they are to pan out, you'll need to motivate people. Along with this realization will come a seemingly magical ability. You'll be able to reshape the hopes and desires of others in accordance with your own visions of the future. Using such power is risky, but you'll need to if you and others are to overcome the obstacles you all face.
LIBRA ~ Dreams and realities. Visions of ideal romantic situations and other alluring possibilities are potent distractions. But responsibilities weigh heavily. Big financial decisions and economic challenges loom and, truth to tell, energy is a bit low. Enjoy the visions, and the distractions. Let them motivate you and help you choose your goals. But you must settle down and start making the choices that will streamline your existence. It is high time to let go of involvements that only weigh you down. Bring your lifestyle your resources and your goals into harmony.
SCORPIO ~ Strive. The situation is very complex and very simple. Complicated circumstances are, well, forcing you to make lots of adjustments. It is simple because you really just have to do it all. However, if you work it just right, you can move everything in the direction of dreams that are quietly, and secretly, motivating your thoughts. You can create a living situation that is more affordable, more loving and more in accord with your own preferences. Self-healing is a big priority. Stalled financial issues will also begin to move forward.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Planning and leadership. You can see beyond current difficulties. Your visions for the future are turning attractive - and realistic - enough to inspire yourself and others. You can, in fact, influence how others see the future. Your most immediate and important task, however, will be to update your personal goals to suit new realities and your new vision for the future. You also need to consult friends and others in your community. They need help formulating plans. That will help all concerned define goals and devise a good strategy.
CAPRICORN ~ Crunch time. Events are forcing changes in just about every key area of your life. These changes are irresistible and permanent. You do not lack for access, influence or power. You know what there is to know. By now, you have moved beyond easy answers and quick fixes. You are ready for reliable, realistic guidance. You can also help others cope. You understand how today's tough choices will lead to a much brighter future. People need to see that connection and showing it to them will inspire and motivate them.
AQUARIUS ~ Impose order. Aquarius is ground zero for a big release of energy. Positive, inspiring, exciting energies will collide with blocking, challenging energies. For every challenge, there is an inspiring and energizing response. Many stalled issues and projects will start moving forward too, creating opportunities. It will be your job to bring the visions and opportunities together with the challenges to produce progress. The overall effect could be a little overwhelming. You will probably have to lay down some ground rules to handle the traffic. Make time for rest and recreation.
PISCES ~ Momentum increases. "Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy," goes the old song. That is good advice for Pisces this month. You will be talking to people you never thought you'd talk to about thoughts you never thought you'd think. It is past time to break out of old patterns and if this burst of energy doesn't do it, nothing will. This can be a very nervous-making process, though. Schedule some down time. Give it some time. Things will fall together more smoothly than you might think.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worrisome Thoughts about October 2009 Chaos - Threatens as Saturn Enters Libra

Worrisome Thoughts about October 2009
Chaos Threatens as Saturn Enters Libra

Uncertainty Squared
These days, in all of our lives there is at least one important area where confusion and uncertainty reign virtually uncontested. It could be our work situation, our living situation, or our financial situation. In some unfortunate cases, it could be all of the above.

There is a complete absence of reliable information. No solutions seem forthcoming. Efforts to fix the situation go nowhere. Attempts to get clarification consistently fail. The helplessness of those in charge seems to verge on incompetence. The uncertainty stretches as far as the eye can see.

October's charts tell us that these difficulties are caused most immediately by the rules that govern our lives and activities, in all areas, on all levels: None of these rules are any longer in phase with underlying realities. Indeed, those realities are themselves in rapid flux. People no longer really know how to act, or what to do.

On the macro level, there is mass disorientation, often verging on panic. In the US, in certain quarters, e.g., the GOP base, the tea-baggers, we see hysteria, paranoia and rampant irrationality. In other quarters, e.g., the progressive wing of the Democratic party, we see wildly unrealistic demands for absolute ideological perfection in legislation and government policy.

On the micro level, there is chaos in one or more areas of our individual and shared lives. This spreading chaos brings hardship, cynicism and low moral verging on depression, in some cases.

This seemingly chronic disorder on the macro level almost certainly touches some issue of vital importance to each of us on the micro level. This would be in addition to the disorder we are experiencing personally. So there is the deeply unsettling perception that chaos is invading our own lives and the life at the national and, indeed, international levels.
The Astrological Perspective
From the astrological perspective, the core of the problem appears to be that the many rules and regulations that govern our lives, written and unwritten, have slipped badly out of phase with reality. What is commonly considered right, or legal, or justified, makes no sense in terms of underlying realities.

At best, the existing order of things seems to produce little more than harmful and unintended consequences. Evidence the overheated and
(so far) unprodudctive national debates in the US in the areas of health care and banking.

Many like to think of All the Many Rules We Live By, The Rules, as somehow God-given. In reality, they are created by people. They are the product of history and experience. These rules need to be 'updated' periodically. Occasionally, as in the present circumstances, they require major upgrades.

At moments like this, at points like this, just before the renewal of the the Saturn/Libra cycle, a destructive kind of chaos tends to develop. People begin to flout rules as such, or to take things into their own hands. Others vehemently espouse the adoption of new and even more unrealistic rules.
The Astrological Solution
Late in October, Saturn, the planet of rules will enter Libra, the sign of rules. Under Saturn’s influence and under Saturn’s stern eye, the world will begin to update, upgrade and otherwise recreate the rules people live by and by which they order their particular corner of the world.
Re-establishing or recreating order, especially under present astrological conditions, is not likely to be a peaceful process. People will disagree intensely, and often violently, about what the new rules should be.
This time around, it will be especially tumultuous.
Issues Compounded
Saturn visits Libra every 28 years, or so, triggering periodic upgrades of the rules we live by. Saturn/Libra transits are always challenging and 'eventful.' But this one is especially so.

This Saturn/Libra transit takes place in the context of a profoundly transformative Pluto/Capricorn transit.

So, Saturn is not simply transiting Libra, updating the rules that govern our lives, it is also in broad square to Pluto, which is in Capricorn busily and energetically transforming the global socio-economic-political power structure, presumably along Aquarian lines.
The US in Particular - Simultaneous Saturn and Pluto Returns
As dramatic as the effects of these Saturn and Pluto relationships are for the world, they are significantly more important in the US. That is because the US natal Saturn is in Libra and the US natal Pluto is in Capricorn. (I could go on.) So, astrologically, the US is at ground zero.

Effectively, the US is experiencing its Saturn and Pluto returns simultaneously, a seismic astrological event and one that is sure to have a deeply transformative effect in the US. (Transformative = deeply disruptive.)

Take as an example the current debate over health care reform in the US. The aspects, and contemporary events, suggest that, in the US, these intense, volatile and potentially dangerous energies are, in fact, expressing in the current health care reform debate. All of this, in turn, suggests that far more than meets the eye is at stake for the US in the health care debate.

That is to say, the effort to reform health care is, in effect, an effort to reform the whole of American society and redefine the relationships between employer and employee, government and citizen, neighbor and neighbor, and so on. In other words, it is an effort to redefine the rules by which the great game of life is played in the US, in total.

Hence, the entrance of Saturn into Libra, while important globally, will have an especially powerful and profound effect in the United States. However, to the extent that events in the US affect events in the world, events in the US will further intensify the global effects of the Saturn/Libra and Pluto/Capricorn transits.
The Astrological Details
The October full moon chart shows us the run up to the Saturn/Libra ingress. It is a surprisingly complex and energetic chart.

Allow me to simplify somewhat. The October full moon chart includes a set of very complex and very difficult relationship between Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, the Moon's nodes, Lilith, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Uranus and Mars.

There is, for example, a t-square involving Venus, Mercury and Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. This t-square is intersected by an opposition between Mars and Lilith, setting more or less exactly along the axis of the Moon's nodes.

This points to dangerous levels of irrational thinking. It is the kind of thing we have seen a lot of recently, via right-wing rhetoric and political tactics, especially what has become known as Astroturfing.

Astroturfing is particularly aggressive and obnoxious form of political expression. It involves people paid by right-wing lobbyists and political action committees to disrupt public meetings with loud and angry rhetoric while posing as average, outraged citizens.

Many of the same indicators are also directly involved in a yod formation. The indicators involved directly in the yod are the Mars and the Moon's south node, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune occupy the action point of the yod.

The most exact relationships in the yod formation (exact to within about half a degree) are between Mars, Mercury and Neptune. Neptune occupies the action point of this particularly exact relationship within the yod.

This facet of the yod, I think, expresses the meaning of the Yod and, I believe, the meaning of the entire chart. It points to an obsessive and, ultimately, futile pursuit of absolute truth and perfect conformity to ideals.

All but a few of the same indicators also participate directly in a partial mystic rectangle. The mystic rectangle channels the energy of this densely interrelated structure toward the action point of the yod.

If you consider indirect, or secondary, relationships, all of the indicators mentioned above are involved in all three of the formations discussed.

In my view, the October full moon chart describes the high (or low) point of the disconnect disconnect between The Rules and a rapidly changing reality. On October 29th, Saturn enters Libra.
Then the fun really begins.
At that point we will begin the epic task of updating The Rules and, slowly but surely, bringing The Rules back into harmony with reality, returning order to the world.

This will begin what is sure to be a long, eventful and profound transformation of global culture in general and US culture in particular. Such transformations never run smoothly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Astrology Forecast for October 2009

Astrology Forecast for October 2009
FOR EVERYONE ~ A Cloud of Possibilities. Nowadays, we are mostly mindful of the difficulties we've experienced in the recent past and the challenges we still face. Fatigue and worry are peaking. We will soon begin to focus on the expanding number of possibilities opening up before us. Many of them are quite exciting. However, making these possibilities a reality will require deeper thought and discussion than we are used to. They will also require more careful planning, closer attention to budgetary concerns and harder work. It seems that the planets are at least as interested in changing our attitudes and the way we go about doing things as they are in opening up new opportunities for us.

ARIES ~ Major partnership issues. Aries is on the verge of a new, lengthy cycle of dramatic and fascinating change. Right now, the action is in partnership areas. You should begin to make important decisions about your relationships. Some must change. Some must end. You are carrying too many burdens for people who need to get on with their own lives. You can make changes gently and gracefully, now, but they will grow increasingly urgent as the months pass. Your luck will improve significantly before all the changes really get going.
TAURUS ~ Major lifestyle changes. Work and health are closely related. They dramatically affect your lifestyle and relationships. A challenging, long-term influence is now affecting all of the above. You will have to bring work, life and relationship commitments into harmony. This will mean adjustments at work, at home and in other relationship areas. These are important changes in themselves. But they will become more important as you try to free up resources to prioritize cherished, lifelong ambitions you've kept on a back burner. Also, freedom of movement and self-expression are becoming bigger issues.
GEMINI ~ Easing. Others have been calling the shots for too long. Major players at home and at work have limited your options. You have felt blocked. This will soon begin changing. You will soon be able to pursue new directions. You'll be in greater harmony with the flow of events. But the stars also want a major attitude change. They want you to change how you go about doing things both at home and at work. Opportunities will open up, but you will have to pursue them in new ways.
CANCER ~ Go with your gut. Many people need you to make the right choices in a very tricky situation. It would be nice if there was a clear plan and money wasn't an issue. But things are in flux. Money is definitely an issue. All of the above adds to the pressure and all you really have to go on is your intuition. But your intuition is tried and true. It as good as anything anyone has to go on right now. And besides, lady luck is moving into your corner.
Leo ~ Tough negotiations. You are increasingly dependent on the approval of others for your financial success. You are on good terms with partners, personally. However, to succeed in today's world, you will all need more than personal friendship alone can provide. It isn't only a matter of leveraging material resources, either. Succeeding financially will require changing things about yourself and the world you never thought could be changed. New, visionary ideas and a fearless commitment will be needed. A benevolent protective force will soon begin influencing your long-term financial situation.
VIRGO ~ A change of direction. Recent challenges have changed you. You've abandoned some ambitions that never really suited you, among other things. In the near future, exciting and as yet unforeseen opportunities will emerge. You've changed directions before, but this time it will be a bit more dramatic. You will need to think especially deeply about who you are and what you want to do with your life. You will also need to manage finances carefully to help sustain you through the transition. Advancement will depend increasingly on partners and colleagues.
LIBRA ~ Dig deeper. Librans are born experts on love and harmony. They love to spread both. However, you are entering a lengthy cycle during which you must hold back. Chances are you've been giving too much of yourself to fill in the gaps where others fell short. Or you've watched others squander your gifts. During this cycle, you'll understand the true and often heavy cost of giving love and maintaining harmony. In the process, you must find ways to make others hold up their end of the love and harmony equation.
SCORPIO ~ Don't take it personally. Powerful forces are causing dramatic shifts in human relationships generally, putting all relationships under stress. This is bound to cause you some upset, but you are in no way the cause of these strains. Hope is on the way. Benevolent, protective forces will soon begin supporting your friendships and personal relationships. Financial strains will ease significantly at the same time. Build a supportive network on the local level. You need to combat a tendency to worry unnecessarily. You are well-placed to avoid the worst effects of ongoing turmoil.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Better days ahead. It is surprising how many people want your input. Times are hard. The questions are tough. People are discouraged and they need genuinely new ideas. The pressure can weigh on a person. The thing people need to know is that things are bottoming out. Times are improving. In a few months a new economic era will begin. Things that seem impossible now will suddenly seem likely. It will not be quick or easy money. Those days are gone. But creativity and perseverance will be more generously rewarded.
CAPRICORN ~ The darkness before the dawn. If you could only get people to see reason, to end the non-stop, circular negotiations, to find a realistic outlook that isn't grim, or to find an outlook that is both optimistic *and* realistic. The change will be slow at first, but that is just what is going to start happening, soon. As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, you'll find yourself moving forward on all fronts. So negotiate with optimism and confidence. But as things start moving forward, be especially careful to keep things realistic.
AQUARIUS ~ Leverage. As your bright new Jupiter (prosperity) cycle revs up, you need to remember the basics. Find ways to leverage current financial improvements and professional opportunities to your long-term economic needs. Instead of finding ways to spend the extra money, find ways to save and invest it. Instead of pursuing opportunities that cost money, pursue opportunities that earn you money. This is not a good cycle for giving in to your (expensive) sensitive, escapist impulses. Coming months and years will bring experiences that deepen your appreciation of the practical side of things.
PISCES ~ Limit speculation and worry. In recent years, relationships have been demanding and burdensome, where you could maintain them at all. That will soon change. New relationship opportunities will start showing up. Choose wisely. Make relationship choices that will lead to long-term stability and security. Strive to make realistic decisions about how to handle all the opportunities and changes coming your way, soon. Disruptive, changeful influences will also lessen in the coming year. That will help. Pisceans are under influences that encourage worry. Focus on the positive and the practical.

Monday, August 31, 2009

September 2009 - The Month Relationships Changed

September 2009 - The Month Relationships Changed
September's charts look like an all out assault on human relationships. Planetary forces will change human relationships patterns forever.

September's charts make it clear that the transformation of human relationships is now a top planetary priority. Human relationships will now begin to change within themselves. They will do so for their own inherent and unique reasons. For reasons of the heart.

From just before the September full moon on 9/4 until Pluto turns direct on 9/11 (yup, 9/11), a complex planetary situation occurs. Six important astrological indicators are involved in one phase or another of retrograde motion. Four important planetary indicators will be direct.
All Bets Are Off
This will create potent, and exceedingly complex, energy patterns. Human relationships will bear the brunt of this planetary storm.

Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus will be retrograde. Mercury will be stationary/retrograde. Pluto will be stationary/direct. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be direct.

In other words, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron and the all important Mercury are all caught up in a vortex of retrograde planetary energies. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will be in normal motion.

Simplifying somewhat, the planets in direct motion tend to govern appearances and day-to-day events and activities. They depend heavily on the more powerful, slower moving planets involved in retrograde activity. Their manifestations are much more enduring.

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn will do their best to keep up appearances and carry out their day-to-day activities. Meanwhile, the more powerful retrograding planets will be shaking the ground beneath their feet. Retrograde Mercury will augment the confusion caused by deep, underlying changes.
Planetary Hurricane Strikes Venus
The September 18 new moon chart says clearly that human relationships are changing for reasons intrinsic to human relationships, apart from any external influences.

In this chart, there is a close conjunction between Uranus and Juno. Uranus brings sudden changes to human social and behavioral patterns. Juno governs lifelong or long-term human relationships of all kinds.

This conjunction is part of a t-square between: Uranus/Juno, Saturn/Moon/Sun/Mercury and, at the apex of the t-square, in the driver’s seat, Pluto.
Not as Bad as it Looks
The meaning could not be more clear. The nature of long-term human bonding will change. The power and difficulty of the t-square says that these changes will be turbulent and difficult at times.

Other aspects say that this process will directly and powerfully affect Venus. The wondrous, mysterious and beautiful energies of Venus are at the heart of all long-term human bonds.

A yod formation includes the energies of Juno, Uranus, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, the North Node, Lilith, and Venus. Venus, the goddess of human relationships, occupies the action point of this yod. Venus will be in the driver’s seat as we create something workable from this wild and woolly mix of astrological energies, over time.

But Venus also makes a trine to Pluto. There is a sextile between Juno/Uranus and North Node/Lilith. There is a set of trines between North Node/Lilith and Saturn/Moon/Sun/Mercury. All these easy-making aspects connect the indicators most closely related to human relationships.

Briefly, simply, despite the turbulence, despite the immensity of the changes now beginning, people will find a way. With effort, they will be able to keep their relationships intact, to adapt lifestyle and relationships as needed.

September's charts, though momentous, are specific and quite eloquent. I could go on at great length about them. But I think I have captured their essence.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Astrology Forecast for September 2009

Astrology Forecast for September 2009
FOR EVERYONE ~ Flux is the new status quo. We will all find ourselves devoting extra time and energy to discussion as plans for the future begin firming up. But this only seems to add to the uncertainty. Many issues still need to be resolved. There are still many unknowns. There are still many opportunities to influence the ultimate outcome. Most of us will be drawn into these discussions as emerging realities affect our vital interests. Nerves will fray and calm will come at a premium. Relationships are foregrounded as uncertainty strains our closest ties and we all consider what ongoing changes mean for our most important bonds. The planets help us facilitate important discussions.

ARIES ~ Power, with conditions. You have more freedom to think and speak than most people, now. You also have more room to maneuver. People welcome you and your ideas, at first. Initial enthusiasm could turn into resistance. Everyone wants to negotiate special terms. You might find this frustrating, but people need flexibility to fit your ideas into their lives. You might sense an ability to bully or badger people into accepting your ideas. This wouldn't be good for you or them. It might be best to trim your sails a bit.
TAURUS ~ Friendly conversation and more? You'll find it especially easy to engage others in conversation and there will be generous hints of other possibilities. This will be welcome after a period of relative isolation, socially. But it will be too easy to go too far too fast. This month, too much intimacy too fast could bring far more than the usual problems. Soft words could quickly turn harsh and complications could multiply really fast. Be sure that people are not just running away from their problems or looking for a savior.
GEMINI ~ Push, a little. September continues an ongoing battle over how the details of current changes will affect your income. Your long-term financial interests are at stake, too. Other people will be making the final decisions, eventually. The process is causing stress at home and at work. Everyone's on edge. Be careful not to overplay your hand or push too hard. Fortunately, as stark as the situation seems, it leaves lots of room to maneuver. Adaptability and negotiation work best. Your control over the situation will increase significantly in coming months.
CANCER ~ Eagerness for change. Publicly, the planets are casting you in the role of crusader and putting you in the thick of battle. Your mind is bursting with new ideas and your heart is bursting with eagerness to see them put into action. You know they will work. Privately, the planets are pushing you to assert your needs as a person, to seek emotional fulfillment. Your charisma is high this month, so you have a good chance of succeeding on both counts. For everyone's sake, though, try to remain calm.
LEO ~ Push comes to shove. Tough choices, made some time back, are going into effect. Confusion reigns. You are just now finding out (or figuring out) exactly what it will mean to live with these decisions. Emotional attachments are making these adjustments especially difficult. However, your personal flexibility and your ability to find solutions to new challenges is high right now. Pressure on income will ease as the holidays approach. The new year will bring improvements in long-term financial matters. Advancement and economic improvement will depend increasingly on alliances with others.
VIRGO ~ High stakes. Amidst the non-stop changes and challenges this month, one thing is clear: Things happening now have momentous implications for your future. You're in the spotlight -- and under the microscope. Final decisions will be made gradually, in coming months. You are concerned with the effects of all this on loved ones, who have important concerns of their own. However, your rapport with loved ones is high and the outlook there is good. Success will depend increasingly on your ability to manage restless associates. Next month, personal energy levels improve.
LIBRA ~ Crossfire. You could find yourself involved in a tense exchange between family members and important people at work. None of you see eye-to-eye on your "work/life balance." The conflict would only get worse if you risked income or incurred debt to pursue your ideal lifestyle. Financial realities are not measuring up to financial dreams now. Soothing romantic vibes drift frequently through your life. Enjoy these moments, but, right now, a new romance would bring unwanted complications. Attention to the fears and anxieties of people at home will prove helpful.
SCORPIO ~ Seek inspiration. You are out of synch with the outside world. You are feeling at odds with the forces of change. Rebellious youngsters are stirring things up. It will be hard to relax and hard to make others understand why you are upset. It will also be hard to advance your dreams and ambitions with reduced energy levels. It's a good month to get in touch with your otherworldly, psychic side. The spiritual world holds some reassuring answers. Also, despite appearances, the planets are working overtime to protect your interests.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Tough negotiations. You will find yourself debating the powers that be and struggling to contain your anger and impatience. You will go over the same issues repeatedly and come up with different answers, none of which satisfy you. All the pieces of this complicated puzzle might not be available yet, but you need to be sure that when they finally fall into place, they make a picture you'll like. It is worth the effort because the outcome will affect your lifestyle. Over time, you can successfully shape these important outcomes.
CAPRICORN ~ Make relationships a priority. Most people are scrambling to do what they must in the face of fast-moving changes. The resulting strain is affecting all relationships. Capricorn relationships are being hit especially hard. Recently you've had little room to maneuver. September brings a significant increase in your power over events, but you must still maneuver through a continuing series of obstacles and adapt to new changes as they come along. Use this increase in your options to shape ongoing events in a way that safeguards important relationships. Manage expectations carefully.
AQUARIUS ~ The power of communication. You might feel, correctly, that you are being thwarted by social inertia and actively blocked by the powers that be. Your words have surprising resonance, though. You can work around obstacles and help thwart power plays by communicating your ideas. You can use your influence successfully to shape upcoming events. There are still many things yet to be decided, but progress toward your most cherished goals is increasing significantly. You'll have to work overtime to help friends and neighbors overcome conflicts and other difficulties in key relationships.
PISCES ~ Build patiently. You are experiencing a sense of stability and high energy. The combination is stoking your eagerness to enjoy the fruit of recent efforts. But it will take time to solidify your position and bring all those benefits online. It will also take time to work out all the details of your new life style. You will have to be patient and steadfast to make everything you envision a reality. Be faithful to the lessons you have learned as you embark upon this long journey into a brighter future.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Afghanistan and 2012

Afghanistan and 2012

The 2012 chart for Afghanistan* tells us many unflattering things we already know about Afghanistan. True or not, they are all things that Afghans and those who support Afghanistan are probably very tired of hearing:

The Afghan state is very jealous of its power. It is hostile to political opponents. It is a little too quick on its feet politically. It is somewhat charismatic. It profits from war and the drug trade. It benefits from the political passivity of its people. It is corrupt and unscrupulous. The Afghan government condones the oppression and exploitation of women and generally suffers from the alienation of the feminine principle in all matters. It cannot control the violence in Afghanistan. It can do little to uplift its own people. It is ineffective in all the ways one would normally want a government to be effective. Afghanis are locked into an ancient, primitive and self-defeating world view.
And so on.
The 2012 chart for Afghanistan also suggests that the turmoil and violence in Afghanistan will continue for some time. No surprise there, either.
The Good News
However, the 2012 chart for Afghanistan reveals things not generally known about Afghanistan and which offer significant hope.

Most would not approve of what the Karzai government stands for. But in specialized, meaningful sense, it is a representative government. It is representative of its people.

There is a kind of unity, of social and cultural coherence, among Afghans - government and people - that could form the basis of a successful nation state. It is, in a meaningful sense, the raw material of a legitimate and effective Afghanistan government.

The chart also suggests that Afghanistan will respond in a surprisingly robust and constructive way to the 2012 energies.

Alongside the inevitable violence and unrest will spring up a robust political dialogue about the future of Afghanistan. The dialogue is likely to be contentions and to spur violence. But it is also likely to be be inclusive, substantive and meaningful. And it will have real, positive consequences for the future of Afghanistan.

Doubtless, news of the violence will overshadow this national political debate. However, the chart indicates that this national political dialogue is more important than the violence and, long-term, will have a more profound and lasting effect.

In my mind, the strengths of this aspect outweighs the negatives in the chart. They promise an eventual, political solution to all the familiar negatives.

The fact that the Afghan government is so representative of the Afghan people suggests that changes in and by the Afghan government will constitute real and lasting changes in the Afghan nation. The aspect suggests that conflicts that have divided the nation and destroyed previous Afghan governments will be finally resolved.
In sum, Afghanistan might experience a good deal of violence in the years just ahead, but it is also likely to benefit from vigorous, transformative political dialogue.
The Astrological Details
The Afghan government is represented by a stellium on the midheaven. The stellium includes Pluto, Sun, Mars, Quaoar, Mercury, Ixion, Pholus, and Venus. This, stellium, dominating the chart from the midheaven is a strong indications that the Karzai government is, in its way, a genuinely representative government.
The Pluto/Sun/Mars combination suggests that the Afghan government has dictatorial inclinations, that it is jealous of its power and hostile toward its opponents. However, Pluto is not that close to the Sun, weakening its effects significantly. Mars is too close to the Sun, weakening its effects, also. This suggests that the Afghan government, despite its love of power, is comparatively weak.
Ixion and Pholus form part of the midheaven stellium. They add a tendency to corruption, to betray the public trust and to compromise important principles for the benefit of cronies.
Political Skill and Charisma
The Mercury/Quaoar conjunction is exact and very close to the midheaven. This suggests that the Karzai government's greatest strength is its political skill and political 'creativity.' Venus is nearby, adding charm. But combined with the power of the other bodies on the midheaven, helping to generate charisma.
Oppression of Women
Lilith is opposing this strongly placed stellium from the fourth house - a strong position. This indicates that the power of the feminine is deeply alienated. This seriously undermines the power of the Afghan government.
Defective World View
There is another significant stellium in the 12th house. It includes Neptune, Chiron, the north node and Nessus. Briefly, this stellium suggests that Afghanis share a defective world view. It disempowers them. It distances them from political realities. Perhaps most significantly, it suppresses any sense of social and political responsibility.

The involvement of the north node suggests that Afghanis should be developing a more wholesome world view. However, the presence of the other planets in the stellium frustrates the emergence of a truly transformative world view.

This stellium is in positive, supportive relationship to the stellium on the midheaven, indicating that the Afghan government benefits from all this dysfunction.
The Drug Trade
The 12th house stellium just discussed is in opposition to Jupiter in the 6th, near the south node. This indicates a country mired in ancient and unproductive approaches to work, or production.

The Jupiter/Neptune opposition, especially with Neptune in the 12th house and Jupiter near the south node, is strongly suggestive of involvement in and economic reliance on the drug trade.

This aspect is also positively related to the midheaven stellium representing the Afghan government. This suggests that the Afghan government profits from the drug trade.
War Profiteering
Eris is on the cusp of the 2nd house, trining the midheaven stellium. Eris represents the brutality, rancor and irrationality at the heart of the spirit of war. The fact that Eris is trining the midheaven indicates that the Afghan government profits financially from warfare.

In brief, the present Afghan government benefits strongly from everything that is wrong with Afghanistan.
Hope for Political Solutions
However, the Afghanistan/2012 chart includes an exact and potent t-square between Uranus in the 1st house, Saturn in the 7nth and the midheaven. This t-square is angular in the chart, magnifying its likely effects.

The t-square suggests a vigorous, contentious and most likely violent interaction between the forces of reform and renewal, the Karzai government and reactionary, backward looking forces like the Taliban.

As I said, the t-square is likely to cause violence. However, the t-square offers strong hope for a political solution. Indeed, its primary and most lasting effect is likely to be political.

The t-square involves all the planets in the midheaven stellium that represents the Afghan government. But the most exact t-square relationship is between Uranus, Mercury, Quaoar and Saturn. This combination is highly suggestive of transformative, innovative, and contentious, political dialogue

Furthermore, the conjunction of Mercury, Quaoar and the midheaven is, itself, the most potent in the midheaven stellium. It is primarily political in nature.

So the most potent effect of the generally very potent t-square is likely to be political dialogue - contentious political dialogue, but dialogue nonetheless.

Hence, my conclusion that, though likely to cause violence, the most important, pervasive and lasting effects of the t-square will almost certainly be political.

*I used the date for the swearing in of Hamid Karzai in 2004. This seemed justified on the history of Afghanistan, which has seen frequent changes in their form of government and on my experience with previous analyses.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

More on August 2009 - A Time of Questions

More on August 2009 - A Time of Questions

August 2009 might best be thought of as a pregnant pause, full of suspense and uncertainty, but also as a relatively safe time to do our thinking. Numerous factors are preventing immediate or decisive action. Others are multiplying the questions running through our minds.

The impasse, and the uncertainty, will only end stage by stage in following months. Progress will be halting, even then.

There will be a continuing need for decisions. Or, viewed another way, continuing opportunities for further decisions and revisions. At the same time, however, we will slowly but surely reach a point of no return.

Meanwhile, the August new moon chart, amidst all the questions and uncertainties and delays, offers support and protection. We will not be spared the work of digging for answers to questions. But we will be at least partially buffered against mishap.

So, while August challenges us to think, rethink and think again, it also provides us a relatively safe place to do that thinking.


The August new moon comes after a series of three eclipses. For most people, eclipses tend to simplify decisions. They narrow options. They leave only options that are realistic. Also, they often remove obstacles and resolve long-standing crises, for better or for worse.

However, eclipses do not present clear-cut answers or simple solutions. They often leave many questions, sometimes big questions, about how to realize the possibilities remaining open to us.

A Dozen+ Quincunxes

But there is more. There are more than a dozen quincunxes, or inconjuncts, in the August new moon chart.

A quincunx is a darned-if-you-do-darned-if-you-don't sort of aspect. It leaves a person endlessly juggling competing interests. In other words, it brings questions about how to resolve seemingly irresolvable conflicts and make uncomfortable trade offs.

A single quincunx can leave us going in circles. In this chart, there are more than a dozen of them!

Five Big Retrogrades

But there is more. Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are especially influential planets right now. They are all retrograde.

Retrograde planets send people back to the drawing board to answer unforeseen questions. Retrograde planets also push people to delve more deeply into issues than usual, generating even more questions.

Grand Square and a Bundle of Oppositions

There is still more. The August new moon chart also includes a grand cross, or grand square, and a fistful of oppositions. Such aspects always, one way and another, bring progress to a grinding halt. This, of course, sends people back to the drawing board, generating still more questions.

The Good News

The good news is that the August new moon chart also contains several overlapping mystic rectangles. Typically, mystic rectangles provide a safe place to work from.

They insulate against error and mishap. They provide an early warning system. They seem to provide a stable, base level of economic support. In many ways, they serve as a launching pad for new life initiatives.

It is important to note, however, that to benefit from the mystic rectangle, one must not abandon good sense. A return to bad habits will destroy its protective and supportive effects.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Astrology Forecast for August 2009

Astrology Forecast for August 2009

Focus on essentials. People are worrying about ongoing changes. They will find themselves going over the same questions over and over again, getting different answers each time. The planets are stirring things up psychologically, too. All of the above will make peace of mind hard to come by. But there is time for bargaining and accommodation before plans firm up. And all that questioning will deepen our understanding. It's best to focus on essentials for now. Do what you know needs doing. New ways to profit and grow will soon open up. Protective forces are also at work. Things will unfold more smoothly and work out better than many people fear.


ARIES ~ Success lies closer to home. Things seem more confusing and risky than they really are. They don't need as much discussion as some might think, either. Still, the big picture is clouded. There are a lot of unknowns and forces beyond anyone's control are preventing big decisions and delaying big projects. But you can still accomplish a lot with family, friends and community. An authority figure will pressure you to slow down and take better care of yourself. A close friend or partner will do the same, but for their own reasons.

TAURUS ~ Postpone. Your instincts tell you to hold off on major changes and big expenditures. No matter how often you go over it in your mind, you reach the same conclusion: Don't do it, yet. Study the possibilities more. If you move too quickly, you could miss an innovative and appealing solution that isn't apparent or even available yet. Supportive forces will protect you from any harm caused by delay. At home, you must speak the words that heal your family. Where needed, make sure others do what is necessary for healing.

GEMINI ~ Soft pedal it. People are anxious about the future, but you know things are simpler and safer than they appear. You understand the desire for decisive action, but you know it would be premature. The impatience and fretting of those around you could wear on you, but you'll need to do some hand-holding anyway. Explain that changes are needed and inevitable. Change will bring healing, and hope – slowly but surely. Delays only bring greater understanding and better solutions. Relations important to your financial well-being could be disturbed by gossip and manipulation.

CANCER ~ Emotional complexities. You will love and be loved this month, inspired by ideas for the future and motivated to seek reconciliation and healing. Basically, you will be feeling like the glue that holds everybody together. That's not an small thing when groups want to break up and individuals are threatening to come apart. Trust your intuition when it tells you that the safety net will hold, for everyone. Listen to the concerns of others, but don't get discouraged. The success of your counseling efforts is important to your financial well-being.

LEO ~ The decider. There's scarcely a conflict that you aren't right in the middle of or isn't somehow intruding on your life. But you know you can't take sides. You need to wait patiently, and with love, while everybody hashes out important and complicated choices. It's a bittersweet experience, watching some of the people you love the most struggle so hard with their decisions. Yet, you sort of have the last word. People will come to you for affirmation and approval of their decisions. You’ll provide the emotional guidance people need to make the final choice.

VIRGO ~ Set the pace. Higher ups are dealing with a complex transition. In their minds, it seems simpler than it is. They're also impatient with the slow pace of progress on the ground, where you live and work. You hear a lot of anxiety and impatience at ground level, too. Bear with it. You're in a good position to judge the risks and the true scale of the challenges - and to set the proper pace. You have more leverage over events than anyone realizes. Greater progress will soon be possible.

LIBRA ~ Tiptoe. It would be hard to overestimate the intensity or the urgency of thoughts and feelings. And somehow information about every last crisis is carried to your ears. Great delicacy is required. You might have very little leverage, but everyone will come to you looking for words of healing, hope and reconciliation. You have a special understanding of what is on people's minds and in their hearts - and a special ability to provide just that missing piece. Friendship and romance might be complicated but they are under very favorable influences.

SCORPIO ~ Healing begins at home. With all the changes in the world it's hard not to worry about preserving what's important in your life. But prospects are better than they might appear and you have more options than you think. You will be especially effective at easing the challenges faced by family, friends and neighbors. You'll also find yourself thinking through tangled old family stuff and coming up with deeper understanding. Next month, many stalled issues will begin to move forward. Early next year, a new, more favorable financial cycle begins.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Play for time. Make a point of not fretting about anything this month. The planets are sending mixed signals, big time. That could keep your head spinning with decisions it is impossible to make yet. Pressure is also building to do all kinds of things it isn't time to do. Teach others to be patient and to think things through carefully. Romantic thoughts can complicate work relations and financial dealings. Such relationships can turn out to be much more demanding than you think. Stalled financial issues will move forward early next month.

CAPRICORN ~ Prepare to act. Matters are far from settled, the future is far from clear and nobody is sure what the right move is. But you can't prolong the planning and decision-making process indefinitely. Things must go into gear early in September. But the planets are providing a safety net - and time for later revisions. The risk of mishap isn't as great as people fear. The planets suggest that personal finance and relationship issues require attention. Relationship issues are mixed up with work and financial issues as seldom before.

AQUARIUS ~ Patience. You sense the strong desire people have for positive change. You also share their stress as they work through often difficult transitions. Even so, it's best that people not rush important decisions. You are tackling complex and important financial issues yourself. Progress will be slow but solid as you gain important financial insights. Remember that there is a planetary safety net in place and you are beginning a new cycle of economic growth. Partners are restless and their needs are complex. Take a practical approach to complicated relationship demands.

PISCES ~ Tough choices. You are in transition. You're pondering the trade offs needed to get from point A to point B in your life. The toughest trade offs are those involving love and partnership. You may find yourself having many heart-to-heart talks, trying to work through the options. Loyalties will be tested. But things will work out better for everyone than you might think. Protective forces are at work. A new cycle of growth and prosperity begins next year. Beware of people trying to complicate friendship matters with gossip and innuendo.